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  1. The Emperor in Amadeus is portrayed as an unmitigated idiot, so probably not the best to side with, lol. You can listed to CD's or MP3's of things you've already heard as many times as you like. Modern brass books are fine.
  2. I hear a battery feature, a front ensemble feature, and a brass feature in this. all in a 4 minute song.
  3. When I last saw this thread a decade and a half ago, I though it said "Underwater Run Thru" at first glance. I thought the same thing when I saw it today.
  4. I agree to an extent, but times change. His drill work from the 00s wouldn't be competitive today, and not because it isn't f'ing hard and amazing to see, but because it just doesn't get rewarded like dancing and props do with today's DCI. This is what Gaines came up with using a framework (haha) of movement that does compete in today's DCI.
  5. Probably because they're not sitting in a chair while playing. Some aspects of musicianship won't be at nearly as high of a level for marching band as for a professional symphony. I think most of us marvel at what they do achieve.
  6. For the record, I love The Beatles. Can't wait to hear the amazing Bluecoats tubas hit that bass line from "LSD". And I know that Harrison didn't care for McCartney's bass line for "Something", but I'd love to hear a good tuba line play that one someday as well.
  7. She really seemed to enjoy the little backside jumping shimmy the colorguard do in the block diamond dance formation. I know the visual gets a lot of praise, and deservedly so, but it's easily my favorite music program from the Cavies of that decade.
  8. Yes, but they object to overuse of atmospheric flute, of course.
  9. Yeah, because high school band kids who comprise an overwhelming majority of fans for sure recognize the music of The Beatles. Can't get them to stop listening to and talking about The Beatles in my classroom. Got a really good example of hyperbole from one of my seniors that said "I'd rather get dipped in acid than listen to The Beetles (sic)". Oh, and you should hear them talk about how much they listen to albums by Don Sebesky, Wynton Marsalis, and Frank Zappa. There are literally hundreds of thousands of great pieces of music that any random person wouldn't recognize, including me
  10. As I've said in other threads, I was skeptical about Bb horns. I had been to championships the 2 years previous, and though for sure that Bb would never be able to capture what I loved about G. What did it take to make me realize I was hopelessly incorrect? The first big hit of Cadets 2000. POWER! And the "anything you can do better..." section is something that should be auto posted on here whenever anybody asks about what to show dci noobs.
  11. One of my favorite musical productions of the 2000s. I find myself listening more and more to the percussion work, which is amazing, and I'm pretty sure it counts as music, right?
  12. would be the crime of the century if this didn't make it into a dci production
  13. what does it take to establish residency in Ohio again? asking for a friend.
  14. It's so grotesque that it's not worth discussing. Make a comment, and then move along. Best policy for this, imo. I'm just waiting to find out exactly how this impacts seating at LOS.