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  1. I used to watch it all the time. But as it became more about promoting celebrities and less about bands and "the common folk", I lost interest.
  2. So -- This year, Macy's Parade will be an unabashed shill for Broadway and other celebrities? Do I have that right? If so, I think I'll pass (Sorry! It's BC -- before coffee.)
  3. I just found something new. It looks like it now takes two presses on an object to perform an action. Example: In the World Class discussion, I wanted to view the now closed Site Changes thread. I pressed on the star beside the topic title, but nothing happened except the title turned blue. I pressed again and the thread opened. This also happens on the link at the bottom of the page to return to the topic listing. It's like: press to select, then press to execute. Please let me know if you need more info.
  4. I got a pop up notification when I first loaded the DCP site (about John's quote of my post) and I can see the notification "Bell" on a toolbar that wasn't there earlier. Great job!!!
  5. After the recent DCP site update, I'm not seeing the icon that tells me someone reacted to my post or quoted it. This is on the mobile version (iPhone/Safari). It still is displayed on the desktop version (Windows 10/Chrome). I do miss this old feature.
  6. I see those, but I usually get a notification when someone reacts or quotes one of my posts. I got one when you quoted my first post when I viewed the site on my computer, but nothing when viewed on my iPhone/Safari.
  7. The look is cleaner, but I'm not seeing the shortcut to see notifications -- likes or quotes on posts.
  8. I got a notice from Apple that my subscription to DrumScorps has been discontinued. I hope this is just temporary -- both for the app and DCI.
  9. As of the time of this post, DCI has raised $191,357 from 1313 supporters.
  10. Last I checked the Peach State Marching competition held in Rome GA was still on for October 24.
  11. As of 10:20 EDT Sunday, it's still on YouTube.
  12. Saw my son in the Crown clip in "e=mc2". I'm happy!!!