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  1. tys has some amazing musicians bloo has some amazing musicians amazing musicians + amazing musicians = ___________________________________________? not sure how anybody can cast a pejorative light on this...unless it's trolling. if it's trolling, it's very well-executed, and i can appreciate it.
  2. to anybody just casually reading this thread, yes, this is a youth activity we're not all like this
  3. Lance

    A year ago today

    nothing they're weathering the storm
  4. Lance

    The Cadets 2019

    a wind ensemble standard as part of the rep that's my prediction
  5. Lance

    A year ago today

    look what it took for dci to go from 100% hands-off regarding roman to banning his corps because he wouldn't get his filthy hands off of it. we're talking about a guy who attacked staff and marchers for even thinking about using dci's feckless "reporting" system. 2 years of dci going from "we don't police individual corps" to "Pio's board got rid of Roman, so that's done" to "oh wait, Pio's board didn't get rid of Roman, oops" to "okay, if you're all going to keep complaining, we, the governing agency of dci will finally step in". maybe it'll be a catalyst to get dci to start being proactive instead of reactive, but i am dubious. everything they've done has been the weather the storm approach.
  6. I don't know judges names, so I'm making this a dream team type thing instead. GE 1-Tim Gunn GE 2-Tim Gunn Visual Proficiency-Tim Gunn Visual Analysis-Tim Gunn Guard-Tim Gunn Music - Brass-Chuck Mangione Music - Analysis - Chuck Mangione Percussion- Neil Peart
  7. Lance

    20% Off FloMarching

    terrible deal, but the only option we have if we want to see live shows in something approaching HD
  8. Lance

    Old Man DCI was cool...

    A friend of mine in high school played sax, but started playing baritone about 3 months before auditioning with Xmen. She made it. This was in either 94 or 95. Wondering if the same would be possible today.
  9. Lance

    Old Man DCI was cool...

    I remember old timers talking to me about the Beatles, Stones, Dylan when I was a kid listening to Pearl Jam and Live. I'd roll my eyes like an angsty tween, I'm sure. It took me until my early 20s to go back and really give myself a chance to get into music from the 60s, and boy, I didn't know what I was missing. Not sure what made me say all of that just now.
  10. I'm still deciding. I know my support isn't really a concern for DCI, and I know I'm not more important than anybody else. I just really have a hard time with how DCI has handled the grotesque stuff outlined in several news articles. Look what it took for DCI to finally end Roman's influence. Far too much, and all under the facade of "hey, we can't police individual corps" idiocy. Maybe DCI will actually address the issues in these months leading up to the season, but so far, all they've really done is try to weather the storm and do nothing substantive to protect marchers and staff.
  11. Lance

    Old Man DCI was cool...

    PopcornEater Funny name. Also, great thread. 13/10, will read at least once per hour.
  12. Lance

    The Marching Arts

    if it takes more than 10 seconds to explain the difference between 2 things, they they probably have more fundamental similarities than differences