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  1. I can't wait to see Mandarins this year. So glad they are one of the TEN World Class corps coming to the Canton, Ohio Innovations in Brass show. (get your tickets now)
  2. The Innovations in Brass (Canton) will be presented by SOLOTECH this year.
  3. I just looked up may payment for Box 5 this year. I got all of the BOA shows for $140. That included a discount (I think $20) for being a return subscriber. That got me live streaming of about 20 shows around the country including all three days for Grand Nationals. I had no complaints with that price. The only thing I didn't like was on the days when there were multiple shows happening and you couldn't go back and watch what you missed.
  4. Even the audition camps are Bloooo Cooool. 🙂
  5. Back in the covid days, Jacob did a remote "master class" with Bloo 🙂
  6. Well...if you guys are determined to bring college bands into the discussion... TBDBITL
  7. I read a letter sent to the parents and members of the color guard of the Round Rock High School program in Texas. This is one of the (several) very strong competitive marching bands in the state. The director was letting the color guard students and parents know that AFTER the upcoming indoor winter guard season they will be changing the color guard to a "dance company" that will perform with the marching band...NO COLOR GUARD. No flags, rifle, or sabers. The letter stated they were making the change is was determined "after reviewing what our marching band competitors are doing and considering the direction the activity at the high school level is going." If this becomes the norm in Texas it will eventually become the norm in other states. We have all seen how important dance/choreography has become in DCI. Will we soon be seeing the elimination of "color guards" in the activity? If the high schools don't provide the training/instruction it will certainly have an impact on drum corps.
  8. Not even the Bloo team could save this!
  9. I had no problem with Box 5 raising their price. The quality of all their streams was very good...especially Grand Nationals. My only complaint was with some of the banter that went on between bands. (Rock, Paper, Scissors REALLY) But I'm old!
  10. Double Tree 320 Market Street. That's the hotel the NFL uses.
  11. And some of the top bands from Texas did not go to Indy this year...such as their state champion and BOA super regional champion Vandergrift!
  12. And The Woodlands show visual designs were by Jon Vanderkolff with set designs by Michael Raiford of the Bluecoats! AWESOME SHOW.
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