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  1. A helmet from the Gold medal 2016 show can be had for every $500 donation. Yes, it's double the cost BUT it is from the championship show!
  2. Thank you Madison Scouts! Would be awesome to see some others follow your lead with this.
  3. What this thread is showing is there are plenty of potential congressional replacements living on DCP.
  4. A very interesting podcast with the brass caption heads from Bloo, Crown and Cavies. https://bluecoats.com/podcast?fbclid=IwAR1gT9amCI2d8YbfcZfiwcTu0NzsvkMQimzV_rk32sih5BJkiFsmOSfHe4A
  5. Thanks for this. I am a long time fan of the Scouts. (Who isn't) I appreciate that you weren't afraid to ask some difficult questions and that Chris didn't seem to avoid them. I can understand that he's not really a fan of DCP (neither am I at times), but I hope he knows that many of the opinions directed at him are not an attack of him personally, but are views from some very passionate fans of the Scouts. (Although some, unfortunately, are indeed a personal attack.) Glad to hear that the Scouts are in a better financial state than we may have thought. (All things considered, of course.) I look forward to seeing the 2021 Scouts. Would like for you to do a similar interview with some other directors and with Dan Acheson.
  6. I get what you're saying, BUT "The End" ending would not have had LOS standing, singing, screaming. That required "Hey Jude."
  7. That was my favorite 2019 show ending! (until they did Hey Jude)
  8. How are those salary caps and luxury taxes working? How are those NCAA limits working??
  9. I believe the 200 employees being "'laid off" might be bit of a misunderstanding, to say the least. In the context of 200 people might be all of the folks that would normally be associated with the corps (really all corps) such as instructional techs, caption heads, design team, drivers, cooks, bingo helpers, merchandise sellers, media specialists, maintenance workers, administration and numerous others. Most of those people would NOT be full time employees, but seasonal contractual help and MANY, MANY volunteers. The loss of the 2020 season WILL have a financial impact on the Canton community...not just the immediate Bluecoat family. Many items the corps would need for the year are purchased locally. Maintenance/repair of the "fleet" are often done locally. The loss of the 3 Bluecoat sponsored shows will impact area hotels, restaurants, gas stations, program printers, service organizations that helped with the shows...to name a few. This type of impact is being felt in cities that are "home" to drum corps around the United States.
  10. My email for Super 3 for World Championships offer 1) donate to DCI or 2) transfer to 2021. No refund. They offer the same option for my Premier Events tickets. No refund. For the Tour Events tickets there is the option of donating or get a refund. I am concerned that it reads "all/part" as a donation to the corps. What does PART mean? Need to ask some more questions. It appears the shows sponsored by individual corps offer refunds, but none of the DCI shows do. Why?
  11. Reliable sources have told me BD design team is dropping their 2020 show to do TIGER KING-Constantly Risking Absurdity in 2021.
  12. Can only imagine what the Bloo and Blue design teams will come up with now that they've been given an additional year to "tweak" 🙂
  13. Another great podcast from Bloo Brass. https://bluecoats.com/podcast?fbclid=IwAR2eqom9QsB2r4H0J3V2um5atkTtFX9ir0z22_0vepeBXdD7f9-nIpIjd-w
  14. I've heard from "a reliable source" that Hockey Dad was in Wuhan in December buying GONGS for Christmas! Thanks a lot.