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  1. I'm still compiling the data from my roughly 2 dozen double-blind, placebo-controlled experiments I've conducted for the past several years. My kids hate me from hooking them up to machines and having them watch top 12's from 1991 onward. And then they really hate me for inundating them with surveys because let's face it, writing scares most kids today. But anything in the name of science, right? All for you Hrothgar.
  2. Yep, it's certainly not unique to drum corps or drum corps fans.
  3. Until it actually, really, truly is hard to get away with either being a predator or actually, really, truly hard to get away with the "I don't want to get involved" or "let's just hope this goes away on its own" sentiment instead of taking action, the problem isn't going away. It might be a little better now than it was a decade ago, but the reason people do those things is because it's still so easy to get away with, and if anything, it's still underreported.
  4. "background check" can also mean a lot of things. in my state, for certificated school employees, it's fbi and state patrol. for volunteers, "background check" means something very different. and it probably means something different yet again in other states.
  5. not sure i've ever met anybody who doesn't love that show. lots of other shows from 20+ years ago, too. i was speaking generally, and admittedly, a little to broadly. i just think about the kids that I work with and they're a lot more likely to share a 6-12 placing performance from 2018 than from 1998, for example.
  6. maybe it's an "IDGAF" thing for him. i still have my BCG's, though I never wore them after boot camp.
  7. Ours was 60 days as well in the Marine Corps, but I got out in 2001 so that might have changed by now.
  8. A kid could have done any number of things to improve the mess that has been the DCI website for over a decade.
  9. Mandatory reporting where I live requires training of what, exactly, to report. If we see any of the warning signs we're trained on, then we must report it to a specific person in our building by law. From there, individuals with increasing expertise in child abuse, including law enforcement, make decisions. It takes any of the "do I want to get involved" out of the way because you're committing a crime that is very prosecutable if you don't automatically report. All adults who work in Indiana with minors do this? If so, that's awesome. It's pretty specific roles in my state that are mandatory reporters, and a lot of adults who work with groups of kids in music/sports/clubs aren't specified as mandatory reporters. I think this might be what Mike was talking about with it having different meanings in different states.
  10. Not every adult is a mandatory reporter. I think they should be if they're working with minors, but that's not the case.
  11. DCI can barely run what they have up right now on their website. I wouldn't expect them to actively seek out more work and more coding. I'm not being critical, either. Really, really hoping we can keep the wikipedia pages alive.
  12. yeah, i forgot that i got out a month early with terminal leave. that makes sense.
  13. He would have been awarded the medal before his discharge, and you don't have to have an honorable discharge to receive a medal before the discharge. Of course it wasn't dishonorable or bad conduct or anything like that, but I am curious. If it was an honorable discharge, then that was a pretty special arrangement since he had 2 months left.
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