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  1. I don't think I'll take the bait. You've stated your position and seem calm enough now to, hopefully, listen to the OP's thoughts like the rest of us. Unless you want to jump to conclusions about his selfishness or selflessness again... Wise? Seriously? Hardly... If anyone wants to hear about what a doofus I was YESTERDAY, just PM me. I promise, you'll cringe and chuckle at the same time. But I'm just not at the point in my fandom that I'm willing to throw "old" fans under the bus in favor of the transient fans of Vaticinate's information ($1 to Cixelcyd).
  2. I mean, I really wish I understood. I'm not the best businessman or the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I fail to see how this attitude towards any fan is productive. I really don't understand why one would consider this savvy business practice. These sound like the opinion of a teacher, or a designer, or someone acutely "plugged in" to the high-school opinion set. Maybe the activity needs more decades of these opinions but, based on the results so far, I'd say their efficacy and viability to have done anything at all to advance the activity is, and should be, seriously questioned.
  3. I, frankly, didn't know you or your work and, to me, I'm thankful and don't care. That you're a fan is all I need to know. "Vitiating". Debasing. Interesting choice, and thanks for that. If I may, do you find any attraction at all to the use of A&E, or is it unacceptable to you in any form on the field? I didn't even know of your expertise (my brother is chief engineer at Avid, so I sympathize). I, too, and my son were the first to meet many a corps rolling into town at 3am for a show next day. Maybe that kinship adds to my motive. There is a calculation in every change in business practice that measures the impact on "keeping clients" vs. "getting new clients". It's possible that you (and I!) are acceptable fatalities in the decision to attract MM's and their non-legacy screaming family and friends. My problem is in understanding how fewer nationally competitive corps equates to more marching members, while participation in most of the rest of the marching arts is expanding. A&E hasn't seemed to reverse the trend. (Psst... I think latency from field to the box could be virtually eliminated to the ear and could prompt earbuds dialed in live... PM me, if you'd care.)
  4. Especially from the field even if they only get the worst at the box. As the OP could probably tell, the clarity of blending analog and digital is an art akin to any other talent in drum corps. My opinion is that most get it wrong - wildly wrong in comparison to other live performance venues and productions. We used to have wet grass as an excuse and challenge. Now, because we're "indoors" it's getting props and A&E up the ramps and into the circus (stadiums) and dialed in within the short time limit so the A&E doesn't fail the kids. YEAH!, That's it. A&E fails the kids... "Support the kids!" Yeah, unplug.
  5. I have no idea of where your pages end, but yours was the safest post.
  6. Have to admit, I burst out chuckling. Nicely played. Oh - YOU! Can't WAIT to hear what you'll add. (seriously)
  7. I think the worst I did was call you "young". I meant it as a pejorative that you're not acting in the best long-term interest of the activity because the young have a short history as a time horizon. I thought I made that clear. "... the smarter I'll get", kindo-thing. Look, you've been her 5 years so you're no rookie, but your attitude towards legacy fans isn't in the best interest of the activity. Interestingly, there does seem to be a "sacrificial lamb" attitude that seems an appeasement to the design community... But <sigh> that's a separate thread. I wish truly that we could objectively look at the OP's experience and actually LEARN from it, if he would be so gracious. Your (primarily your) comments attacking his decision are disturbing. Are, and should be, to the adults in the room, on the boards, and those making decisions for the activity. Anybody objectively measuring the impact of A&E vs. the benefits would be required to understand the details of what drove this obvious fan away.
  8. I just don't get it...but, I've done it. It's possible that the snark was a momentary lapse. Fine and dandy. But, in many ways, I take the opinion of the activity very seriously because...well, because of what Ream said. He gets the business of drum corps. I think some just get jollies from lobbing bombs. Here we have a SIGNIFICANT fan and he's dumped on and ignored. They come and go, we trudge on. The business needs fixed. This is a serious consideration in that solution for those serious enough to look.
  9. I agree. And I consider Mr. Kimber no more or less worth keeping around than any other fan. With an activity as much a niche as drum corps, the activity is paying attention to all fans even as not all opinions will be honored with expected action.
  10. I'm not above picking up the poop you hurl and throwing it back at you.
  11. And, if all shows looked like an OC show on any "Y" day (no BITS), the misery would be spread evenly across the activity. But we'd have parity in bankruptcies and folding corps!
  12. Almost every drum corps in the activity, as well as DCI itself, disagrees with your opinion. But hey, everyone has an opinion, and thanks for yours!
  13. And you can be sure that some here will throw rocks at you as you leave.