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  1. Thanks for the history lesson. You mentioned Gil Silva in your comments above. He was very much a welcoming person towards expansion in DCA. at the Directors meeting in 2006 or 2007 he outlined in great detail the predictable path and accurate path of DCA on how it was going to lose perennial shows that had been thriving for years. How DCA was going to lose historic and thriving Units. And boy did it happen in such a short period of time. I think the DCA voting block in the NE just shrugged it off thinking it was just going to happen to some out of area NE Units and maybe some dying and decaying NE corps that they had been picking up from the boot straps for years that they figured were already out the door. But As He predicted year after year they start dropping like flies. You are correct. 2005-2006 was the LAST year to right the ship. Had there been real effort to expand DCA THEN DCA might still be DCA with Units thriving outside the NE with a REAL World Fan Base. NOT what they are stuck with today.
  2. I think the only groundwork that may have been going on in 2005 or 2006 for a DCI merger with DCA on DCA part was to keep the merger BURIED under GROUND. DCA had one gear. And that was to keep DCA and most importantly DCA Championships and DCA controls in the NE. They did not care or have any intentions of expanding or moving the direction of DCA outside the NE until as Jeff put it SURVIVAL mode kicked in and now here we are.
  3. Ain't it the most awesome show ever? I have Binge watched it no lie maybe 20 times. over the course of weeks. And watched individual episodes no telling how many times over and over. Some 20 years later I am still ticked about the final Episode. If I ever meet Chase Face to Face hes gonna hear about it.
  4. I found a small hidden batch of the The Sopranos T-shirts I had forgotten all about. These feature the The Sopranos Logo with a Kanstul 3 Valve Bugle in the center. Very well done. I do not have any way to host the pic or else I would show it. There are no more of these to be found. I made these in the Spring of 2006 and they were a very limited run. Very High Thread count silk screened so they will wear like iron and last for years to come. Limited sizes left. 1 size med 3 size large and 7 xl's are all that is left. Get them while they last. CONUS sales only. I accept all forms of digital payments. $15 Each plus $6. shipping. edwardamason@yahoo.com is the best way to reach me.
  5. Nailed it! Sad part is I feel certain Hopkins has a bunch of sock puppet accounts and uses them to glorify himself on these social media sites and forums and he has lackeys that do his bidding for him that think just because of the creativity he created that THAT is what they believed in and followed is WHY they want to follow him into the hounds of hell.
  6. I had forgotten about that stunt. How crazy was it to think they could just gloss that over and pretend like it never happened?? Sorta like all these sock puppet accounts and dreamers that think that somehow belive that they keep on victim shaming the victims they are going to worm GH back on the podium or in a position of leadership at DCI? I could totally see once he gets off probation that he becomes a ghost writer. BOA, DCI Winter Gaurd you name it. Butnif it was ever found out who the real author was those units would either get black balled or pay a heavy price . Or not. It's a fickle industry that's hell bent on self destruction apparently.
  7. Makes me wonder how he squirmed his way into DCA and how he stayed in DCA for as long as he did with Cadets2 ? We will probably never know the details of that.
  8. So what is the educational model? What is the one for TSA and how do they differ?
  9. Its what is done in the corporate world . They hope to lower the damages at trial by demonstrating to the courts that they separated themselves from the employee that instigated the lawsuit. In this case DCI separates itself from The Cadets demonstrating to the courts that they are no long affiliated with The Cadets and no longer condone that behavior and hope to get off with a slap on the wrist.
  10. So many organizations have had their fair share of perverts in leadership capacities. Hopkins and Vogt were both Authority figures the same as any of these other staff members that have been accused/convicted of misconduct and sexual perversion with minors but you gotta admit being in the director's seat and carrying as much weight,clout and light that was shown on them as they had sure made The Cadets that Corps that will ultimately be associated with what goes wrong with sexual abuse/perversion. No iff ands or butts about it.
  11. I mean at this point for them what does it matter really? They are bitter and sour and taking their ball and going home and at this point really don't care one way or the other who they offend. Its done and over for them and they are not coming back from it. One would think they would consider the victims in this and consider the future they have professionally moving forward with other organizations but in the moment that does not always translate when you are so passionate about what you have spent years pouring your life into to. Perhaps that was not the intent but it is what it is I suppose.
  12. Sex offenders yes. I understand. But how deep are they diving into these background checks? Are they excluding people from the activity with say non violent felonies such as tax evasion? Low level drug offenses ?
  13. He is named specifically on line 36 of the Complainant Westenberger Lynn Vs The Garfield Cadets. At least the amended version. I have read other versions where its on different lines. But you get the point. He is named specifically. I would post a link but I doubt it would stay up for long. Google is your friend here.
  14. I think most people see these top units in the public eye . SCV , CADETS [INSERT NAME] And think because of the polished appearance on the field, the flashy costuming and they large amount of field presence in terms of personnel, props and amplification that they have it together behind the scenes. Truth be told many of them [most] of them are holding on by a thread , thrown together in a blender and if examined under a microscope would be jailed and fined tomorrow.
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