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  1. I have a bad right shoulder, too! Not as painful as the knees but MUCH more debilitating. Shoulder replacements have come a long, long way in the past few years, as they become more common.
  2. Facing the same decision, Terri. Was going to do the left in February, but now it seems i need both and there is no way i can do that in time to be walking well by 8/10. So i will suffer through this summer and look at having them done together in the fall!
  3. I got my order confirmation last fall. The emails i got the other day are the actual e-tickets. One email for each ticket for each night.
  4. I’m old. And i could only start making regular donations after my youngest graduated college, about 12 years ago. Hopefully, the activity, and your SCV, will be around until you are older and have some expendable cash!
  5. I do support other corps. And, if i see a post about a truck breakdown, or stolen instruments, i almost always find something to donate. i think i would have to see something forward looking, outside the box, from them. We all know the bingo thing, even a second location, isn’t going to get them out of this mess. If they can find some new corporate sponsors, or another revenue stream, or SOMETHING that shows they have learned from their mistakes. The video, to me, was like the problem Southwest is facing now. We saw trouble brewing, but did very little to nothing to affect change. i am not a wealthy person. Sending good money after bad is not a luxury i can afford. But i will if i believe they have a workable plan.
  6. I posted this on another thread, but it applies here. I received an ecard from SCV for Christmas. Typically, something like that would trigger a small donation from me, but I couldn’t do it this year. I don’t trust the whole organization now, and, until they make some massive changes, they won’t see any more of my hard earned money. I never gave much, but i gave what i could.
  7. I received a very nice Christmas Card from SCV but did NOT donate for this very reason. Someone knew something, and now I don’t trust the organization as a whole.
  8. And that is where we differ! I absolutely play up the “old, decrepit lady”, because then they don’t push past me quite so much, and they hold doors and carry stuff. Let them think i am feeble! They will be very surprised when they find out i am not!
  9. And the stands are right in the middle, so at some point you DO have to handle it!😂😂🥰
  10. I am going to finals this year. Only my second time. I can’t afford to go every year. I stopped going to Allentown as the hill is just too much for me any more, and rain seems to happen at least one night each weekend. I can no longer run for cover hen that happens. Indy eats and steps are easier for me to navigate and more comfortable for my weary bones. I DO still take the day off on Allentown Friday and drive to Hamburg to catch BD rehearse and run through, and then drive back home to watch on TV. I will likely do this until I can’t anymore, or until the shows cease.
  11. I know NOTHING about any of this, but i have to believe that if DCI and the member corps contracted as a whole with a company like Sodexo, they could get a better rate on food than each corps buying for themselves? Maybe they already do this? But if DCI committed that each corps would buy a minimum $$ from them over a set period of time, i think they may have more buying power? just my two cents.
  12. And what would that do to touring schedules? The corps drive up from Winston-Salem to Allentown, and then right back to Nashville? Folks in Pittsburgh and Ohio lose their shows?
  13. When i lost my home to a tornado in 2020, it was uninhabitable for 364 days. A couple of Other homes in the area were damaged, not to the same extent as mine, and they were out between 3 and 6 months. I can only imagine how long it will take to rebuild whole towns down where you are! At least you are safe and should be home soon.
  14. So very sorry to hear this, Jim. Holding you, your sister, and your family in my thoughts.
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