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  1. Is there a specific place to find the housing locations for Corps during their stay in Indianapolis? I have tried several corps Web Sites with no luck??
  2. Does anyone have a explanation in the World Class recap of a corp, ie The columns Sbst & Achv for Color Guard
  3. Once again the Chase Community Giving Campaine is on. This year the top $$$ is the first place ( most votes) will receive $250K, 2-5 place $100K, 6-100 place $25K. The winners could definitely benefit with this boost in their finances. It only takes a moment to vote. Go to the following corps sites to get links to vote. Voting closes nov 22. Academy Blue Knights Cascades Crossmen Colts Genisis Legends Oregon Crusaders Pioneer Velvet Knights You have ten votes in all. Lets help these folks out.
  4. Nice pics...... wish they would call it a trailers not a truck. Seem to be a common misnome (sp) in corps world. Something like calling a Base drum a snare. LOL. I really pick up on it because i drive for my corps. Sure nice to have the $$$$$
  5. Back in the old days. Much different nowadys.
  6. So sorry you had connected with such a corps as you describe. I do not know of any corps that treat their cooking crew that way. The corps I am connected with use all volunteers. Two individuals plan the menu and make arrangements for procurement on food on the road. ( delivered by Sysco at housing sites). Crews of 6 or so work for a week and are releived at a major show site. It is very hard work but VERY APPRECIATED by our kids and staff, I cannot remember one meal where someone does not say "thank you food crew". There are a few corps that "contract out" this job ( the whole thing f
  7. Situation: Most corps on tour feed their members via Food Trailers, Chuck Wagons, etc. These vehicles are manned by cooks, food crews, etc. These individuals are either parent volunteers or possible paid employees. It is quite a logistic endeavor to purchase food, store it, cook it, cleanup etc. My question is that there may be a catering business, or qualified indivdual that could handle this feat ( for a price) to take the burdon off the corps. I hope this explains it better
  8. I really was adressing meals for the corps while they are on tour vs using volunteers. Many corps have the same people preparing tour meals by either being a volunteer or getting paid.
  9. Does anyone have any contacts with companies or individuals whom may be interested inproviding meals on the road by using the corps food trailer.
  10. Jun 19th Full Dress location change to Corona Del Sol HS
  11. Tempe Sports Complex M-S 0830-1230, 130-430, 630-1000. Ensemble @ 7PM full corp. Jun 3-4 most of time at Tempe Center for Arts. ( closed) Jun 11-13 at Dobson HS For Summer Music Academy ( stadium use only if not under construction.) Jun 19th At Marcus De Niza full dress ( Stadium)
  12. The Arizona Academy of Performing Arts ( Academy DBC) has been performing in WGI for several years. This year they placed third in Independant Open Class. The majority of members are DC members also.They get experience from both DCI and WGI activities.