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  1. my favorite cavies show of the decade. wish they would've had another week to clean up the visual.
  2. hoping that the whole uni has that color scheme. glassmen unis from the early 90s have held the "Hideous Easter Bunny Rainbow Puke Explosion" award for long enough.
  3. I don't think so, but I don't know for sure. I did a search on it, and just found that Minnesota Brass did this exact piece in 2018, though. Randy
  4. I'll always love this cue from Pleasantville, and would love to hear a corps do it for a ballad.
  5. any show that conveys 1 thing the entire time is boring. all of those shows have places where the darkness you speak of is broken up, thank goodness. morning allelujahs in 93 was a real breath of fresh air after all of the heaviness of the first 3/4 of the show. i love that whole era of the cavies. masculine is a generally useless word to describe any of those shows. just because mars was god of war doesn't make the music holst wrote in that piece male or female. it's just weird to think of music that way to me. and my dad would've called all of the guard members in all of those shows...well, he wouldn't use the word "masculine" to describe them, let's put it that way. a lot of people wouldn't. it's disgusting to me the way people use gender as a pejorative, but there it is. also, i loved 98 cavies. my favorite part of the show was actually the dance mvmt called for the woodwinds, and it was super light and whimsical.
  6. for only $12.50/month i can watch, you know, this? amazing.
  7. thrower would be the one i'd trust most, but the excellent work he's done is with a lot more lyrical material than corea's. not saying i wouldn't want to hear what he could do, but i think it's pretty far-fetched in today'd dci. what's the last wgi show that went there? i'm not joking when i say the future of dci is wgi.
  8. he's won 20 grammies and been nominated 60+ times. his work gets better and better, imo. i think we romanticize the number of dci arrangers who have been able to take modern jazz and make it work on a football field. bd 94's rep in the hands of anybody but downey or maybe boerma in that time period would've been a complete disaster. it's lightning in a bottle. which dci arrangers in today's dci would you trust to take his amazing work and translate it for dci? i can't think of any, and don't think i didn't try. don't get me wrong. i want it. i just don't want it mangled and chopped and bopped beyond recognition.
  9. Yeah, part of what happens on the internet. here's a nice little piece that i think a corps could do good stuff with
  10. I was talking about greg's inappropriate comments. Sorry.
  11. all we're talking about in here is music, and then this¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Which means they're in the 99th percentile. I wish I were exaggerating, but I teach English to teenagers.
  13. i'd rather hear amp'd kazoos and an entire show of jethro tull-like atmospheric flute than West Side Story, Appalachian Spring, etc for the eleventy billionth time. everything else is a go for me on the OP's wish list.
  14. i'm 43, and have always thought of myself as gen x/y because Xennial sounds stupid. we're an interesting group because we had roughly equal amounts of our life with and without the internet. i was part of the last class at my school that learned to type on an actual typewriter, too. that was my senior year of high school when not everybody even needed to know how to type because again, no internet. also, i like loud acoustic brass, but i don't like mic'd up amp cheese. okay boomer.