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  1. Nice. Silvestri is so good at tugging on those heartstrings. Reminds me a little of his Cast Away theme crossed with the stuff from The Abyss that Crown did.
  2. just watched her reaction to star 93. loved her comments at the end especially. very astute. very thoughtful.
  3. Strobe by deadmau5. I know it's a tough ask for a brass arranger, but honestly, I'd be good with even a sampling of this as the base for a show. I know it's old school for EDM fans, but I'm new to the genre.
  4. Star arranged Barber's piece for drum corps. The Cadets tinkered with its underlying ostinato and built a new piece that paid loving homage to Barber's original. Very much like what the Cavies did in 2000 with McTee's "Soundings". I love both shows equally, but as a huge Barber fan, I hope it's clear that they didn't play the same piece.
  5. still holding out hope that i'll get to hear phantom or crown do a brass arrangement of this someday:
  6. ever year has a mix of tones for shows, whether you call them up, down, left, right, happy, sad, brooding, etc. love the variety.. as a military musician, i'd pay money to never hear another sousa march for as long as i live, and the 110-120 bpm box is pretty limiting for the genre
  7. First of all, this WHOLE PIECE by Lutoslawski is amazing. I'd put it up with Bartok's own Concerto for Orchestra, written just a few years earlier. From 3:15 to 3:50 in Part I is one highlight for me: and in part II, 1:41-4:30 is also dynamite to me. so many colors, and some really fun big beefy brass stuff
  8. i feel like the first and last minute of this could be amazing arranged for brass, and i assume percussion arrangers could have a lot of fun with it, too:
  9. she certainly does, and gets paid pretty well for it compared to our friends/family, lol. good for her, and good for the people it brings joy to. i'll always agree that it does nothing but help dci and the marching arts.
  10. thank goodness rational adults in the org are acknowledging there's been a problem for decades. that doesn't take being woke, just being a real human being who acknowledges that people with experiences different from their own do in fact exist.
  11. yeah, i've become more jaded about this than i was originally. good for her for making a buck, and good for the warm fuzzies it gives anybody who enjoys her reactions, but i question her actual enthusiasm for some of these shows for some reason, lol.