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  1. Just scanned this thread, so I probably missed some things. COTC was so bad no one wanted to submit a synopsis of the show on IMDB . The one posted there is mine. I was really disappointed they couldn't use any of the music the corps were playing. I seem to recall a snippet or two (from other corps) during the Finals episode. That killed it for me. That is all.
  2. Yesterday, Spirit posted on FB about needing "3 Special Performers": Calling all acrobats, dancers, and gymnasts! Want to be part of something big? Spirit of Atlanta's new show 'Creatures' is your chance to shine in 2024. We’re searching for special talents like yours. Apply now and let's make this show unforgettable together! Interesting
  3. DCI posted on Twitter that SOA's show title is "Creatures". SOA page
  4. I was told our "unit band" was the last of the 17-piece sea bands. The Navy moved to pool bands, one for the Atlantic and one for the Pacific. From a large group of musicians, they'd pick a group to go on a cruise. Not sure if they still do that or not.
  5. Yes -- I've heard that. Before our Med cruise, we spent a week training on radar for an upcoming exercise on the cruise. The instructor said it seemed musicians had a unique knack for being able to write backwards on the plexiglass info boards. I've been mirror writing since I was a kid. Used to drive my mother crazy. 🙂 BTW -- During the exercise the band was conveniently off the ship playing concerts ashore. Hmmm ... it's as if someone didn't want us around.
  6. Yeah -- but this was stuff all boots went through, not job specific yet.
  7. Nope -- not for Musicians. We did go through fire fighting drills, gas mask training, and a way too short session using small arms in boot camp.
  8. I had CPR training in the Navy. Wasn't required then, but the folks in the front office started a class. Prob need a refresher.
  9. Just getting too expansive. Our association with Southwind has always been positive. I'm sorry to see this. https://southwind.org/news/southwind-to-cease-operations?fbclid=IwAR1tK57DWE0UMoFhVHrTM5iyVXWB4vmalZGQrqzDXbLoprhHJhR_r3WM70g_aem_AW4HQ1kRK9Oo4QAmwvewv22QxPMfJzUgGtg8waL9A6UpgqjMaQDmVwEuo5LjcJpiKCk&mibextid=Zxz2cZ
  10. I've been away since Finals, but did anyone post that Crown is having a West Coast Percussion Audition on Oct 22? This was posted on FB but I can't share the link and having issues sharing a screenshot.
  11. I'm a fence sitter on props -- some work well and some just get in the way.
  12. Nighthawks wouldn't have been the same without the diner tableau at the end.
  13. Thanks! Sadly -- they still do it, especially when the media has an obit all typed up in anticipation and it gets released by mistake.
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