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  1. Put this visual with the horn book I heard Friday night and they are in for a special year.
  2. My brother marched Spirit 79-81. The zenith of Spirit days.
  3. I hope that Spirit prediction is correct. They’ve put themselves on a good course over the last couple of years. My original favorite corps from the Jim Ott days. No reason SOA couldn’t get all the way back into the top 5 mix if they keep building.
  4. Worth noting that Cavaliers didn’t get outscored by BAC until the last weekend in July. And it was the first time they’d outscored them in 4-5 years. I wouldn’t count the Cavaliers out with regards to competing with BAC. They have five years of history where BAC never beat them. BAC has 2 weeks of history at the end of last season. Perspective.
  5. Not really sure about free days. I know they are playing some kind of cool concert on the 25th with some famous professional musicians in Los Angeles. That will definitely outrank running away from drone sized mosquitos in Heber Springs, Arkansas. 🙂
  6. Yep...running the whole California tour as a volunteer with the Cavies this year. I think it will beat the "swamp tour" that I've volunteered from San Antonio to Atlanta for the last two years. 🙂
  7. I'll be there too! I'm volunteering their whole California tour! We should meet up, say hello, and compare notes! 🙂
  8. In a good way. Best music book in years...and they are playing it well. And the uniform reveal tonight proves they are all in for this "The Wrong Side of The Tracks" theme. I'll see it on the field Friday night in Clovis. But of the three years my son has marched, I'm more amped up about this show design than either of the previous two. And I liked both of them.
  9. Having heard the Cavaliers music book on Friday night, and seeing their visual reveal tonight ( with the theme of the show laid into that video)...IF they execute the show I think they have drawn, I say all bets are off. I don't think you can just assume they are going to be a 5 or 6 slot anymore. That said, that same statement could be true for up to 8 or nine corps this year.
  10. 🙂 When we get thread topics like this, I just pick up my green-colored glasses prior to responding. 🙂
  11. Of the three years my son has been on the field (2017, 2018...and now 2019) ...this is by far my favorite music book they've produced. Can't wait to see what it "looks" like.