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  1. There were only a handful of corps at DCA finals I truly wanted to watch . Statesman was one of them . Im glad they stood ground and decided to leave the way they did . Definitely put DCA on a major decline after that .
  2. When I needed help planning Cozy Baker Memorial he was the first to step up to the plate . great man down may he R.I.P.
  3. CAnt get 2500 people to. Live event ? like this is gonna work ? and we know how fair fan favorite voting works right ? This is not a solution it’s a joke .
  4. I think there was a time and a place for DCI to take DCA under their umbrella but that time has far past. DCI is going to have its hands full trying to put the pieces back together in 3-5 years from now and trying to get a NE Regional activity like DCA is going to be so low on the totem pole its not going to be funny.
  5. Agreed .. perhaps the Alumni corps and mini corps will be the thing that keeps Drum corps Alive . Imagine that .
  6. I doubt that DCA as you know it today will survive . it’s membership staff and supporters will find other things to occupy the time the next few years and when the time IS ripe to resume most everyone that was interested will have moved on . I could see some form of a mini corps organization gaining some ground and performing stage shows as rehearsals would be minimal and smaller facilities would be needed for rehearsals . DCA is dead
  7. No School is going to allow a outside unit of any kind come into the school system. I was surprised they allowed voting in our schools. Figured they would have designated a "safe" place but voting went on as usual. There are schools already shutting down for weeks at a time whenever a kid or kids test positive for covid and going to a modified online schedule where they do everything from home and Zoom. Aint no way summer marching bands are coming back for a few years.
  8. of all things this showed up on Reddit
  9. I agree. What they are doing by charging knowing there is a strong chance there is not a season is right down criminal. Its irresponsible at best.
  10. Any corps that is charging kids for audition packs and camp fees should be ashamed of themselves . There is no way in heck the 2021 season is going to unfold and they know it .
  11. Exactly this type of thinking is what is going to allow him back in the activity.. The discuting activity he has displayed by raping women should have him in prison for the rest of his life. Much less a lifetime ban from anything marching band or marching arts activity related.
  12. How much you wanna lay down? Someone will hire him ,,rather its a drill writer or as a consultant. He clearly could work under some cloak and dagger company name and skate under the radar probably for a little while.
  13. Exactly. Someone right now is sitting there thinking how they can figure out how to hire a PR firm to handle getting GH on board in some capacity. Rather its writing drill, being a consultant or something. Because you know. GH is good for summer marching bands. Rolls Eyes.