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  1. At first glance, i thought a year was missing here, but then I remembered there was no 5th-place show in 1990.
  2. Six of the top twelve corps in 1989 had record scores, all of which stood for at least ten years, and of those, two stood for twenty or more years, including this one.
  3. Yes, and unlikely to be caught, with 95.300. The only year six corps broke 95.
  4. Interesting to see they're doing an Oscar-wining song by Lady Gaga.
  5. Saw a marching band do a nice job with "Enter Sandman" last year in a show that also included works by John Adams and Hector Berlioz.
  6. I agree and generally don't tag my opinions with "in my opinion" (or IMO), but sometimes it seems courteous to do so.
  7. The problem with that item, and not just for for groups like drum corpsm is that legislators can be bought by companies like Disney, and the public doesn't care enough about this issue to vote out legislators who have been so bought. The first copyright laws passed in the U.S., very soon after the U.S. Constitution was ratified, thus giving legislators the power of preventing works from falling automatically into the public domain, had a maximum duration of 28 years (including renewal). At that time, the average adult lived to be 60. Now the average adult lives to be 80. But the maximum duration of copyright is now anywhere from 95 to 120 years. It should be cut down to 48 years. Everything published before 1971 should now be in the public domain. In my opinion.
  8. It's not part of their show, but I can't get out of my head: "Even while we sleep / We will find you / Acting on your best behavior / Turn your back on Mother Nature / Everybody wants to rule the world."
  9. It's got a message I endorse wholeheartedly. I hope they can convey it largely without words.
  10. Will they use an actual typewriter for Leroy Anderson's "Typewriter"? If not, at least make it an interesting percussion feature. Don't just program a typewriter sound into a keyboard. That would be so lazy.
  11. In some conceptions, e.g., in Dante's "Inferno", the center of Hell is in fact frozen. Not clear from the description at the link whether Colts are alluding to that or going in a different direction.
  12. And those are some promising corps, but they have yet to come close to being anywhere near as good as MBI was just three years ago.
  13. So the other day, I heard Bluecoats mentioned as a sponsor on a local NPR station, including a blurb about their August show in Akron. The station, WKSU out of Kent State U., simulcasts on a number of frequencies in different locations, reaching something like a quarter of Ohio's counties.
  14. The former, but I don't know if he's done work for them before.
  15. I chuckled at "the bugle & drum corps". But congratulations to her on the Livingston nomination!
  16. Here's a picture from a show he worked on before, which may evoke a Bluecoats show of years past:
  17. One of my coworkers is (outside of work) helping to build their props, but he won't give me any hints.