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  1. I like Madison's direction more than BD. Therefore Madison.
  2. Agree one hundred percent. As we saw in the other poll, less people like it than not like it on DCP. (I know, DCP is irrelevant, blah blah blah). But the people who like it, many put it as their favorite show of the year.
  3. Blue Stars have been consistantly producing products I love for the last few years now. They are certainly one of my favorite corps in the activity. What a great group of people.
  4. -I expect 12 fine drum and bugle corps to perform in front of a cheering crowd. -I expect something will happen that will cause an uproar on DCP about the Blue Devils. -I expect Bloo to get 2nd to many BLOOs. -I expect the crowd to throw babies to Cavie's "This is my rifle" section. -I expect Blue Stars to break into the "G7". Phantom and SCV, you've been warned. -I expect Madison to enter the field to a standing O and get the best crowd reaction of the night. -I expecct the hot dogs will still cost 7.50.
  5. I think we have learned from this thread that none of the corps are worthy to win this year. One logical conclusion. I win DCI. I believe I am worthy.
  6. Yup, and it only affected Pacific Crest. /sarcasm So they double the other GE Music Score. Big Whoop. #### happens.
  7. Ugh why can I hear Bloo (or at least I'm assuming) warming up during the Cadets......
  8. Ok, if people are gonna complain about Crown and Cadets being cheesy..... Really, BD? The miced glass breaking sound effect at Allentown? That's kinda lame imo. The show is still cool, but that is not necessary whatsoever.
  9. -finish by reprising more Mahler -play through redone snippets of Khatchaturian, Danzon, and Nimrod. Or combo platter with big loud chord at the end. I'd like that.
  10. I "get" the point of the new ending. But still hate it. Sorry Crown.
  11. I can't WAIT til finals. So many of my friends are marching this year, and it will be an honor to see them at their absolute best, their pinnacle. I'm proud of so many people this year. Good luck to ALL corps, and leave it all on the field.
  12. BD is like anchovies. Either you're gonna like it or you don't. Doesn't make it wrong or right. For what it's worth, I've grown to like it. P.S. I didn't really compare BD to anchovies.