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  1. No, but the two chairs I'm standing on can be had for a good price. Nice catch, BTW. I hadn't even noticed.
  2. After decades following drum corps, I'm finally cleaning out stuff that, maybe, others will find more interesting than I do now. I'm starting with my print materials. I'm posting here first to avoid Ebay fees and because I respect the level of fandom on DCP. After a reasonable time going unsold, I'll offer the collection "publicly". Prices are FIRM and bids will be ignored - the only exception will be to consider a bid for the entire collection of all materials listed here. Payment method is flexible but the buyer will pay any money transfer fees. Personal check accepted but items will ship only after the payment has cleared my bank. Please note, I'm being very specific in my offering details and, in particular, regarding the programs. Any bids for individual items that I list as part of a group will be considered only after the collection is offered on Ebay. The buyer will pay for shipping and please be aware that the programs are very heavy. The programs will be shipped in four boxes of about 10lbs each. You can estimate shipping costs from Columbus, Ohio. Questions can be posted here but I suggest emailing me directly at garfield@columbus.rr.com (including copy of collection photo or individual photos as requested). Zoom on HQ photo for visual. Championship Finals Programs - Only offered now as a single sale for the entire collection. $350.00 Notes: At least one program is available for each of the listed years. Many later years have two copies, as was DCI's premium to Friends members. Many second copies are plastic-wrapped and unopened. Where indicated, the prior night's recap sheet is included. Unless indicated otherwise, all programs are in "Very Good" to "Excellent" condition. 1986 - (2) plus Recap 1988 - Plus Sports Illustrated short story on Star of Indiana 1991 - plus ticket stub and Recap 1992 - plus Recap, plus program to Pageant of Champions (local Columbus show) 1993 - Fair condition, plus Recap 1994 1995 1996 - plus Recap, plus 1996 Year in Review with all season scores 1997 1998 - with Prelims and Semis Recaps 1999 - (2) 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 - plus Recap 2005 2006 - plus Recap 2007 - (2, one wrapped) 2008 - Fair condition, plus DCI Magazine 2009 - (2) plus DCI Magazine 2010 - (2) 2011 2012 - (2, one wrapped) 2013 - (2), with ticket stub, Prelims and Semis Recaps 2014 - (2) 2015 - (2) 2016 - (2) 2017 - (2) 2018 - (2, one wrapped) 2019 Other Collector's Items (offered individually, prices as marked): 1984 Garfield Cadets Commemorative Program - $25 DCI First 35 Years in Photos - $30 History of Drum Corps, Volumes 1 & 2 (offered only as a set), $100 Drum Corps Trivia game (1986), complete with all cards and materials (box in fair to good condition) - $40
  3. If I want to watch Cirque du Soleil, I'll buy tickets. Arranging classical music for drum corps in a way that reveals the emotion of the composer is highest art, IMO. Amps and electronics applies to all corps. Phantom's music direction change is only important to those of us who appreciate their hat tip to the classical genre.
  4. Hilarious reference for legacy fans. Well done jjeffeory.
  5. Not "back" by any definition. Hopeful, but not optimistic, about the activity's future with the announcement of the ending of the longest "leadership" position outside of Congress. But thanks, and best wishes back to you and several others here.
  6. Interesting spreadsheet and kudos to the originator for compiling all that garbage. Because drum corps run hand-to-mouth every year, a "Current Ratio" number (the ability to pay 'short-term' obligations due in a year or less) is not very useful. Essentially, the current ratio is "everything". The Leverage Ratio is a relatively new measure of drum corps health as it used to be that drum corps non-profits simply didn't take on debt (Cadets were a notable exception in past years). Today, many drum corps are grappling with low-cost PPP loans that can't be forgiven because of proceeds use, and are now saddled with long-term debt in addition to paying for a current competitive season. I have no idea how much, if any, PPP that SCV got nor how much of it's servicing is reflected in their income statement. It seems that many drum corps have never heard the sage advice: "It doesn't matter how much you put in the top of the sieve, it only matters how many holes you have in the bottom of the sieve."
  7. Still the funniest poster to ever grace the Planet.
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