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  1. Yep -- judge returned it to him.
  2. Found a link on Twitter (26 mins ago):
  3. Was getting dressed this morning and thought -- do I have a Halloween shirt to wear? I really don't have anything specifically for Halloween (that's the Wife's forte), so I thought what could I wear? I picked out a Crown "Beast" tour shirt which will do nicely. But, what else is out there? Obviously, there's Crown's "Inferno" and Academy's "Drum Corpse Bride" apparel. How would you show both your Drum Corps and Halloween "Spirit"? (Shoutout to the Baby Blue).
  4. They had about 19 bands. The weather held off for the morning group. They cleared the stands after the morning group (COVID safety), so the Wife didn't stay for the rest of the competition. I suspect rain was an issue the rest of the day. The Daughter's band (CG instructor) scored well. I haven't seen the final talley. They were also "competing" with a local air show featuring the Thunderbirds. I think the TBirds got in their performance before the rains closed in -- at least from my house near the field it sounded like it.
  5. Hearing there may be about 20 bands at this weekend's competition.
  6. Looks like the Peach State Marching Festival (one of the largest in GA) will be held next Saturday. I haven't seen a list of participating bands yet.
  7. Are we interested in Indoor Percussion on this thread?
  8. Nothing official. The Daughter is a Color Guard instructor at a local HS, so they've been performing. I'm wondering if it's just up to each school district.
  9. At least for the last two Fridays, HS bands in NW Georgia have been able to perform at halftimes. No info about the rest of the state.
  10. I used to watch it all the time. But as it became more about promoting celebrities and less about bands and "the common folk", I lost interest.
  11. So -- This year, Macy's Parade will be an unabashed shill for Broadway and other celebrities? Do I have that right? If so, I think I'll pass (Sorry! It's BC -- before coffee.)
  12. I just found something new. It looks like it now takes two presses on an object to perform an action. Example: In the World Class discussion, I wanted to view the now closed Site Changes thread. I pressed on the star beside the topic title, but nothing happened except the title turned blue. I pressed again and the thread opened. This also happens on the link at the bottom of the page to return to the topic listing. It's like: press to select, then press to execute. Please let me know if you need more info.
  13. I got a pop up notification when I first loaded the DCP site (about John's quote of my post) and I can see the notification "Bell" on a toolbar that wasn't there earlier. Great job!!!