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  1. CrownBariDad

    Spirit of Atlanta 2019

    Show title revealed: Neon Underground
  2. CrownBariDad

    Another 403 Forbidden Error

    @JohnD I was able to post the link -- as a link, not embedded -- to the WC programs and playlists thread. Using iPhone and Safari.
  3. CrownBariDad

    2019 Official Programs & Playlist

    From Spirit FB page: Show Title: Neon Underground (When I let the site embed the link, I get a 403 Forbidden error.)
  4. CrownBariDad

    Another 403 Forbidden Error

    Looks like it works here, but not in WC. Strange.
  5. I tried to post the following to WC | Spirit 2019: Show title revealed:
  6. I thought Spirit was playing Kanstuls a while back, but I could be mistaken. I don't know their current brand of horn.
  7. CrownBariDad

    403 Forbidden error

    I tried to post a reply to the Vic Firth/Zildjian thread in the WC forum with the below FB link, but I get a 403 Forbidden error. Using Safari on iPhone. Any ideas?
  8. CrownBariDad

    DrumScorps v4 Now Available!

    Was wondering when the new 2019 Corps discussion threads will be available in the app. The few I checked still point to last season. Thx!
  9. My non-lawyer thoughts would be a 24-hour time limit might be easier to license than a total on-demand for the season. I'm sure the catch is live versus Memorex. (Are they even around anymore?)
  10. I got that survey plus one from Flo. The one from Flo had a place for comments so I griped about having to watch in real-time and not having a delay option. Even a 24-window would be better than nothing.
  11. CrownBariDad

    Spirit of Atlanta at Superbowl 2019

    AND ... Crown apparently had some alumni in the drumline according to their FB page. Plus -- Hearing that UGA Redcoat Band had participants. Looks like they scoured the Southeast looking for band/drum corps/WGI folks.
  12. CrownBariDad

    Spirit of Atlanta at Superbowl 2019

    And SOA just gave a shoutout on FB to Spirit alumni who appeared in the drumline with Maroon 5. If ever allows us to do an online DCI/DCA/WGI + special events family tree, that would be worth the membership.
  13. CrownBariDad

    Spirit of Atlanta at Superbowl 2019

    Also hearing from a former Atlanta Quest member that Georgia State University band members were picked to do some designs and choreography with lighted LED panels placed on the field.
  14. CrownBariDad

    Spirit of Atlanta at Superbowl 2019

    The Music City Mystique FB page is also claiming some alumni participated.
  15. CrownBariDad

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Carolina Crown and Reading Buccaneers joint venture.