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    Never marched a corps, but did 1 year on synth in a high school marching band. Massive fan of the sport as a whole, from high school to DCI and everything in between.
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    Bluecoats, but I love and appreciate every corps
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    Ahhh, this is so hard...
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    I can't choose, however I definitely prefer modern-day DCI (2000s onwards)
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    Music, video gaming, literature, history, collectibles

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  1. Yet another instance of football players ruining marching band for everyone
  2. Ah man I used to have a theme park obsession phase! I was so hyped whenever someone mentioned Cedar Point or any other famous out-of-state park. Thinking about it, it was a very similar experience to DCI for me: special events that you get to go to once in a blue moon, it's niche, people think you're weird for being so into it, and constant fights over new vs. old. I still love theme parks, but I'm more into the Halloween event side of things now.
  3. If Bloo wins, I will cry. Ah screw it, I'll cry regardless.
  4. THEY'RE BACK?! YAY! 😄 Good luck Santa Clara, rip my face off next year!
  5. I don't know anything about finance and everything they're going through. But I hope for the best and hope to see them live again. They were really good in 2022.
  6. I'm not a Crown superfan and I don't know that much about Arthurian mythology but I still understood the show and thought it was awesome.
  7. Hell to the yes. There's something that just personally rubs me the wrong way about patriotic shows and shows about the modern-day military. Let's just say they...weird me out. Yes I know that's where drum corps' origins came from but it's definitely jarring compared to the creativity of other show themes. A dark, disturbing war show would be a breath of fresh air to an activity so closely related to the military in a way that it could maliciously be spun into straight up propaganda. Something like this could be the next show that completely changes the course of the activity like Tilt did. The only question is which corps is going to be brave enough to do it.
  8. Love that movie. The score was so haunting and I totally think it could work in DCI. Musically I hear it as like a modernized version of To Lasso The Sun (slow, threatening and ominous with lots of crescendos) with some great synth features. I can also imagine "I am become Death, destroyer of worlds" playing right before a brass hit. Call me crazy but I think this show concept could win the gold
  9. Oh yeah I can definitely see that interpretation. Speaking from personal experience here.
  10. I'm so sorry but I saw the username and this is where my head immediately went to
  11. What shows can you never watch the same way again after knowing the staff's true intentions for it? For me it's The Cut-Outs. I saw it live, knew it was based on an artist. Fun! Colors! Dancing! Enjoying it even more because it makes some people mad! Then I went to Big Loud & Live and saw the director interview. HOLY FRICK. "Actually it's about World War II" was the biggest plot twist of my life. I enjoyed it just as much on a second viewing but could not get the interview out of my mind, and I am 100% okay with that. The guy's comment about "the battery is gunfire" lives rent free in my head. I felt like the opposite of headbanging- I pretty much tensed up stiff like a corpse, covered in goosebumps head to toe when the drum break happened. BD basically pulled the smoothest stealth operation ever. Incredibly dark subject matter in a trojan horse of their typical imagery. Love that for them. Makes me wonder if House is Not a Home is about serial killers or something. I knew there was a reason that's my favorite BD song
  12. That comes first. I haven't seem all of Boston's modern shows but I wanna try and make a unified timeline. I think no matter what Paradise Lost should probably be first. It would be really cool if it began with that and ended with Wicked Games
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