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  1. Suddenly I feel like Pacific Crest should do a Guns and Roses show. It's so easy!
  2. Mandarins should do a show based on the music from the movie Suspiria. Either version. Who better to bring a coven of witches to the field!
  3. I'll play. In no particular order: Crown Pacific Crest Blue Knights Jersey Surf Colts Spartans
  4. So, given all that has happened with the Cadets the past few years, I would love to see a show about becoming a Cadet (or any corps for that matter). Essentially follows the process of auditioning and doing all of the hard work to make a corps. In the case of the Cadets, it culminates with wearing the maroon and gold with an actual shako. I imagine a big company front at the end to What I did for love. Everything leading up to the end can be as modern as you like, but the end would be intentionally old school. Anyway, just a thought.
  5. Yeah, both myself and a guy in my row ended up buying the same Mandarins zip up hoodie. They got me!
  6. I see two paths forward based on prior examples: that of Vanguard and Cavaliers when they slipped a bit in the rankings and that of Madison Scouts. Please just don't chose the path of perpetual changes. Chaos is never the answer!
  7. So, as a complete outsider, with no affiliation other than financial contributions over the years, I just want to say Thank You to all of the performers this year. While we can all spend the hours debating the flaws of the show this year, I still maintain that these performers did what the Cadets have always done: made the absolute most of what has been given to them through hard work. As for 2019, I for one am OK with where this ended this year because there were flashes of what make the Cadets great. Transition is hard and will take time. Now it is on to next year!
  8. Unfortunately I did take a hotdog break during Academy (have seen that twice and that was plenty) tonight. And my other selection would be Blue Stars. Nice shows, but just not connected to them in any significant way.
  9. 1987 Cadets. No doubt. My alltime favorite and that disolving company front! Such an iconic show and performance!
  10. Much love to Pacific Crest on a fantastic season! I thought Prelims was amazing energy, but Semis was the next step! One of my top 5 this year. Thank you!
  11. I have to say that tonight's CG run was one of the best runs I have ever seen. I am really hoping they max it out tomorrow and win the caption again. So much demand. It is insane!
  12. I know how horribly OC gets treated on Finals night. Pretty much an embarassment. The thanks to sponsors should go first, then Marines and then OC champion. No idea why DCI seems content to make prefinals so excruciating.
  13. I am not so sure about that. I know I am no longer hanging out for the final scores on Semis because they always drag it out way too long. But if they were to lead into the first corps on Saturday, I think that would be a bigger crowd. But, I do not remember if OC champ usually went on before or after the Marines. Should be right before corps #12 IMHO.
  14. Is it just me or is it insane that they are moving the Open Class Championship Encore performance to the end of Semis instead of before Finals? So Spartans now have to perform twice in one night and do not get the exposure of being the intro for the big show. Why?