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  1. What's your basis for this statement. I was a secret ballot.
  2. I think he's saying "that bodes WELL for this years percussion section."
  3. I find the comments that DCI should just merge with BOA as if BOA would just say "sure, come join our party." Why would BOA want that???
  4. TRUE! and I can name some current corps that feel that way today!!!
  5. I know what you're saying, but check the rosters of the top drum corps...Texas is indeed producing top-tier drum corps!
  6. The quality of the BOA streams yesterday were much better in quality than the previous two weekends.
  7. Pretty much...of course they couldn't explain why "MY END" worked for most of the DCI shows, but "MY END" hasn't worked for the BOA Regionals.
  8. Does some of this sound familiar? While I had relatively few major complaints with Flo Marching during the DCI season, the quality of the streams for the BOA Regionals the past two weeks have been...CRAP. Just curious if any of you have had issues of late? https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/10/03/dc-united-severs-ties-with-broadcast-partner-flosports/
  9. I hope you aren't saying that SCV 17 and 19 were not great shows???
  10. This is also WINNING for the audience! This 2 minutes will be remembered long after scores are forgotten.
  11. Guess we have different definitions of the word WIN...