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  1. retroguy

    The wonders of drum corps

    Get it RIGHT! Those are GD plastic imitations of Sousaphones because "marching members" today are to GD weak and wimpy to carry real brass. Sousaphones have nothing nor have they ever had anything to do with real drum corps.
  2. retroguy

    DCA:All age all good

    <**> <**> <**> My previous reply was deleted. <**> <**> <**>
  3. retroguy

    Scouts 07 Drumline

    You sure we're talking the same Andy & Jim here?
  4. retroguy

    DCA:All age all good

    I'm not saying all adults are to be avoided, but just remember, it only takes one and the corp could be ruined.
  5. retroguy

    Martial Arts Teams Up with Marching Arts

    Now this is an idea I could get behind. I imagine a line of cymbals being held out. The guard does jump turning hook kicks striking the cymbals with steel heel cleats.
  6. retroguy

    "Tradition" in Drum Corps

    "as saying lets go back and eliminate the pit." OK let's do that, pits suck.
  7. retroguy

    DCA:All age all good

    I don't know "Tapper's" age but that comment underscores what's wrong with "all age". 30-60 olds covorting with 13-21's just spells trouble. I know I am in the minority here so I will put on the flame suit now. Mike
  8. retroguy


    Or, you can feed them until they are so large they cannot get out of the bus! :P :P Mike
  9. retroguy

    Scouts 07 Drumline

    When I marched back in the sixties, the Madison Scouts (Why can't anyone here use a corps full name?) were one of our most "hated" rivals. Their unfortunate use of the "West Point" uni's was a point of constant ridicule. However, we had tremendous respect for their hornline back then. and their 77 "West Side Story" show is still one of my favorite recordings. Even if their "style" the last decade has not been entirley to my tastes, they are a class orginization and I feel they will rise back into contention for top honors. Mike
  10. retroguy

    Corps Names

    Sorry Bill, my initials do not begin with "T" or "J". I remember the Northernaries, competed against them several times. Kicked their a** also. If they ever beat the Kilts it must have been VERY early in the season and the Kilts were having a real bad day.
  11. retroguy

    Corps Names

    "The Northernaires are one of 3 corps I've proudly performed in during my time within the activity. Ironically, my first show of my first year in the activity we bested the Kilties." Northernaires beating the Kilts? I'd like to see the score sheets on THAT one.
  12. retroguy

    Corps Names

    "Kilties" Named after the defunct junior corps, The Racine YMCA Kilties. Draw your own conclusions.
  13. To all my friends and enemies alike. Mike