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  1. Being American is not ethnocentric! There are no ethnic Americans. It's not gross to love one's country or origin over others. In fact, it's the sineu that binds us. It's the reason most people on the planet want to come here.
  2. Or, we could talk about (or even make stuff up about) how hard it will be for non-US MM's to afford to come to the US to join the tour. Great idea, Jim!
  3. I really liked that post as it demonstrated just how fine and detailed NEB can be in his research. But then he goes on to say that, just off the edge of the canvas, is another 85,000 carts carrying approximately 1000 skulls each, and that the artist meant it (had he actually had enough canvas to actually paint it) to be a depiction of what would happen to us if we didn't shut down the economy and wreck the financial health of the drum corps activity. Such that it was.
  4. Which means that, at best, drum corps can only take about 10 MM's per bus, so they'll have to rent 25 buses to carry the whole corps. The financial impact of airborne transmission across small distances is very high and makes the season all but unworkable. Good call, DCI?
  5. Is there a drum corps in the Philippines? Now, that there is some long-distance commuting to do the tour! I suspect the financial impact on corps members from the Philippines will make it VERY difficult for MM's to make camps in the US in 2021. The long-term impact of a global economic shutdown is likely much greater in developing countries where it will take longer to recover.
  6. Yes, in order to not add to the shut-down count of posts, please go back to my post as see the third quote I referenced. Then, let's talk about the financial impact on DCI of shutting down the economy and the season.
  7. Have faith, Mods! We'll drag this puppy back on track, promise! We just need a few more reply posts to clear the air and card table, then we'll deal a new hand. The financial impact is important even if some of our dumb posts aren't as much.
  8. Yes, as I tried, let's talk about the financial impact of C-19. Shutting down the economy completely will hurt people financially and will likely have a negative influence on their decision to make a financial contribution to drum corps. Right at the time the activity needs them the most, let's hope fans can step up and fill the financial void when the activity calls on them.
  9. This video is enlightening to the science-related terminology. Unfortunately, as Jim points out, "airborne" is not perceived by most of the public in these scientific ways. "Airborne" sounds like "born in", or "lives in", or even "comes from". I think that's the pushback and I'm glad for the medical reference to which we can refer.
  10. The number you're using combines expenses of the tour with payout proceeds to the corps, neither of which are going to happen. DCI has already furloughed its staff. If the corps want any hope of having a tour in which to perform next year, they need to keep DCI alive but it's not going to take $12million to do it.
  11. You know I agree with you, but your numbers are wrong. The activity doesn't need anywhere near that amount to sustain it until October's "new" season.
  12. "Logical or emotional, which gets the bigger response when I throw my gas can on it?"
  13. In fairness, his issue is that the petition is to let EVERYONE contracted for '20 have an additional year of eligibility, not just the ageouts. It's still a dumb petition and a dumber idea, but we should lambaste it for the actual reason the petitioners presented.