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  1. The link is incomplete. DCI is listed as having received between $150k to $350k. There were also pure loans at low interest rates that are not related to employees.
  2. Please stop, Jim. I didn't twist his words - I took them EXACTLY how Jeff wrote them. Perhaps as much care and concern can be given to the words being written as there seems to be about "word-twisting".
  3. The context of the discussion you replied to was national geographies and how someone from one part of the country might not feel included in the local beliefs of a drum corps' homebase. You made no specification that you were talking only of your local area. I would not be so presumptuous to challenge you view of local issues and I'd be just as quick to push back if you did the same to me. That's not what I was doing. I have teenage kids, Jeff! Please don't lecture about some fictional notion you have about me (and apparently others) downplaying anything. You have no evidence. And I AM one of those donors! I give thousands each year and I'm very specific and critical of those I give to; I vote with my wallet and my feet. I abhor virtue-signalling in all of its examples and there are racists and homophobes in all areas of the country and all realms of ideology.
  4. Right! Which begs the question of how "urban" and "liberal" became part of the discussion in the first place. But, I also agree that someone from a geography distant from a drum corps may not be in agreement with the societal norms of the community where that drum corps is based and may drive the decision-making of the leadership of the corps. One potential as a result could be that person not getting a feeling of welcome and inclusion into the corps.
  5. Well, it's probably not fair to the others here to shut it down because you suggest so. I intentionally have not replied to you in this thread, Jim, out of respect and recall that we had a "panty-bunching" between us earlier this year. I didn't reply to you in the post that prompted your reply above. You state that Jeff's post could be taken more than one way. I can't disagree with you but, unless Jeff clarifies that he was being illustrative and not comparative in his comments, I'll leave my reply as it. If he wants to clarify his comment then, in fact, I'd likely agree with his disdain for racism and homophobia no matter where, and in what ideology, he finds it. In any case, your sensitivity is a primary reason I've been only reading your comments and not replying to you about them.
  6. This. Besides being hilarious, you're posts are generally well-conceived and written. This is another great example.
  7. Urban and liberal racists apparently aren't a concern then. Check. Got it. Glad to know that comments coming from those groups get a pass. Probably a "coast" thing. Drum corps should stop recruiting in the heartland. Colts should merge with Cavies, Crown should move to the coast, and Academy should team up with a west coast corps. That way everyone is "safe" from the conservative (the key noun conveniently left out of the description) racist homophobes. Rich, white musicians are the LAST people who should be throwing around virtue signals against racism in drum corps. /sarcasm, kinda.
  8. And, at the same time, DCI wants the "top" corps separated around the country so that show sponsors can attract a crowd to see a top-12 "headliner". It would be easy: just have the top-12 talk with each other and plan to only attend shows as a group and any others would be used as fill. It has always amazed me that the corps established DCI to organize and promote "the tour" when the corps themselves reserve the right to determine which shows they'd plan to attend. In essence, DCI is simply a logistics and relationship management company that books venues for the drum corps to play in but can't promise nor calculate revenues or profits until the corps choose the shows in which they want to perform. Does that sound like a "tour management" company? To me, that sounds like a cat-herding organization with remarkable success. I wonder what's wrong with DCI continuing that relationship and booking role to capitalize and leverage on it's long successes to provide venues in which corps participate in local "mini-tours". Dan's office certainly has the experience, if not the immediate capacity, to handle the job. At some point, potentially, if those tours support corps' rebuilding, the independent mini-tours could be linked together into a national "tour" like current regionals, and end up back in Indy (or Bloomington, please, God before I die). It would take resources, but it seems foolish to discard decades of tour management experience despite some corps' insistence that they can perform the same tasks better/cheaper.
  9. Sure I would! I'm not that crazy! Italian and Spanish are very close in translation! I just choose to speak English. YMMV
  10. I'm sorry, I don't translate my comments into Italian here, even though my ancestors are from there. If you want me to understand your message here, please say it in English.
  11. Cixelsyd and I agree on many more things than we disagree on.