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  1. I bet this puts a hamper on future pre ticket sales to future events once everything gets back to normal.
  2. I expect the fallout to be much worse .
  3. Repayment plans only work if you have a viable means of repaying the money back. Loans at this point are a sure way of digging yourself further into a hole. With no foreseeable future with the activity as a whole..not knowing if HS across the country are going to reform policies to allow for group activities on campus.. Would you as a board of director be willing to sign on the dotted line and be financially responsible? Do you think a lending institution at this point and time is going to be out lending money to a group that can file bankruptcy at a drop of a hat?? I don't see it happening myself.
  4. AS I said said they have been paid or will NEED to be paid. Contracts are in place for a reason.
  5. The meat on the bones will be surprising. The DCA units are basically mid season on the budget. Alot of the budget has been allocated. Equipment, Electronics, Horns, Drums, Costumes has either been paid out or under contract. Alot of the staff has either been paid or will need to be paid as the Music and drum book has been written . Add to that the drill designers have either written the books and should have delivered it by now and are going expect to be paid. So there is a lot of expenses on the table that the DCA units are not going to be able to cover with parade fees and tour fees this season. I'm sure most of the remaining staff members will be fine foregoing their payments for the rest of the year. I am sure many of them understand the unusual nature of the crisis. But there may be contracts in place that have to be paid considering many of these staff members potentially gave up other paying jobs in order to satisfy the contract they are under. While some of the larger DCA units will have some pad in the budget to recover from this...I am going to suggest a great majority of the bottom feeders won't and will have to fold. Then there leaves the question about DCA responsibility under contracts with Championships. What monies did they guarantee? This is going to be interesting to follow. I do not see it ending well at all.
  6. Not a chance in heck the DCA season happens this year. Too many unknowns and rehersal time and facilities will be at the heart of the issue. A bigger issue might be that mommy and daddy have lost their jobs,,,been restricted from working or hours have been cut back because businesses have been closed or forced to close during this time. No funds for extra curricular activities. I just don't see it.
  7. People are being social media shamed for doing such things as going grochery shopping. That they are contributing to the spread of Corona and being selfish by doing so. Can you imagine announcing a tour by a bunch of band geeks at this point??? The activity would be crucified on every news station. No way it happens.
  8. Expect most DCA field units to close up shop for March and April till this blows over . I can’t imagine DCA being able to pull off a season without rehearsals in those months . Might be best to call off the year from a financial standpoint
  9. Not sure I would be buying ANY tickets for ANY event in advance after them just cancelling WGI,,, NCAA Basketball and WSOP ... Going to be a lot more in the months to come. Too Risky.
  10. Good luck with that one. It had the chance to embrace that when there was actually some corps that gave a crap about the activity. Everyone associated with those corps have moved on. There are just a few scattered remains left.
  11. Yep..I still have the screen shots of all the people on here that tried to tell me that Wood Winds would never happen as it was a matter of fact sort of thing. Same people that told me no electronics on the field in both DCI and then in DCA. Can't wait to break out the receipts.
  12. In North America ? You mean the North East ? with the exception of a few isolated parcels outside the NE NO ONE knows about DCA for the most part . See now where DCA missed its chance ??? i won’t hold my breath waiting for a answer
  13. Hurry up and get the woodwinds I say.