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  1. We always did DCI SE in Atlanta at CV. My question from earlier last season was what would it take to get a score rather than just a read. I've never taken the time to really look at the differences in the sheets between DCI OC and DCA.
  2. I remember in college...when I thought I wanted to teach music...having to compose in C clef for the first time. How something so incredibly simple to comprehend can make my brain melt I still am not quite clear on. But 10,422,763 notes all on one bar in some oddball time signature...no problemo.
  3. I'm already voting for Meteorite in 2020 so this would be a perfect start to end this thread LOL
  4. I will say that I know more percussionists who can muddle through a brass book (myself included) than brass cats who can read a percussion book and get what's going on. I'm sure there are plenty who can do both but reading notes doesn't always mean you "get it." I've also noticed that most "drum guys and girls" really appreciate brass books. You'll usually find me at as many brass arcs as percussion arcs at Atlanta.
  5. They did. Parades were my absolute LEAST favorite things of all marching experience (especially Disney.) I would, to this very day (at 47 years old,) track for 4 continuous hours than to march a 1 mile parade.
  6. You are correct...we do...beets are delicious.
  7. I have mine too but I am hoping that mine isn't the same as yours LOL.
  8. Yep. Disposable being the key word here. I just don't see how paying to be part of the voting elective brings any satisfaction to anyone.
  9. We always tried to go to a few shows if I wasn't marching and mom and dad would always make Birmingham and Atlanta when I did march. They showed up randomly at camps at West Georgia too when we had stuff there. I GREATLY miss PBS broadcasts.
  10. This was the most chill Thanksgiving everrrrrrrr. We went to the china buffet for dinner since our families are spread out all over the US and I got to work in the shop on pool cues. If I get another 40 days like that I may be able to get down under the 1 year wait list time frame.
  11. A little late, but Happy Holidays to everyone and be safe out there. Yep. Happy memories with my father and brother (mom wasn't all that interested.) I remember we would record the show on the old Beta Max and the years I marched Dad would play the show again on Christmas and give us all a critique. o_O I probably still have those tapes somewhere in the attic of doom.
  12. Agreed. We had a female snare who probably could have marched Div 2 if she had wanted to. But we were also very lucky to have so many ties to SoA, Troopers, Southwind and Suncoast with our band directors. We were always teched by guys from Spirit like Scott Brown and Turtle. My band director took my to my first DCI audition in 86'. There was also a strong tie to winter guard with Jim Gladson, Joel Denton and Perry Vandergriff back then if I remember correctly.
  13. I think so too. It's a lot better than "You march plates until you pay your dues" thing.