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    Phantom 1996, Star of Indiana 1993, Blue Knights 2000, Glassmen 2001
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  1. Well if you were in denver ... it was "Matamorphisis" ... hahaha. And yes I get it ... and I still don't like them.
  2. Wow. Weather was perfect in Denver. The corps were all so good!! My hands are still hurting and my voice is still not there. The crowd was great also, practicing perfect drum corps etiquette. This was also my first drum corps show since 2002 marching for 4 years then taking this summer off, really made me miss it. Alright the corps.... Troopers (73.575) were on first, the crowd went nuts for this corps. They were actually really good I enjoyed the star burst and all the tradition. The guard statred out really clean but as the show progressed they got more and more dirty. Great show I
  3. If your staying in the one just north of Highway 70, in Denver. Shady area.
  4. Ok all the scores are diff. on all the websites I check which one is correct?..... I check usually and Help.
  5. I think it will be neat to see Academy win it, yes they are behind BK in scores; but I've seen crazier things happen. I dont think Colts will win, however I think they will be coming very close in score with both the Knights and the peeps from Arizona.
  6. On the site it says madison tied with crown??? Is this true they were like barely 70 like 2 days ago .......
  7. 1.Blue Devils 2.Cadets 3.Bluecoats 4.Cavaliers 5.Phantom 6.SCV 7.Crown 8.Boston 9.Glassmen 10.Blue Knights 11.Colts 12.Blue Stars P.s. Its funny if you look at predictions before the season, no one knew madison would be doing so poorly, and bluecoats doing so well. Also Academy and Blue stars doing so well. Also many had crossmen back in finals .... dont think so. Haha.
  8. On the subject of how things things can change during the summer: This time last year based on June 24th scores: Boston (72.--/7th) was almost 2 pts over CC (70.85/8th). BK (69.--/11th) still hadn't broken 70 yet. What happened Finals Night? BK 7th CC 8th Boston 10th Anything CAN happen .... So maybe it would be alright if I said something like this could happen: BAC 7th BK 8th CC 10th
  9. 1.Cadets 2.BD 3.SCV 4.Cavies 5.Bluecoats 6.Phantom 7.BK 8.Crown 9.BAC 10.Colts 11.Xmen 12.Academy
  10. It has ... Esperanza 04 .... and I beleive SD Alliance in 03
  11. Hmm ... Everyone gets mad when people call drum corps a marching band. However .. A lot of people are defending that a marching band is just as "hard core" or more than a drum corps? I am confused.