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  1. we've strayed away from the subject of the newsfeed article. anyone interested can reference the article on the DCP front page. closing.
  2. yes not necessarily. Just checking, but are we done talking about the original topic? Because the last several pages of comments being more about personalities and moderating and not on the activity, it would be about now when we start considering closing a conversation. thought I would give y'all/yinz a little nudge back on topic .... carry on.
  3. I guess we'll stop here. I would suggest if anyone has a need to argue what COVID is or isn't, maybe this drum corps discussion board isn't the best place for it. sorry all.
  4. check your Safari access now. JohnD tweaked some settings and I have full functionality on the iPhone.
  5. we'll close this thread as any questions relating to the update should be directed to the Member Service Center
  6. thanks. we've noticed several issues with iPhone/Safari, JohnD is looking in to them today. stand by.
  7. political commentary posts and collateral quoting removed
  8. because they devolve in to arguing over whose opinion is bigger, go way off from any relevance to the activity, we start getting multiple reports of violations, and closing the thread is more appropriate than trying to edit or remove posts. we have tried to be lenient on discussions lately, probably too lenient - it is a difficult balancing act. I have encouraged people to open new threads after a brief reboot. please feel free to do so as long as they are appropriate. I'll close this thread as the question has been answered, and is also not appropriate per the guidelines.