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  1. Moving up in placements next year is gonna be tough, so many great corps, it’s gonna be a bloodbath. my wish list: 1) Bluecoats 2) SCV 3) Devils 4) Cavies 5) Boston 6) Blue Knights 7) Crown 8)Mandarins 9) BStars 10) Phantom 11) Crossmen 12) Spirit 13) Cadets What I think will Happen: 1) Devils 2) SCV 3) Bluecoats 4) Cavies 5) Crown 6) Boston 7) Blue Knights 8)Mandarins 9) Blue Stars 10) Phantom 11) Cadets 12) Crossmen Wes P
  2. I’ve been pretty quiet these days but still very much enjoying Drum Corps and especially BK. There were many times when just a sparse few people would have discussions about this great drum corps and now many years later it’s heartwarming to see the love given to the Denver Team for a good amount of years! I sat in tears on my couch watching that Blue Knights Run last night, it sparked so many different memories and thoughts in me and one especially of my late father. In the summer of 1995 I went off to college telling my father that I might want to march drum corps on a few years and tha
  3. Each corps tonight has found a different gear!!! Setting up a great finish to the evening!!
  4. The Cavaliers are back!!!! That was OUTRAGEOUS!!! Holy Cow that Hornline
  5. I’ve been tears up now for 10 min since BK!! That was the finest Blue Knights performance I have ever witnessed, so emotional, ethereal just a show that they laid everything out on the line and played and performed their hearts out!!! And melted our hearts as well!!! BRAVO BK!!! That was STUNNING!!! I Go On Wes P
  6. Question is there a multi cam today, I only saw the high cam option on flo?
  7. Wish the Denton Show had been on flo marching, anyone periscoping?
  8. Wow hopefully no one gets hurt with the mirrors blowing over
  9. As Drumman said it was 2010 Ogden which is a home show for BK and was quite a feat. SCV was slow out of the gates and BK super clean and thus the topped SCV and then were close again going into Denver. The rest of the season SCV took off and ended up 5th, BK 10th... I believe that was the Eureka show from SCV that year??
  10. This is Blue Knights first time to beat Cadets EVER! Wow- only one corps BK has never beaten in DCI- The Blue Devils! Way to go BK, I Go On!
  11. Truthfully the lack of a show last night hurt the Crossmen more than anyone. Crossmen were within 1.2 of Cadets in Casper. Because of no Denver show, the Phantom and Mandarins scores in DeKalb would slide them (X-men) into the 12 spot with a 10-12 draw. Now- one could argue that even if closer to Cadets than 12th the Crossmen were still likely to be seeded 10 when the dust settled but we just don’t know. Plus the argument of using a 5 judge panel to determine the performance draw of a major Regional like San Antonio for Cadets and Crossmen is also a huge concern.... Lots to digest, d