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  1. Absolutely. can. not. wait. I bet it's going to be fantastic. I liked the guard when Adam was there....but I didn't feel like it was as original as it had been. I can't wait to have the old crown guard back!
  2. I would say this is my favorite BD picture. Thats a perfect 20 right there. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/40158_1547109992148_1067004165_3181288_4281406_n.jpg
  3. James Madison University has quite alot. We have a 450 person marching band so I'm pretty sure I don't know everyone that has marched corps but colorguard has people from Surf and Troopers. I knew a few trumpet players from Cadets, 2 tubas from Cadets, a few baritones from Cadets and Crown, mellos at Blue Stars and Crown, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some people. We used to have a trumpet soloist from BD but that was before I got here.
  4. Yea completely agree with the "if it aint broke, why try to fix it". and yea Shapiro is back at BS, I just saw theyre announcement for him to come back. Keeping my fingers crossed for Michael Townsend, really loved his stuff! :)
  5. Hmmmm, good point :) Never considered that, I'm really hoping Michael Townsend stays. He's a great representation of Crown. I heard a rumor Michael Shapiro was going to Crown....but I'll believe that when I see it. Would be pretty cool if he did, though. Would definetly be different, but might be what they need to make them #1?
  6. Any word on who's taking over Crown's guard(the corps) now that Adam left? And where do you guys think he'll go? :)
  7. The success of the team is determined by the team, so don't tell me to work harder personally, thank you. And please point out one thing in their show that was remotely innovative? I understand they were very clean...but I'm not talking about their cleanliness. I do have a good attitude...I could have been much ruder about my opinion.
  8. Well stated, I guess it's just a personal preference for me to watch guards catch strong. And I respect that Canada has a different technique from us. But I wish there was a norm or something. Nothin' I can do about it though :)
  9. Yea, I understand that they all do the same technique. But is catching solid and strong not being accounted for when scoring anymore??
  10. I do agree that they had some musical work, I just don't agree with their execution and the score they got. I just think that catching solid is starting to fade from scores. But thanks for responding!
  11. FIRST OFF: I'm not here to bash Pacificaires BUT, I really don't understand WHY they did so well. They had awful catching technique...I understand that they all had the SAME weak technique....but still...weak technique wins I guess. Shouldn't catching SOLID be the standard technique. IMO, The only reason they did so well was because they can dance well. I understand that dancing and looking graceful while doing the work is VERY important, but this is colorguard. You shouldn't score so well just because you can dance amazing, but can't catch solid. Also, there was nothing innovative about their show, I am not saying they should have been as far out there as Onyx, but USF and Alta Marea had much better show concepts. What was their show about anyways? Riding a train and coming home? How original. This is just my opinion, I'm not asking for people to tell me I'm wrong, but I do want to hear other people's opinions. :)
  12. Yup, mines been doing the blurry thing since about Mid to Late Feb.
  13. Just wondering if anyone is having a problem with Fan Network. When I'm watching, the video keeps switching from a clear audio and good picture quality to a blurry quality and really low quality audio, but then will switch back after about 10 seconds...then 30 seconds later switch, and so on and so forth. I noticed it on my friends computer too, is anyone else having this kind of problem or is my laptop turning against me? :P