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  1. And I did actually think about that as well. And though I would agree that Cook was the man behind the money, I think the other lines of support could still be alive and well in that market. If nothing else, there are a few things going for it. Indiana seems to still have a fairly significant band presence (though nothing like the hot bed of the 80's.) Though Star was created with Bill Cooks endowment, Phantom is already established. I think it's worth putting out some feelers in the area to see if corporate sponsorship is out there. The University has an excellent program and was always friendly to Star. It's hard to imagine that it's not worth investigating. As far as fundraising, PR has always kept that a little close to the cuff for anyone who isn't an alumni to get a solid feel for outside of rumor and innuendo.
  2. I've always wondered if another corps could start / relocate to Bloomington, IN. You have a pretty good economy in a drum corps savvy town. The university is there and probably still quite a bit of design talent. I could be wrong on all those fronts but I would be interested in hearing the positives and negatives.
  3. With running over a field judge now no longer an option, I think the only thing you could do would be to choose a fan at random and have them try to not get run over. At least it would embrace fan participation!
  4. Unfortunately, I think that's the truth Stu. Amazingly, gamers are actually making real money off playing video games. Oddly enough though, in my own little bubble, pocket billiards is going through a resurgence. Pool halls are starting to go to non-smoking and laws have changed to allow "kids" to be in the rooms again. Most of the best players in the world are now younger guys. 20 years ago, I would have been considered to be in my prime age now at 47. Bad comparison, I know, but it's an interesting parallel.
  5. All very true Ghost. I think the ESPN 2 thing was really wasted to be honest. They played finals in a odd time slot if I remember correctly, it was a delayed broadcast. I think part of the key, as has been discussed ad nauseam, is for DCI to do whatever they can to fill the seats with fans FIRST and foremost. If that means that you significantly cut ticket prices for students, then do it. I get that money will be an issue with doing that. But if you can't fill seats, you won't attract sponsors. The how is always the hitch in the giddyup.
  6. I've always waffled back and forth on Blast. Depending on whom you speak to, Blast was either a brilliant idea to bring marching arts onto a small stage with small ensembles and maximize revenue presenting something people had never seem before (shiny new stuff.) OR, Blast was play thing for Bill Cook to prove that he could once again re-invent the wheel. He and his corps and staff changed the face of DCI, Blast changed the face of stage entertainment within that niche. It was WGI (or what would become WGI,) combined with Mini-Corps / Soundsport at it's absolute best. Unfortunately it ran it's race as well. I think people are too finicky outside of our activity to make it mainstream. I have always thought that the way to make the activity grow is to find corporate sponsorships first and have those mainstream sponsors drive forward the activity. I just don't see the activity going the opposite way and attracting sponsorships which would then make the activity popular. HOW....now that's the question isn't it?
  7. I don't necessarily disagree with that statement Stu. I think it's in the way that it's done which is the source of contention in all reality. Drum Corps has always failed in it's ability to adapt with changing times. I think that much is obvious. Kids now have choices of what to do with their summers in ways that (for good or bad) have changed the dynamic. Even when I was coming up through DCI, there were SO many more corps. Band programs were huge here in the southeast and in the north and mid-west. Kids are staying inside now. There are a lot of things that DCI needs to explore in order to make/keep drum and bugle corps relevant. I think THAT we can all agree on.
  8. What did you think about the Brass Theater / Canadian Brass / Blast angle?
  9. Now THIS I would agree with. I do have some insider information as it were and what you say here is accurate. After 18 years, Disney did indeed have to make an evaluation of what was worth spending money on and you are correct. Let's face it, live entertainment in the park does not DRAW people to the park nor does it KEEP people in the park. It was more about live entertainment in general than it was as being specific to the drum corps activity. As long as we're clear on that I completely agree 1,000,000,000% with this post. P.S. - You're correct on Future Corps starting after Epcot "opened" by a few months. Though in reality, Epcot didn't truly open to the public until late October. A lot of things were still in flux (entertainment wise) when it opened as Disney corp was still holding on (foolishly) to the notion that Epcot would truly become a self sustaining "community."
  10. Reminds me of that blue and black oyster pearl back in 70's and 80's. The lines are just less defined. I was lucky enough to get a hold of a bunch of large fleck white pearl drum covering from Slingerland about 20+ years ago and am holding onto it for a special kit. It was so different from the Ludwig pearl.
  11. Wait, wait , wait a second. Future Corps had absolutely NOTHING to do with drum corps as has been discussed ANYWHERE in this thread. Encorps Entertainment and the future corps group was meant as a small ensemble group and was created for the opening of Epcot. It ONLY ran for 18 years for goodness sake and ended because Disney decided there was no reason for it to continue. I agree with a lot of what you say sometimes, but that's a stretch just makes not a #### bit of sense.
  12. I can see your point. And to be fully transparent, JD Shaw might just have a lot more talent than Pitt's does overall. I don't KNOW that is the case, but some people are just better at their craft than others. I think of things as 5 year plans most of the time with things like this. To come out of the gate firing would have been amazing but I just don't know if it's realistic in most circumstances. This year is pivotal IMHO for PR and Pitt's. Let's see what happens and hope for the best.
  13. Oh absolutely. The TDR was a great drum for it's time. Once the mid to late 80s hit things got more even across the board. Pearl had the criterion, Yammy had the field corps and premier had the resonator. The ludwigs were ok but they were just too #### heavy and I know we had trouble keeping them tuned up. Changing the gut to aviator cables helped a little though since they couldn't stretch in the heat. Sometimes you would pull them off the trailer and throw the strainer up and the guts were a few milimeters away from where they were when you cased the drum. Then came Kevlar and my hands started to look like gnarled tree limbs after about a year of ritualistic drum punishment. Wouldn't change any of it for the world.
  14. Is that a blue oyster marine pearl I see? If so that's freakin' smokin' hot.