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  1. There is something universally appealing about watching the struggles of others. Sometimes it makes your circumstances not seem so bad.
  2. So first, because I fear the Polizia Temateca, I hope the Cadets come though the struggles created both for and by them (yes, I think at least in some tiny way, there are probably things which could have been prevented by the corps or YEA in regards to finances,) soon and come out for a strong and successful season. Hopefully we get some news soon so we can see where rumor stops and reality begins. There...I'm on topic. Now, as far as snow, the tradition in the south is to buy all the bread and milk from the stores at the first mention of snow. If you think the stories of this are some sort of myth or sailors yarn....it isn't a myth. People really DO actually buy up all of the bread and milk. Why is a question that no one can seem to answer though my suspicion is that I am missing the page from my "Betty Crocker Cookbook" that mom gave me that has the recipe for the rare and uniquely southern "Milk Sandwich." For actual driving in snow, I think it is very well represented by the following skit from SNL: https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/weekend-update-buford-calloway/n45830
  3. We were even cool here in "The South." We wouldn't know what to do with snow or ice. I have a snow shovel in the shed, but I would almost be willing to bet that I am the only one in my neighborhood..and I'm pretty solid with betting.
  4. Why don't you guys just move down south Terri. Our taxes are cheap, housing is cheap and historic (my house was built in 1898,) and you're 2 hours away from Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville and Birmingham. Plus, our coldest winter days are like 26 degrees. We did have snow once (which was an experience,) but it doesn't happen often. https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/weekend-update-buford-calloway/n45830 PLUS....you have SOA and CV down here!
  5. So just out of curiosity (and this may have already been answered and I'm just too lazy to find it,) what is the draw for major marching band shows like both live and with streaming? From what many here are saying (and it makes sense,) the potential revenue gained is FAR outweighed by the cost of adding additional housing, transportation, staff, food and uniform costs. So the corps lose money no matter what it seems. The only angle I can see (and we don't have to worry about it again until 2022,) would be if the crowd sizes in the stands and online are so amazingly high, that additional shows could be added to increase corps revenue. Someone who follows this stuff more closely than I do would have to clue me in.
  6. There's far too much logic in this statement. This is the same in generally every industry that exists. Ideas generally cost money and I've found that ideas that don't cost money, generally don't get much traction and even when they do, they are short term solutions with little true impact. I remember as a very young instructional designer sitting in a big office in Atlanta with Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank talking through some Tier 1 training for their first Home Depot call center concept. We had a great plan (we thought,) but when the question came to "how much will it cost? Who is paying for it and what is the impact," I didn't have those answers. Welcome to project management 101...the hard way. DCI is a business...plain and simple. And to put an idea out there without being able to show proof of concept is just plain silly IMHO. There...I'm now ready for the 'Ok Boomer" comments...even though I like 25 to 30 years too young.
  7. I think the general consensus from current marching members (granted that's only 5 people this coming season) was that DCI is only DCI sans-woodwinds. I still feel like it's the same as it was in the 80's when I marched, which is to say "If you want to march DCI, pick up an instrument that's part of the existing ensemble and put in the work to learn it." I don't feel like that's a prejudice. Things have rules that make up the framework of the activity. If you play american soccer, you don't use your hands (unless you're the goalie.) If you want to use your hands, choose a different sport or gain the skills necessary to compete within the context of the activity. I would like to think that most kids who would have the skills to march at the DCI level would be able to pick up a new instrument fairly quickly and work their way up into a corps. The kids now seem to have pretty high skill sets already. Just my opinion though.
  8. I remember watching championships in 85' with dad when Star sung the whole "MICKEYMOUSE" thing. I thought dads head would explode in a flurry of "that's not drum corps" diatribes. I'm not a huge fan of the narration and singing either. Even last years PR show, I wasn't really much of a fan and I actually really liked that show. But I will agree that if something is done well and actually adds something to the show, then I can at least appreciate it.
  9. I hear you. Peart was an excellent drummer for the style he played in the time he played. But I want to punch a kitten every time I hear someone who isn't musically trained call him (or anyone for that matter,) the greatest that ever was or will be. There are SO many examples of cats from Krupa to Chambers to Simon Phillips who were/are technically "better." I think that's why I usually prefer to really only talk in depth about music with other musicians. We can all generally agree that you don't have to dig something to appreciate it.
  10. I'm so glad I marched battery. All of this talk of embouchure, horn angles, valves and rotors and such just makes my head hurt. I'll keep my hunchback and hands that look like knurled tree limbs from playing on kevlar as long as I don't have to learn to count past potato. You guys had too #### much to think about.
  11. With our luck that's now the working title for the sequel to Mr. Hollands Opus....we're now all doomed.
  12. Was going to do something similar and then I realized all I had in the fridge was a left over bottle of Korbel...you know...the Schlitz Malt Liquor of Champagnes.
  13. Interesting. I've run into that in some ways even at my very young 48. But mine is specifically for the fact that Britt is 29 years old. We ran into exactly what was stated here at a place which shall not be named (Yellow Deli) where the waitress basically said "This really isn't a 'your dad' kind of spot." Well guess what kid...I ain't her dad. Most of the coolest people I know are my age or older.