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  1. Are you envisioning a system in which, say, Blue Devils B loses some of its best players mid-season when they're "called up" to Blue Devils?
  2. At DCA Prelims, the mother of a Carolina Gold member sitting behind me kept referring to the groups as "bands". But she was quite enthusiastic about the activity, so I didn't bother correcting her.
  3. Fun! Except for the spotlights on the drum majors which also shine right into the audience's eyes.
  4. From the little I've heard, that's not my impression. And why on earth pay for a consulting firm (they aren't cheap!) if you're just going to ignore their report?
  5. Yes, but that doesn't mean there's no value in making distinctions. All drum corps are marching bands. All marching bands are not drum corps.
  6. I think "forward progression" is a loaded phrase. It's very possible for art to "progress' backwards, or to progress to a dead end.
  7. This plan being floated by Major League Baseball reminded me a little of the G7 plan in DCI nine years ago: MLB Proposal Would Eliminate 42 Minor League Teams.
  8. Do all English schools divide the school year into Michaelmas, Hilary, and Trinity terms or is that only an Oxford thing?
  9. Also, this was just before I started following drum corps again: when was it determined that the 2008 championships would not be held in Lucas Oil because that venue wasn't ready? Did Blue Devils, who are usually considered to be the most prepared corps, design "Constantly Risking Absurdity" thinking they would be performing it indoors? Did "Spartacus" win because of the change to an outdoor setting?
  10. How easy was that to do prior to 2009, when the end venue was changing every year?
  11. It's a bit like the end of Fahrenheit 451. If you want to preserve something, you need to do it yourself. We all should be copying all the content so that it's not destroyed on someone's whim.
  12. Ugh. The internet is so ephemeral. Even more unfortunately the internet managed to destroy much of what existed before it.
  13. Really though I'm not sure drum corps ever recovered from the addition of contrabass bugles back in the 1960s. That's when it all started going south.
  14. Have you considered the possibility that drum corps was already bad in 2004? That was the first year that DCI allowed amplification (of pit instruments and of voice). I had not been following drum corps closely for a few years, but a friend heard about the first "Big, Loud & Live" cinema broadcast, and we attended, only to be shocked and disappointed by the amplified voice in the performances by Crown and others.
  15. I haven't kept up with BluRay, but DVDs have "regions", and in order to play a DVD here that's meant to be used in Asia, you need an Asian DVD player -- or a "region free" player.
  16. This has been a big challenge for Broadway musicals for years. So many theaters in such a small area all trying to use the same narrow band of frequencies.
  17. Supposedly after Brexit, there will be a great new trade deal between the United States and the United Kingdom. (If there still is a United Kingdom.) Ask BoJo to fix this?
  18. I read about it here. The band is Owasso, OK, and the BOA competition was in Bedford, TX. Owasso finished eighth in Prelims; the top ten move on to Finals, but Owasso withdrew.
  19. Obviously from your thread title this is inspired by the high school band whose guard members' bare feet were so badly burned on the turf yesterday in a Bands of America prelims competition in Texas that a doctor told them they couldn't perform in the finals that evening (for which they had qualified). As it happens, over in DCA, the Caballeros' guard was barefoot for daytime prelims at championships in 2014 in New York and some membes feet were burned, but apparently not as badly. Curious why you asked for this topic, which seems like a legitimate one for discussion here, to be deleted.
  20. Then maybe corps should reduce membership?
  21. Confused how people have time to do anything but drum corps on these trips. I've attended DCA championships for the past several years in Rochester and then Williamsport, and at most there's only a few hours each on Saturday and Sunday to kill, what with I&E / minicorps on Friday night, Prelims on Saturday afternoon-evening, Alumni corps on Sunday morning, and Finals Sunday evening. Last year and the year before I did squeeze in a two-hour bike ride on the Sundays, but that was the extent of it.
  22. But each air show is a separate event run by a separate non-profit. I worked for a management company that was hired by several of these non-profits. So for the non-profit whose money is on the line, losing that one day is probably, as I said, worse than DCI losing "just" Finals. (Also, this year, DCA moved Finals to the same day as Prelims because heavy rain was predicted for Finals day. And in the past, DCA and Open Class in DCI have either (1) cancelled Finals declared the Prelims champion to be the champion or (2) cancelled all or part of Prelims and seeded everyone into Finals.)
  23. I don't actually see a difference. If you run a one-day airshow, and it's rained out, and the 50,000 people you were counting on all get their money refunded, you're in just as bad a shape as DCI is if Finals are cancelled. Maybe worse! BUT in the case of DCI (and DCA), you at least have the option of naming the Prelims or Semifinals winner as the champion. That is, I believe, why both circuits historically have had a two (or more) day championship series. And if you've paid for rain insurance, or you've set aside a contingency fund, you survive financially too.
  24. But speaking of rain... many years ago, I worked for a company that produced air shows. And you know what? Every few years, one of them would be rained out. And fans would have their tickets refunded and the show would take a hit. But that was just understood to be part of the business model. It's why the shows either carried rain insurance (or built up a literal rainy day fund for such contingencies).
  25. Well, I walk around downtown Cleveland (where I work) in the middle of the night and it's fine. Just like many cities of similar or larger size, lots of people come downtown to attend major league sporting events (NFL, NBA, MLB) and all sorts of shows (we have the one of the largest performance arts complex in the country) without experiencing any more trouble here than elsewhere. And after all, several people have mentioned Las Vegas, whose crime rates are lower, but that didn't help the hundreds of people injured or killed at the Harvest Music Festival two years ago. Anyway, violent and property crimes pretty much everywhere are way down from where they peaked in 1992. Nationally the crime levels are half of that (although still about twice as high as they were in 1960), which puts them back to where they were in 1970, i.e., they're lower now than they've been at any point in my lifetime--or in the history of DCI. And the reason that crime went up and then down is lead in gasoline and paint, which warped kids' brains. But the risk of rain here is as great as in Indianapolis, and we don't have a domed stadium.