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  1. Yes. About noon. Get there about 11a to be sure.
  2. New Cadet board member announcements coming before the end of March (or sooner) New website coming before the end of March. Every donation made on the YEA! website goes 100% to The Cadets until the new website is up. Brass camp this weekend in Bradenton, FL (at Lakewood Ranch HS) info here - https://yea.org/civicrm/event/info%3Fid%3D311%26reset%3D1 Thank you to DCP for your continued support!
  3. The Cadets have had conversation with UPenn and that was only a one year situation in 2018 because of the then immediate situation.
  4. https://yea.org/events You live in NJ, go to the March camp in Salem and go to the parents meeting. You will also get to hear the corps at noon on Sunday in ensemble. You are more than welcome to come.
  5. An announcement is coming in the upcoming weeks.
  6. Go to a camp, if you live close. Heck, drive or fly, if you really want a treat. Offer to wash dishes or do airport runs. Offer to buy something the corps needs to feed the corps that weekend. Even a few dozen donuts goes a long way and is appreciated. Listen to ensemble and hear what they are playing and/or go to the parent meeting at the end of the day to hear what Denise has to say. I bet you change your mind when you leave. Here are the upcoming camps.... https://yea.org/events
  7. Texas Audition Day Recap. (from my FB page) BRASS ONLY CAMP Nearly 40 brass in attendance. Which is great for a one day camp. Wow! What a great day!! Matt Stratton and his staff are doing a great job. We are well ahead of plan with the quality of brass that will be on the field this summer. If the brass stays on this path, they are going to shock a lot of people with the level of improvement. The members have to stay dedicated and committed to the program. Justin Moore and Ron Lambert both your levels of attention to detail are both professional and friendly. You can't have a great drum corps without a great admin team and you two, along with Denise Bonfiglio, Michelle, and the team all of you form is going to give us a fighting chance. Conversations that end with "were on that!" will make many people, and most importantly the membership, very happy. Joyce Tsuchiya Litwitz Thank you so much for coming out and spending the day with us. Its great when alumni come to camps and not only watch the corps over the day, but offer so much help... It was great to sit and talk with you and get to know you more. Joyce is a part of the "first female guard alumni" and has so much history to share. I can't wait to see how organized the Southwest US Cadet alumni region is going to be. We need support not only from the NJ crew, but from Cadets everywhere! Laura VanDoren, Please tell Donnie for me (since he doesn't use FaceTwitter) that when he talks, I listen. 40+ years of knowing each other and I am in awe of his history and knowledge. I learn so much with every conversation. To have him around mentoring the staff and talking to the members is going to make this Class of Cadets even better. How could they not be with DVD around. We live only three hours apart. We need to get together for dinner more. Jacob Gall. Dude. Thank you. You hospitality by opening up your school to us was a 10! I hope we left it cleaner than we found it, because that is the "Cadet way." If you need anything from me, you know where to find me. To all of those that donated to help reduce the cost of this camp on my FB page, your efforts and kindness did certainly that. More alumni need to give, even a little, whenever they can. This group of Cadets deserve that support. Let's give it to them! Cadets 2020 ... Can't wait!
  8. There is a huge savings in doing this. The numbers have been run.
  9. These are actually two of the highest paying parade fees that I have encountered and Tom Augnst is one of the Directors at Dartmouth which will also save us money on housing while in the Boston area.
  10. Hey guys. I usually stay clear of this stuff and I appreciate those of you that understand my position. I'm basically going to tell you what has already been said on here. There are some smart people here with good sources. The Cadets are working on a number of things right now. All for the good. DCI is aware and being extremely helpful. The corps will be on the field this summer and will be highly competitive. The staff is being given the tools they need within the budget. The budgeting for the corps is realistic with expenses high and income low, it has an extremely generous line item for "unbudgeted expense," and in the words of a few highly respected Directors in the activity, it is "realistic and highly attainable and more corps should budget like this." This budget, when achieved, will leave the org with a surplus after the season also. A long term goal of a working 2 and 3 year (and beyond) plan is being forecasted. Every single drum corps (one or two exceptions) rely on donations through fans and alumni, every one. The Cadets have a phenomenal donor base that needs to continue to grow and give (that is astonishing to a large percentage of other corps) that, along with our generous sponsors, shows we run, and other events, is simply wonderful and successful. Denise is a rock star! The goal is to support her in everything she realistically needs. Her 30+ years of upper management (and an officer for 16 of them) at MetLife, along with her time with her father running the 27th Lancers, her time at The Cadets, and helping run Vanguard gives her the experience she needs to be both professional and a driving force for The Cadets. Her people and business skills are nothing short of amazing. She is far from a push over and has an acute mind for our activity. A quote from the movie Spinal Tap was "...These go to 11." Denise goes to 11 for The Cadets! She is more than capable of running this organization. I have considered her (because of mine and her relationship with George Zingali) a sister for many many years and that continues today. Once again. She is a rock star! When I first came to the corps in the fall of 1980 there was a shirt that some older members and alumni wore, for obvious reasons, that in simple block letters said, "We will never die!" Hang in there. I know there are a lot of questions that unfortunately cannot be answered right now for legal and practical reasons. Please respect that. What I can also tell you is that anybody that has been to the past couple of camps have seen the corps at ensemble can attest that the Cadet sound and style (and swagger) is back! This staff is on a mission and it is infectious. DCP has always been particularly tough on The Cadets, sometimes for the absolutely right reasons and sometimes with not enough information. I get that. Please understand, there is an army of people (of all ages and from all over the country) that are highly motivated for the corps to be both financially and competitively successful, not for just this season, but for many years to come. I am going to go back to lurking now. I have been on DCP since "day one" and love the debates here and actually learn a lot too (at least in the first few pages of a topic). I appreciate not being trolled or baited into an argument on this subject. Thanks all. With respect...
  11. Find us on FB at https://www.facebook.com/digitalmarchingfx/ or at https://digitalmarchingfx.com/ Check out the George Zingali Tribute there!
  12. Next camp is a 1 day camp in Austin, TX next Sunday, January 26. More info here https://yea.org/events You can find info about the Feb camp (South of Tampa) and the March and April camps (back at Salem) there also. I saw a few videos from Sunday and all I can say say is ... Jay Bocook and this brass staff are a great combination and already doing an "heckkin" job well ahead of last year and the drum staff is picking up where they left off last season. So far, so good. But don't believe me, come check out one of the camps for yourself, if we have one in your area. You can also still give to the Holiday Campaign here - https://yea.org/cadets/holiday?reset=1&id=123
  13. Pass through exercises! https://www.facebook.com/cadets.org/videos/172924057256072/