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  1. We played together Terri! Good old “Theater in the Round!”. Didn’t the stage rotate as well….and they used strobes which was scary from a director’s/players’ standpoint.
  2. No disrespect intended, but who pledged transparency? The same group that swept major issues under the rug for what appears to be several years until the monster couldn’t be ignored? If you believe them now then you are destined to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.
  3. Thanks. I appreciate your explanation. I am quite familiar with HOAs seeing that I live in a community that is run by an HOA. Can’t get away from them in Arizona. “The BOD hires a management organization to provide services to all owners”. That’s the point I’m feebly trying to make. Why wouldn’t one of those services be break outs at DCI’s annual meeting that addresses financial and logistics support where all “owners” can discuss/brainstorm the successes/hardships each owner goes through that could benefit the whole? It would behoove the management company to cover their bases especially after one of their flagship customers are caught in dire straits. Trust me, I’ve voted out HOA management companies because they did not provide the support/resources our HOA needed.
  4. If that’s true, why is Mr Atchison in charge of DCI, why does DCI need an office/staff? Why don’t member corps’ representatives staff the DCI organization? DCI is the umbrella organization to which the corps belong. If the umbrella isn’t taking a proactive approach to ensuring the viability of the corps underneath that umbrella then it’s time for paradigm shift.
  5. What did the “ DCI organization” do to help Glassmen? Though I respect SCV for their legendary history with DCI, why should they get “special treatment”?
  6. You’re not kissing Pappy Van Winkle are you?
  7. A very Merry Christmas to the entire DCP community. May the spirits of friendship and respect guide us in the coming year.
  8. A good idea but why stop at Vanguard? I’m sure most of the WC corps could use the opportunity to brainstorm new revenue sources. While they’re at it maybe they could look at ways of cutting operating expenses too?
  9. After aging out, I came back and taught M&M for about 4 years. After I got a real job I moved over to support staff. Four years on cooking staff and then several years after on Souvie staff. I wouldn’t trade any of those years for love nor money! Sure, touring can be tough, but the rewards of helping marching members be their best and meeting and interacting with fans during tour are priceless! What great memories. If you can commit to a stint on tour do it for your corps….you won’t regret it! Honest!
  10. A question better asked of C.Holland,jjeffeory,and Bruckner8. It’s a really good topic but does it belong in this thread?
  11. God bless Michael Cesario. He had a vision which came to a beautiful realization for the ‘87 season. Thank you Michael.
  12. But did the “Outdoor” technique lead to bloody hands/wrist injuries?
  13. I marched Ithaca. It was the year Regiment made it into finals for the first time!
  14. Not buying your argument Craiga. Whatever happened internally with SCV’s organization is merely speculation on everyone’s point. As for “costumes”…I’m not sure they are “free” nor are the drums, horns, etc. Contracts are signed to supply corps with what they need for a competitive season. It ain’t free. We don’t know the bottom line for those contracts. Do we? What is going on with SCV now has been and is going on with many/all corps at the moment. Kudos for BAC if they have it nailed down financially, I question that, but, whatever. Not privy to BAC’s books. The point here is how to make drum corps “more affordable” To me that means “less is more”. Distill the activity what it originally represents and you just may get a handle on ballooning costs.
  15. But how many of those 83 are paid? Many corps have staff that volunteer.
  16. This absolutely breaks my heart along with many many others. Do you think something like a Go Fund Me page might hasten their return? Any money they can raise to retire debt helps. Just remember to pay off the oldest debt first. Just throwing ideas out there. I’m still in shock so this may come off as a lame idea to some.
  17. I must say I am thoroughly impressed with the direction the B.O.D. has taken with outreach to donors/alumni. Received a personal Thank You from a board member for my contribution to the HOF Gala auction. It’s these little things, attention to detail, that drives success. Kudos Regiment B.O.D. Classy!
  18. Just finished binge watching “Wednesday” on Netflix. REALLY GOOD! I know it’s too late now but I would love to see Regiment do a Danny Elfman book. thoughts?
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