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  1. BAC made some really smart decisions on when, where and how the show would develop over these weeks. The areas they focused on in practice here in Chattanooga and the way that they went about it proves they know their product and their membership VERY well and how to shape it day over day. And yes, that's what drum corps do. But we've all been there and it's NOT always easy to pull off. Great job BAC!
  2. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by BAC as well. I have mixed opinions on Crowns show. Although it's excellent and well performed, I don't know that it has the legs to beat BD or Bloo this year just based off what I've seen. Again though, that's my opinion. I really never do these but.... 1. Bloo (maybe by .7 high) 2. BD 3. BAC (within .6 of BD) 4. Crown 5. Phantom 6. Mandi's (and closer than we may think to PR) 7. Cavies 8. Zeph Really just guesses. If BD throws down in percussion and guard and maxes out what they have, it's gonna be REAL close. I think Bloo has a better vehicle and if they hit a great run, its going to be hard to beat their GE head to head.
  3. Just watched last night's run. It's really starting to clean up. The transitions are much more defined both musically and in the drill execution. The battery and front are coming along nicely. There's an excellent full percussion run on youtube that highlights some front ensemble writing that I still can't actually hear during the show. This is solid top 5 unless something really weird happens.
  4. Agreed. And that's been social media for a very long time. Obviously, we can't go back in time, but when I was a much younger and dumber man, I had to learn the hard way that if you were going to say something, the possibility of getting punched in the throat was a real thing. I simply don't know the solution. That all being said, I hope the Cavies find their groove this season and finish being proud of what they accomplished.
  5. I get it. I exist in a similar corporate world. That being said, I'm always going to act as a buffer between my staff and high level managers that only have so much view into what it is that we do, why and how. I think that's what we see on DCP. If the MM's could fix it, they would. We all know that. It's beyond their control to do anything more than put forth the best 12 minutes they can every night. Yes, there're design challenges. Yes there are most likely better alignments of staff. And I think some of the criticism is fair. That being said, I don't think it's unreasonable to understand why a 19 year old might NOT understand that some of the comments posted on social media are not directed at them, their effort and their dedication to putting forth a great product for us to consume. That doesn't mean it's right or wrong. But to not recognize and at least acknowledge the effect it can have seems to simply be willfull ignorance of human nature. Criticize all you want as long as it's with the intention of bettering the situation and with an intention to have some actual meaningful dialogue. I'm not a fan of the show. But I'm a fan of the members and staff who are giving it 110%. Anyways, feel free to flame me all you want.
  6. I mean that IS valid lol. That being said, I see nothing on the matter with the exception of the reddit thread and I personally trust reddit about as much as I trust my state legislature. He's still listed on the Cavies page, so who knows. I'll believe it when I see the corps actually say it.
  7. We did M.O.D.E (The music of Don Ellis) with Corpsvets in 2005. High school we pretty much copied SOA shows (badly) in some way, shape or form because all of our instructors came from there.
  8. I only really got playing exposure to Don Ellis once I got to DCA with Corpsvets in '05. Prior to that, my only experience that I can really remember from DCI with it was Madison off the top of my head. I did listen to some Ellis on my own prior to that though. I was never really big on jazz after college until much later on.
  9. Can you imagine what Bloos rendition of Strawberry Soup would be like? I wonder if AI can make that happen for me lol.
  10. Alas, I have an 8am conference call so I can't go. I'll catch it in Atlanta. I don't know if anyone from DCP was at the Chattanooga rehearsals with the exception of myself. We need a secret bird call or some 'ish so we can identify each other lol. BTW the BAC staff was really nice at rehersal. I chatted with a few of them in the parking lot about my DCI experience for a very brief few minutes. Good cats.
  11. Another great rehersal today. 1. Wow what a middle brass section. All sections are good, but that mid brass is fantastic. Very balanced and mature brass sound from the whole brass section. 2. Some pretty neat add in's for some of the drill during the end of the ballad for the soloist. Neat use of the hoops for that part coming up (I assume next show day.) 3. One thing that's always fun about rehearsals is that you can get a better feel for how the drill really flows. This drill isn't super complex. What it IS though is super well suited to the musical selections. It makes more sense now that I've seen it broken down. It's also unique to see where the more complex musical responsibilites are within the drill when it's high demand. 4. Front ensemble was more "present" today. They read each other very well and you can tell they're starting to get super confident in the show and in each other. Really nice writing in several sections and it takes front ensembles a while to really start feeling the space in-between complex parts. Well done. 5. Guard looks great for the most part. There is some timing stuff in one of the big mass flag sections that was a little loose, but it will clean up. 6. Battery sounds good. There was a little fuzz here and there on some ninelets (I THINK rhey were ninelets..they sounded like it anyways lol) and maybe a cold attack or two. But overall pretty #### strong really. It's an easy battery book to grasp, similar to how Bluecoats battery books are written. Not a very complicated battery drill either. It makes sense within the demand of the book. All in all lots of fun. Great job to all the members and staff. You cats have a special program this year!
  12. That's exactly the way it was for me too. I watched it for a 3rd time and realized just how good this show is and how different it is. It's a GE beast. There are moments when I'm a little less enthused, but 90% of the show is outstanding.
  13. I didn't really think about the copywrite thing to be honest. What was stated though makes sense. The battery book wouldn't be recognizable to the source material. I still think judges tapes would be the best thing ever. There are some moments I can think of where I wish I were a judge standing in the middle of some amazing hornlines.
  14. And to think....VK could have sooooo done something in a show related to that statement from Cesario
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