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  1. some cool info here as to how certain design variables relate in the show!! For the poster who ask...
  2. Colts, Academy, SOA then Pacific Crest for me!! But some great moments by all in there
  3. Okay folks....Academy, Pacific Crest, Colts or do you have them ranked tonight???
  4. So, I'm not the only here who feels PC was a noticeable step up so far!?! Great performace
  5. I am watching the high cam and haven't one ad yet in my broadcast. I must say, this is my very best Flo experience to date (*knocks on wood). Got Amazon Fire Stick 4k during Prime Days and the stream has been great. Wonder why no ad's though...not that I am complaining
  6. Bloooo Bnagers 6th tonight..woah!! Rough night or others catch up?
  7. I tend to be more of the follower than the poster...but this may be on of my favorite threads over the past few years!! Hope it is a great evening of live, in your face drum corps!!! I am sure hookemcavies will be smiling for the rest of tour after tonight!! Go Bloooo!!!
  8. That counts in my book!! I assume you had a couple ice cubes...that's water, right? Cheers!! Enjoy everyone!! I be following along at home, anxiously waiting for tomorrow (my fist FLO of the year)
  9. I will spend slightly less this year since I am skipping the Chester, Pa. show. I would bet it is one of the more $$ tix on tour in a given year. Will be making the 2 night jaunt to Allentown!! Go Blooo!!!! :)
  10. We’re enjoying a bottle of RouteStock Cabernet Sauvignon 2016. So yummy too! Dang it, I wish I knew some of you all better lol Cheers 🍷 posted from the DrumScorps app