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    1984 DCI Finals
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  1. A fitting tribute. Joe was one of a kind. Make sure you have the tissues close.
  2. My favorite "Joe Gem" while I was at Carolina Crown on a brass tape, "I need a cigarette and I don't smoke!"
  3. Thank you for posting this.... For those of you that didn't know Joe. He was a DCI, BOA, WGI, DCA judge for over 40 years. If you have ever heard a "Joe tape"... You might not have agreed with the information 100% of the time, but you surely admired his kind, compassionate, humanly educational delivery. All of this that judged, wanted to "be like Joe." Joe for the last few years battled cancer and when all of the normal treatments did not work, he went through experimental treatments that added years to his life. Who beats cancer 3 times? Not many. Joe was a fighter and wanted to be around for his wife, all of his kids, and grandkids. Even his beloved pets. I am honored to call myself his friend. We spoke just two weeks ago and I told him I wanted to do a zoom call and interview him on his 50+ years in the activity, about his life, and the changes he has seen in the world. Of course, in typical Joe style, he wanted to make it about other people and not him, then a few days later... he took a turn for the worse. I have had this deep sadness in my heart for a few days now since I heard his time left on earth was almost over from his wife... Another one of my heroes ... gone. Joe worried that when he passed that no one would show up to his funeral, so .... FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR JOE ALLISON. (please share) The funeral will be at First Presbyterian Church (330 W Main St, Richmond, KY 40475) on Saturday, April 30th. Visitation will also be at the church from noon until 2 and the service from 2-3 with the internment following the service. Thank you for your kindness and support.
  4. And in this day and age... Liability should be added to that list.
  5. Jeff, I think a good lawyer might disagree if their client was on that list.
  6. You’re welcome. Most drum corps are one or two legal actions away from extinction. The cost to litigate on any size is something that 90% of the corps do not have the means to defend themselves, let alone if they were to lose a lawsuit. The pendulum has swung (4 years ago), now there has to be some sort of balance between bad actors and people trying to do good.
  7. Airfare, gas, food, and all the cost of good to run a drum corps… literally everything… has gone up. Every corps that wrote their budgets in the late summer/fall should have taken an eraser to them a few times already… and probably will a few times more over the summer. If your budget was tight in the fall/winter, it might be a no go right now. I hope people are smart enough to figure that out. The good ones with good finance committees will.
  8. I would think that "compiling a list" might be more of a legal issue (I am not a lawyer). In Education, you get a teaching certificate to the state you work in, which can be retired, expired, surrendered, or in rare instances be revoked. The last two are "yellow flags" to most (if not all) school districts HR departments. In Texas there is a website to see a person’s status. I am sure in other states there could be issues with state teacher’s unions etc to keep the sites from even existing. Is it a perfect system? No, but it seems to work. Most school across the country give the “accused” teacher the choice of 1) Immediately sign these papers and you are no longer employed or 2) we will go public to the press about what you (supposedly) did and let the legal process take place. Obviously, most take the first option and ultimately surrender their teaching certificate. So, with that said and using a model like, say, Texas, what if once a clear backround check comes back either DCI, the corps, or a separate organization (with plenty of lawyers / maybe even drum corps alum who are lawyers) were able to issue that staff member a teaching certificate for the summer, then manage the certificate’s status? It seems to me that there is precident through the state educational systems to be able to pull this off legally. Who knows? Like I said, I am no lawyer.
  9. Madison 75 BD 1986 - The first hit in the show. "Holy Mother of..."
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