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  1. Yes, everybody. Hold off on all opinions until finals. John D, time to shut down DCP until August. Congrats to the mods on the well-deserved break. I assume it'll be with pay.
  2. i'm teaching my kids irony right now thanks for this
  3. If emoting to words and images on a computer screen is part of an "artistic education", then I get a top-notch artistic education every day that I log in and look at posts on DCP.
  4. Why spell out words without digital screens when you can spell out words with digital screens for 20X the price?
  5. To make up for lost profits due to pirating, artists, composers, and their publishers pushed for draconian legislation that didn't exist before. Twitch streamers with literally 2 viewers have the sound censored from their broadcasts if they play any music that requires synch rights (so pretty much everything), so yeah, somebody cares. I think it's pretty funny that you think Timberlake or any other uber millionaire would somehow only put his foot down when he thinks a corps isn't doing his amazing music justice or something. I can just imagine him trying to use DCP lingo: "I was fine with The Bluecoats doing Cry Me a River, but then they had to add that extra bass drum beat. How dare they chop and bop my music!"/.
  6. blame music ripping software and napster seriously with all of that file sharing and pirating, composers, artists, and studios took huge financial hits, and this is one of the ways that they try to compensate for that it wasn't like this back when we dinosaurs were making mixtapes for each other if anything, i see sync and mechanical rights becoming more draconian on a side note, i was reading something about the filming of reality shows last week, and found out that contestants will oftentimes start singing top 40 hits if they don't want what they're doing to get put on the air
  7. there is no context in which this would be acceptable. not for high school students participating in school-related activity. sorry.
  8. Lance

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    i'm a high school teacher and i'm getting a little jealous of all of the middle school love but yeah, i'm probably going to be moving to middle school in the next few years
  9. not everybody knows the resumes of dci greats like mr. naffier, sadly. i couldn't help laughing at the middle school band director comment. no need to get angry. check out his arrangement of summertime for the colts in 93, and tell me if he's a good fit for madison
  10. I still don't understand how singing is even judged. It's clear where brass and percussion featured soloist and small ensembles fit for scoring, but voice? Not at all. I'm not talking wishy-washy "well it's probably under GE". I mean something explicitly written in the rules. I'm not anti-voice at all, it's just becoming such an integral part to so many shows, I'd like to know exactly where it fits in the scoring rubric. -
  11. Lance

    Show design puzzle

    grimacing? also, i ask the same questions whenever i see a music video for any pop song recorded after 1990.
  12. Lance

    Best Reprise Closer?

    scv 99's ending where they do the same drill move as the 2nd movement
  13. Yes, it is OC's fault if they have a homophobic bus driver. There are many things people in charge of OC could do to end it the moment they found out about it. The people running the corps were not innocent bystanders, nor were they victims of circumstance. The gay members were. Period. "What were they to do" is beyond stupid. Any other sentiment is pure cowardice and a pathetic attempt at deflection of responsibility.
  14. a truly stunning piece of music that bk, scv, bloo, and many other corps could pull off as an intro or ballad