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  1. Your constructive comments are always welcome Jeff. This seems to be the point that Steve Anderman was driving at. As for the number of stage concerts here in the east the spring series seems to be the Dixie Stinger now being handled by Swing House and the new Lancers show. The summer season sees the Bridgemen's TOS. And in the fall it's Reilly Raider's Shamrock Festival, Brooklyn United's show and the Archie's Brass Reunion which is coming up in a couple of weeks. The Brooklyn United show is FREE as will be this year's Brass Reunion. I'm in full support of what Larry Hershman said 3 years ago when he was recognized with the PaDCHOF's Meritorious Service Award," Please get out and support the activity by your attendance at these shows." I think that may involve by-laws and I'm really no fan of by-laws. Some people think that by-laws are written in stone. I think of by-laws as guidelines that definitely need to be very flexible. Sometimes snap decisions need to be made that don't require a meeting of the board and 2 weeks to think about it then 2 weeks later to be voted on by the board. Common sense needs to hold sway over by-laws. I agree but I also think that with the Alumni Spectacular, with a lot of the Alumni Corps that never had an affiliation with DCA, rather then those Corps that did have an affiliation get preferential treatment as to when they perform, go back to the system of drawing numbers out of a hat to determine who performs when. Again thanks for the constructive comments.
  2. Well, whatever happens, George seems to be admitting that there IS Drum Corps after you age out of DCI.
  3. Thanks for the constructive comments Jeff. As for me notifying you concerning any future meetings of the Alumni meetings that may be called in the future I would have no idea when they would be. If I should find that information out I'll ask that Westshore be notified and they can send whoever they wish to represent them/you. Actually I only was at the first two meetings to represent Steel City as per Dennis Graham's (then Director of Steel City) request and to gather information for (not represent) Westshore at the request of Bill Toomey and gather information for (not represent) Erie Thunderbirds at the request of Gary Matczak. I was not at this last meeting a few months ago. Can you expound on any thoughts you may have as to the purpose of an Alumni Organization, first as it relates to one specific region, and second, on how you would set up an umbrella organization to generally oversee all of the Regional Alumni Organizations? P.S: I knew you could do this appropriately.
  4. Great all around guy and fantastic drummer. Rest In Peace Marty.
  5. Now back to the business at hand. There have been some very constructive suggestions offered. I'll put in phone calls to some of the more prominent people in various areas mentioned in some of the other posts. There will be NO Alumni corps left out of this, ALL Alumni Corps are welcome. I just think that in order to keep it manageable breaking it down into regions is the way to go. Gary Matczak had some really good thoughts on this and I'd welcome more of his input. Steve Anderman also seemed to be right on track with his thoughts of regionalization. Perhaps he can expound on his thoughts regarding that issue. I'll contact Frank Neill for his input as to the how, what and wherefores. Again, anyone with constructive thoughts and ideas are most definitely welcome to contribute to this thread. Again please note that the word constructive is in bold and underlined for a reason. There are other discussion threads that are open to general gossip. Please let's keep this one on topic. Thanks,
  6. Andy will probably want you as one of his "shop stewards". Now back to your constructive response Jeff. And yes, Bill DID ask me to be there for Westshore. It was during the formative years of the PaDCHOF.
  7. Hi Jim, At least this portion was constructive. Thanks for your contribution. Maybe I'll see you at a future Lancers rehearsal.
  8. Ken, I'll try to put some thoughts together for you tonight about we talked about at DCA Finals.and maybe give you a call. Believe me I haven't forgotten and I think it's a GREAT idea and will give you all the help I possibly can.
  9. The purpose of the GAS Reunion is pretty much as a fraternal organization. It started the Cabs and Norman Prince suggesting that they have a get together. They invited Archie and Skyliners to join in back in 1986? I believe. Since then it has mushroomed to what it is now. I think that as ideas are suggested via this thread you'll get a better idea of what could be the outcome. Exactly. Well, Star Alumni still get together as far as I know. We have a couple Star Alumni marching with us in the Bridgemen. And I believe the Mini Corps "Sine Wave" is pretty much a bunch of guys from Chicago Vanguard. Me too. Good observations. Do you possibly have some input Steve?
  10. GREAT idea Andy. Personally I think that a Drum Corps Union could fit very well under the umbrella of the AO. Therefore I'm naming you the Union President. I suggest that you name a Shop Steward for each of the Alumni corps to keep the "membership in line" and happy. Just don't take any advice from Danny De Vito.
  11. All great ideas. I remember a few years ago Frank Neill, Director of the Reilly Raiders, called together representatives from several Alumni Corps on the east coast. I remember being the representative for 3 Pennsylvania Corps on a couple of occasions. I represented Steel City, Thunderbirds and Westshore. The purpose of those meetings was 1) basically to ensure that those Corps didn't have conflicting schedules for their indoor show during the indoor exhibition season. 2) if an Alumni Corps was overloaded on a particular day with more performances then they could handle they could past the performance along to an Alumni Corps that didn't any performances that day. 3) a kind of cooperative that could/would possibly share equipment. The last meeting that I was aware of took place maybe 6 months ago but I'm not sure of all of the Alumni Corps that were represented there. I'm sure Bridgemen, Reilly and Archie were there and probably a list of he "usual suspects" from the east were represented. But I certainly like you idea of regarding the possibility of somehow dovetailing with DCA. As far as making I&E better???? Personally I think they are doing a pretty good job the way it stands but such an Alumni Organization could possibly tweak it with some new twists. What bothers me about your suggestion is that it be parented by DCA. I think autonomy should be the goal of such organizations. I think that any funds that would/could be raised by the Alumni Organizations (AO) via shows, parades and other performance opportunities, a certain % of the earnings (say 5%) could be place in a fund that could be given to DCA the rest to the Alumni Corps that performed the gig. But I'd like to see some of those Mini Corps be referred to as Alumni corps. Star United is a case in point. They ARE pretty much representing Star of Indiana, even though Star does have a larger Alumni Corps. And I guess I'm thinking on a grander scale as well. While the mid-Atlantic Corps have had a few meetings as an organization, I know there are quite a few Alumni Corps in the Boston area as well. The Plymouth Thanksgiving parade turns out quite a few Alumni Corps from there as well. BAC, Holy Name Defenders to name a couple. There is the way I'm thinking of having this Alumni thing to be regionalized. I'm pretty sure the Mid-West have some Corps that have or could form Alumni corps as well. Those that have so far are Star and Madison. I was under the impression that the Cavaliers were thinking about it as well. Each one of these regionaizational organizations under the umbrella of the parent AO. I think "corpsreps" could be a starting point to form a list of all of the Alumni corps that are presently in existence These are just some of my thoughts. All constructive contributions will be entertained.
  12. 1) Guess Larry Kershner and Dennis DeLucia aren't experienced enough for ya, huh,.... 2) We will NEVER compete,...PERIOD!!!!!!! We're having absolutely TOO much fun the way we are!!!!!!
  13. If memory serves (and I was on the field with them) it was 2004 in Scranton.
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