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  1. Congrats to the 2020 DCA champion lol
  2. camel lips

    Pioneer's DCI Membership Has Been Revoked

    At some point you just got to throw in the towel and the time is now. Pioneer regardless of what may have been good intentions has not had a competitive product in years. AT some point you have to listen to what DCI and The judges are telling you and adjust to the polices, the direction the activity is going and to the sheets. Survive or die. While I appreciate some of what they were wanting to do with their programming they needed to make changes. Either at the top or the top needed to make some changes. Clearly that did not happen for them. We have seen that happen on the DCA side of things as well. As the DCA model changed from a all inclusive activity to implementation of a 35 member rule and going from a Senior activity to a All Age mostly youthful activity..those that did not conform or change to the new model found themselves to lost or out. Those that conformed and made the adjustments stayed. Those that did not faded into the sunset. Pioneer will be missed by some.. most will forget they existed in a single season or two. Its just the way the game is played.
  3. I haven’t since 2009 and don’t see it changing till we get a real drum and bugle circuit
  4. FB alleged conduct has trickled down to so many good people that have lost jobs because of him ,, been shuned away from the activity because of their accociation with him and generally speaking caused a huge mess . Yet he gets on Reddit and plays the poor pitiful me act and blames everyone for his so called tough management tactics and disgruntled staff members . cry me a freakin River
  5. camel lips

    “Failure to Protect”

    It might not be enough but its a start. Clearly in the case of Larson everyone knew his history and turned a blind eye to it. I think other cases people turned a blind eye to things. Disclosure of Background checks to DCI and DCA would wave red flags in any case.
  6. camel lips

    “Failure to Protect”

    You know a REASONABLE policy for DCI and DCA to come up with is to require each and every corps to perform records background checks on each and every Staff Member and Marching member of the corps. The corps would pay for the Staff Members and the marching members it would be added to the dues and fees at check in. Most states perform these tasks at $35 or less. Seems like a very small price to protect the children and would give both DCI and DCA some protection that they are doing something about this. Its a no brainer.
  7. Back in court
  8. There will be lots of continuations and reschedules on the docket before its over.
  9. camel lips

    YEA suspends operations of Cadets 2

    A Brilliant move to attract members from C2 would be to offer the members that PAID the $150 camp fee back in November $150 off Dues for 2019.
  10. camel lips

    YEA suspends operations of Cadets 2

    PArt of the DCA evaluation is the Financial stability part. C2 Would have to open up the books and be able to demonstrate to DCA they would be able to complete the season and are on solid ground. It would be a tough sale in my book. Certainly one I would scrutinize.
  11. camel lips

    YEA suspends operations of Cadets 2

    I can't tell you todays figures but Years ago in 2005 ISH I know of one corps budget with Travel, Staff and equipment was 150k ish . Add having to rent a Semi to haul a massive trailer ,, and the added staff for Electronics not to mention the added purchase of Electronics ,, uniform changes and horn and drum changes every few years which seems to be more frequent with the top corps and I would say your getting closer to 300K now days. The lower tier corps can no doubt still do it on a shoe string budget of 100K if they skip all the cool stuff but they are not going to be competitive.
  12. camel lips

    YEA suspends operations of Cadets 2

    Or would DCA let them at this point is another question??
  13. camel lips

    YEA suspends operations of Cadets 2

    Something tells me that Cadets is going to have a real hard time with Donations over the road this summer. Its not going to be easy on them with all this uncertainty. I know they are pinning hopes on the Alumni corps to feed them but that is only going to bring in so much $$$ per marching member. You would need each Alumni to write a check for $10 K each to scratch the surface.