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  1. Personal attacks removed, please remember the Guidelines, and stay on topic
  2. Off topic posts removed. Please stay on point. Thanks!
  3. since the thread wandered way off topic we'll close
  4. Thanks.



  5. Yeah - what he said! off topic posts removed. Play nice, kids! Interesting moves, equally interesting perspectives - good stuff.
  6. Well this went sideways right off the bat and I probably should have just closed it, but we'll see where this goes now that it has been pruned.
  7. personal attacks and collateral quoting have been removed. please stay on topic.
  8. good morning Cascadia. The DCP guidelines prohibit multiple screen names or accounts and are subject to immediate banning as they are discovered. However, In your case - which has been in practice for several years now - at the initial point of approving new accounts, if a second account is requested the first is deactivated. As for deleting an account, that will unfortunately not remove that account's post history, if that is your intent. z
  9. Inappropriate comments and collateral quoting have been removed. Play nice, kids. we haven't even gotten to 2023 and it is shaping up to be a long year. Crown 2023 - discuss.
  10. Great over here on the Left Side, Jim - just a few very brief freezes and fuzzy screens but nothing that detracted from the overall experience. the problems we had were probably more related to our poor internet connection, not Flo. the only irritating weirdness was due to the show stalling at the beginning because of the crowd backup trying to get into LOS, but again, that wasn't Flo.
  11. The last ten pages have had to be heavily moderated and not been on topic, so we will close it and encourage everyone to focus their attention to tonight's finals thread.
  12. Recent off topic comments have been removed, please refer to the Guidelines and try to keep the Crown discussion civil. We would hate to have to close the thread and issue suspensions this close to the end of the season. Your cooperation and cordial contributions are greatly appreciated.
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