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  1. never again. not even if they increased my pay by 200% can't block the crazies on here if you're a mod, and since i started blocking them, my enjoyment of this place has gone up 10X. don't get mad at mods on here. marvel at their patience. they deserve it.
  2. I love that show designers put a lot of thought into their show concepts. But show me, don't tell me. I'm moderately intelligent, and I'm moderately well-educated. Believe me, I'll pick up on pretty much anything you thought deeply about if your design is good. Thanks.
  3. Festival Variations is an astonishing piece. Still sounds fresh.
  4. Lance

    Then vs Now

    there were maybe 3-4 brass lines per year until the mid 2000s that i would put on my mp3 player. from 2007-ish to 2010, that grew to 6-7. since 2012, it's pretty much the entire top 12 plus 1 or 2 semifinalists. just my personal taste.
  5. Lance

    Uniforms of the Future

    i just want to see jetpacks in a show
  6. Are there any threads that are still on topic? This is the 3rd one I've looked at today, and it's really not. I get it. It's the offseason. Anyway, if I have to watch another video of somebody playing a theremin or some overly theatrical kid with crazy eyes playing whole notes on a marimba, i'm going to....keep watching. What else can I do?
  7. I'd be fine with Under Pressure. It's so totally different from Ice, Ice Baby after all.
  8. Me too. But I do like Maybe. That doesn't mean I want to hear it on a DCI field. 🙂
  9. I agree, but I'd actually just add Grease to the list of no-no's as well. I really hate it.
  10. Yoko Ono's improv in an otherwise amazing rendition of a rock classic.
  11. The exact same thing people said about USA gymnastics that helped the corruption and abuse go on for years beyond where it should have. I'm really curious what it will take for DCI to make any substantive changes regarding the deep issues of corruption and abuse that have been unearthed. So far, they've done less than nothing, and I'm sorry if any crazies on there think that's an exaggeration. Look at what it took for them to finally "discover" a way to permanently destroy Roman's influence on drum corps. I mean, my God.
  12. I was worried that DCI would take the "let's sit back and pretend nothing happened and see how it all plays out" approach. They didn't. They blatantly attacked people who criticized the scum of the earth for being the scum of the earth. Really gross, and I can't see myself attending a show or buying any DCI merch until I see a drastic change.
  13. It's anybody to me that anybody thinks this rule change is primarily about "safety".
  14. I'm not a mod either, but there seemed to be a never-ending stream of petition threads about A&E that got people pretty riled up for 6 months at least.