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  1. CADET SOUVIE MERCHANDISE WHERE YOU CAN PURCHASE ONLINE AND IT SHIPS DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOME FROM THE MANUFACTURER. https://shop.cadets.org/shop-all/ Here is just one of the items found there. I bought the z-pull shirt, polo, this shirt, and the black and white track jacket and the sizes were accurate... but better yet, I had them 5 days later! #marchstraightandtrue
  2. 6:13 for Temen Oblak (Dark Clouds) - Louisiana Stars played this last summer.
  4. CADETS ALUMNI AND FANS! You can buy souvies now from anywhere in the country and they will be directly shipped to you from the manufacturer! I just ordered a bunch of stuff myself! How cool is this? https://shop.cadets.org/ and much much more! Go look at our online store powered by PepWear! All items ship directly from PepWear to you!!!
  5. A note from the Don Warren Celebration of Life ... "A message from Paul Litteau (Cavies). Last night was the "Send Off" show for The Cavaliers, which was expanded to feature the Celebration of Life for the corps' founder Don Warren. Several hundred alumni and guests joined the current members of the corps for this event at the Rosemont Theater. Many speakers shared memories of Don. A highlight was the presentation by Hugh Mahon (former Garfield Cadet Director and one of the surviving founders of DCI) who spoke on behalf of himself, DCI and The Cadets. After he finished, virtually every current member of the corps thanked him individually, many saying they had not previously fully appreciated the long friendship and mutual respect between our corps. Countless alumni and other guests also extended their appreciation. It was a great event... and Hugh did The Cadets proud."
  6. I am going to share this review of camp and edit out/withhold a few names. This is from a volunteer that knows a lot about our activity. I always trust his opinion when I see him. Consider this the first official review of the season. = ) Enjoy! ________________________________________________________________________________________ I wish you could have seen the look on my face as I watched ensemble rehearsal for the first time tonight. It has been nothing less than a warm and fuzzy feeling seeing everyone and watching The Cadets practice. As I promised you here are some of my thoughts of what I’ve seen here at Cadetland. With practically nothing coming out of camps and spring training I couldn’t take it another minute not knowing, so I decided to come to Ada and see with my own eyes what was going on. It’s not my first time that I have traveled to watch Cadets ensemble rehearsal. As a matter of fact this trip is about more than coming to watch ensemble rehearsal. I’m really excited to see just what The Cadets have been up to this winter and spring. Ok. .ok. .ok, all the excitement you’re hearing about is FOR REAL!!! I’m not going to tease you on what I saw tonight but at the same time I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag either. I’m sure I can share with you and still keep everything close to the chest. The Cadets look good, they sound good, and they are good! The last couple of years The Cadets have lagged in show design or it developed slowly (my opinion). Not this summer!! This show is appropriately titled BEHOLD and what I mean by appropriately is the design team put much thought in how they wanted to approach this show concept to support it with music and visual. . .BEHOLD. The brass-line is huge and powerful, I believe I counted 80 in total. I can tell you Bridge over Troubled Water is going to be my moment for the summer and I’m sure for many others. The battery is just crazy fun to watch and they have a drum feature that really showcases their talent. The colorguard is where I get a feel of Cadets of old. The rifle line is all male, which has some really cool moments in the opener and the females are on saber. I don’t know if it was designed that way, but it certainly looks cool and the design team can do so much with that. Yes, there are props and they are used well. I promised Scott I wouldn’t disclose what they are or how they are used. I will say of the props the Cadets have used in the past, and there have been many, these by far have been done right. Transporting them all summer is another story. It all makes sense once you see the show; the understanding about women, power, and equality. It dawned on me that all the musical selections are by female composers. I’m not on tour yet but I must give the design team a huge KUDOS!! They are taking their time and getting it right. If you watched any of the YouTube features the design team did explaining the show concept you will understand right away once you hear and see the visual package. You know I’m trying to be as nosey as I can while I’m in Ada. So, I am seeing some things, including the uniforms. Compared to some of the uniforms I have seen of the other corps, I think everyone will like the look of the Cadets this summer. Since I wasn’t able to make any rehearsals at camp Saginaw I relied on my friends, who live close to camp Saginaw, to tell me what they were seeing when they were at ensemble rehearsal. I can’t thank them enough! They told me I would like what I see. You don’t know how many times I tried to get information out of sewing crew and they gave me nothing, but they did manage to talk me off the ledge on many occasions. Now that I have seen what I came to see with my own eyes, and I am a true optimist coupled with being a realist, I would say this is a nicely designed entertaining show and these Cadets have the potential of being really good. They will surprise a lot of drum corps folks (that was my stab at those pessimists on DCP). My last thought is I feel the design team is getting it right and tweaking the show down the road won’t require any major rewrites, but we’ll see. I’m certainly glad I came to see The Cadets before they pull out on Wednesday for their first show in Detroit. I’m getting my personal peek before they give their community performance, in full uniform. I’d say the Cadets are meeting their goal of being prepared and ready for their first show. Let’s hope the men in green like what they see. I usually come out the gate on tour with The Cadets, but tour officially starts for me in Allentown. That means a blog everyday right into Indy. I’ve got a good feeling about this summer and I’m sure I am not alone. I’m so proud of these Cadets for all their hard work and I can’t wait to get this summer started. Go Cadets Go!!!
  7. CDL DRIVER NEEDED ASAP! (please share on your FB pages) The Cadets are in need of a CDL driver immediately for the 2019 season. This is a competitively paid position and a great experience with a world class organization. Please email JPCastro@yea.org or call 954-773-4188.
  8. You can see more of these on The Cadets official FB page.
  9. MORE INFO HERE... https://www.facebook.com/events/1626884347445513/
  10. I started doing this last year when I went to Spring Training. When I went there, I was looking for a deserving member (maybe the euph line, since that is what I marched) and thought I would take a few days and figure out who I would give it to a little more, ahem, "scientific" thought. After a few days, Claire Albrecht (the DM) was the obvious choice after watching how she kept the corps on track. No wonder she won the Jim Jones award! The clear choice for 2019 was also a DM and I actually gave her my 37 year old member jacket at the Texas auditions back in Dec and she has been rocking it ever since. Give 'em Hell, Loren! I have a good feeling about this summer and since Loren and I are both Texans (she by birth, me by... well, I invaded the state 8 years ago. LOL) I can say this and any Texan would understand... Work your butt off this summer and if somebody wants what you've got, they better... "Come and Take it!"
  11. The staff says the talent in the corps is across the board better than last year and they have high expectations from all captions. The design team has created a show from scratch and not "band-aid" (though by Finals 2018 it was highly effective with changes) show, but they have been working on this 2019 show since last Fall. New additions to the design team. Great former instructors coming back. A year of planning tour both on and off the field.... The corps will be fine. What place? Who knows. But they will chase getting as close to 100 pts (which is the goal) with less obstacles than last year. #marchstraightandtrue
  12. JULY 2 SHOW AT MET LIFE STADIUM. INFO HERE - https://www.facebook.com/events/2305577066356022/ AND HERE IF YOU ARE NOT ON FB - https://yea.org/civicrm/event/info%3Fid%3D279%26reset%3D1