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  1. How about Heathcliffe from Wuthering Heights (another Romanticism/Gothic novel).
  2. Just becoming familiar with the show music but several of the titles would also work with a show about Dracula.
  3. I am very excited to hear the Glyde pieces. It’s all well and fine to become familiar with the known repertoire, but the anticipation of new music really adds to the suspense.
  4. I would love a Moody Blues show. “I’m Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band” and soaking, multilayered horns for a few bars of Nights in White Satin.
  5. Booked my trip last night. Wasn’t going to do it this year but took advantage of the discounted BD hotel rates. Seats aren’t anywhere near as good as last year but being there in a bad seat is still better than watching from home. Air cost was lower than last year, too. REALLY wasn’t on my radar this year but this show sounds to good to miss.
  6. I take in a full day of BD in Hamburg PA on the Friday of the Allentown show every year. I get there around 10:30, and stay through the run through around 3:45pm and then drive home to watch on Flo. In the past i have spent many Saturdays watching other corps. I have seen Vanguard, Crown, and a couple others and NONE of them are as efficient or effective. Not taking anything away from them, or implying anything. They are all exceptional organizations. But there is just something about the way the BD crew talks to the MMs. In the way they draw out their best. You can appreciate it right away, but not fully until you have something to compare them to.
  7. Be forewarned, Fizzle… once you see drum corps live, especially those naughty little Devils, you will NEVER again be satisfied watching them on TV. But DO go.
  8. Agreed. In high school, at the start of a new unit, students are given a rubric by the faculty of what is covered, and how they will be graded. We raise our kids to use that rubric to their advantage to garner the best grades. We expect our teachers to create those rubrics to assure the kids get the full benefits of instruction. Why should they not continue to do so outside of school?
  9. I won’t worry about the meat of a new show after Chandler retires. Glide, Meehan, et al will always produce top level sound. I will worry about the small details that always set BD apart from everyone. The movement “flourishes”. The minute details in the uniforms that tie each member so fully to the themes. I don’t know how much of that is Scott and how much is others.
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