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  1. I would not say it looks nothing like it did 14 years ago. Looks alot like it did when I was there. Definite face lift. As hilarious as the Brown Shirts were the last year about Not coming in and out they were really clueless that you could virtually walk in from the back side and other exits they were not "guarding" . I laughed so hard at one of them that would not let me back in with my ticket..went around the back side and then waved to him later on from the inside. He just looked at me with this glazed over look like what just happened?? LOL
  2. As terrible as the field was for marching and the Cops were to fans ... that bar was amazing . Prices fair and no better place in the stadium to watch the corps .
  3. 2K?? Making that 3K that Winston Salem drew in during the middle of the season look like Gold 🙂 LOL
  4. Sound files missing ???? And people said just a few years back the electronic issue was just about amplifying the pit . LOL
  5. Of course they did . The crowd is not a drum corps crowd anymore . its band mom and dads sitting there watching their kids waiting for scores to come in . Expecting a different reaction from them would be totally ludicrous.
  6. You will see the Directors cuts of many of the DCA shows pop up on Social media sometime within hours after DCA Finals . Usually with a note saying view it while you can or snag it while you can . Then it seems to just disappear into the woodwork .
  7. Finals yes ... most will not want their early season products out there for public consumption because let’s face it...they are pretty darn dirty .
  8. It’s way to late for that now .
  9. Welcome to not making the G7 that H spearheaded . You would just be another non corps in 2020
  10. Imagine if DCA would have put thier weight (back then) behind finals in WS NC how many they could have drawn. Compared to Rochesters dismal numbers. Too late now.
  11. No member Safety in 2006 during Ernesto at Semi Finals. I remember the words coming down from DCA that the show will go on no matter what and marching in the middle of Hurricane Ernesto. Our DM Almost got blown of the podium 4 or 5 times. It was really NOT a safe thing to do. They could have just given us a phone in score like they did anyways.
  12. Lol I’m sure . I’ve talked to two Madison Alumni today . Furious and not another dang dime were the first words out of their mouth .