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  1. oldbandguy

    DCI survey

    Got mine a few days ago. Rather lengthy survey. I made my annual complaint about DCI not having a system in place that allows their "customers" to keep their same seats from year to year. I would like to see DCI put on a report on what they have actually changed based on any of these surveys over the years?
  2. oldbandguy

    17 years later, 9/11/2018

    http://drumcorpsplanet.com/911tribute/ I watch this annually...and not just on 9/11 Thanks you to those that put it together. And THANK YOU Madison Scouts. There are times when music can express what words alone cannot.
  3. oldbandguy

    Putting it all in context

    Isn't the limited LOS access mostly about getting folks into the corps marketplace area?
  4. oldbandguy

    NEW DCI Board of Directors

    Really? Which 3 corps are you talking about?
  5. oldbandguy

    Your 2018 Top 6

    1. Bluecoats 2. Cadets 3. SCV 4. Crossmen 5. BD 6. Colts/Troopers
  6. oldbandguy

    Bluecoats 2013 Design Team

    Just happened to come across this older thread tonight. 6 years later...yeah, I think we can all agree this all worked out OK for Bloo. A gold, a silver, two bronze and maybe the most creative and entertaining shows during this time period. Yeah, it's worked out OK. And some great additions to the team as well! And in a couple of weeks they will get together to begin work on the 2019 Session. :-)
  7. oldbandguy

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Does Glyce do all of the writing for BD? I thought John Mehan (brass) and Scott Johnson (perc) also do some of the arranging. You are probably correct the Glyce does both brass and perc, but I don't think he does it all.
  8. oldbandguy

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Crossmen have, in my opinion, the best young arranger in DCI. The only arranger I know of that does BOTH brass and percussion. Their music books the past few years have been among my favorites. I also think, speaking of young arrangers, that Phantom's Will Pitts is getting to be very good.
  9. oldbandguy

    Crowd Love at Finals

    I'm not buying the "Cadets got an ovation because of the CRAP they had to endure" at the start of the season. If that was really the case WHY did the ovation start well before the end of their show? I stated in another thread that I would have been standing for Cadets for that very reason, BUT prior to finals week I stated I would be standing "because they had become soooo dammmm gooood." They performed at a higher level each night of the championships and their closer became MAGNIFICENT and most worthy of the thousands of fans I saw standing well before the show was over. From my seat the most "crowd love" was sent to Bloo, SCV and CADETS....because they were all sooo dammm gooood.
  10. oldbandguy

    DCI.org is offline

    It's there for me. As they usually do, I'm guessing the DCI office is closed the week after finals.
  11. and the first Bloo medal show if I'm not mistaken.
  12. Almost as much fun as watching Bloo tonight was being able to see the reactions of the design team as the corps was killing it on the field. What a masterpiece Session 44 is. (But we are getting use to masterpieces from this team...and we do not take them for granted.) Can't wait to see ALL of the corps take it into the next gear tomorrow night.
  13. Was fun to listen to the conversations going on as we exited the stadium last night. MANY were talking about how much they loved the Bluecoats. Heard some band kids saying "that corps was having a blast, that's the corps I would want to be in." AWESOME job Bloo!!!!
  14. Presenting their 2019 show "Football Teams That Suck Since Peyton Left." Sorry...just had to do it.
  15. Has there been a year they didn't have the Colts logo?