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  1. I never marched drum corps but we used drum corps fiberglass rifles in the late 70s and they weighed about 4 lbs. i could toss (and catch!) a quad with one, and always wondered how high i could toss the ones they use now!
  2. Or a Dolphins fan! Good thing i have my Devils and Yankees,
  3. Chip Crotts is listed on the BD 2020 A Corps staff page
  4. You are not alone. I LOVED the Bluecoats show, but mostly because they played the Beatles music. I didn’t care for all of the doodads cluttering up the field, and i didn’t think their guardwork was anything special. I don’t even really understand how they won GE! As for SCV/Crown, i didn’t care for either one. I disliked Crown less than i disliked SCV.
  5. Confession time: one of the reasons i am so glad BD won, aside from the whole “it was the best show”, “the performance level was off the charts”, and “it totally deserved it”, was that i have my Beatles music back now! In the couple of weeks leading to finals, i found listening to the Fab4 a bit difficult. Add to that that my middle child’s favorite Beatles tune is “Eleanor Rigby”, and the youngest’s is “Blackbird”! I would have forever listened to those tunes with a twinge of sadness had the BC won this year!
  6. My ranking: 1. 2019 Ghostlight 2. 2017 Metamoprh 3. 2015 Ink 4. 2014 Felliniesque 5. 2011 The Beat My Heart Skipped 6. 2018 Dreams + Nighthawks 7. 2013 ReRite of Spring 8. 2016 As Dreams are Made On 9. 2012 Cabaret Voltaire 10. 2010 Through a Glass Darkly
  7. 1. Phantom Regiment 2008- Spartacus 2. Cadets 2011- Between Angels And Demons 3. Bluecoats 2016- Down Side Up 4. SCV 2018- Babylon 5. Carolina Crown 2013- e=mc2
  8. this! And any day of the week i will prefer an upbeat show that puts a smile on my face over something dark and brooding.
  9. Someone on a previous string posted: "For Sale: 1 Giant. Head sold separately." I thought that was the best!
  10. For sale: Giant Plinko boards, not so gently used.
  11. For sale: 1 wall, 12 pieces, easy to assemble. Disclaimer: wall is known to fall down periodically, but not to worry. It will right itself quickly.
  12. The end of the last BD360 for this year (posted today?) has a recruiting message at the very end...
  13. I would actually love to see them go back to their roots with some updated Mangione or maybe some Chick Corea!
  14. Just had the privilege of buying breakfast at the airport for one of the snare drummers. He was proudly wearing his medal and when he saw me in my BD shirt he gave me a hug! Nice young man who aged out but still has a year in RCC. He protested a bit but i assured him it was the least i could do! And, fwiw, i am seeing a LOT of BD/Ghostlight shirts now.
  15. Must admit, i am enjoying the reactions i am getting this morning at the hotel and airport while wearing a BD shirt! For every 1 person who smiles and gives a thumbs up, i get 3 people scowling at me! I enjoy this because, if you are THAT kind of person, rubbing a little salt in the wounds is what you deserve! And i can say, with absolute sincerity that this was my favorite BD show ever! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S OVER ALREADY!!!!