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  1. Weaklefthand4ever


    I was a rook-out my first season because of geography. New home town, new corps. It just happened that way. But I got a great education with every corps I marched with in DCI and in DCA years later. It is an excellent question though. As I got older, I really and truly understood that it was about far more than playing music and with that mindset, came a much greater sense of loyalty. Some people, like myself, have to develop into the kind of person we want to be. Others have a better head on their shoulders from the beginning.
  2. One of the most candid and valid posts in 3 months at least and a point well taken. Congratulations Ms. Steele and best of luck as you bring the corps forward.
  3. Weaklefthand4ever

    Then vs Now

    I guess my question would be are we really praising the sexual component of a show or the performance of the show in its entirety? There's a difference in my mind between saying "that was a great show" from a performance aspect and saying "that color guard (in this example) was smokin' sexy hot." If I'm not looking for that component then it just becomes part of the backdrop in the minds eye. So yes I see your point. I believe the key is in how each person interprets what's being presented.
  4. Weaklefthand4ever

    Then vs Now

    So I watched the show and here's my impression and opinion. There are some who will see objectification of both young women and men (the guard is co-ed after all,) within the show. Is it "over the top?" Not in my opinion. The hinge pin is is how an individual views what they are seeing. I'm not staring at the MM's as objects or trying to interpret sex into the show, so I'm not seeing it through your eyes. I've certainly seen things in other main stream media that I could point to as being FAR more explicit. Now, if that makes me some sort of sicko or leaves me open to be told that I am ok with objectifying young women, then let's be careful where we tread. I simply don't see things in that specific show through the same mindset and eyes that another person might see them through.
  5. Weaklefthand4ever

    Then vs Now

    I saw the comment but didn't respond because I have not seen the show and therefore can't make that judgement as of yet. I don't think it would be fair to say one way or another before I have had the opportunity to see the design myself. Hopefully, I will get a chance to do that this evening and then I will be happy to respond.
  6. Weaklefthand4ever

    Then vs Now

    Interesting scenario but we still cannot assume that the reason for MM's comment was based on the design of the show. It's possible that the specific MM felt objectified but without her statement as to why she responded how she did, how can we be sure. I have a colleague at work who once made a blanket statement that "all old men are creepy perverts." It didn't matter who it was or their intention, they were all creepy perverts out to get her. It turned out that she had been victimized by her grandfather and that (understandably so,) significantly colored her perception. Now, without that knowledge of her past, how can anyone make a statement about her feelings on "all old men" that would be anything more than assumption. I see your point Stu. I really do. And much like other things such as advertising, it holds some merit. But the example given, without input from the member themselves, simply doesn't point to a specific reason why the statement was made without having to assume.
  7. Weaklefthand4ever

    Then vs Now

    At some point in all of our musical "careers" whether performing or teaching, we've probably been asked to put a dress on the pig and make it as pretty as possible. But I don't blame the performers for working their ###'s off to make that pig the prettiest #### pig you've ever seen. I think the key is how we approach it if we don't like the message/staging/design etc. I can say to an MM "I may not like the design or message of the show you were given. But you guys performed the #### out of it and you should be proud." I just don't see how that's so hard. I have to do it even today outside of music when I'm asked to build a really hideously ugly pool cue. I don't blame myself for building an ugly cue or them for playing with it. I just build the thing to look as good as it can.
  8. Weaklefthand4ever

    Then vs Now

    My father's niece ended up marching with the "Bananamen" as he called them. And a good number of us that are active here probably fall into the "geezer" category. My last year in drum corps before coming back to DCA was 1991. I don't necessarily agree with all the changes that have come since I first started watching in 1983. But I also don't think I'm in a position to judge the direction of the activity.
  9. Weaklefthand4ever

    Then vs Now

    Agree. Plus, even when I don't initially like a show from the stands, I tend to go back and try to watch it again. If nothing else, it allows me to really focus in on what I don't like. I've often found that I'm listening to a show and trying to compare it to show of the corps that was on just before it. That's fine, but I enjoy it much more when I'm not trying to be a "stadium seat GE judge."
  10. Weaklefthand4ever

    Then vs Now

    Marching members past, present and hopefully future do (I'm certain,) stray onto the forum from time to time. Criticism of what an individual likes or doesn't like is fine. It's an opinion and nothing more. That being said, the old "DCI sucks now because of blah, blah, blah" is an old and tired argument. It's still valid in a person's individual mindset, but when placed out there for public consumption, people will defend their own opinions as well. These young people work just as hard, bleed and sweat just as much as we all did BITD. They put out the best product that they're capable of given the circumstances. To put forth a blanket statement saying that people who like today's shows better than those of 30 years ago have bad taste does have an air of disrespect IMHO. But we are all entitled to that.
  11. Weaklefthand4ever


    Same experience when I came back to drum corps and marched DCA. But we all knew we were working towards a future....building a foundation for success. Being part of that makes me proud of my corps and it's current and past MM's, staff, volunteers and of myself.
  12. Weaklefthand4ever

    I think George Hopkins is innocent

    Well played indeed lol
  13. Weaklefthand4ever

    Then vs Now

    I love the horn lines of 30 years ago, but I can't agree with that statement. Just as staging has changed and pushed the limits of GE year after year, so too has the need for unique solutions to vertical staging, higher speed drill etc. There were some incredible "Park and Bark" moments in the past that still make the hair on my neck stand up. But there are also some moments with today's groups that have the same effect. "New School" may not be everyone's cup of tea, but taste is very subjective.
  14. Weaklefthand4ever

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    That's awesome Terri LOL. Can someone PLEASE do this and toss a flag over the top in tribute to Bloo '16?
  15. Weaklefthand4ever

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    If it DOES happen to be Jurassic Park, I'm becoming a BC fan and coming to finals in a Velociraptor costume. I'm actually a little obsessed with 'em.