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  1. My seat tonight...wooohoooo posted from the DrumScorps app
  2. As a brass player I find your comment "brass and percussion accompaniment" a bit insulting to rhe fine job the staff and members of those sections are doing...and yes I agree the guard is stellar...but come on now...this is a bit over the top...oh...and in an activity that is visual dominant these will only help them IMO
  3. HOME SHOW TONIGHT! Hope to hear from some of you, and your thoughts after tonight... I won't see them until July 5th at CrownBeat...I can't WAIT!!!!
  4. Eat 'em up BOSTON!!!! p.s. Yes I know it's early for
  5. "My shot" repeated phrase I agree was a bit ridiculous IMO...such an easy fix though...
  6. Eat 'em up Boston!!!! Am I too late tonight?
  7. Perhaps you need to be a bit more mindful that you are IN Boston's sandbox. If you want to play in it...don't (bleep) in it. Just sayin'
  8. Gosh...sounds like rinse and repeat....just in another thread...but the same narrative...maybe you should go watch the Cavies Spin Cycle show again for more inspiration....
  9. Good for you. It's awesome that you are such a expert in these things. I guess the season is over now. I just have one question. Am I going to have to listen to you repeat yourself all season on this point or are you now done insulting the corps? I have a feeling it is the former and not the later. Maybe Boston should change their narrative and execute Anne Boleyn instead of David slaying the Giant.
  10. Eat 'em up BOSTON!!! p.s. Yes I know it's WAY early...I won't be around for step-off...LOL
  11. Before the season officially starts this evening, I would just like to thank the Boston Crusaders as an organization, for giving me as an alum a corps to be proud of for all these many years. NO matter what happens this season competitively, you will remain #1 in my book!...although I feel high placement will not be a problem and actually be quite good this season in particular based on what I've already seen and heard... A championship is inevitable in your very near future...I can see that quite clear have been on an unbelievable trajectory since 2017 with an ALL-STAR staff and honestly I can only see that to continue in the near and distant future as well... I would like to give a special thanks to ALL the the staff over the years, the volunteers, the corporate donors, the sponsors, and also very supportive alumni base and fans of the Boston Crusaders. Without your help and support it would not have been possible for the organization to exist today...and last but not least the concerted effort of blood, sweat and tears from the many members over the decades themselves... Thank YOU! A special shout out to the 2013 rendition of the Boston Crusaders...I can't say enough for this emotional performance which brought this alum to WILL rise GIANTS!!!
  12. Welcome to DCP...and the BAC thread !!! ­čÖé
  13. I was not in battery but in hornline...but I seem to recall him being around in 1990...but I could be wrong...
  14. I predict that a lot of this NOISE will be over after tonight...for a few corps is just the start of's only June after all... BUT then certain folks that will say...WAIT til the 1st regional before we know for sure where all the corps stand...oh and those who remind us all to NOT compare previous years scores...and those who remind us to NOT compare different shows on the same night...and don't forget if corps in your supposed TIER are not competing...well the show results will be skewed...did I miss anything?...LOL This season is the resurgence of FULL PANEL judging in June...hooray for at least that...that is about the only thing I can really predict with any certainty...
  15. I honestly thought this was going to be... Bluecoats VERSUS Blue Coats debate
  16. Troopers - Beyond Boundaries Divertimento for Band Op2 by Vincent Persichetti Enterprising Young Men by Michael Giacchino Wondrous Light by John Estacio To the Stars by Randy Edelman Chorale VI/Cantus - Song of Aeolus by Karl Jenkins Main Title (from The Orville) by Bruce Broughton Krill Attack / Shuttle Escape (from the Orville) by Bruce Broughton Announcement: Announcement #2: YouTube Source Music - Individual Links: Divertimento for Band Op2 by Vincent Persichetti Enterprising Young Men by Michael Giacchino´╗┐ Wondrous Light by John Estacio´╗┐ To the Stars by Randy Edelman ´╗┐ Ch´╗┐orale VI/Ca´╗┐ntus´╗┐ - Song ´╗┐of Aeolus by´╗┐ Karl Jen´╗┐kins´╗┐´╗┐ Main Title (from The Orville) by Bruce Broughton´╗┐ Krill Attack / Shuttle Escape (from the Orville) by Bruce Broughton
  17. "I (BAC) am not throwing away my shot"...I'm already thinking about the