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  1. So do we, every time someone mentions our good years. The Brothers were awesome from our vantage point too. Intense, intimidating, "Hill savvy", and probably the most approachable, protective and fun group of guys you could ever hope to meet.
  2. Looping this back, having dealt with fleet vehicles it is very easy for cars and trucks to become infested with cockroaches down here, mostly the German roach not so much the Palmetto. Any food source will attract them, fumigating is the only way to eliminate them. A bus loaded with snacks or crumbs on the floor parked for any length of time would be a bug inviting buffet. see above. If your furniture is delivered straight to your new home you should have no problem but if the truck sits anywhere down here any length of time or if you have to store your furniture before moving in, yo
  3. Posts violating the Forum Guidelines have been removed. 1
  4. are we done discussing this topic in relation to the drum corps activity? Asking for a moderator....
  5. based on the number of complaints received, we'll close this thread.
  6. IN most instances (not all), Shell gas is Ethanol free. IIRC the Ethanol is blended at the distribution depot, so while the raw fuel is the same, the blend is different and more expensive than the 7-11. Good news that the pipeline is back online - as some mentioned here this was all the result of panic and shortage of tanker deliveries. the depots were all at capacity when the system went down. with an estimated 20 day inventory in the tanks. I noticed some corps making contingent plans for traveling staff and members for this weekend - hope that will be the end of it.
  7. In typical fashion, this thread has gone way off topic and relevance. closing.
  8. Hey Jim, hope you are doing well! Our resident expert should be able to definitively wade in on this, but from what I've read from the research the effectiveness is based on a gradual curve starting with the first dose. By the time of the second dose the effectiveness is above 80%, after 14-15 days post second dose boost the vaccinated is considered "fully vaccinated', percentage dependent on which vaccine is used - keeping in mind that none of them promise complete immunity. nothing is absolute, and the jury is still out on all the emerging variants. we are getting there, but we s
  9. I started moderating the thread to try to keep it open but it really isn't worth the effort. closing.
  10. unfortunately we are there. I started to clean up the thread so the conversation could continue but it is better to just close it.
  11. questionable posts removed to try to keep the discussion somewhat on topic Fight nice, kids!
  12. in the case of Floriduh, the state lowered the eligible age based on waning demand - as the number of registrations in older aged populations decreased (the number of citizens apparently eager to receive the vaccine) they lowered the age to encourage more people eager for the vaccination to enroll. statewide, eligibility is set at age 50 and up. In some of the major metro areas (Miami Dade and Orlando Orange County) the mayors have lowered eligibility even more to 40+ years, with M-D planning to lower it even more on a weekly basis until everyone who qualifies can enroll. the rationale
  13. you found it before I could respond - the total number of Floridians who completed or have received their first dose (with partial therapeutic effect) is around 23% as of yesterday. the number of vaccination sites are growing and the minimum age is being lowered again - yet despite the immunizing efforts and COVID precautions still in effect, we are expecting another surge. Regardless, we are making progress - I am encouraged by what I see in the data here and nationwide, and IMO it bodes well for the activity's thoughtful return and a safe event in Indianapolis in August.