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  1. garfield

    The Cadets 2019

    Welcome back to Ohio!
  2. garfield

    A year ago today

    In before the close. It won’t be long now.
  3. garfield

    A year ago today

    And your input for our deep consideration is...?
  4. garfield

    A year ago today

    Ha! Me, included!
  5. garfield

    A year ago today

    Yes, and each corps handled any incidents as presented. Not DCI (past determination to notify law enforcement was done, I’ll bet.
  6. garfield

    A year ago today

    You presume there was a formalized policy to consider. I’d bet it was simply nothing to consider to change the policy. Essentially, “Push everything down to the corps... Anyone want to change that?” Crickets. Again, I wasn’t there, but the policy to push downstream was.
  7. garfield

    A year ago today

    What has changed in the past year?
  8. garfield

    A year ago today

    Um, again, I was just an observer but I think forever. How often was it reviewed? No clue. But unless there was a reason to add a DCI-centralized policy structure, there wasn’t even a reason to consider such.
  9. garfield

    A year ago today

    I can’t speak specifically for all generations but, in my day, if you didn’t get resolution from the corps people, we called our parents and/or police. I get your point being that DCI should provide that next level but, the evolution of that solution is a relatively new happening. When I marched I knew there was a DCI but I never thought of that .org as somehow in my resolution chain of command.
  10. garfield

    A year ago today

    I get your point here, Jim, but it is a bit misleading in the way you present it. DCI DID have a policy related to member safety: the corps handle it. DCI's office was to relay any reports to the corps after determining if a call to the authorities was mandated. It's not that they didn't have ANY policy, it's that their policy was not centralized so the appearance was that they didn't have a policy.
  11. garfield

    A year ago today

    Boy, I sure have! Not just "feels" entitled, but demands that everyone around, no matter the hour or circumstances, acknowledge that they're entitled and way more than deserving of every bit of extra-special treatment they're awarded.
  12. garfield

    A year ago today

    Interesting thought... Imagine the crap-storm that would hit drum corps if the CYO still sponsored corps and shows. (Disclaimer, I know very little about CYO or its programs/operations so please forgive me if I'm misled by the name.)
  13. garfield

    A year ago today

  14. garfield

    A year ago today

    YES! I AGREE! Strip him of his epaulettes, tar and feather him, then march him through the gauntlett of pristine-clean school board members who are looking for scalps to ease their collective guilt. Throw HockeyDad in the slammer, I say! (What time are cocktails, Dad?)