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  1. the discussion has veered way off from any drum corps relevance - if it continues the thread will be closed....let's not, please.
  2. inappropriate comments and posts removed. carry on.
  3. Sheffield was a regular show back then, part of the town festival IIRC. one year I remember it pouring rain before and during the show, the people still staying in the stands to see the show. Lots of slips and slides on the sloppy field. One particular part of a yardline was bare and lower than the grass, and full of water above my ankles - almost lost my shoe in there! as it was it took a long time for the white bucks to dry out and come close to being white again. that may have been the same year our bus driver decided to try a shortcut home by going through the Allegheny Forest instead of sticking to the highways - at one point in the middle of nowhere we all had to get out of the bus so he could creep over a very sketchy one lane bridge that was always a fun show.
  4. I don't know if this is something any nomadic activity would even want to try to manage - within the continental US there are only 10 states that have legalized the use of recreational marijuana, allowing the possession of varied but very small quantities by an individual. Twenty states have enacted laws allowing use for medical purposes only, leaving it still completely illegal to possess and transport in the remaining 18. So a potential 38 out of 48 states where you would be visiting or driving through holding your breath (heh!) hoping no one screws up, someone sees something/says something, or you don't get stopped or searched 'just because'. a nightmare I think.
  5. I did the white shoe polish on bucks back in the 70s too - all red soles, guessing that may be the reference to 'eraser soles'? Still have a pair in the closet from my first year with Atlanta CV. don't know why I'm keeping them, definitely not planning on marching these days
  6. political posts and at least one contributor removed. Don't.
  7. besides those you had Warren, DuBois, Lewistown..those were all 'drive to' shows. all the rest usually involved a bus or two, but back then it was 'cash and carry' deals with the bus company, and we'd individually pony up $30-40 a seat..I recall one year with Tbirds having a show in DuBois on Saturday, then driving all night to do a show in Alliance OH Sunday afternoon.
  8. I've been sitting here reading the discussion and thinking to myself this has all been discussed many times long before DCP, Facebook, RAMD, or even the Internet, back in the 80s, 70s, 60s..... it was all a matter of perspective on where the line was drawn and who were the 'us' or the 'them'. In my day, it was a rare treat to be like every one else and drive to a show and not have to jump on a bus to get there - the now/then difference is we had plenty of shows and was relatively easy to fit in somewhere and perform 'live' every weekend. and although we were out in the DCA frontier we 'outsiders' were all close enough that if we couldn't get in to a NE show we could support each other and sponsor our own shows, at least breaking even in the effort. but unfortunately the further out that corps started to organize that opportunity becomes far more difficult - they're isolated and handicapped more than we were. interesting topic and discussion...pretty much the same problems with the same lack of solution for the benefit of the whole activity. jmo
  9. the "DCA WEST" flag carried by the honor guard still exists
  10. good morning all. as I said in the other discussion thread and to clarify, DCP does not permit nor will support hearsay manifestos, especially when sourced from other unreliable "news" sites like Reddit. Rest assured that, as we have done in the past, discussion will be encouraged and fully supported when the subject matter can be reliably substantiated. Until that happens, further attempts to start a discussion - or question the actions of the owner or moderators of this site - will result in removal of the post and, quite possibly, the author. Please be patient. we'll get there - we always do.
  11. Posts removed. DCP does not permit nor will support heresay manifestos, especially when sourced from Reddit. discussion will be supported when the topic is substantiated. further attempts to post unsubstantiated material will result in removal of the post and the author.