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  1. I've always thought cirque du soleil would be better with live musicians performing on stage, which would be the closest I think we could get to professional drum corps. It's a lot more about choreography than marching with visual nowadays anyway, and I see cirque performers in shows like "Love" or "MJ1", which have more dance than acrobatics, as a professional analog to what we see color guards and even the corps proper do nowadays. I don't see it ever happening, but I'd love it.
  2. Might want to turn down your volume for the beginning of this. This whole piece is amazing. This is just one part of one mvmt, but the whole piece is amazing. The "Hymn" and "Nocturne" are my other faves:
  3. And now I'm hungry and the only one of those 3 we have is Five Guys, so Five Guys it is. Love their fries. Okay, I'm going right now.
  4. I had no idea. But it makes a lot of sense given the product on the field. No way a happy vis design team comes up with and sticks with "Nirvana must be purple and white!"
  5. Just saw this and am unsurprised that a stupid rule change was the only one that passed.
  6. If you think it's situationally ironic and/or tone deaf, then that's exactly what you're implying, actually. No need to be coy.
  7. not even a little bit. if self-appointed morality officers of dcp want to invent a problem with "optics" about this, let them knock themselves out. i think decent people care about whether or not marching members who got screwed over by scv after already committing a bunch of time and money (talk about "timing" and "optics") were offended by the cadets' gesture. anybody else's input is irrelevant.
  8. The only POV I care about hearing regarding any of this is that of the SCV performers who got shafted. If they were outraged by the timing of it, then fine. I'm not seeing that. And I couldn't possibly care less if it hurt the feelings of the SCV admin who acted like morons and let this happen in this way in the first place. Same with their alum who might have problems with it. Grow up.
  9. i know you don't like older dci, but 96 BD has tons of danny elman. dick tracy for the ballad and trouble from mission impossible for the closer. that hornline was fire, too.
  10. will be listening to this when i fly out tomorrow. i adore regina spektor and am really looking forward to hearing this!
  11. there is no governing body for DCI other than the governing body that pretends it isn't a governing body when it's inconvenient and is a governing body when it is convenient not sure the damage needing to controlled is as widespread as the OP implies, and even if it were, individual corps and DCI's (however you define it) first instinct is to ignore damage or sweep it under the rug TLDR:
  12. 3 is about balancing visual and music design more than it has been since GE got thrown all together. It's objectively a lot more skewed towards visual design since that change. it's fine not to care about it, but turning it into a metaphor about word pronunciation is a little reductive, imo. regarding 5 and 6, if judges "can't tell" or don't care, then why not reduce brass to 20 on the field. amps and mixing can make it sound just as big or bigger than a full line and that could save a ton of money without any hit to competitiveness. i like a lot of these changes because they might put a dent in this trend towards dci looking and sounding more like wgi with some live brass thrown in.
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