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  1. Fracker

    Tracking DCI Tour

    She's a keeper!
  2. Fracker

    Video edits 2017

    Got my Blu-Ray today and it is heartbreaking that the Wicked Game ballad got completely cut. I haven't watched Blue Knights yet but that was another big cut. The editing is excellent though, and if you'd never seen the show, you wouldn't know you missed anything.
  3. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd say this is a scheme to get us to first buy the CD, then buy the Blu-Ray.
  4. Fracker

    When did halftime get hijacked?

    HS band teachers have some responsibility for choosing artistically and technically challenging music to perform at halftime. Their students are working on that music for a solid chunk of the year, and it needs to be educationally nutritious. If their marching show is Symphonie Fantastique, what's the problem? It IS for the students. They are students, not entertainers. Let them play Lady Gaga in the stands during the time outs and let them play their hearts out during halftime. Its about education. No need to apologize to the crowd.
  5. Fracker

    2017 DCA Finals

    That's it! No more drum corps
  6. Fracker

    2017 DCA Finals

    Awards please
  7. Fracker

    2017 DCA Finals

    Look ma, no props!
  8. Fracker

    2017 DCA Finals

    Let's hope Tyler doesn't suck
  9. Fracker

    2017 DCA Finals

    Holy #### that was good!
  10. Fracker

    2017 DCA Finals

    Flo on Twitter: they are aware and trying to fix asap
  11. Fracker

    2017 DCA Finals

    Weirdly, viewing 2 live streams is better than one.... Nope spoke too soon
  12. Fracker

    2017 DCA Finals

    Folks get on FB, Twitter and make a stink. Bad pr is their worst nightmare
  13. For sale: kid's jungle gym in neon yellow and green. Can double as a mobile tent!
  14. I had major issues last night on 150mbps-- wired, on both my smart tv's browser and PC chrome browser. lost the end of Crusaders and pretty much ALL of SCV. So ######. I know when a lot of people on the same network area are using the internet (ie for saturday night netflix) it can slow your speed, but I checked youtube while those shenanigans were going on, and had no problems streaming there. What did work was setting the stream resolution to 'auto' vs 720 and then it worked, but it looked like videotape from the 70's. Flomarching needs to come up with a failsafe-- I don't know squat about live digital distribution but maybe they can delay the broadcast by 5 minutes and allow it to buffer ahead, or pause the live stream and allow it to resume without skipping ahead while the video loads.