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  1. So, i was swapping out my fall/winter for my spring summer over the weekend and came upon my “19 in Nineteen” t-shirt and thought it might not be a good idea to wear this for a while...
  2. I am single and live pretty much paycheck to paycheck, but since the $$ for finals tickets was already paid for, i will pledge to donate that money when it comes, in addition to the donations I already made last week. Edit: since we can’t get refunds, i rolled my tix to next year and then made my donations to the corps i support.
  3. Thanks for the tip on the shuttle. I went last year for the first time but never went to military park because i can’t walk that far! (Old broken vertebrae in my spine!). I would imagine that if the shuttle will bring you back to the stadium, it will also take you from the staidum to the park? Now i just have to find out where the pick up/drop off spot is. Thanks for sharing!
  4. I never marched drum corps but we used drum corps fiberglass rifles in the late 70s and they weighed about 4 lbs. i could toss (and catch!) a quad with one, and always wondered how high i could toss the ones they use now!
  5. Or a Dolphins fan! Good thing i have my Devils and Yankees,
  6. Chip Crotts is listed on the BD 2020 A Corps staff page
  7. You are not alone. I LOVED the Bluecoats show, but mostly because they played the Beatles music. I didn’t care for all of the doodads cluttering up the field, and i didn’t think their guardwork was anything special. I don’t even really understand how they won GE! As for SCV/Crown, i didn’t care for either one. I disliked Crown less than i disliked SCV.
  8. Confession time: one of the reasons i am so glad BD won, aside from the whole “it was the best show”, “the performance level was off the charts”, and “it totally deserved it”, was that i have my Beatles music back now! In the couple of weeks leading to finals, i found listening to the Fab4 a bit difficult. Add to that that my middle child’s favorite Beatles tune is “Eleanor Rigby”, and the youngest’s is “Blackbird”! I would have forever listened to those tunes with a twinge of sadness had the BC won this year!
  9. My ranking: 1. 2019 Ghostlight 2. 2017 Metamoprh 3. 2015 Ink 4. 2014 Felliniesque 5. 2011 The Beat My Heart Skipped 6. 2018 Dreams + Nighthawks 7. 2013 ReRite of Spring 8. 2016 As Dreams are Made On 9. 2012 Cabaret Voltaire 10. 2010 Through a Glass Darkly
  10. 1. Phantom Regiment 2008- Spartacus 2. Cadets 2011- Between Angels And Demons 3. Bluecoats 2016- Down Side Up 4. SCV 2018- Babylon 5. Carolina Crown 2013- e=mc2
  11. this! And any day of the week i will prefer an upbeat show that puts a smile on my face over something dark and brooding.
  12. Someone on a previous string posted: "For Sale: 1 Giant. Head sold separately." I thought that was the best!
  13. For sale: Giant Plinko boards, not so gently used.
  14. For sale: 1 wall, 12 pieces, easy to assemble. Disclaimer: wall is known to fall down periodically, but not to worry. It will right itself quickly.
  15. The end of the last BD360 for this year (posted today?) has a recruiting message at the very end...