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    Marching - Royal Brigade 80, Garfield Cadets 81-84. Teaching: Star of Indiana 85-86, Phantom Regiment 04-06. Band/Drum Corps/Guard/Indoor Percussion Judge 82-present, Director Level Admin: Phantom Regiment 07, Blue Stars 08, Carolina Crown 08-2012, Stanbury Uniform Regional Mgr 2012 - present
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    1984 DCI Finals
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  1. Mods. I sincerely request this topic be closed. There is a fair amount of false and misleading information. No one from the Cadets will be able to respond to any of this, especially on social media, for legal reasons. Also, the comments here on DCP could be used by either legal side and that would be unfortunate. Thank you.
  2. Cesario was the brains behind the pink uniform and came in and consulted in the first year. Mason did not arrange or teach brass. He was the corps director and program/staff coordinator.
  3. I think it was 1986 but the whole corps went and watched an IU basketball practice and the next day the basketball team came to Brown School to watch the corps rehearse. Bobby Knight and a couple of players walked up to the visual staff and were totally and honestly impressed with how hard the corps worked. They never knew.
  4. About Bill Cook, I highly recommend you read these books. Ready, Fire, Aim! The Bill Cook Story II: The Re-Visionary I was there the first few years and saw everything. The design team, the admin team, the tour team, the board of directors all had people that had immense drum corps experience! Every year before we went on tour the whole staff went to Cook Corp for a luncheon and we heard his vision. I met Bobby Knight on multiple occasions and even went to the basketball game when he threw the chair. Mr. Cook was like an uncle to me. He was there when my father passed and was there when I was at Regiment, Blue Stars, and Crown. When he died, his son knew me by name and my story with Star. Tremendous people. The activity sorely misses Bill Cook's business acumen. If I had more room on the internet I could tell a very small fraction of all the stories of his giving to humanity... anonymously. He guided a 21 year young man and encouraged my personal business growth. He even wrote a letter of recommendation for me that I wish I still had. It would be in a frame in my office. I am not who I am today without the guidance of Bill Cook.
  5. One of them is from June and played out. This one is fresh and we know what we know since Allentown. Don't want to play? Don't. = )
  6. I always thought World class should be earned and not given. Please in the top 18-20 in Indy and you are a World Class corps. Once you were in, it does not mean you can't fall out. It would make things a little more competitive and interesting.
  7. Who are your top 12 (add 13th-15th for fun) and who are your caption award winners?
  8. My point was not the quality of the food. The cost of buying something cheap to eat outside of drum corps equating it with the cost of being on tour.
  9. I say this every year when these type of threads are made. Let's just say "Corps X's" tuition is $6000 a year. May 15 to the second Saturday in Aug is about 12 weeks - 6000/12 = $500 a week. 3 value meals from a fast food chain a day 3 meals a day x $8 meal = $24 - $24x84 days on tour and spring training = roughly $2000 Back the food out and 84 days of drum costs - $48 a day! A great price for the experience. A local soccer camp at a university this summer is $800 for 5 days / 4 nights with meals and housing - That equates to over $13000 for the 84 days of drum corps. Last thought, If "Corps X" charges $6000 for the summer and has a $1.8 million budget, then tuition is only 50% of their budget and the rest is done through fundraising and sponsorships. So, in essence, each member in the corps gets 50% off their actual cost per person to start by the corps lowering the costs for everyone. I believe that EVERY single drum corps needs one or more "side hustles" ... Bingo, CrownSTORE, music festivals... Something to have a revenue source outside of normal drum corps "business." If it is something outside of our drum corps world and will attract more customers? Even better! Do I believe some expenses for the corps could be managed better? Could the tour help reduce cost? Those are all great questions that I am sure the the directors of the corps, their respective boards, and DCI are having conversation about. As for the OP's dilemma? I would like to see more young people be in drum corps and for their to be more drum corps, but unfortunately, without a student getting financial help from their realm of friends and family or working your ### off and saving your money, drum corps is not for everyone. No matter how talented they are. I do know of some creative ways young people made money to march (that are legal). lol I believe scholarships are also for members that have been in the corps for at least 2-3 years and not for people that jump from corps to corps. What if every age out with more than 2-3+ years with that corps marched for free if scholarships were only given to them? How great would that be? Just my $0.02 from a guy that has some practical experience with this. Flame away!
  10. Nimrod - Crown 2010 Ave Maria - Regiment 2006 Simple Song - Garfield 83 Slaughter - Madison every year.
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