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  1. so this it? This is the final boundary of “drum corps”? No more innovation? No more creativity?
  2. Make the product 360… and sell the other 65 percent of the seats.
  3. Home sweet home from DCI 2023! And pondering “what’s next” in the activity. I love these shows. And the kids and the staff that produce them. Over the past 30-40 years we’ve seen the implementation of Asymmetrical drill, sound systems, props of all sizes, performers “above” the field on ramps, athletic wear replacing traditional uniforms, the body work of plies, “poop squats”, the switch to Bb horns from G bugles, the mandatory 32nd note triple tongue runs that start at the trumpets and end at the tubas, upside down quad drummers, and more. And I LOVE every bit of it…. But what’s next? When 4-5 corps each year end up micropoints apart near “perfection” it seems it’s time for more innovation to break open the current configuration of a drum corps show. And to that I say this… we’ve gone “theatrical” with set pieces, narraration, tarps, and sound equipment. Why stop there? Why not put wireless stage lights on those sky- scraping props. Incorporate special effects like wind, explosions,earthquakes, waterfalls, etc? Put silks on drones, and fly them in time to music over the field. Put MEMBERS in hovercraft and take “3D” to a whole new level? Can’t happen you say? In the late 70’s, most drum corps experts would have said NONE of what is currently happening would happen. The activity now has a “compulsory checklist” mentioned above and the shows while entertaining as hell check off those unwritten compulsory boxes. Where’s the next George Zingali, who once asked in the late 70’s… “what if we tied helium balloons to every shako” almost jokingly. And then went on to revolutionize drum corps. Some of my best DCI friends will think I’m being cheeky… I’m not. You know what if took to break Blue Devil dominance year over year? The 2016 Bluecoats innovating like hell in Downside Up with ramps, electronics, athletic wear over uniforms, etc. Well guess what… Blue Devils are now dominating again. And they get comfortable when no one is changing the way the game is played because they are better at the current game almost 100 percent of the time. Who’s the next George Zingali and what will he or she bring to DCI Production? We’ve gone “theatrical”… let’s go all the way.
  4. Was at Legend Field that night. Wholeheartedly agree… still sad that SOA didn’t medal after being in 3rd tfe night before.
  5. Their horn line isn’t any louder than anyone else’s … but their PA gear is for sure.
  6. I own a SPLUTA tee shirt and love them both, but I’m emotionally invested in the “natural” hornline and best drum line winning a “Drum and Bugle Corps” competition. 😎
  7. Last year Cavs beat Phantom by 1.4 in prelims and lost to them by a whisper in Finals. One year later… they lose to Phantom by 0.8 in Prelims. Focus men… and return the favor. 😎
  8. I think you’re on for tonight. I think Cavs get Phantom by Saturday.
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