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  1. love that idea even choosing music based on banned books would be a pretty cool idea, imo. you know, like Catch-22 and The Great Gatsby and stuff. in 2020.
  2. dci needs more from the musical chess besides one night in bangkok.
  3. that was such a fun soundtrack. i like his kind of offbeat stuff and work he's done in movies that aren't huge mainstream hits. i think he plagiarized his searching for bobby fischer and even his sneakers soundtracks a lot for a beautiful mind....kaleidoscope of mathematics has been done a lot by corps, but this precursor to it from searching for bobby fischer hasn't been done yet, and should. so exuberant and hopeful: and this cue has a very sneakers feel to it, too, and i'm convinced he was listening to a lot of pat metheny when he was writing it:
  4. on a string kick lately and looking for peace in this crazy world. these could be nice ballads for brass, i think. i'd rather burn my eyes out than watch the movies, but delerue and newman are masters of getting at the heartstrings:
  5. probably my favorite top 3 of all time bd was impeccable top to bottom, and the little tiny bit Downey jacked from John Williams's Temple of Doom score was worth the price of admission. cadets were just joyous and seeing scv back in the top 3 with such a cutting edge visual show made everybody in the stands know they were going nowhere but up from there.
  6. total dino thread, lol people on twitch are in it for the money, but they also enjoy doing what they do youtubers, too the number of people who can make a living off their content on either platform is infinitesimal, and this girl isn't one of them
  7. Thought this might be some sort of rage thread against Will Pitts. Phew.
  8. well that's settled then. now that everything has been figured out, predictions for 2021 placements?
  9. the video in the OP now has 1K likes and almost 19K views. of all the things to be negative about, lol
  10. yeah, i've posted it on here about 15 times. sorry about the broken record. love mingusmonk's recs. i just always forget to press the like button.
  11. and all of the talk about chamber pop makes me want to bring up brian wilson's amazing non-Beach Boys release of SMiLE revamped with his own private group of musicians. heroes and villains our prayer/gee live version of the whole album
  12. love this piece, and i'd like crown to do it please. amazing solo opportunity, and REALLY amazing opportunities to show off tubas. and here's a stunning vocal piece by gjielo that would be nice to see:
  13. my favorite year. i can watch the top 4 over and over, and i also really liked cavies, bk, scv, bones (freda!), colts (summertime!), and madison.