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  1. No VK on the schedule? Did I miss an announcement? Poring over the WC schedule, it ranges from 32 shows for Crown to 11 shows for OC. The majority of the corps have around 29 shows for the season, with the next grouping around 25 shows. Does this seem like most corps are doing less shows than last year?
  2. Not to be the grammar police, but it is "bated" breath. The other spelling has too many smelly fish connotations.......
  3. Does this announcement doom the Glassmen?? If I were a prospective member, would I seriously consider joining a corps that may not make it through the winter? I would rethink my audition preferences and go somewhere else. IF, and that is a big IF, Glassmen cannot meet their 150 member requirement, then the gap between income and budget gets larger, much larger. How will they make up that difference? Trying to raise $300,000 in 30 days is quite a feat. $10,000 per day. I wish them the best and hope that they succeed.
  4. When did the OP change the topic questions? It is different than the first time as the question, "who has the better 2012 show" has been added. Now it is really open to different interpretation. I'm still voting for Surf though......
  5. First camp is November 16 - 18, 2012 You can have that experience if you want it!
  6. Want to see drum corps history being made??? there!
  7. From DCI Atlanta Southeastern Championship Atlanta Georgia Dome Saturday, July 28 12:00 PM – Gates Open 2:30 PM – Atlanta CV 2:47 PM – Pioneer 3:04 PM – Mandarins 3:21 PM – Jersey Surf 3:38 PM – Cascades 3:55 PM – Pacific Crest 4:12 PM – Intermission 4:29 PM – Colts 4:46 PM – Troopers 5:03 PM – Glassmen 5:20 PM – Crossmen 5:37 PM – The Academy 5:54 PM – Blue Knights 6:11 PM – Blue Stars 6:28 PM – Spirit of Atlanta 6:45 PM – Madison Scouts 7:02 PM – Intermission 7:53 PM – Boston Crusaders 8:10 PM – The Cavaliers 8:27 PM – The Cadets 8:44 PM – Bluecoats 9:01 PM – Santa Clara Vanguard 9:18 PM – Blue Devils 9:35 PM – Phantom Regiment 9:52 PM – Carolina Crown 10:12 PM – Awards Ceremony Read more:
  8. Cadets just posted a baritone opening. But you have to prove you are capable (by video) and pay $1,000.00.
  9. No airplane, but I do think they may have put in a request for a goose fly-by at Allentown.
  10. Jersey Surf has posted a new video explaining how the audience will be a part of the show this year. Come see the other surprises they have in store....... Ok, I'm having trouble with the link. If you get a double recording, just close one of two recordings that play at the same time. I can't figure out why its doing that........
  11. Jersey Surf is the correct answer, as posted above. They announced during the season last year.
  12. Technically, they were not the first corps to announce their show this year........
  13. There is no doublespeak, I was just commenting that the previous post that I was alluding to, was making a personal attack (albeit unintentionally) rather than a comment on the statement. That is all. Leave it to DCP'ers to twist things.......