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  1. July 16th Abilene, TX Blue Knights moved ahead of Pacific Crest by a 0.250 margin. Crossmen squeezed in between both, just 0.100 points behind BK and 0.150 points ahead of PC. These three corps look to be in a very tight battle for the last spot in finals. Guardians made its season debut with a 60.750. Broken Arrow, OK Bluecoats emerge with a 0.900 point lead over the tied for second place Blue Devils and Boston Crusaders. Bluecoats have yet to lose a contest this season. The fourth place Carolina Crown seems like its in another group at 1.500 points out of second place with Phantom Regiment similarly isolated at 2.200 points behind Crown and 2.050 points ahead of Mandarins with room for Santa Clara Vanguard to fit into the Top 6 picture. The Cavaliers became the 10th corps to break 80 on the season. Hutchinson, KS This was an unscored event. July 17th There are no shows tonight. July 18th Denton, TX Bluecoats and Boston Crusaders meet head-to-head for the third time. Bluecoats won the early season meeting by 0.300 and the most recent event by 0.900. Santa Clara Vanguard competes with Carolina Crown and Phantom Regiment for the first time this season. The SCV/PR line-up should be interesting based on the relative performance considerations. With SCV and Mandarins going back and forth and a 2.050 point spread between PR and Mandarins in Broken Arrow, SCV would have to make a serious move to get to the #5 spot. Crossmen and Pacific Crest meet for the second show in a row with Crossmen ahead by just 0.150 points. Waco, TX Blue Knights, Madison Scouts, and Spirit of Atlanta have never competed against anyone in this grouping that could all be bunched together. It will be interesting to see whether there are more contenders for the #12 spot that emerge. Jersey Surf joins the rest of the World Class tour for the first time.
  2. July 15th Canyon, TX I feel good about seeing this one coming. Blue Knights led Pacific Crest by 3.050 on July 10th but just 1.100 on July 13th. On July 15, PC took the lead by a 1.400 margin. This is a swing of nearly 3.500 points in just under a week. The two corps match up again tonight. Olathe, KS Colts and Troopers met head-to-head for the first time this season with Colts holding a 1.000 point advantage. Colts also became the 9th corps to break 80 on the season. July 16th Abilene, TX Pacific Crest and Blue Knights meet for the second night in a row and nearby competitor Crossmen joins the mix. This is an important early indication of whether PC and BK are in the same category as Crossmen for the fight for 12th. Guardians makes its season debut. Broken Arrow, OK All eyes will be on Oklahoma tonight as Blue Devils meet the east and midwest corps for the first time. The performance order creates an interesting consideration as Boston Crusaders will be performing earlier than the other likely title contenders. Hutchinson, KS Colt Cadets and The Battalion meet head-to-head for the first time this season.
  3. July 14th Ankeny, IA Blue Stars beat Colts by a decisive margin and became corps #8 to break the 80 point mark. Colt Cadets had the largest score improvement on the night at 3.450 points. The corps had last competed on July 11th. Cerritos, CA Impulse, Golden Empire, and Vessel all completed their competitive seasons. Impulise finished 0.350 points ahead of last year while Golden Empire (-5.450) and Vessel (-4.350) were significantly behind where they finished last season. July 15th Canyon, TX My attention is on Blue Knights-Pacific Crest. The corps met on July 10th (Blue Knights by 3.050) and July 13th (Blue Knights by 1.100). Olathe, KS Colts and Troopers meet head-to-head for the first time this season.
