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Best Hornline ever in DCI......


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  1. 1. Best Hornline ever in DCI......

    • 1989 Phantom Regiment - (New World Symphony)
    • 1996 Phantom Regiment - (Defiant Heart)
    • 1991 Star of Indiana - (Roman Images)
    • 1980 Spirit of Atlanta - (Georgia/Let It Be Me)
    • 1975 Madison Scouts - (Slaughter on 10th Ave/McArthur Park)
    • 1988 Madison Scouts - (Malaguena)
    • 1992 Blue Devils - (Cuban Fire/When a Man Loves a Woman)
    • 1994 Blue Devils - (My Spanish Heart)
    • 1989 Santa Clara Vanguard - (Phantom of the Opera)
    • 1972 Anaheim Kingsmen - (Sing Sing Sing/King of Kings)

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I still think the best hornline EVER was Star 1992.  Of all the corps I have sat and listened to.. I have never heard a more perfect balanced sound.  Finals night got very cold and caused some problems in the finals show, but there were still some PERFECT sounds.

You listed some of the top hornlines though... that's for sure!

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I had both BD 86, and Star 92 up there but I wanted to have some kind of representation from the 70's, and I only had a maximum 10 choices to put down.

I love BD 86. In high school we played Wayne's marching band arrangement of Channel One. Also, I am huge fan of Star of Indiana, and a big fan of their 92 show. That is easily one of my favorite shows in all of DCI history, but again, the site would only allow to list 10 choices. There have been so many great hornlines in the past.

Another reason I didnt put down BD 86, is because if we are talking about the hornline alone, my opinion is that BD 92 was simply better. Obviously BD 86 rocked the house, but let's think about 92. Cuban Fire, and When a Man Loves a Woman. It doesnt get much better than that. (I will never understand how the Cavaliers won in 92 anyway).

And yes, Star's hornline had some SWEET sounds. All of Star's hornlines from 90 to 93 could stack up against any hornline to ever hit DCI.

So many great hornline, but only 10 lines.  ::^?

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cadets 2001.

proved there is more to drum corps than playing loud. the most musical hornline i have ever heard. incredible.

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Oh my God.Just Star's midrange alone.Schwing.

J :D

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