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  1. Perfect for attracting attention and making people get out of your way!
  2. I believe the governor declined to issue a closure mandate and left it up to the counties to decide. ours initially closed them totally to all vehicle and pedestrians but now have re-open them to walking only but people are still congregating.
  3. it is decided by the company, at least here in Floriduh. But security is a no-brainer - have to protect the magic! getting ready to go in soon, and am anticipating getting pulled over somewhere along the way because of mandatory curfews. FYI they still have not closed the beaches here. still look like any typical summer day with everyone staking out their space side by side.
  4. I volunteered to work instead of stay at home so those cast members who have been working full time can get a break and take care of themselves and their families. So I gladly go back tomorrow morning and have a full week's schedule. Unsure after that - Disney started furloughing staff and although we are considered essential, it will likely impact our operations too.
  5. How do you eat an elephant? once all this is over it will still be chaotic as we all find 'normal' again, and I would be a betting man that the issue of salary/commission will become less of an issue for lenders especially if the housing market is gridlocked. as for the new dentists hitting the market, sure the employers will have the upper hand picking and choosing who is more hungry for the jobs but remember you still have experience on your side. One bite at a time. thought of you the other day, I saw a news article about dentists in PA having to shut down because new COVID19 regulations there require negative pressure treatment rooms.
  6. Positive thoughts for your stepfather and mom - hope the ALF is on top of things and keeping a very close eye on her. same here - I stay away from the power tools but they are great for hand tools and supplies. They step up during hurricane season here, besides small necessities they are the go-to place if you need tarps, pumps and generators.
  7. Harbor Freight has been great community stewards before all of this. Great place to buy tools but do have to pay attention to the quality of the stuff there. some good, some garbage. I spend too much money there when I go. Encouraging: my lovely bride's COVID test came back negative, so she'll be back to work on Thursday. And it looks like I'll be heading back to work next week, at least for a couple of days. Being paid to stay home and we're making a dent in the honey-do list, but I'd really rather be working.
  8. that was also the height of our allergy season here - lots of pollen in the air. we were all feeling ill, most being diagnosed as sinusitis because of the productive coughing which at the time was different than the flu or COVID. Now, who knows?
  9. I would have said George Bailey, but not after reading this...More like Mr. Potter...
  10. I'm surprised no one took that initiative already. we will be trying harder to keep threads on topic/purpose.
  11. from the China experience 75% of those who died had preexisting conditions
  12. time to close and encourage everyone to take a moment to take a deep breath