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    Never marched a corps, but did 1 year on synth in a high school marching band. Massive fan of the sport as a whole, from high school to DCI and everything in between.
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    Bluecoats, but I love and appreciate every corps
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    Ahhh, this is so hard...
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    I can't choose, however I definitely prefer modern-day DCI (2000s onwards)
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    Music, video gaming, literature, history, collectibles

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  1. Holy crap. I thought this was just like a "a friend of a friend" story. Thank you so much. Had no idea there were other people involved!
  2. Also, there's a few things I vaguely remember that I want to know if anyone had more info on these. - Crossmen airplane parent. I made a joke on a thread about parents showing up to BD with signs of their kid, then someone told me that a rich Crossmen mom hired an airplane with a banner that had her kid on it. The plane was specifically made to fly over the stadium when other bands were playing. Is there any footage/evidence of this? Is it mostly "confirmed" to be Crossmen and not just a "substitute the name with x corps" thing? - Blue Devils Weed Guy. I can't remember where I heard/read about this, but it feels like a niche urban legend. The story goes that a bass drummer from BD got busted with drugs the day before finals, while everyone else was sleeping he snuck into the trailer and got his drum. Finals night he marches the show like nothing happened, and no one notices until BD goes off the field. - Spotify. Currently, BD is the only corps to have any music on Spotify. There is an unofficial DCI playlist on Spotify that includes them, and also has dead links with well-known titles like "Felliniesque", "Metamorph", "Babylon" and most interestingly "Babylon- Impact". When you try to play a song from a dead link, nothing happens or a notification pops up saying "Song unavailable". I also heard that the BD artist page is unofficial, but they posted a full album of just drum cadences in 2020.
  3. I also refer to show backstory and concepts as lore, but maybe that's the video gamer in me. Wasn't there also talk of a Bluecoats "agriculture" show? Everyone dismissed the idea but they actually ended up being one of their all-time greats like Tilt or Down Side Up? I seem to remember something like this
  4. Whoa, that's a really interesting one. What do you mean by "park show"?
  5. Heck yeah. Enthusiasm is really needed with some crowds. I get scared out of my mind when I notice I'm the only one moving in my seat or cheering at certain parts
  6. Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one with this issue.
  7. Hmm 🤔 It's almost like I had a marching experience that turned me off from being in a corps myself. Can't quite remember though Sarcasm aside, I don't know if this happens. When I went to Rose Bowl there were some kids from Gold sitting close to me, so possibly. BTW if you haven't seen Gold's 2022 show, I highly recommend it. So cool I could mistake it for World Class
  8. I don't know much about tour models, but whatever can get Bloo to California works for me.
  9. I loved Rearview Mirror! Hoping that 2023 has a similar vibe/show design
  10. Okay, I'll fess up... there absolutely was a reason why I posted this. I've had this idea floating around in the back of my mind. I've been thinking about starting a band. It would operate in the same way that your average amateur rock band would, but with the instruments of a drumline. The basic concept is to imagine a typical indoor drumline but with the disturbing horror imagery associated with goth music. Naming is something I've considered for a while. Do I go with a cool pop culture reference that has a sentimental value to me, or a name that sounds like the opening act for a Top 10 corps? Nothing is finalized yet, this is still just an idea. But there is one name that's stuck out the most to me: "Darkside Chronicles". It's referencing the title of a video game, but it also sounds like something you can picture Brant Crocker yelling out. It also alludes to the general vibe of this hypothetical band, and is a warning that this ain't your father's drumline. So to sum it up, TL;DR: Fantasized about starting a band, wanted to see what kind of names DCI fans would fit a drum corps
  11. All the bands did great! Short and sweet performances to get me through offseason.
  12. Hi everyone. I want to start an Iceberg Chart project on the subject of DCI and drum corps and general, and I need some advice. The basic idea of an iceberg chart is that the tip of the iceberg represents things that everybody knows about the topic, while the very bottom has things that are only known by a few people or theories that are most likely false. For example, this is a chart about space that uses this format With this in mind, do you have any interesting tidbits to share regarding the subject of drum corps? It doesn't matter how verifiable it is and "friend-of-a-friend" type stories are always welcome! Those interest me the most. Also, have you ever had or heard about drum corps related conspiracy theories? Those are also of interest to me
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