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  1. Don't forget that a number of corps are staying in hotel rooms for Indy instead of schools.
  2. Bluecoats 2021 isn't a "new take" on a previous show (2019). It is a NEW show that just happens to be by the composers they used in 2019. Lennon, McCartney, Harrison wrote enough great music that several corps could do shows based on their library...without a need to repeat anything.
  3. Great job Carolina Crown in getting the 2021 season kicked off in such a special way! It appears to me that the Crown members had a great experience and they are to be congratulated for attaining such a high level of performance. See you in 2022.
  4. Sorry, but they knew it was going to be a 2 act show even in 2019. What you'll see in August of 2021 (only 10 weeks away) is basically what you would have seen in August of 2020. If you haven't seen the LIVE discussion about the show that was streamed last night you can see it on Bloo's Facebook and YouTube channels. Might answer some of your questions.
  5. TONIGHT (5/19) Join us live tonight on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube at 7:30 ET. Artistic Director Jon Vanderkolff, Program Coordinator Dean Westman, and CEO Mike Scott will discuss the launch of Lucy and give a behind-the-scenes look at our plans for the production and the pre-season! ...There might even be time for some questions!
  6. Well...actually, like every other year, it will be judged. Maybe not by the few folks in green shirts with clip boards and numbers, but by the thousands of folks in the stands. I have a feeling this show will have a similar reaction to 2019...and '18, '17, '16 etc.
  7. 2022 DCI 50th AND Bluecoats 50th. Alumni corps will perform on Friday night at LOS. It's gonna be really good!
  8. Think you're gonna love the 50th Alumni Corps show ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. Did you see the 2019 show? Seemed to be engaging to me... Time for Act II
  10. "The End" - Lennon, McCartney "With a Little Help from My Friends" - Lennon, McCartney "Lucy in the Sky" - Lennon, McCartney "I Am the Walrus" - Lennon, McCartney "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite" - Lennon, McCartney Tomorrow Never Knows" - Lennon, McCartney "Golden Slumbers" - Lennon, McCartney "Carry that Weight" - Lennon, McCartney
  11. You have to take a written test of 17 questions. The answer to 16 of these is "Michigan sucks".
  12. All registered voters will be in the drawing or you can add your name on a website...which is how they will do the students. Drawings will be done by the Ohio Lottery. Winners must prove they are fully vaccinated. Money is coming from the covid funds sent to the state by the feds...so yes, tax payer money. (Is there any other kind when talking government spending.) Gov. DeWine is receiving some flack (it was his idea). If I win a million I'll be all for it.
  13. 2 points... 1) I would be all in on sections at LOS being determined by corps affiliation...such as Bluecoats fans concert side between the 40s, Blue Devils and SCV fans back side behind the curtain. ๐Ÿ™‚ 2) Quoting the Governor of New York does not help an argument for ANYTHING regarding the pandemic.
  14. Is there a Hall of Fame location? Can the public visit it? Is there anything to see other than a list of members? Certainly might be something DCI could build on. Host city...I'd go with CANTON, OHIO ๐Ÿ™‚