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  1. Well, from all Weather Channel accounts… It wasn’t a white one. Calling Nebraska….everything okay there?
  2. Er…oatmeal boxes. Hey Ms. Terri, were you in the “Finger Clickin’ Good” ad for KFC? Asking for a friend who is a huge Guardsmen fan.
  3. As someone who competed against the Guardsmen BITD … we had a ton of respect for them as competitors.
  4. Kudos to the Guardsmen for bringing such a memorable piece of music to the field. A shout out to Ms. Terri’s contribution to a great legacy. You all were awesome!
  5. How apropos for the last few weeks. Flame away…donning my flame retardant attire.
  6. I hear you, I lost my oldest brother to complications of C19. Many of us lost loved ones to “The Scourge” but even in the middle of all this, several corps took that time to rebuild and continue BAU in the new normal. Unfortunately, VMAPA did not do so. They have a lot of ground to make up due to mismanagement. I hope they are able to overcome this but I’m not convinced the BOD in its current configuration is up to the task. VMAPA, please prove me wrong.
  7. Thanks for your kindness everyone. There are people who enter our lives that give us comfort and understanding and through their efforts make us better people. Nancy was one of the many that fit that bill.
  8. Russ is trying to put the best face forward on VMAPA but reciting the tale of woe from 2019-2022 and up to 2023 isn’t helping his cause. I read that paragraph and thought “Why the mass exodus”? What was going on with the organization that multiple staff/admin/ board members decided to jump ship while the ones who stayed on let VMAPA go to hell in a handbasket? Was it a case of not wanting to be liable for what was coming down the pike from both the financials and member safety? To me this letter raises more questions than paint a rosy picture. For Russ’ sake, and the sake of VMAPA I hope he’s given the latitude to turn things around but you have to keep in mind he is surrounded by the people who let this happen in the first place! Godspeed Russ Gavin.
  9. And here you go….. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UnttoqlwW0I
  10. Yikes! Isn’t this part of the reporting process?
  11. I think the reference “SCV’s demise” is a bit harsh. Granted, the organization has put themselves into a bad situation but demise? Um, no. As for the Covid “excuse”….Every corps dealt with the pandemic but some still managed to show up in Indy. FWIW, I believe a combination of mostly bad management decisions and Covid, to an extent, put them in this boat. Let’s hope SCV can row that boat back to transparency and legal/financial health….Time will tell.
  12. I love pretty much all kinds of music. This is fun stuff! Gotta love his take on contemporary music. Could I take a steady diet of it? Naw… but I have to acknowledge his brilliance. Bravo Jacob.
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