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  1. Considering that here, in the South, we seem to take full blown arenas and fill them with mud (pronounced "muuuuuuuuddddddddd" followed by an echo-y voice saying "Thunder...Thunder...THUNDERRRRRR")......we here could probably figure out the squirrel logistics.
  2. They do indeed. I'm interested to see how season 2 without field judges changes the books. I think this past season was a learning experience for all involved regarding not only judging, but arranging.
  3. It lookes like it would be interesting. We don't get things like that much in the Southeast or I would go.
  4. How different are the International sheets from the Open Class sheets? I'm just trying to piece together some sort of idea about whether or not the framework existing could help form a model by which DCI and DCA could gain from each other.
  5. Good question. Is there a bare bones number of shows that you HAVE to participate in with DCI in order to compete in Finals? If not, at least from the southern perspective, you could probably still do only Sat / Sun DCI shows and still come out +5 scores. Those 5 extra scores are important not just from a cleaning and feedback standpoint, but also from a recruitment and exposure standpoint.
  6. I remember first seeing "Blondie" on Solid Gold with the Solid Gold Dancers. #### I'm feeling old today.
  7. So could we all agree that a model for what an "All-Age" division COULD look like already exists at least in a framework format? I can't find the exact bylaws for the divisions on DCI's website so I am unable to really look at anything in detail. I would also be interested in knowing what the sheets look like.
  8. LMS was a blast. I'll remember playing the mass Georgia forever
  9. Cabs and Sun were all pretty cool I never spent much time around Bucs. It's kinda like in DCI. X-Men, Star, VK, PR and Colts were tons of fun to be around. There we're others too, but those really stuck out to me. Bluecoats were also very cool.
  10. I hope so. I count them at the top for "cool to hang with" along with the Renegades. Good memories of some really fun times. I'm just sorry that I missed a decade before I knew about DCA. I think I would have enjoyed cats from Westshore and such.
  11. Seems like an almost perfect model for what we have been talking about merging DCI and DCA.
  12. Interesting.......and very cool...yet I am confused. Kidsgrove is an all age group. How are they preforming on the DCI tour if there is no "all-age" division? Or is this Finals only "In Exhibition?" BTW I love me some Kidsgrove. They were very cool cats every time they came for DCA.
  13. Wish I could like this 999 more times. A very good show and a proud alum.
  14. Oh no....i got it lol. I was trying to add additional sarcasm lol.