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  1. MikeBD

    Blue Devils 2018

    Hey I respect your opinions and hope Scott Chandler continues to push the boundaries and I'm quite sure he will.
  2. MikeBD

    Blue Devils 2018

    No one is perfect. If you truly want to have integrity be a Saints fan.
  3. MikeBD

    Blue Devils 2018

    For my 100th post I would just like to point out to the haters. 18 is a beautiful number.
  4. MikeBD

    Blue Devils 2018

    Did you say the same thing in 2008 when no one performed a tougher drill? Are you telling me 14 wasn't tough? They do everything together. Watch the feet and you will be amazed. Heck the first two minutes is unreal. No other corp could handle that drill but don't let the facts ruin your argument.
  5. I became hooked in 86. I totally agree about 08.
  6. I am so happy for you. I believe this will end up being a legendary show.
  7. I think I know who this is but on this I have to disagree. One BD earned the right to go last and even when they went on first this year they won.
  8. MikeBD

    Blue Devils 2018

    I'm gonna enjoy this one for a while and then I will think about next year. This show is just special.
  9. That's because he is there I believe.
  10. Thank you Devils. Wow what a show tonight. So proud.
  11. Dear BD, When I was 16 I saved up and traveled to Madison to see my first finals along with my older sister and brother. I had seen the PBS broadcasts and a DCI South show in Birmingham. It was during that week in Madison that I fell in love with the Devils..............the swagger............the jazz..........the drumline............just everything about that corp is flat out awesome to me. Over the years I have fallen even more for the magical corp otherwise known as Concord Blue Devils. There have been years that I may not have loved their show but I always had the utmost respect for the difficulty of each one of those shows. Two of my favorites were 2008 and 2015 and obviously 2014. However, no show has ever pushed 1986 off the pedestal. With a heavy heart 1986 is now in second place. This show has unbelievable music and just so many incredible MOMENTS. I still can't believe the fans that don't realize how incredibly hard that opening drill is. The ballad should just be renamed THE BALLAD. I actually love the ending and I expect to love it even more after tomorrow night. For all the people that slam BD and their supposed lack of movement. I was on Michael Boos live chat tonight. This is a direct quote from Michael Boo "I want to address something that people seem to keep mentioning regarding this corps, and that is the alleged lack of movement. My heavens, just look at their step size, their speed of marching at times, and how their feet move, sometimes in opposition to what the torsos appear to be doing. They move like crazy, but they do it with such astounding fluidity and ease (because they're so well trained) that they make it look easy. It would be like hearing a famous stage actor recite Dr. Suess. Of course he would make it sound easy and he could be accused of not really working hard at it. But you'd remember the performance and you'd admire the panache. Blue Devils have panache to spare, and when it looks like they're taking it easy, it's because the drill writing of Jay Murphy is so perfectly staged that it seems un-human, and sense it seems un-human, it must be something we can't fully comprehend and therefor it gets the banner assigned of being easy." I am so proud to support this group. Do it up Devils!
  12. MikeBD

    Santa Clara Alumni Corps

    They were amazing at Stanford also. Easily two of the highlight moments of the season. I'm a BD homer but man that performance gave me goosebumps. Wow Wow Wow!!!!
  13. Crown is on fire tonight. They are trying to earn the right to finish in second to our beloved devils.
  14. I figured it out when I read your post