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  1. Sorry, meant "aficionado." When I'm thumb typing on my phone I seem to lose my grasp on things like spelling, grammar and basic sentence structure.
  2. Bluecoats. Still awesome. I'm a marching officianado and I'm not at all offended by the amount they do or do not march. I find it's a nice balance. I didn't have a stopwatch but I thought they played while marching quite bit. Also, gathering on a ramp is less bothersome to me than clustering around a pole. Also, Bloo's guard is banging! They're really, really good.
  3. Sorry, only one Cavies shot and it's not very good. I was too busy watching the show! posted from the DrumScorps app
  4. southern Illinois wildlife posted from the DrumScorps app
  5. Holy biblical epic, Batman!! BAC are goooooooood.... Guard is astounding, and they're not competing clean yet. Room to grow. And ladies and gentlemen, never underestimate the power of a squeaky clean guard show on the effect of the visual program. A.maz.ing.
  6. As expected, Mandarins so much better in person. Brass is much improved over last year. Corps performing g with confidence. Opener especially is musically and visually tight! Show is exciting. Guard is pretty much killing it.
  7. My first time seeing Phantom since week one. They're cleaning up nicely. Performing with passion. Very spirited performance. Big crowd reaction. Phantom not giving up their finalist spot without a fight (with a Battle Song).
  8. Sorry but I'm giving up on uploading pics. Weak cell service out here in the cornfield.
  9. Drumscorps app is linked to the other Belleville thread so pics will show up there, I think.
  10. Now in another long spectator line to get in the gate. Lady just informed us they're going to start a little late.
  11. Parking nightmare in Belleville. I'm on the road in front of the school and have moved approximately 20feet in 12 minutes.
  12. I am excited to see them live tomorrow. I'm road tripping it to Belleville.
  13. Are they filming from satellite? That is a HIGH can.
  14. Okay, I'm headed to Memphis (figuratively not literally).