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  1. Eye candy? Whatever, I have numerous friends that won't come on these boards because why they love the product they can't stand the fans.
  2. People like you are the reason other fans refuse to come on here. You do realize you are rooting against kids. What a waste of flesh you are. Thank God you aren't a friend of mine.
  3. I love the SCV show visually. I am still trying to fall in love with the music. IMHO I like Bloo and BD more musically but there is no doubt SCV is great this year.
  4. The person that always bags on judges scoring telling me to grow up. That is rich. Thanks for making me laugh. I am now going to go back to enjoying the corps even though FLO sucks. At least we can agree on that.
  5. I used to look for your posts because I liked them. Now if you don't win you try to find fault with the judges. I'm getting to the point that I wish DCI would dump the judges and I hate things like participation trophies. I'm just sick of the rooting against rival corps instead of enjoying every single one of them. I have planned vacations to go to numerous finals and every single corp gets a standing ovation from me. Heck the Skyriders 86 show is still one of the my favorite shows ever. Guess what? They didn't win but who cares everyone loved them. Truth be told my favorite Bloo show ever was Tilt. I loved loved loved that show and I could care less where they finished and yes I know where they finished.
  6. I can't say I love the Cadets show but you will never hear me bag on them. I find enjoyment in every corp. I have always loved Bloo but people like MR make it hard when all he does is whine.
  7. That's because all you do is bag on them. I love every corp and appreciate all the hard work put in to get to this point. Mike you always have back handed insults of BD. How many times have you said you can't believe how they score the way they do? You are without a doubt one of the most biased posters on this board but enough is enough. If you can't appreciate other corps shut the hell up.
  8. Where are these people? Ever hear of hyperbole? I read every single post in that thread and no one said they hated the Bluecoats. On the other hand there is tons of hate for BD.
  9. Are you serious? Everyone and their mother tears down the blue devils every year. You and I must be reading two different threads.
  10. Here's the problem with your thinking though and I love both shows. SCV uses a lot less of the field then BD. For all you BD haters go back and look where all of their members are at different times. BD could run at a cheetah's pace and you guys wouldn't give them their due. If BD doesn't move then how do all their members end up in so many places. I also don't think you are giving that opening of BDs nearly enough credit. That whole opening is incredibly difficult. I just don't understand why people can't just appreciate all the shows.........THEY AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE THE SAME. I love DCI but their fans are almost as stupid as sports fans. It's sad because it really is a turnoff.
  11. Why can't people just appreciate all the shows? I am sick of the BD hate. They aren't supposed to be the same but we get statements like yours that aren't the brightest.
  12. I've read some dumb posts on here before but this one tops all. That BD show is fantastic. Just because you don't appreciate it doesn't mean it's bad.
  13. It's 50 bucks a month or 150 for the year for all of their content. A lot of us signed up for 2 months to watch the dci season for 100 bucks. There is a link at dci.org