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  1. i think this board would be awesome if everybody ending their dci fandom announced it in a separate thread. especially between september and may when discussion revolves around "will XXX corps actually f'ing announce anything relevant about their shows?"
  2. the easy fix for this problem is to get rid of electronics in dci
  3. jetpacks would take care of this problem still waiting for jetpacks
  4. congrats to people who think flo is a great deal for all of the other stuff they watch besides dci on it everybody is not you thanks
  5. I keep thinking this says "Should DCI judges all go away?", and my answer to that question is yes.
  6. unfortunately, there were several cadets supporters on here who immediately dismissed the gh sexual assault accusations as bs. some deleted or altered their comments later on, but that doesn't mean they didn't happen. little relevance to situation in this thread, though.
  7. i would like somebody to create a venn diagram of the ways the pattern of behavior in this thread is similar or different to the pattern of behavior by the Cadets management.
  8. i have yet to see a megaprop or set of megaprops used effectively for my taste. i thought bloo's props in the year they won were silly, and the megaprop they used the next year was even sillier. the ones they used for tilt were probably the most effective i've seen in a dci show yet. the big sphere things they used the year after tilt were just there to say "hey look, more props this year!" the only thing lamer than megaprops is megatarps, which scv tried to do all at the same time last year before getting rid of that big ugly one in the middle of the field. bd's looked nice a couple years ago when they remade that painting, but by the end, it was like, okay they remade a painting. so what? these designers trying to make stage productions on a football field by covering it up with everything but the kitchen sink look like dilettantes almost 100% of the time. kudos to the field staff for keeping lawsuit-type injuries as low as they've been with all of this stuff on the field. i've actually do wonder how many niggling injuries members do get now compared to way back when before they just marched and played.
  9. don't forget that a big part of the song's "soul" and timelessness is that it is derived from bach.
  10. justifiable is a word, just fyi EDIT: and i fail because i didn't read the OP's post first. derp.
  11. correct on the first sentence. and no for the second. forgive the hyperbole in my last post. i'll give anything a try, so feel free to put up a link or pm me a link. and maybe i should be a little more clear. i don't want to hear 12 minutes of their work straight. a little interlude here and there in the middle of working with truly excellent source material makes sense a lot of times today. even bitd, there were a few boerma short pieces here and there in shows the scouts did that i liked, for example.
  12. not a good movie to me, either, but the thing i found funniest was he learned to "conduct" by directly mirroring his conducing motion with videos of real conductors.