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  1. Trust me Jeff, you are missing out. I don't "geek out" over much, but this show is very very very well done and the music in the past 3 seasons has been grammy/emmy worthy.
  2. Thank you, George. Lot's of people busted their butts on this one. But this cannot be done just with one day. We have to get to Sept 1 with all of our fundraisers making budget. There are budgeted and un-budgeted bills that need to be paid to give the 85th corps the summer of their lives. We thank everyone who gave.... More work to do! This corps is going to come with a chip on their shoulder. I can pretty much guarantee that. #onceacadetalwaysacadet
  3. https://yea.org/cadets/maroon-and-gold-day
  4. 351 DONORS IN A SINGLE DAY! I have not encountered this in all my years of drum corps! Thank you, but with 4 hours left until midnight in Allentown, why not shoot for 400? Support Youth Education in the Arts / The Cadets / USBands / Xcape dance company. Let's set a standard and give these performers all they need to be able to kill it on the field for our 85th! https://yea.org/cadets/maroon-and-gold-day IF YOU HAVE NOT GIVEN... PLEASE DO SO NOW!
  5. https://yea.org/news/cadets-dci-probation-lifted?fbclid=IwAR0AdKvBExO9aSe3L6RdSh3LHv0xmdLZClV5Qws79SclcZRgiE7cHgiErkE
  6. CADETS DCI PROBATION LIFTED... https://yea.org/news/cadets-dci-probation-lifted?fbclid=IwAR0AdKvBExO9aSe3L6RdSh3LHv0xmdLZClV5Qws79SclcZRgiE7cHgiErkE
  7. THE CADETS ARE LOOKING FOR A CDL DRIVER... As we move towards the summer we are still looking for a CDL Driver for this summer, as well as volunteers on the road. Please email Lauren Davis at ldavis@yea.org for more information
  8. HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL WINE AND FOOD TASTING YESTERDAY! The committee made up of alumni and friends exceeded budget and brought in more people than ever before in our 25+ year history of doing this event. High praise to them for making this happen! Fun day. Also lots of non-drum corps people that came for fun and great wines that just wanted to support a great cause... Youth Education in the Arts.
  9. CADETS MARCH CAMP RECAP.... https://yea.org/news/cadets-march-camp-recap
  10. ONLINE AUCTION OPEN TODAY AND CLOSES THIS SUNDAY! FRIENDS... The Cadets and Youth Education in the Arts is sponsoring a wine tasting this weekend in NJ, but you don't have to be there ... or even understand what we do... to bid on a few cool items from our online auction. Check it out here... https://www.32auctions.com/YEAFest
  11. Wine, Beer, Food event this coming weekend, April 14. Greg Pych and Jim Messina are bringing their "A Game" with the food and wine. There will also be a raffle with vacation homes, Cadet memorabilia, gift cards, and drum corps tickets. You DO NOT need to be a Cadet alum (or even a drum corps fan) to attend. Anybody that loves great wine and food, will love this event! More info here - https://yea.org/civicrm/event/info%3Fid%3D264%26reset%3D1
  12. Great guy. Wise move by the Green Machine. CAVIES NEW EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR