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  1. Crossmen tribute to "sister" Corps Spirit of Atlanta. posted from the DrumScorps app
  2. I recall they have in the past. Hope so this year, too. Went back to the hotel before I&E awards and the age out ceremony. They had Flo on the big TV in the lounge. Don't know how long they had been watching.
  3. The line in front of the Bluecoats souvie booth is insane. Stretches all the way across one of the entrances to the stadium, past the large DCI booth, to the escalator. And there is a order line and a payment line. Event staff having to direct traffic. I wonder why? Go Bloo! Go BD! Duke it out! We'll be happy to just sit back and watch.
  4. I shared your research over on the PC Parents FB group. So cool! Thx!!!
  5. I have a fairly new Samsung TV, but I don't think it has a browser. For a while I used the browser on my Panasonic BluRay. Then I got the FireTV. I downloaded a browser and it worked OK, but not rock solid. This season someone here told me of the FloSports app which works great. I'm thinking it is streamlined for just connecting to Flo and streaming their content. That's my go to unless something better comes along -- 4K and 7.2 audio.
  6. BZ, Chief! (BZ = Well Done to you landlubbers)
  7. One more feature request that came up during Finals week: I love seeing the performance times for the Corps during Prelims, Semis, and Finals. Very useful! When you start posting scores during Prelims and Semis, it'd be nice if the Corps with scores showed the scores (and the preliminary recaps) and the Corps who hadn't yet competed continued to show their performance times. (Gotta plan that potty break.) Thx!
  8. Just to make sure I didn't confuse you -- you mentioned the DrumScorps app. The issue I'm seeing is with the forums in the regular Safari browser. I DO have a feature request I'll post on the DrumScorps app thread in the WC Forum. Thx!
  9. Nice write-up on PC's season:
  10. If they hold to past tradition, each Crossman will carry a Spirit member's delta during their Finals performance.
  11. Don't know which I like better -- a great mello sustain or a great mello sustain with a scale up to the stratosphere. Nice!!!
  12. And now he's dragged turf t*rds all over the yard line numbers.
  13. Don't know who gets the biggest applause -- PR or Brandt's traditional announcement.
  14. Asked the Spartans DM about BDB and VC not being here. Is their championship with an asterisk?
  15. Just like a tic -- if the judge didn't see it, it didn't happen. Not seeing a penalty.
  16. I've been missing this -- near misses of course, not collisions.
  17. End of tour and out of WD-40. Some of those grid pole wheels are a little squeaky.