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  1. Yes- indeed- and if they 2 pointed Phantom and Mandarins last night what does that mean if anything? Wild set of scores in two nights
  2. Drop yes, atomic bomb no- that’s a crazy swing in a 24 hour period
  3. Yea that’s wack
  4. #### it I live I central zone... you’d think I’d remember that- I guess I thinking Eastern like Atl tomorrow
  5. Ok- schedule says 10:30 scores announced... its 10:45 correct, any scores?
  6. wesleyrp

    The State of Drum Corps

    And for that matter the corps I’m the 13-15range probably deserve to score in the upper 80s, but likely won’t
  7. I admit I’m in agreement that more subtle dynamics could be utilized at times, but the bigger volumes are not just loud..... they’re ressonant!!! It’s that darkness and control that is so insane and exciting. That said, I feel often corps lose steam in he middle of their shows because it all starts to sound the same.
  8. So I’ll admit thatit wasn’t that long ago when I thought that so many changes in drum corps were not good for the activity..... Move to Bbs, electronics, new instrument allowances, amplification. To me- these took DCI from the pure form to something else.... And now? I don’t think DCI and the individual drum corps and products have been better. This season totally shows us how much parity there is in this activity. It also shows us how much the equipment used, staffs, writers and members mean to each group. I watched from the 50 yard line on Sat in SA in 3rd deck so many magnificent performances and designs and was glued to my seat the entire time. There truly wasn’t a corps that I didn’t care for. When hearing the Troopers I was amazed at the quality of their hornline, and they’re 17th—WOW 17th??? But it’s legit as the Colts, Madison we’re all equally or more impressive. When Spirit came out, wow- how is that not a finalist, and the Academy performed— OMG, how is that not a finalist, then Crossmen and Mandarins and you say- man those are undeniable! So many shows and corps are performing at levels I don’t ever remember seeing and it’s refreshing. You could make the argument that Boston just 5 years ago would medal with their current show, Crown same thing.... BK, BStars, Cadets all Top 6 level performers but can’t and won’t move up because of the quality above. If you would’ve told me 10 years ago that almost every drum corps was going to shed their uniform identity for costumes I’d say- I hate it? Now? No way, it enhances in so many cases. SCV has such a tough look though I do miss the Red and Green and the hats, but then again- they have such a great look, sound, design and the costume picked eximifies and allows for the creation to come to life. I will say this- I’m a purist at heart, but I have to admit, the state of drum corps is fantastic and membership seems to be thriving. I find at this point experience, correct staffing and designers are really the difference when it comes to being a finalist or not, but either way- The drum corps not in contention for finals are not to be missed, you will regret not seeing some incredible corps for sure!!! My 20 cents- Thoughts? Wesley P
  9. Bring sun screen gonna be hotter than hades
  10. wesleyrp

    El Dorado, KS - July 16, 2018

    BK is dirty visually and jumped from 79.4 to 80.8.... I think Bk is gonna feel inspired and challenged. CG tonight was .2 behind Cadets and most captions were much improved for BK in a few days. 2.2 from Cadets is about what I was expecting though I think the brass and drum scores were lower than expected- but what do you do.... judges judge and that’s the way they saw it :)
  11. wesleyrp

    El Dorado, KS - July 16, 2018

    Wow BK just threw down- so much better show than Drums- MY GOODNESS THAT HIRNLINE IS INCREDIBLE
  12. wesleyrp

    Top 12 All Time Shows

    Which is why I just went to those that stir emotion for me.... I think you’re right, never can compare decades to decades for best show designs/execution/music books etc....
  13. I may stay in town long enough to see the show or at least some rehearsals.... anyone know where the corps are staying? Particularly BK?
  14. wesleyrp

    Top 12 All Time Shows

    Ahh yes- dang it... I’ll edit:)
  15. wesleyrp

    Top 12 All Time Shows

    Top 12 All Time for me: 1) Madison 88- Best closer of all time, period, end of story- Never seen a crowd jump to its feet like that- ever..... the last blind spin into the wedge and unravel- I literally get chills every time I see it! 2) SCV 88- the better version of Phantom;) Still the best magic on a drum corps field!! 3) Star 91- Made the G bugles sound beautiful and that’s hard to do.... Holy mellos- TOGA TOGA TOGA 4) Cavies- 2010- Mad World- Crazy and insane and awesome.... remember seeing and hearing early season clips where it seemed the brass was going to cost the corps as it was not good.... then poof- amazing in the end- Incredible show and Design! 5) Cavies- 06- Machine- Musically not memorable to say the least, usually the best drum corps show of all time- a masterpiece of thematic character 6) Phantom 91- Opera Show- Just incredible music with the classic Phantom flare and sound.... wish I could’ve seen it live! 7) Bluecoats- 2014- Tilt- Absolutely incredible use of changes to electronics- morphed the drum corps world into what is possible in the new electronic age + Hymn for Axiom- WOW! 8) Blue Devils- 2017 Metamorph- I’ve always appreciate how a corps built on Jazz has managed to keep its niche while modernizing. At times BD has gotten weird in the 2000s but Metamorph reminded me why I fell in love with BD way back when... incredible show with great nostalgia built in! 9) Crown- 2007 Triple Crown- The horse race in itself was genius, but the foretelling of what was to come in the future at the photo finish was as gutsy as Ruth calling his shot.... and they backed it up... incredible music, maybe best characterization using a uniform and Colorguard before everything became a costume! 10) Phantom- 2008- Spartacus- Honestly as show that should never be forgotten, truly the best theme of all time that was carried from before the show started to the announcement of scores- brilliant. All of us are Phantom fans at heart and to see them out together that display of passion, artistry and amazing performance quality- was so very cool. 11) Blue Knights- 2014- That One Second- This show still to this day goes beyond the scope of a drum corps show. I lost my father the same year and watching this show gave me great remeberance of him and the lessons he taught me about maximizing the things in your life. This was also a major rebirth of BK at a time when the direction for them was far from certain- a truly emotional and amazing show!! 12) Troopers 2009- To watch a corps struggle for so many years and still be so proud of the amazing heritage of this corps would be enough. Every year Trooper pride is on display in so many ways that other could learn and grow from.... But to watch them back at Finals for the first time in so many years had me crying big boy tears!!! I am not a Trooper, but I am a huge Trooper Fan!!! Wesley P