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  1. I'd be inclined to take them off your hands. Will be around the show tomorrow? Could meet you around 5:30 if available.
  2. Just skip the dentist and play any drum corps with singing. It's like a root canal without the trip to the dentist.
  3. Yeah, if I had to run in those, I'd have chafing for years...
  4. Hahaha! No, it's not the same thing and my reference was NOT flawed. BD show concentrates on the stories of the characters in the painting. They take a literal painting backdrop and build that. The Tower of Babel thing is more figurative, and I don't see it out of their show. If they went to some huge and tall stage at the end, that would be cool...and maybe it will happen. Two great corps going at it. I like all of the top three. They all have their pros and cons. Not my favorite BD show lately by a longshot, but I haven't seen live since Riverside. I'll never count them out though. I love SC
  5. You see, there you go. Talking about SCV's show IS NOT TALKING ABOUT BD'S SHOW, MAKING A COMPARISON OR OTHERWISE DOING ANYTHING BUT ANALYZING THE SHOW. I've judged for many years, and I'm breaking it down from a judge's standpoint. Obviously you take my analysis as an offense, and attempt to insult BD as some sort of retaliation. Well, it's DCP after all. Should expect this. Buh bye.
  6. Exactly. My basic point is, they have oversold the program as something very deep and profound, when it would be absolutely 100% fine with no theme and no deeper intent than playing the music and doing the visual. I guess you could say the Burger King Whopper reflects the struggle of bovines vs. commercialization and exploitation by humankind. Yeah that’s it.
  7. I understand your position, and also that of BD79-82 that you responded to. At the same time, this is the conundrum with SCV's show. [disclaimer: not lobbying for anything here, just pointing something out] It can certainly stand on its own with just music and visual and GE. the SCV-produced videos that have the designers talking about "Babylon" and the deep, emotional design that "they've built into the show". It's wonderfully constructed, but after watching the video, I was actually less positive about the show. Are they "shoe horning" a persona, a theme, and intent on a show th
  8. Had many a cheap meal at the burger shop at Detroit and Monument. Only a block down from our apartment. Would buy breakfast and split it three ways. Had to save up for beer you know.
  9. drumcorpspanda has three seats in 438. Pretty nice seats. Not good enough?
  10. Agreed. SCV is hungry, have a great staff and a veteran corps. And they have the popular support right now. Will be tough to beat. Wonder what Gaines has cooked up for Indy.
  11. ...if this was the theme, the backdrop would have been 1/4 Pound Burger over on Willow Pass Road in Concord. Just sayin'.
  12. Agreed. They have to step up and perform otherwise they won’t get the credit
  13. That's a classic. I was at this show, and had just latched on with VK for DCI tour. What a fun group, show and kids.
  14. Reciting famous Jerry speeches...."People...."
  15. Two seats available through a friend for semifinals: Section 441, Row 7, Seats 14-15 They're asking $225 or best offer for the pair (bought at a premium through Friends of DCI)...excellent seats! Paypal only, too late for shipping from Canada to the USA at this point, would deliver tix at prelims. PM me.
  16. Not sure if anything of the sort (featured performer) is on tap, though they are one member short (not planned) at the moment. They could, but I don't see it. Very anxious to see what the final ending will be.