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  1. Most of members were loyal to our local corps in 1965. One year our soloist left our corps to join the Selden Cadets. He found out the being a small fish in a bigger pond wasn't as much fun as playing with his friends, and being the big fish. He had to get voted back in. We each cast a white or black ball. Luckily, for him he wasn't black balled out of the corps. Grenadier
  2. I had never heard of them either. Just curious if any one did. But, apparently they won the 1956 Senior VFW Championship listing them right up there with Lt. Norman Prince and Reilly Raiders
  3. As the subject states has anyone heard of the Tiago ThunderBirds?
  4. As the subject states has anyone heard of the Tiago ThunderBirds?
  5. I wonder if it is lack of participation or sponsorship? Years ago organization like the Catholic Church, VFW, and local fire departments would sponsor corps.
  6. Any other forum members march with a Long Island Drum and Bugle Corps. If so, what corps and era did you march with the corps. I marched with the Medford Golden Grenadiers in the 60's. We went from a fire department parade corps with drums, horns and glocks to an M&M corps. Grenadier.
  7. Hanging out at home with the stomach flu, I've had some time to do a little research. Bored as hell. But, further on this topic, I check out corpsreps page and it listed over 1400 junior corps and 700 senior corps. And checking into a sampling of them a lot of these corps existed in the 50's, 60's and 70's. A lot of them were local corps. Some large some small. Drum and Bugle Corps were a live and well. Does any on have any stats on the number of today's corps? Locally, on Long Island, NY there used to be dozens. Now there is only the Sunrisers. Heck the NY Skyliners even moved to Pennsylvania. And don't give the line about high school bands. They don't keep the kids off the street in the summer. Grenadier
  8. I'm going to say 1970. Not only due to changes in rules and instruments. But, the attitude of the nation. There was the Vietnam War and kids didn't want to march with the local corps. Many of the children of fellow corps members including myself never wanted to participate. I guess it wasn't cool anymore. Corps was more then marching and music. It was being part of a team. With the loss of the smaller feeder corps, the larger corps also died off on Long Island. We know have the larger regional corps, with a more band sound and professional choreography.
  9. Fran, Big W, I realize the talent level of today's corps far exceed that of the old time drum corps. And yes we did have mallet percussion, glockenspiels, but we got rid of them. You say the sound of the piston rotor is inferior to today's trumpet. But, I played both and the sound from the bugle had a great brass sound. And, there was nothing like coming off the line in military like formation. The sound of today's corps do not thrill me like the sound of the old time corps. The hornline of the Cambridge Caballeros, Blessed Sacrament, Skyliners and the rest was sharp and crisp. I guess it a matter of taste and "age". It seems like now members of the corps are all music majors and dance majors off for the summer. Back in the day we were just a bunch of kids staying out of trouble and having a great time. Thanks for letting an old timer rant. Grenadier
  10. I must say that after listening and watching youtube videos of the Selden Cadets, Cambridge Caballeros, Skyliners and Hawthorn Caballeros from the 60's there is no comparison to the old time drum corps. Today's drum corps basically sucks. Today's drum corps don't have the soul that the old time drum corps have, and the M&M is more dance than marching. And get rid of the xylophones. They really such. And learn to march. Just a rant from an old timer.
  11. As Jay suggested, I did check out the bands sites and noted that in many parts of the country, like New Jersey the band circuit seems alive and well. But, there seems to be no activity on Long Island, New York. In the past Long Island was more rural and perhaps more community oriented, maybe that is why it died. In the summer, local fire departments would have a parade and fair or carnival. There were at least one or two parades a week. In those parades local corps would march. Either for the sponsoring fire department or paid by another department or group. Out of these corps evolved local M&M circuits. I joined my corps when I was twelve. Yes there were and are school bands, but nothing like the drum and bugle corps back then. I'm glad to see in other parts of the country, music is still alive. But, as you all know corps is more then music. I have a 9 year old grandson who is aspiring drummer who I would like to see experience it too. Grenadier
  12. HBD, On Long Island, New York schools have marching bands, and yes there is a once a year competition. But, the ones I know of march only during the school year and only in the town they are located in . It just seems that small corps have disappeared. I'm not sure if it is lack of interest by the organizations or the youth of today. Corps was a big part of my youth growing up. It was a positive influence on a lot of young people growing up. Thanks for your input. Grenadier
  13. When I was in drum corps back in the "good ole days", the 1960's, there were dozens of corps in a 10 mile radius. There were the Blue Point Blue Jays, Holbrook Skylarks, Medford Golden Grenadiers, Selden Cadets, Smithtown Freelancers and Plebes, West Sayville Golden Eagles, Port Jeff Portsman and Bohemia Czechmates to some. Now there are none. What happened to the interest in drum corp. This is not a rant about the corps of today versus the golden age of drum corps. But, it is a question of why interest died and we lost a great activity for the youth to be involved in. Is it that drum corps is just not cool? Is it the fact that it has just got to complicated? Did the evolution into a three valve bugle make it harder to teach kids to play the bugle. I remember instructing the junior members who never played how to play a bugle. Is it the fact the American Legion, VFW, Churches and Fire Departments stop sponsoring? The instrument companies should be interested in promoting local corps. More corps more sales. It is a shame we lost a big part of drum corps, the local corps. Ever go to a parade lately. There used to be dozens of bands and corps. Now it's just fire trucks. Or is a fact that we just lost the feeling of "community"? But it would be nice if we could bring back the small local corps.
  14. Just watched a youtube video of the 1963 Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights, one of my favorite corps when I was in drum corp. Our corps would make an outing to watch the Dream every year in the mid sixties. My favorites were BSGK, Princemen, and the Skyliners. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd pay to see corps like that again, and would even go to a DCI show today, even if you paid me. I loved the precision, and the sound of the old time corps, and can't stand the xylophones and M&M of todays corps. It's just my opinion. What's yours?
  15. Just listened to the Southern University Marching Band, and musically I think the college bands have a better sound then drum corps. With all the changes in the drum corps rules, like allowing xylophones, amplification, and who knows what. Why don't they just allow college bands to compete. Maybe, they don't have the marching down as good, but they could.