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  1. Anyone else getting cut off from Flo with message 'you have too many streams open"? It's happened 3 times during the past two corps. I only have 1 stream open!
  2. FYI....Bloo merchandise comes in a clear bag with a beautiful Bluecoats logo 🙂
  3. Curious...has a corps ever won a championship without winning a caption?
  4. Congrats Blooooo! Once again winning 6 of 8 captions. Congrats SCV on winning the other 2. Congrats BD on being 2nd or 3rd from all 8. Tomorrow it's a 12 judge panel!!! Will be interesting.
  5. Well of course! There would be a RIOT if not.
  6. Rumor has it they will be doing both sides of the Sgt Pepper album for the Akron encore!
  7. Good things come to those who wait! I just made that up. Feel free to use it.
  8. Bloo's show doesn't need a new ending! But...…………when it's unveiled 🙂
  9. Curious as to why parking is DCI's fault?
  10. If you don't find the fight for the 12th spot to be of competitive interest...you're probably just not a fan of drum corps. I'm even intrigued and anticipating the fight for who gets to be seen on the big screen on Friday night of championships.
  11. CODE BLOO is there tonight and I have alerted them they might be needed!