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  1. JohnZ

    “Failure to Protect”

    closing - we'll keep the discussion focused in one thread.
  2. JohnZ

    The Lid Gets Blown Off

    closing - we'll keep the discussion focused in one thread.
  3. inappropriate political commentary removed. Please refer to the community guidelines should there be any confusion.
  4. Baiting and bickering removed. Topic is Tarpon Springs Digital Screens. Please continue, and thanks for the interesting conversation!
  5. JohnZ


    the OP pulled the original post and link so there is really nothing to discuss. closing
  6. JohnZ


    closing, as there is literally nothing to see.
  7. "Drug and Bugle Players".....ouch.....
  8. Steel City did that gig a time or two after you all did, I think. One of those fun out of norm things to do, and IIRC was somewhat well received by the folks around the 18. Bonus when finished and the tournament staff pointed us in the direction of the closest beer tent and "opened the bar" so to speak...or may be it was the drummers who said 'hey, look what we found'. so hard to remember all the little details!
  9. thread has run its course and is deep in the weeds. closing
  10. JohnZ

    NEW DCI Board of Directors

    sorry all. we have too many open threads talking about the same thing. we are going to start funneling the discussion down.
  11. JohnZ

    Drain The Swamp, Dan

    Posts removed to try to keep the peace and thread open. assistance in both would be greatly appreciated - the converse, not so much thanks
  12. JohnZ

    Uh Uh Oh Oh Cadets

  13. I think the original legitimate intent of this thread has migrated over to one of the other Pioneer threads, so we'll close this one and concentrate the discussions. thanks all for your understanding, and your help in keeping the discussions civil and on point.
  14. JohnZ

    Pioneer Member Rant

    good morning all. It appears this thread has run its course and much of the relevant discussion on recent developments is going on in two other threads. we'll close this one thanks