  4. July 13th Clifton, NJ Jersey Surf opened the season six days earlier relative to DCI Championships this year compared to last year. Scoring 63.800, the corps begins the season ranked 27th, just behind Seattle Cascades. DeKalb, IL The Cavaliers reclaimed its position as the top corps in the three-corps pack with Blue Stars and Colts. Blue Stars moved ahead of Colts for the first time since July 3rd, albeit by just 0.050 points. Bluecoats competed for the first time in nearly a week and showed a score improvement of 3.650 points, good enough to be at the top of the rankings on this key Saturday evening. Fort Collins, CO Santa Clara Vanguard improved by 2.350 points, which was 0.550 points more than Mandarins show over show, good enough to propel SCV back into the lead over their northern California competition. The two corps are now 4-4 in heads-to-head competition this season. Blue Devils improved by less than both at 1.550 points. There were much smaller increases and small decreases for the group of corps coming out of Cheyenne. Troopers (-0.650), The Battalion ( -0.650), and Pacific Crest (-0.400) all decreased, Genesis stayed flat, and Seattle Cascades (+0.300) and The Academy (+0.800) saw small score increases. Little Rock, AR Boston Crusaders even up the head-to-head competition with Carolina Crown at two wins apiece, however Boston loses its spot as the top scoring corps in the circuit to Bluecoats in separate shows. Crown's return to competition for the first time in five days saw a relatively modest score increase of 1.800 points. Spirit of Atlanta made a big statement with a 2.500 point increase. Large in its own right, it's even larger compared to the increases of the other corps coming out of the same previous show: Boston (+0.100), Crossmen (+0.500), and Music City (+0.800). Vista, CA Blue Devils B maintained a large lead over Gold although Gold closed the gap by 0.900 points night over night. In the penultimate show for the rest of the group, Impulse (+2.600) and Golden Empire (+2.400) put up large increases. Saturday Showdown Annual Caveat - It's way too early to analyze scores. In one week, we will begin the regional process and get actual comparisons. The reason I first started this method of data comparison was to create a data-based year-over-year comparison. So, here we go anyway! Competitive Landscape Bluecoats lead the way with an 87.050. This is 2.550 points lower than the leader this time last year. While not quite as close as this time two years ago (when the top 4 corps were all within 1.100 points), things are tighter at the top this year compared to last year. Bluecoats is ahead of Boston Crusaders by 0.900 (0.600 more than when the two corps met the only time this season on July 2nd). Blue Devils is 0.600 points back from Boston and Carolina Crown is another 0.300 points behind Blue Devils. Looking at small spreads, Phantom Regiment could have an outside shot at this grouping, trailing Crown by 0.500 points, much closer than when the two met head-to-head three times early in the season. All five of these corps are together on Tuesday in Broken Arrow, OK. Santa Clara Vanguard and Mandarins are tied tightly together in the 6-7 range while The Cavaliers, Blue Stars, and Colts are tightly connected in the 8-10 range. There has not been any crossover between these two groups yet to give us an indication of where the mix really lines up. The Cavaliers and Mandarins go head-to-head on Tuesday in Broken Arrow, OK which will allow us to do some comparative analysis. All except SCV will be together in Houston later in the week as well prior to the full line-up coming together in San Antonio. Similarly, there are no good common competitors to look at the next corps in relative terms. Purely from a scoring standpoint, Troopers and Crossmen are close together in the 11-12 range with Spirit of Atlanta, Blue Knights, Madison Scouts, and Pacific Crest pretty tight in the 13-16 range. On the Rise (2+ spots higher than 2023) Removing Santa Clara Vanguard from the calculation after a year out of competition, there is much less significant movement right now than there was this time last year. Blue Stars, Boston Crusaders, Phantom Regiment, and Spirit of Atlanta are all currently two spots higher than their final ranking last year. Boston Crusaders has finished in the Top 3 only once (2nd in 2022). The corps fell from second to fourth from this time last year to championships. Phantom Regiment has not finished in the Top 5 since 2012 (3rd). Spirit of Atlanta’s 13th position matches its most recent two finishes before taking a year off the competition field (2018, 2019). Holding Steady (+1 to -1 spots away from 2023) Bluecoats, Crossmen, and Madison Scouts are all currently one spot ahead of their 2023 finish. The Cavaliers and Music City are even. Carolina Crown, Colts, Genesis, Mandarins, Seattle Cascades, The Academy, and Troopers are one spot lower. Finishing in second place the last three competitive seasons, Bluecoats leads at this point with hopes of earning its second championship. After missing finals last year and finishing in 14th place, Crossmen sits in the last finalist spot with multiple head-to-head victories of the current 13th place corps. Music City is currently even with its final placement in each of the last two years. This would match the corps’ highest placement ever once again. Despite being one place lower than last year right now, it is notable that Colts and Troopers emerged from their historic runs last year with strong early season results this year as well - never a guarantee. Similarly, while Mandarins would certainly like to place higher than 7th, such a placement would be the second best finish ever for the Sacramento corps. Falling Back (2+ spots lower than 2023) Blue Devils, Blue Knights, and Pacific Crest are all currently two spots lower than last year. Jersey Surf is four spots lower than last year. After earning their first three-peat last year, Blue Devils are currently seated in third place. The corps has never finished lower than second at finals in Lucas Oil Stadium. It is hard to fathom, but the last time Blue Devils placed in third or lower (2006), this year’s age-outs weren’t yet in kindergarten. A Blue Knights finish in 14th place would match the corps lowest in the Lucas Oil Stadium era (2022). Jersey Surf only has one competition on the books at this point. Back in Action Santa Clara Vanguard returned to competition this year and is currently ranked 6th. This would be the corps lowest finish since 2011, however, after a year off the field would still be quite an accomplishment. Similar to the returns of Spirit of Atlanta and Seattle Cascades last year, the corps returned with very little competitive change after finishing 5th in 2022. Open Class The Open Class rankings are: 1st - Blue Devils B (72.950); 2nd - Gold (70.400); 3rd - Spartans (69.150). After today, BDB is off the competition field until August 5th so head-to-head comparisons will be difficult. The corps has consistently bested Gold. Gold and Spartans match up in Dover, PA on July 26th. There are still three corps yet to compete that will be making their way to championships - Guardians (July 16th); Raiders (July 20th); Les Stentors (July 23rd). July 14th Ankeny, IA Blue Stars and Colts are back at it. Cerritos, CA Golden Empire, Impulse, and Vessel complete their 2024 competitive seasons.
