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  1. about two pages less than there were three hours ago - cleaned up some unnecessary 'stuff' and hopefully put the thread back on topic. again we implore you all to report questionable posts, do not engage and debate them in the threads. it not only clutters up the discussion, it takes us significantly longer to review and edit pages of fruitless arguing. 2019 uniforms....go.
  2. I think this all can be discussed in the current Phantom thread.
  3. out of respect for Mr. Warren and the Cavalier family, unnecessary posts have been removed.
  4. off topic posts removed, back on topic.
  5. I'
  6. momentarily locked until we could moderate the last three pages and post this : in consultation with the moderating team. we have given very wide latitude to discussing the current state of affairs in the activity but are at the point where nothing new has occurred, and nothing new is being debated. we all have to move on until such time as there is significant news or developments. from here on, new discussion threads will be scrutinized more closely, and any attempts to migrate off topic discussion in to existing threads will be aggressively moderated. Anything found in violation of the guidelines, including trolling, will be dealt with accordingly. And please - don't engage in continued arguing with potentially inappropriate posts, just report them ignore and move on. don't become collateral damage. thank you all for your understanding and assistance.
  7. we'll close further discussion pending official announcement or confirmation.
  8. Good morning fellow time travelers. I just finished catching up on the last 20 pages or so...a couple of things FYI: contrary to some folks' thinking, the moderators do their best to remain impartial and focus on keeping all discussions open and moving along. tougher than you all may think, especially on discussions so divisive and painful - but necessary - as we have had to deal with the past year. while the option exists, posts are rarely if ever completely 'deleted' from the forum.; they are 'hidden' from general view and kept as presented for review by the moderating team for follow up and archiving. it allows the admins and mods the opportunity to review the posts in question and the entire discussion and context in its entirety. I reviewed the full discussion and believe MikeD's assessment and decision were appropriate. regardless whether the missing posts were germane to the specific discussion, it was a discussion way off topic and overdue for moderating in the first place, by the guidelines. we'll leave this discussion thread open for the moment, for as long as it can stay relevant and respectful. thanks all.
  9. Sure did - more famously known as "Iron City Beer", just repackaged for a short time as OF as a marketing stunt based on Cordic's parody. not sure if they still do it. Sponsorships - take a look on the sleeves of early 80s Steel City gold uniforms and you'll find Wendy's patches - I think we also had a Wendy's flag for parades only....thankfully. pretty sure we were all glad when that sponsorship expired. and thanks all for trying to steer this discussion back near topic!
  10. No question the current events have taken up a large portion of the post counts lately, but the answer to your question would be difficult to really say with any confidence. as of now and as far back as 2005 I see 106 PAGES of locked topics, not including hidden or deleted threads. going only by the titles would be misleading, because a lot of discussions morph into alternate subject matter du jour which MAY or MAY NOT have caused the thread to be closed. from my 13 years here as a mod/admin, Jeff's G7 guess might be a good one, a few others that come to mind would be several "off topic" current events topics ( the reason for some of the community guidelines), amplification and electronics, and instrumentation.....