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  1. sound was better than stanford, but still, i'd actually prefer to hear somebody's cell phone sound over either stream.
  2. good thing crown's already wearing foul weather gear sorta
  3. i'll never ever say a show "needs" props that's insane to me
  4. so i just need to listen on ###### headphones instead of an actual sound system. got it. lol. (you're cool, please don't think i'm being snarky towards you)
  5. i was watching on my big screen with a pretty decent sound system. too many bad things to mention. one of the least enjoyable listening experiences of my life, and i once had to go to a britney spears concert with my niece.
  6. love scv's music this year, but something is missing visually at every big music impact. i'm sure they'll address it. can't wait to see it develop.
  7. one of the worst things i've ever heard, and i don't think it's bd's fault. the sound engineering is beyond horrible. just wow.
  8. i hate this show just a godawful mess i hate to say that about BD since they've been my favorite corps for decades, but there it is (i'm leaving this up, but i really think it wasn't fair of me....most of it was the sound on the streaming side, sorry)
  9. okay, flo HAS to be trolling us with this mic placement. right?
  10. i particularly liked that visual moment the camera picked up where the guy was standing there doing nothing for 30 seconds