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  1. Yep. This is a pretty good technical description. Even if you use a "concert" chanter (tuned closer to standard concert pitch), there are notes that don't quite match up. That gives bagpipes its character or drives some folks quite mad.
  2. Has anyone done a Drum Corps show about Drum Corps? Maybe an homage alluding (NOT duplicating) great shows of the past. OK -- if you want to kill off the DM at the end, I'll buy that. But you gotta have "Tinkerbell" from Crown's "Grass Is Always Greener" do it.
  3. I LOVE this!!! And make everyone (including the pit) tune to the pipe scale.
  4. We're sorry to report the magnificent mountain sculpture is no longer available. It has recently been purchased by a brewery in Golden Colorado for their headquarters.
  5. Life-sized Goliath figure. Head not included. 1-800-555-4BAC
  6. Row three on 443 and then 444. I think we were directly under a vent.
  7. Aw c'mon -- we can do more (better?). Or is the fact there aren't as many memorable props this year a factor? Is that a good or bad thing?
  8. OR Trying to cool the 640s (it was rather stuffy up there) resulted in max cooling for the lower sections as the cooler air sunk to the masses below.
  9. The Wife was trapped by this nefarious scheme. Had to buy a Crown jacket for the 440s section. No problems in the nosebleed section -- 640s. I guess they suppose folks up there aren't rolling in disposable $$$, therefore DCI/LOS can save a little on the cooling bill in those areas.
  10. There was also a posted video (closed group -- sorry) of the Finals run taken behind the podium. I didn't have time to watch all of it, but I watched the opener and closer. The first hit was LOUD even for cellphone video. I'm now sorry I didn't go down to field level in ATL to get my ears blown off. And the look on the DM's face at the end -- it was obvious this was THE PERFORMANCE. Joy, pride, relief -- all mixed together. WOW!
  11. Don't get me started! Who is saving the environment more -- the person on the scooter (has to be charged, has a battery, contains plastics) or the person walking?
  12. There is an annual 48-Hour Film Project competition I will sometimes help with musical scoring. This year a team entered a film called "Birds" -- about the scourge of Bird scooters in Atlanta, more scooters than people. I think it made the top 5 by the judges and the audience loved it, though I suspect the indy filmmaking crowd would probably be pro-scooter.
  13. Do you stay awake all night thinking up these irrefutable axioms?
  14. I have heard they purchased new old-style uniforms a few years ago, then went with themed uniforms since then. Makes sense to bring them out at Retreat and I'm thinking the MMs would love it.
  15. There are those who will say: 1 1 1 1 .... And those who will say: 3 3 4 3 ... Pick your camp. I won't ignore the obvious historical pattern, while at the same time rooting for my personal favorites. Which has to include BD in 2020 -- we have a hometown age-out trumpet player there (hopefully) for next season.
  16. Did you get PC right? If you did, let's go to Vegas! i was amazed and very pleased and I'm a huge PC homer.
  17. It was also like that up in the 640s, though you probably couldn't hear us -- surrounded by Bloo fans who also showed lots of support for Crown. The Wife always brags she saw Spartacus live at Finals and then there's the 2013 Crown show. This performance ranks up there, too, and will always be fondly remembered. Thanks, Crown (everybody)!!!
  18. No -- they're gonna get rid of trombones, but leave the glissandos in.
  19. They had minimal props in 2013: the red bench and rolling bass drums.
  20. My only prediction for 2019 (if I recall correctly) was that Matt Harloff would not lose another Ott award. I was right. I expect he wants to keep it, too.
  21. Why is there no where to eat in Indy after Finals? We finally decided to go to Hooters which is open till 1am. The Wife made sure I was glued to my phone on DCP. Here's an idea: Expand the FoodFest to FoodFest After Hours. A half dozen local food trucks located in a common spot close to LOS would do a tremendous business. It would also let the Corps food truck folks not have to worry about a Finals snack. You heard it here first.
  22. Been tried and been hacked. It was tried a few years ago and the "secret code" given to the folks at the shows was, of course, leaked by one Corps to the world. Their fans dutifully voted it fan favorite by quite a margin if I recall correctly.