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  1. I will be at Elmwood outside of New Orleans. And of course that theater has a full bar, it is New Orleans after all!
  2. I would have this way up on the list for sure. Still remember seeing it early that year on the West Coast and it was one of a few shows that I saw live early on and knew I was watching that season's champions. In my defense,, I did not see BD that year until much later in the season. And we know how that ended up . . .
  3. Any word on performances? I might have to go to Allentown this year! And the Bluecoats have announced their performance at Semis in 2022! Seems like something needs to be announced soon.
  4. Still think a Vanguard show based on the Death of Klinghoffer could be amazing. Oh, and the Mandarins doing the Cultural Revolution Ballet from Nixon in China would be cool too!
  5. Bump. I think this is more accurate than the FloMarching poll.
  6. With respect to the Ocean show and La Mer, SCV 1996 (I believe) was pretty good!
  7. I think it could be interesting to see Mandarins do a show based on the Butterfly Lovers or the ballet, Raise the Red Lantern. Beautiful music and a powerful storyline that would be a different show from the past two years. Also, still would love to see SCV do a show based on the choruses from The Death of Klinghoffer. Such great and powerful music!
  8. Two kind of obscure references: Glory from Cincinnati (Div Ii) in 2000 had an amazing soloist during the Copland show of American songs. The Willow Song ballad was the best soloist I heard all year. Also, Magic of Orlando always had strong bari solos, but the show in 1995 (I believe) was awesome.
  9. Wow! Still not a single vote for Madison. That is amazing! Just further confirmation of what a miss that show was! Great talent, but man that show just laid there.
  10. That bodes really well for them. To get young and old (myself being an old head) alike is a tough thing to do these days!
  11. I think the biggest surprise is the love for Music City. I personally thought it was one of the best overall constructed show and it had plenty of accessible moments for the crowd. Interested to see what they come up with next year.
  12. Very interesting to see how much consistency there is between all of the picks. Seems like Mandarins, Music City, Cadets, SCV, Boston and Bluecoats were overall top 6?
  13. I was waiting for someone to get the reference!
  14. Nothing special here, just after all of the shows performed in Indy and the overall amazing quality of the performances, which 6 were your favorite? Not necessarily Best, just your favorite. Mine: Cadets, Bluecoats, Mandarins, SCV and Music City. Special recognition for Troopers and the Sacramento Vanguard Cadets!
  15. You actually do not even need to go back that far. I think one of the best LOUDEST horn lines that I have ever heard live was the 1999 BD. And I am not even a BD fan generally. But, when you get a line like that, it is just amazing!