  5. July 12th Cheyenne, WY Genesis made its season debut with a score of 67.950. This score is 2.550 points below where the corps was on this night last year and puts the corps in 22nd place (2 lower than this time last year). With the other corps in the show traveling together, the head-to-head improvements are comparable. Pacific Crest put up the largest score increase (2.800 points) followed by The Battalion (1.950), Troopers (1.750), The Academy (0.850), and Seattle Cascades (0.300). Riverside, CA Blue Devils B continues to dominate the Open Class competition in California and became the first Open Class corps to break 70. BDB, Gold, and Impulse all improved by more than three points after five days out of competition. Vessel showed an almost four point increase with one additional day off the field. July 13th What a day we have ahead of ourselves! There are five shows, all 21 World Class corps are in competition for the first time, and another 7 Open Class corps on on the field not to mention the All Age and Alumni groups that will be performing. Barring rain, heat, or power issues, we should have ourselves a nice in-depth analysis tomorrow. Clifton, NJ Primarily an All-Age show (shout out to my mother who will be performing with the Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni), this show does have the final World Class debut of the season with Jersey Surf on the ticket. DeKalb, IL The most interesting storyline here is the 0.050 points separating The Cavaliers, Colts, and Blue Stars. The Cavaliers opened the season with big leads over both Colts (2.850 points) and Blue Stars (1.600 points). When the three corps met most recently The Cavaliers and Colts were tied with Blue Stars trailing by one half of one tenth of a percent. At the top of the ticket, Bluecoats look to make a big statement after six days out of scored competition. The last time the corps took the field, it had the highest score in DCI. Will Bluecoats reclaim that position tonight? Fort Collins, CO Mandarins and Santa Clara Vanguard have gone head-to-head seven times with SCV taking the first three meetings and Mandarins the last four. However, the most recent competition narrowed the Mandarins lead to just 0.250 points. Little Rock, AR Boston Crusaders and Carolina Crown meet for the fourth time this season with Crown holding a 2-1 edge. Boston enters the night with the top score of the season just two nights ago while Crown has not been scored in five days. Further down in the rankings, Music City has closed the gap slightly with Spirit of Atlanta each time the two corps meet. Vista, CA This is the second of three nights of California Open Class corps.
  6. July 11th And away we go! Dubuque, IA This was about as interesting of a show as we can have before the true head-to-head regional match-ups begin. Phantom Regiment and Colts came in together from Mankato two nights earlier. Phantom showed a 1.500 point increase while Colts had an increase of 1.150 points. Blue Stars competed for the first time since four nights earlier and improved by 2.500 points. The Cavaliers were in competition for the first time in five days yet only had a 0.950 point improvement. The net result of all of that was an extremely tight bunching of scores in the current 8-10 range with The Cavaliers and Colts tied for 8th at 78.100 and Blue Stars right behind at 78.050. To my knowledge, this is the first time Colts have ever tied or beaten The Cavaliers. It is safe to say that the Colts is making a run this year at beating its best ever placement, earned last year with a 9th place finish. Muscle Shoals, AL Boston Crusaders continue to make strong statements night after night and remain the top scoring corps on the season so far at 86.050 points. Score changes were modest for the corps in this show however Music City did tighten up the gap with Spirit of Atlanta from 0.950 points two nights ago to just 0.450 points last night. July 12th Cheyenne, WY Genesis makes its season debut. Riverside, CA California's Open Class corps return to the field, for the final weekend of the season for Golden Empire, Impulse, and Vessel.
