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  1. I am devastated to hear this news. As a long time Cadets supporter, I do appreciate the fact that they are taking the responsible, albeit difficult, decision to suspend for a year. I think that is a good sign for an organization that wants to achieve long-term fiscal sustainability. Remember, the Troopers took years off in the past and look where they are now. This is not the end for the Cadets!
  2. This discussion seems to have little to do with the staff merry-go-round. Aren't there a thousand pages of discussion already dedicated to the plight of SCV? Stay on topic.
  3. Two things occur to me: BD should do a Kurt Weill show; and someone needs to do an aliens show with Close Encounters of the Third Kind as the central music. I think Genesis or Gold would do a great job with that.
  4. This is why I am so glad the I made the decision to buy the full collection at once!
  5. Amazingly enough, I believe the most simultaneous demand was on the Tuba section! It was very apparent in person, even though they had people marching with horns up while not playing. Baritone do not make trumpet noises.
  6. My main issue with Phantom's show this year was the lack of marching while playing. They did the same thing Madison did last year: the section actually playing is stationary while the other member march/move. To the OP, was this type of movement included in the time marching while playing?
  7. A recent post here made me take a look back in time. I have been to 24 Finals in 52 years. That was surprising! My question is how many Finals have you attended? And what was your favorite? My favorite was 1995. My first!
  8. I just wish that a corps like the Velvet Knights was still around. I always thought it would have been a fun show to do a drum corps version of Forbidden Broadway. Take elements and pieces from last years' shows and spoof them. There would be sooooo much to spoof from this year! Ah well, too bad.
  9. Yes! I love your 5th pick! All so amazing this year!!!
  10. I can't believe we have not done this yet. But, what are your personal favorite 5 shows this year. For me it is: 1. Cadets 2. Mandarins 3. Blue Devils 4. Bluecoats 5. Genesis Anyone who has seen my posts knows how rare it is for me to like a Blue Devils show, but this year did it for me! And they actually won. Usually when I like their show, they do not win!
  11. Of course you are forgiven. No more WSS. Ever! Cavaliers pushed it this year, but I forgive them because it was not too much. LOL.
  12. Hahaha. Lighten up Francis! Noone is saying do a complete remake. This is simply asking a very simple question. What show had great potential, but for whatever reason did not deliver. And Yes, you should move on! You just wasted seconds of both our lives. I hope you are happy now. 😊
  13. So, I know we should be focused on the future, but I was wondering what show concept or music would you want to see a corps try again with. Something that was good, but could have been great. That one show to redo. For me: Blue Devils 1990 or 1991 and the crazy Cadets Mass show (please no backflip Jesus!!!). Thoughts? If any.
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