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  1. Lance

    Best Reprise Closer?

    scv 99's ending where they do the same drill move as the 2nd movement
  2. Yes, it is OC's fault if they have a homophobic bus driver. There are many things people in charge of OC could do to end it the moment they found out about it. The people running the corps were not innocent bystanders, nor were they victims of circumstance. The gay members were. Period. "What were they to do" is beyond stupid. Any other sentiment is pure cowardice and a pathetic attempt at deflection of responsibility.
  3. a truly stunning piece of music that bk, scv, bloo, and many other corps could pull off as an intro or ballad
  4. Lance

    Carolina Crown 2019

    glad i checked in to dcp just now
  5. for sure some pretty good arrangers working for these corps. there's something every year that's surprising when it works on the field.
  6. pandora's box zero surprise there will be more
  7. look what scv did with glass's the canyon. much longer piece with kind of the same buildup, and they did it in 3 minutes or so.
  8. Yeah, I rmemeber you giving a suggestion with his music in it, I think for the Cadets? Choral music can be hard to arrange for brass for sure.
  9. does anybody know if any corps has ever done any pieces by Ola Gjeilo? Very much a Hovhannes/Whitacre feel to his stuff that could work if a gifted arranger got their hands on it.
  10. Cyrillus Kreek, the Estonian Percy Grainger
  11. YES! It's also on the very first page of this thread. Cadets did a little bit of Zimmer's DaVinci stuff awhile back, but the way Cheavliers de Sangreal builds is something I want to hear a top 6 DCI hornline do!
  12. Lance

    Uh Uh Oh Oh Cadets

    educators get state patrol and fbi checks here, too i feel like there should be more investigation exactly because of issues like this but i don't think YEA should get chastised too much for this
  13. this has SCV written all over it, but i would pay real money to see just about any corps do it
  14. as an educator of young people, this made my head explode
  15. Lance

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI