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  1. I'll play along....My ranking are as follows, not to be ranked technically, but from within my enjoyment 1. Bluecoats 2016 - Down Side Up 2. Carolina Crown 2013 - e=mc2 3. Phantom Regiment 2008 Spartacus 4. SCV 2018 - Babylon 5. Cadets 2011 - Between Angels & Demons I also sit here thinking maybe I should rearrange the order? Did I really like that show more than this show? Hard to rank 5 former gold medal shows.....but I'll stick with the first way they came to me when I read your post!!
  2. THIS is an excellent idea!! Also agree with the previous post about being able to score down to 2 hundredth!! I anticipate the competition being even tighter next year for finals!! But ahhh winter...guess I have to deal with you first 😞
  3. I echo this sentiment!! Only time I got to see the Dev's live was at Allentown. SItting on the 45, side 2 half way up and I noticed the rifles and sabers were spot on!! I am not a guard person, but that was what I remember talking with the guy in front of me. They were flawless. Always wish I could see shows live more than once and from different heights in the stadium!!
  4. I kept trying to go out and back in, switch between camera feeds, anything, but to no avail!!! Very frustrating!! Then all of a sudden when Dennis and Lindsey came on for the awards ceremony.......BOOM......crystal clear video and audio. It was like someone saw a switch and clicked it lol what gets me is the awards are broadcast live over several social media outlets and had ZERO issues!!
  5. I have done the HDMI laptop to tv for the past several years. I found the picture quality to not always be what I wanted, but it was serviceable and enjoyable. This year I purchased the Amazon Fire Stick 4K and got the Flosports app. I found that to be the best Flo "experience" since Flo has been involved. That, obviously, came to a crashing halt Saturday night. I had lag issues with Phantom, but it corrected and all was fine for corps 11 thru is the weird part for me...I was watching the Multi Cam feed and during the Cavies show, switched to High Cam......MISTAKE!!!! that see
  6. What can be said that hasn't already been echoed throughout all of DCI......."The Bluecoats" was an amazing display of thoughtful nuances and musically themed after the gone by not forgotten era of The Beatles!!! I was fortunate to see it live twice!! It was AWESOME!! I can hardly stand the thought of never seeing it live again......but I have also thought that of past shows and then you WOW us all again with something new and excellent!! CAN NOT WAIT!!! Keep being you Bloooo!! No one sells more souvies or generates more buzz than you!! Until next spring, Peace!! ✌️
  7. And in the end, the move you take is equal to the love you make!! ✌🏼😎 Great year DCI!!! Congrats to all the winners!!
  8. Now that Flo has switched over to Rondo and Lindsey it’s been solid. Go figure
  9. THIS.....every 2 minutes I keep getting kicked out and hear about Williams domination of some PBA event. Ughhhhhh
  10. I’ve had mine up alllllll night!! They’ll get over it, tomorrow lol
  11. Are Cavies the only finalist corps to march 16 contra/tuba this year?
  12. But I love the use of color from the guard under the stairs in Bridge. but then I’m turned off by the screamers at the end. Ugh