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  1. 2021 NEWS! The Cadets will be performing LIVE for you this summer. Read more: https://cadets.org/summer-2021-dci-to-host-showcase-event... #dci2021 #cadets2021
  2. Ooops. Sorry. You are right. Felix marched with Madonna and then later on during his age-out year, with Lady Gaga
  3. ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY... On November 13th, Felix Unger was asked to remove himself from his place of residence. That request came from his wife. Deep down, he knew she was right; but he also knew that one day he would return to her. (cue theme music) LOL Sorry.... I had to.
  4. 2020 show hint? Go to the link in the photo and read about it. PS - TRICKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!
  5. https://cadets.org/virtualparade/ SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO OF YOU IN YOUR DRUM CORPS OR BAND UNIFORM AT THE LINK ABOVE. You might win a cool trophy and bragging rights, while helping The Cadets with a cool and unique fundraiser.
  6. Add The Woodlands, Flower Mound, and Round Rock to your list. 6A State Finals are every other year (rotation for state finals here), but if Texas could come every year... BOA Finals would look very different. The programs here are wildly efficient and the kids here are trained and compete at a high level from MS through HS. UIL gets grief from time to time, but the system does create wonderful programs. My opinion based on... well... my opinion. 1. Texas 2. Indiana/OK 3. California 3. Florida 4. IL/MI/OH/KY DCI actually has a member survey that maps all of th
  7. $20 BUCKS A PHOTO UPLOAD .... and you can participate in our FIRST EVER Virtual Halloween Parade 1.0! PRIZES: > Best Drum Corps Uniform - From any corps, any era! > Best Band Uniform - Maybe you never marched corps. You can win too! > Best Dressed Pet Costume - You can finally dress your goldfish as Edward Scissorhands. Okay, maybe not. > Cutest Baby in a Costume! > Best Halloween/Most Outregeous Costume! > And from the 5 above there will be an
  8. CADETS ALUM... SHARE AWAY! Alumni, this is just for you! With the creation of our Alumni Experience Committee earlier this year, we have been working on creating a more transparent and inclusive experience for all our alumni. Check out this flyer for more info, and be sure to visit our new and continually improving alumni page>>> cadets.org/alumni #cadetsalumni #FHNSAB
  9. https://cadets.org/q3-2020-board-report/?fbclid=IwAR0fyKmfgC96dcerTBlQGxlCAC7WoyUY9f4XSt5jLGd7YW39NTDPUxCeujk