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    Marching - Royal Brigade 80, Garfield Cadets 81-84. Teaching: Star of Indiana 85-86, Phantom Regiment 04-06. Band/Drum Corps/Guard/Indoor Percussion Judge 82-present, Director Level Admin: Phantom Regiment 07, Blue Stars 08, Carolina Crown 08-2012, Stanbury Uniform Regional Mgr 2012 - present
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    1984 DCI Finals
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  1. 1980 Baby! LOL Spandex is back!
  2. I have done this with a few guards in marching band shows and also with a pretty good WGI PSW indoor group with a soloist.
  3. I can't speak for any designers, but in theater more comfortable things are usually placed "downstage right" like love scenes and happy songs, while more uncomfortable things are staged "downstage left." The basic theory that I learned in theater and art classes was that we read in the US from left to right, so it is comfortable for us to rest our eyes to our left and more difficult to the right. I asked Cesario about this in the early 80's as a young drill writer and he confirmed it. Is that why people are staging props there? Who knows?
  4. A good friend in the movie business that was a drum corps person always says, A good "show" should make you laugh, cry, and think .... (then I always added) and took you away from your own personal world/reality for a short time.
  5. Not really that complicated. These are just some general concepts that carry over multiple captions from over the years between band, indoor, and drum corps.
  6. No problem. Glad I could be of some help. I am sure some will disagree with me, but I have been judging for nearly 40 years now, but I am confident in my training and who trained me. These are just the basics of the "philosophy" of judging. Experience helps you apply it in a judicious and in an educational/caring manner.
  7. You guys made me think on this.. The WHAT and the HOW are still adjudicated. They are (for the most part) the top vs the bottom half of the sheet in most circuits. HORIZONTAL refers to the "through line" of a show ... and VERTICAL refers to "moments" in the show, like an EKG. There might be a smaller vertical moment that is the precursor to a larger vertical moment, for example, and how are those placed along the horizontal line. And is the horizontal line even complete to begin with? (which is a problem with inexperienced designers, usually) Some very mature or well designed/produced shows also have multiple HORIZONTAL lines. And do not forget that there is EMOTIONAL, INTELLECTUAL, and AESTHETIC effect potential triadic thoughts for designers. Along with FORM, BODY, and EQUIPMENT potential triadic responsibilities for the performers. Which works well with the "multiplicity of demand" that people like Clarke Williams and Barry Swain used to talk about for many years, which now is referred to as "simultaneous responsibilities."
  8. Thanks George! And thank you for creating this place for everyone to come to.
  9. After all that.... The crown is gonna lose their minds for them!
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