  7. July 10th Ogden, UT Just the one show in Utah last night. Let's compare the corps that competed on back-to-back days coming from Boise and with those corps competing with a gap of two days coming from Sacramento. The Battalion competed for the first time this season, opening with a score of 60.750, an increase of 1.100 points over last year's debut on the same night of the season. This is the smallest margin of victory for Mandarins over Santa Clara Vanguard since Mandarins first won on July 5th. Boise Two corps saw score decreases - Mandarins (-0.100) and Seattle Cascades (-0.900) and two corps saw score increases - Troopers (+1.450) and Blue Knights (+1.200). Sacramento All four corps saw increases - Blue Devils (+1.950), Santa Clara Vanguard (+2.150), Pacific Crest (+0.600), and The Academy (+2.350). Mandarins were also at this show and increased 1.500 points fro Sacramento to Ogden. July 11th Dubuque, IA The trajectories of Blue Stars and Colts have been linked so far this season. What imapct will a few extra days of rehearsal for the Blue Stars have? Muscle Shoals, AL The same group that was together on 7/9 is together again. The closest competitive match-up is between Spirit of Atlanta and Music City (0.950 points separation).
  8. July 9th Boise, ID The Mandarins became the sixth corps to hit the 80.000 mark. The other three corps in competition had the same back-to-back shows with the rare score decreases for Blue Knights (-0.900) and Troopers (-0.550). Seattle Cascades improved by 1.650 points. Mankato, MN Four of the five corps last competed together at the same show two nights earlier. Those corps improved by 0.300 points (Colts) to 4.550 points (River City Rhythm). What previously been a 2.300 spread between RCR and Colt Cadets is now a 5.550 point lead for RCR. Newnan, GA Boston returned to scored competition for the first time in a week and not only became the fifth corps to break 80 but blew that away with the highest score of the season at 84.900. The other four corps competed in the same back-to-back competitions and saw increases from 1.000 (Spirit of Atlanta) to 1.900 (Spartans). July 10th Ogden, UT There is just one show tonight. The Battalion makes it season debut in Open Class. In World Class, the California and Pacific Northwest groups come together. The main storyline will be spreads. How far ahead is Santa Clara Vanguard over Troopers? Where does Pacific Crest fit in relative to Blue Knights? How close will the spread be between The Academy and Seattle Cascades?
  9. July 8th Bakersfield, CA We lost this show due to... a power outage. Kennewick, WA Troopers opened up the spread over Blue Knights by 0.700 points. The strong start for Columbians was tempered a bit by a modest score decrease of -0.350 points. Sevierville, TN Carolina Crown put up a 5.500 point increase in its first scored show in almost a week. Crossmen (+2.700) and Music City (+1.150) debuted ahead of their scores this time last year while Spirit of Atlanta came out a bit behind (-0.950). Spartans showed a 6.350 point increase over its last scored show back on June 29th. July 9th Boise, ID The Mandarins break from their California peers to join Troopers, Blue Knights, and Seattle Cascades. Without the relative placements of Santa Clara Vanguard and Blue Devils, scores could fluctuate as a result. This is a one-day change as the two "tours" combine in Utah tomorrow. Mankato, MN There isn't a lot here in terms of storylines to watch. The closest competitors in the show are River City Rhythm and Colt Cadets. The two corps have met only once so far this season with RCR ahead by 2.300 points. Newnan, GA This is the same line-up as last night only with Boston Crusaders replacing Carolina Crown in competition. It is fairly safe to assume that Boston will become the fifth corps to break 80 after a week out of scored competition.
  10. July 7th LaCrosse, WI Colts reclaimed the lead over Blue Stars in front of the Blue Stars home crowd. Phantom Regiment remained exactly 2.750 points behind Bluecoats for the second straight show. Sacramento, CA Mandarins increased its spread over Santa Clara Vanguard to 0.900 points, the most so far this season. July 8th Bakersfield, CA This is an Open Class only show featuring all of the California corps except Blue Devils C. Kennewick, WA It takes three data points to tell us if there's a trend. Troopers led Blue Knights by 1.850 points when the corps debuted on July 5th and then 0.650 points the next night. Let's see where things stand on this third meeting. Sevierville, TN The main event is (hopefully) the competitive debuts of Crossmen, Music City, and Spirit of Atlanta. Carolina Crown should also have its first scored show since July 2nd and Spartans join the otherwise World Class tour.
