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  1. Vista was horrid. They fixed a multitude of the security holes by the time the name changed. Oddly enough, the company I worked for hired a ton of IT cats from Enron just after the scandal broke and I flew down to Houston for 3 months to pick their brains on writing support documentation. It was a cool gig. On an on topic note, I'm glad that DCI stepped up on several fronts. I still think they should have an age out ceremony in 2021 for those who aren't going to be able to march their bonus year (or allow those folks to share in the regular 2021 age out.) It was one of the most important
  2. We called it Longhorn when I was teaching certification. There we're other names which I can't say here but rest assured, all of them were horrible...and true. 😂😂😂😂
  3. Again, my apologies. I made an error. It was 30 years ago. If you read down just under Jeff's post, I acknowledged my error. EDIT: Original post edited. I fell into a drum corps black hole from 91 through about 2000 while trying to get my career off the ground so those years I don't have a lot of knowledge of except very specific shows. Again, apologies for the error. It's been corrected and no offense intended.
  4. Yeah unfortunately it isn't available through LG tv's. I could stream it I suppose. Tubi is actually pretty darn good for a free service.
  5. There's a way to watch it free? I found it on Amazon Video once but I wasn't about to pay for that much cringe.
  6. Pretty sure you're correct. Tom Float was an absolute trip. He was always fun at PAS.
  7. Yep you're right. I guess my memory of that season wasn't as clear as it used to be. I guess Freelancers didn't fold until 94 or 95. You're right about VK, they were fun as always.
  8. Dutch was pretty hot that year though. Things I remember extremely well about that year: Spirit making finals after a tough season 😊 Magic of Orlando debuts 😊 No more Suncoast Sound 😞 Star with Belshazzar's starts to REALLY show what's about to happen to DCI. Not many shows wowed me that year, but this one really defined things for me. I started out with a "this isn't drum corps" attitude and ended the season with "this is the future of drum corps." PR and BD tie?!?!?! Whattt????? Cadets shock me by staying Cadets of Bergen County. For some reason, I thought they
  9. 2005 Corpsvets. We did Winston Salem the last week of July and then packed up the uniforms into the trailer where they stayed until Kingston NY and then back in the trailer until St. Cloud Florida. Now, these things we're already...moist...from Winston Salem. By the time we got down to Florida they had been marinating in that uni trailer in the Atlanta summer heat for basically a month and a half. When I went to go get my top half, I could literally taste the funk in the air. It was about a bazillion degrees and then just as we went on, it started pouring that funky smelling Florida rain. I'm
  10. Yeah I'm gonna start working on another cue I think. I gotta take my mind off things. I've been saving some black and white ebony and some luthier grade curly maple. When times are tough, I've always got my shop.
  11. A certain election campaign texts Britt at least 2 to 3 times a day asking for $2.70. She's finally started asking them to stop texting lol. I get at least 3 to 5 calls a week asking if I want to go teach English in Asia or some such.
  12. I get them constantly even now. Though probably down from 5+ per day to 2 a day.