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  1. Carolina Crown 2017

    Geesh. Jim Coates specifically asked not to post your videos until after the preview show. Show some respect.
  2. Carolina Crown 2017

    They shoulda gotten the Ott that year. It was one crazy book and hornline to match.
  3. Carolina Crown 2017

    Cadets did loose many guard members after 2015. At least three were on Crown guard last year. I also think many more will want to follow MT to BAC. But they'll have to compete for their spots with probably very enthusiastic, and I'm sure talented, BAC vets. Rick and Joey are going to attract top talent, whether it be returning Crown vets or from other corps like Cadets, Madison, or SCV. Crown will be vying for the Zingali yet again in 2017.
  4. Carolina Crown 2017

    Ya but... Many of the 2016 Crown guard members are veterans of Paramount, Etude, and other winter guards (not just Pride), and they may be even more enthusiastic with the change in design and guard staff. Also, 2015 was supposed to be a rebuilding year with all the 2014 ageouts, but had a great work and team ethic that performed the hell out of the material. My gut says that the incoming staff may seem to be an unknown in their fit into the crown system, but will immediately come together as a team and create a memorable first season together.
  5. Staff merri-go-round

    What happened to Chris Considine???
  6. Carolina Crown 2017

    I'm certain Jeff will not need to be given orders to be reverential of Crown traditions.
  7. Carolina Crown 2017

    No. It's just that some of us have better things to do with our time. This is entertaining though.
  8. Cadets 2017

    SOA just announced that Sal Salas is returning as program coordinator. ???
  9. Carolina Crown 2017

    There will be a rainbow at the tail end of that storm in Ft. Mill.
  10. I would not have said it if I didn't know for a fact that MT has called for the members to follow him. His motivation may be considered honorable from his standpoint since the he has had a very close relationship with both his staff and many members. But for those of us with allegiance to Crown, the organization, it is low and borderline unethical. Where is the acknowledgment of what Crown did for him? It's a deliberate act to benefit himself at the expense of the organization that helped gain him the reputation he enjoys today. Ok, so I said my peace. Now, to try to look at if from a totally innocent perspective...he may have very well felt guilty for leaving Crown and the members he is so close with, regardless of his reasons for leaving. His call to follow him may be a interpreted as, "there's no reason to feel sad. You have the choice to stick together her at Boston and continue our great work." That's a lovely sentiment, but it disregards the impact on Crown and the returning members of BAC, who will have to fight for their spots against the MT insiders. Ok, I apologize again. Even as I try to look at it from an innocent point of view, I feel this action is just plain wrong.
  11. Whether it was Boston's goal or not, Michael Townsend is apparently calling for the members to "stick together" and follow him to BAC. You know, he's free to go wherever he feels is best for him and his family, but stripping Crown of their staff and membership is a bit low IMHO.
  12. Carolina Crown 2017

    Hey. All is fair in love and war. Whatever.
  13. Carolina Crown 2017

    A lot of things were said at the banquet. Whatever. They're just words.
  14. Staff merri-go-round

    What do you think poaching is? It's not opening a caption head position and providing an opportunity for bright young talent somewhere else to "move up". They're taking people at the top of the stack at the top of the activity and offering a boatload of $. What's really sad is when those caption heads bring their staff with them, leaving their former corps dry. I'm a Crown honk, and yes, I'm bitter. Crown is an organization that should be respected on how they built a champion. They worked hard to create a culture that fostered excellence and family and treated their people (staff, volunteers, and members) with respect, and as part of their brand. BAC will be sorely disappointed when they discover that they can't buy that kind of success. Crown will recover. Excellence will find them.