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  1. Anyone care to average all the finals scores to see who has the highest average score? Just a suggestion from another drumcorps fan too lazy to search
  2. Update: The whole set has been spoken for. I will repost if the transaction is not completed. Thanks everyone for your interest and keep supporting drum corps. Stephen
  3. Hi all, I am getting the entire legacy collection and have four DVDs that if I don't sale will be duplicates. They are opened but in really good condition with original case and insert and no scratches on the surface. I hate Ebay so I figured I'd try on here. Available: 1996 finals Legacy DVD 1995 finals Legacy DVD 1991 finals Legacy DVD 1989 finals Legacy DVD $25 each (shipping included with price) or all four for $80. PM or e-mail at 1996 1. Blue Devils- Gangster Chronicals 1. Phantom Regiment- Defiant Heart 3. The Cadets- The American West 4. The Cava
  4. I agree. Third place was unjustified. At least they finished before Spartans and Patriots (1st and 2nd place Division II that year) in open prelims.
  5. You can read my review on under new and associates. But to some it up... I think the book is a great narrative of drumcorps with tidbits of nostalgia and a warm fuzzy feeling that only drum corps can generate for a junkie like myself. Highly reccomend the book.
  6. After Crowns rendition of 'Rent' last year, I was quite nervous about hearing a pop song on the field. Nevertheless, Crown's lush sound really pulled 'Angel' off even though it's not my favorite arrangement.
  7. Yes Raleigh is a much worse vacation spot than Charlotte. Great place to go to college, great place to raise a family, but not a great place to take a week vacation if you want to do things other than watch drum corps.
  8. hey conner, make sure your parents meet the staff and some of the other corps members. Usually, parents are more malleable when they know who you'll be spending your summer with. also, make sure you are ready to march. For some kids, marching at 15 is great and many continue on for more years. As for myself, I found it difficult to be a fourteen-year old and march with 21-year olds. Didn't continue past one year mainly because I wasn't ready for my first summer on tour.
  9. Yes, I understand that the purpose of a tease is to entice the interests of a viewer. I was just stating that I feel showing 15 seconds of an individual would be a bit misleading. I personally would be ###### if I tuned in with the intent of seeing Carmen and only got a glimpse of her for a fraction of the two hour broadcast. Heck, I was ###### that Carmen was hyped on this forum and yet didn't appear in Madison's show for a good portion of it. Just think that a tease can be intriguing without promises that cannot be delivered.
  10. Cavies have a static cling window decal in their online store. Is this what you're talking about? link to online store
  11. hmmm... I think the purpose of a tease is to give enough information without giving away the whole package. For some reason, I just don't see how any of these options give any indication of what the coverage will entitle. After all, since when was drum corps only about a single "guest" performer. I thought it was about a unified group of individuals all striving to be their best together. I think that the clip that they show at the beginning of the live broadcast of quarterfinals would be the most effective.
  12. Never... Unless they drop the 2005 DVD price to less than $50, I'll never get the opportunity to see the great performances of this year again. I will happily take whatever they give me, and heck I'll record it again just like I do every year.