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  1. because they devolve in to arguing over whose opinion is bigger, go way off from any relevance to the activity, we start getting multiple reports of violations, and closing the thread is more appropriate than trying to edit or remove posts. we have tried to be lenient on discussions lately, probably too lenient - it is a difficult balancing act. I have encouraged people to open new threads after a brief reboot. please feel free to do so as long as they are appropriate. I'll close this thread as the question has been answered, and is also not appropriate per the guidelines.
  2. I've administered Decadron for several emergency conditions - its application here is intriguing and actually makes some therapeutic sense. cautiously hopeful.
  3. sorry all but considering the last 4 pages of arguing over minutiae I think it is best if we close this thread. We would strongly urge and support, after taking a short breather, for someone to open up a fresh thread on BLM and our Marching Arts. thanks all - and please keep the meaningful discussion going.
  4. Personal attacks removed. I REALLY hate to say this - but take it to PM between yourselves. Next person to start up again wins a permanent vacation.
  5. I think we've veered way off topic, whatever that was. closing
  6. It may be better if we avoid potentially inflammatory descriptors. Posts removed, apologies for any collateral removals or missed questionable ones. keeping the thread open for the time being. Carry on.
  7. we don't. we don't have the time or reason to know because we base the maintenance and moderating of the forum and FB page simply on the DCP guidelines - we know that is sometimes difficult for some to accept especially those who believe there is always some nefarious 'deep corps' conspiracy or just choose to ignore the rules that they agreed to, just because... and many haven't been here long enough - or forget - that at one time there was a ZERO tolerance policy on any non-drum corps related discussion. major events, member feedback, experimentation and trial and error has brought us to a point where we try to support relevant and respectful discussion of topics that impact the activity beyond the field until the discussion exhausts, devolves, or the guidelines violated. We do try to focus topics and subtopics in to one or several threads so the general topic does not overwhelm the focus and reason for the forum or page. intentional overloading of either by spam will always be verboten. And despite some members' perceptions, we have learned to be more patient and try to help keep conversation going - which is probably why this discussion apparently more focused on DCP's moderating is now on page 6. One final word: I find any comment relating to an "all white moderating team" to be racist in itself, and completely inappropriate and unacceptable. I am absolutely confident those who know the moderating team personally know their individual personal stories and would never go there. Those who don't, shouldn't. I've said enough - if anyone has any issues or questions please message JohnD or me offline in accordance with the board rules. Divisive times and heavy emotions from all sides. I'm glad all corps have made their positions known. Let's hope we all follow through. best wishes and stay safe everyone.
  8. My most recent view of the COVID dashboard doesn’t look like we are spiking in new cases but we aren’t going down either. Deaths are declining though which is great. I’ll have to look again later when it updates.
  9. AND eyes - folks tend to forget that, but honestly it hasn't been as stressed I think because it is hard enough to get folks to wear a mask let alone add eye protection. something is better than nothing. and since FL opened up, masks and social distancing have pretty much been abandoned by most people. we'll see what happens soon. I'm still required to wear a mask at work in advance of the parks opening up and mandating all staff and guests wear them starting July 11. So far it looks like the Disney Springs experiment is working, most patrons are complying, but we haven't hit summer sun and heat yet either. Oh, semi-good news. we are working overtime now, cast members are getting notified to report to work, and the parks are starting to come to life. lots of cleaning up and prepping, and construction projects are working to catch up. they say most of the construction that sat idle will likely be completed before the reopening. Interesting times.
  10. off topic posts removed. we can all appreciate the Bluecoats position statement as well as similar statements of other corps. we just can't use them to open the door for political discussion. the situation is evolving and we'll certainly evaluate on an ongoing basis, but for now we'll stick to the community guidelines. thanks!
  11. responsibility - it is very clear due to the press releases and posted notices on property that Disney places the burden on the person, not wdw. basically saying come at your own risk and follow the policies. Overall the opening of Disney Springs went - okay. cast members there said it was crowded but for the most part people were following the temperature, masking and distancing rules. they did have one idiot who thought it was a good idea to bring a tabletop grill and roast up some hot dogs for the family right on the busy walkway. that did not end well for them.