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  1. Ok, well just count how many "oh damns" you think and say!!!
  2. You know @Chief Guns, we will need a first hand honest review after you watch their show tomorrow night! No holding back on what you see or hear!!!!!
  3. There are realistically 7 corps going for the 9 to 15 spots. I think what we've seen is corps can have big moves in a year and others can have bad years. So if PC misses this year but maximized their show then it means the top 12 performance level is at it's best it's ever been! While that would suck for PC, it would be great for DCI. I look forward to the journey we will see over the next 2 months!
  4. I feel like their show design has so much potential that shifts in the show can occur more this year pending judges feedback and etc. They have a great design/instructional staff and the MMs trust them so they have huge potential. Always parts that are out of their hands, but heres ro hoping for a great year. I think their show is a crowd pleaser so its exciting their first show is in front of band students at Mount Sac. I feel they will get a great reception to set the tone for the year!
  5. All I can say is last year I knew they played and marched the heck of the show but always felt it was going to be overtaken by a harder show that others played/marched better. This year from what I hear I believe their fate is in their hands as the show has the content to make top 12.
  6. Hey Chief, our son said it should be a real show run! Exciting!
  7. Thats awesome! They should have the merch booth there! Not sure they are gonna do uniforms till the 22nd but excited for your feedback on their show. All of us who have seen parts are beyond excited!
  8. Show shirts arrived. Should have some in the Cali stops and at the bigger shows in the Blue Coats booth, and of course in Indy! You can also order now but the online shop will close on June 21st to support the tour merch! https://store.pacific-crest.org/product/2024-the-broken-column-show-tour-t-shirt/353?cs=true&cst=custom https://store.pacific-crest.org/product/2024-pc-wave-the-broken-column-show-t-shirt/357?cs=true&cst=custom Sypport the Corp!!!
  9. From what I know, its a run through, but I will confirm for ya!
  10. I wish I could share how they look and sound right now but that will have to wait for the pirated video from their family show!😀 I can only say, wow, wow, wow parts of 1 and 2 give goosebumps! Going to be a special year!
  11. I have heard all of movement 1 and 2 and its awesome! Link to music https://www.facebook.com/100064770578409/posts/853184130183932/?mibextid=rS40aB7S9Ucbxw6v It looks spelled correctly on show announcement, which one is wrong?
  12. https://www.facebook.com/100064770578409/posts/853183680183977/?mibextid=rS40aB7S9Ucbxw6v The Broken Column - Frida Kahlo Its a great show highlighting her life with some great music! Gonna be a fun show!
  13. Show reveal today! Excited to see everyones reactions. Its gonna be a great show!
  14. North Cypress around 99 is only 30 minutes straight drive to PVU. Good area with lots of options if you want to expand your hotel options.
  15. Ha, love modern family. My only problem is even though we were competing with SoA last year, it broke my heart when they lost their synth for their semifinals run. I felt like it kicked me in the gut even though they weren't my corp. One of the big knocks last year on PC was their music book was too easy and their sound wasn't as big as the others....well Check and Check for what they fixed for this year!!!! I have no clue what their show will look like all together but if all the pieces fit as well as all the individual pieces then it could be a special year!
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