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  1. CrownBariDad

    Plastic Horns?

    I played one at Finals a few years ago. It was OK -- not great, but not a toy either.
  2. A 10-person cymbal line???? Works for me!
  3. CrownBariDad

    Corps Style HS Band Spells Out Racial Slur

    Ah yes -- it's always the trombones. When I marched at NC State, when we played our Big Four rivals (UNC, Duke, and Wake Forest) at home, we'd spell out their name and play their fight song. The band director said it'd probably be the only time they heard it -- we marched 175 (all male volunteers -- we added the ladies a few years later) and the others had only music majors (maybe 80-100). And the difference in teams during that era. Anyway -- we were playing Duke and the 'bones were in charge of forming the "D" and you know where this is going. IN PRACTICE about 8 bars into the Duke fight song, the trombones changed the "D" into a "P". The band directors almost fell off the band tower. After they stop laughing and let the rest of the band in on our joke, we were STERNLY warned -- DON'T DO THIS AT THE GAME! Of course we didn't, but I don't thing any of us finished playing that fight song we were laughing so hard at what might have been.
  4. CrownBariDad

    Just something really cool

    Since he showed recording the percussion, I wonder if he meant brass + battery. Even then, maybe a little short.
  5. I think Pioneer pulled it off pretty well without a BAC style flame prop IMHO.
  6. CrownBariDad

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    PC creates new CEO position
  7. CrownBariDad

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    And when you work from home, you don't even have to .... oh, never mind.
  8. CrownBariDad

    DCI survey

    It's just a hunch, but I wonder if local restaurants contribute to get listed in the survey? I really don't know. Yes -- there are far too many restaurants listed to visit even more than a handful and still have time for Drum Corps.
  9. CrownBariDad

    DCI survey

    I usually get a survey every year probably because we go to Finals every year and I always fill out the survey. IMO ONLY: 18-year-old entry age limit. If we limit DCI participation on both entry and exit, I'm not a fan. It should be a parents' and members' decision when to start marching. And I told them that.
  10. CrownBariDad

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Ah -- OK. I was think from more of a recruiting aspect. Thx!
  11. CrownBariDad

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    I don't follow your reasoning. OC might benefit being West Coast, but Nashville-based Music City? Or am I missing something?
  12. CrownBariDad

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2019

    Edit: Tried to post a SCV FB link. Something strange going on.
  13. CrownBariDad

    Build-A-Show 2018

    I had cleared the cache, cookies, and history during a previous iteration, but no joy.
  14. CrownBariDad

    Build-A-Show 2018

    Roger that!
  15. CrownBariDad

    Build-A-Show 2018

    I typed in the original text by hand (2 words underlined and a bullet list) and got the Server 500 error.