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  1. Article from Flo:
  2. We picked them up in the bus lot after retreat. Not sure how the deal was worked out, but the JSU director knew my son marched and would be at Indy and asked if he'd get the horns. I don't recall the name of the Corps -- I want to say Bluecoats but prob wrong. Edit -- The Wife says Bloo.
  3. I remember my first year at Indy (I think) -- we had to find room for 8 mellos Jax State bought from a corps. I think we all travelled home with a horn in our laps.
  4. The Wife got us VIP tix to see Chicago when they played in Atlanta on my Birthday a year or so ago. Got to go backstage for a meet and greet. I saw them when they first started at a college concert MANY years ago. I would be hard pressed to tell the difference solely by sound. The Son played G bugles with Racine and Bb with Crown. I think he likes the Bb better. Otherwise, I'm staying out of this.
  5. The son just informed me that the Blue Devils has released several sample libraries of their horn line and percussion for the Kontakt sample player. He says it sounds awesome. It looks like Skywalker Sound was involved (must be nice to live close by). Sample Libraries : System Blue
  6. Yep -- judge returned it to him.
  7. Found a link on Twitter (26 mins ago):
  8. Was getting dressed this morning and thought -- do I have a Halloween shirt to wear? I really don't have anything specifically for Halloween (that's the Wife's forte), so I thought what could I wear? I picked out a Crown "Beast" tour shirt which will do nicely. But, what else is out there? Obviously, there's Crown's "Inferno" and Academy's "Drum Corpse Bride" apparel. How would you show both your Drum Corps and Halloween "Spirit"? (Shoutout to the Baby Blue).
  9. They had about 19 bands. The weather held off for the morning group. They cleared the stands after the morning group (COVID safety), so the Wife didn't stay for the rest of the competition. I suspect rain was an issue the rest of the day. The Daughter's band (CG instructor) scored well. I haven't seen the final talley. They were also "competing" with a local air show featuring the Thunderbirds. I think the TBirds got in their performance before the rains closed in -- at least from my house near the field it sounded like it.