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  1. I see what you’re saying but despite the drops in 2010, the show brought many wet eyes… in a good way. As for 2024’s guard, it has to do with the techs that clean the work and it looks like the techs from last year are back. Good to see you back! Doin’ good here. Anxious to see what 2024 brings. What are you looking forward to?
  2. Why? They conveyed the theme quite well in my eyes. Just asking for a friend. BTW, what does this have to do Regiment 2024?
  3. Crowd reaction was deafening. Ha, I was just thinking….I wore my original 1981 issue Spartacus t-shirt that night. Couldn’t do that today.
  4. Not so sure. A clean accounting of their bingo operation would work wonders. The major gaps in financial accounting for their bingo operation will haunt them until they “get a better handle” on the suspicious activity/lack of accountability/transparency that has been at the forefront of this entire discussion.
  5. Perhaps a “firebird” or phoenix rising theme?
  6. Smells like someone or some folks are covering up cash inconsistencies….
  7. I’m sorry, what corps are we supposed to be talking about????
  8. Unfortunately, it’s the same folks who got their ###es in a sling to begin with.
  9. This doesn’t bode well for VMAPA. If you’ve got all these good people working tirelessly nonstop all day everyday to right the ship for a long while now, then why is the organization down to the wire like this? Granted, I’m no expert on filing audits/financial statements but as a private citizen, if my finances are in question federally or on a state level I respond immediately…if not sooner! BTW I worked on a federally funded program for a number of years and I was responsible to balance everything to the penny and I wasn’t given the luxury of 60 days to submit supporting documentation if they had questions about my invoices. California state requirements are a bit more lenient but one would think an organization who is reaping millions of dollars from the residents of California would be held to a higher standard of reporting.
  10. https://dci.org/news/spotlight-of-the-week-1990-phantom-regiment oh yum! Happy New Year everyone!
  11. I’m not a bourbon drinker but…., https://mailchi.mp/regiment/introducing-phantom-regiment-bourbon?e=72095a330d
  12. Was that on Rick or who he had to work with at Crown?
  13. I think Rick will work well with the current design staff. Let’s hope this new collaboration brings some fresh ideas to the field.
  14. Well, from all Weather Channel accounts… It wasn’t a white one. Calling Nebraska….everything okay there?
  15. Er…oatmeal boxes. Hey Ms. Terri, were you in the “Finger Clickin’ Good” ad for KFC? Asking for a friend who is a huge Guardsmen fan.
  16. As someone who competed against the Guardsmen BITD … we had a ton of respect for them as competitors.
  17. Kudos to the Guardsmen for bringing such a memorable piece of music to the field. A shout out to Ms. Terri’s contribution to a great legacy. You all were awesome!
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