  11. The more the merrier - I appreciate your analysis!
  12. July 6th I'm super bummed about the rain-out in South Carolina last night as it put a damper (I crack myself up) on what should have been our first in-depth analysis opportunity. Seattle The three World Class corps competed head-to-head two nights in a row. The score increases ranged from 0.000 (Seattle Cascades) to 2.350 (Blue Knights). BK gained 0.900 points on Troopers. Perhaps most notably out of the show, though, was the scored debut of Columbians at 64.950 points, better than all Open Class corps other than Blue Devils B so far this season and higher than World Class Cascades in the same show. Stanford All five World Class corps competed head-to-head two nights in a row. The score increases ranged from 0.000 (Mandarins) to 2.050 (Pacific Crest). Despite the score staying flat, Mandarins maintained an edge over Santa Clara Vanguard of 0.500 points. Five of the six Open Class corps competed head-to-head on June 30th and then again on July 6th. Those corps saw increases of 2.150 (Blue Devils B) to 7.150 (Impulse). You'll notice a similar huge jump for Impulse on the same night last year. Golden Empire had its first scored performance and came in between Impulse and Vessel, two corps that previously swapped positions in back-to-back shows. Whitewater Four corps (The Cavaliers, Madison Scouts, Phantom Regiment, and Colt Cadets) had back-to-back shows together. The increase ranged from 1.150 (Madison Scouts) to 1.850 (Colt Cadets). This is a tight and modest increase, indicative of the day over day time frame. Colts had two days between shows and put up a 2.700 point increase. Bluecoats, with three days, showed a score increase of 3.150, becoming the second corps to break 80. Nothing too surprising here. Year Over Year There's not much use in an in-depth analysis yet with several potential finalists yet to debut. I do want to point out a few score differences on the same night last year versus this year, similar to what Precious Roy did in a previous post. In World Class, Bluecoats and Madison Scouts are furthest ahead (0.650 for each) The Academy is furthest behind (-3.850). In Open Class, Colt Cadets are furthest ahead (5.200) and Golden Empire is furthest behind (-3.700). July 7th LaCrosse, WI Blue Stars and Colts are back in competition together after a few days apart. The corps have traded places so far this season. Blue Stars will be looking for back-to-back shows in the lead, especially in front of the home crowd and alumni corps. Bluecoats led Phantom Regiment by 3.150 on July 2nd and 2.750 last night. Can Phantom chip away at that lead further? Sacramento, CA Nearly the entire line-up is back for the third night in a row (minus Vessel). Mandarins has a home crowd tonight and the final spot in the competition. How will that affect its placement relative to Santa Clara Vanguard?
  13. July 5th I didn't realize the South Carolina show was exhibition only so there is a little bit less excitement in today's post than there otherwise might have been. I'll have more in-depth analysis like I typically do on Sundays tomorrow. Not only will they get us a few more corps on the list but I'll be back on land! Clovis, CA Blue Devils became the first corps over the 80 mark. More notably, though, is the first head-to-head victory by Mandarins over Santa Clara Vanguard. After winning by 0.600 points on June 30th, Vanguard found itself 0.700 points behind. The Academy opened its competitive season at 65.500 points, just a little behind its score this time last year. Portland, OR Troopers, Blue Knights, and Seattle Cascades opened their seasons in the same order as they finished last year. Rockford, IL Madison Scouts made a large gain on other corps coming from the same previous show on July 3rd with a 3.950 point gain compared to 0.850 for The Cavaliers and 0.750 for Blue Stars. River City Rhythm made its season debut with a 61.600, significant in the fact that it is the second highest score for an Open Class corps so far this season. July 6th Lexington, SC The scored debuts of Crossmen, Music City, and Spirit of Atlanta will tell us a lot about who is and who is not in the fight for finals at this very early stage. We also get Boston Crusaders and Carolina Crown head-to-head again. Can the hometown crowd put Crown ahead again? Seattle, WA I'm assuming the heat-related adjustments led to Columbians not receiving a score last night. Hopefully we will see a season opening number for the corps tonight as the highest placing 2023 Open Class corps yet to show up on the leader board for 2024. Stanford, CA Golden Empire should be making its scored debut tonight. Does the returning Santa Clara Vanguard have enough juice to respond to Mandarins taking the lead last night or will the more upstart Mandarins make a statement two nights in a row in northern California? Whitewater, WI Colts swap in for Blue Stars from last night's line-up. Will Madison Scouts continue its momentum two nights in a row?
  14. July 3rd Just one show to report on. Blue Stars moved ahead of Colts after just one show in the inverse order. All World Class corps in the show saw large score increases after a few days off the competition field. Ignore the placements in today's post. They will change dramatically in two days. July 5th This is the biggest date on the calendar remaining in terms of new corps joining the fray. We will see the first scores for The Academy, Blue Knights, Crossmen, Music City, Seattle Cascades, Spirit of Atlanta, and Troopers in World Class and Columbians and River City Rhythm in Open Class. Unfortunately, Bluecoats and Colts are off so we will not get our first look at all of last year's Top 12 in competition at the same time just yet.
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