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  1. More than 10 years on here. I still don't think I'm even top 10 if you include old timers who still post occasionally on here. Jeff puts us all to shame, though.
  2. just saw the rep for the first time. killer! i love thomas newman's work. nobody can pull on heartstrings with a raised 4th and flatted 7th like him. still waiting for a corps to do "suds on the roof" from shawshank, which i think is one of his most perfect film cues.
  3. I've just started working out again and I need new music so bad. I'm going to wear out early-season recordings of a bunch of these shows. I want it now but I guess I can wait a couple more weeks.
  4. based solely on repertoires because i couldn't care less about concepts/themes: crown (no rep yet right?, but it's mackey stuff, so i'm in) bloo madison boston blue stars troopers
  5. Not into seeing a show's full concept just redone, but there's plenty of rep that I'd love to hear again on the field. Most of the repertoires I'd want to hear again are from the G era. But the ones I really would love to hear on top brass lines playing Bb just wouldn't work today, unfortunately. They used to devote 3+ minutes (wow) to a single piece to develop melodies and explore nuance, but that gets punished today, even in what passes for "ballads". I'm not being negative about today's shows. It's just a different ballgame now.
  6. underrated and underappreciated last year, imo. love this rep and want to see them come out with a vengeance. i feel like they're going to sound better than ever this year. love that cue from "ghost in the shell"
  7. they react because they get paid to. there's no way around it. it's not complaining to state facts. if you enjoy watching it or think they're growing the activity good for you, though.
  8. this will probably be the highlight of the year for me in all of dci 3:14-3:50 4:22-5:20 so much texture. the whole thing is terrific, but those parts really stand out to me.
  9. Sounds like a john steinbeck theme. Of mice and men and grapes of wrath both come to mind. i'm wondering if we'll see a jalopy lol.
  10. i graduated in 93 at the height of the grunge era. wore denim from head to toe for my grad pic. i also associate denim with springsteen musically, but i much prefer his stuff prior to born in the USA so I hope that's not it. and then there's 80s denim...
  11. the whole thing about using a rubric to score something is that you're supposed to assign a score based on a written standard that every adjudicator uses. the point of rubric-based scoring is to NOT use holistic/comparative judging, i.e., going back and adjusting scores after comparing performances. it's why dci scoring is absurd. Always has been and always will be. at the same time, i do think it's about as good as it could ever be. They ostensibly use rubrics (box 1-5 or whatever), but it's really just not possible to take something so artsy and break it down into measurable categories cleanly applicable to every unit for scoring, especially when it comes to design. performance standards are a little easier to lay out in writing in a bunch of different boxes, but it's still incredibly subjective. but it does work about as well as it possibly can. if the way they did things at TOC is any indication, i'm not worried about vanguard and appropriate placements. but people will always disagree.
  12. "Drum Corps: Important ####"- Narration provided by an AI version of George Carlin
  13. In honor of Memorial Day, I'll add this. The beginning credits get more love, but I've always been partial to the end credits, particularly the brass feature here.
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