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  1. We now have the PHANCON schedule. WHAT TO WATCH Our live stream kicks off at 10 AM CDT on our main stage at PHANCON.COM! MAIN EVENTS 10:00 AM Opening Ceremony + State of Phantom Regiment 11:00 AM Fireside Chat: From Rockford, Illinois... 1:30 PM Hall of Fame and In Memorium 3:00 PM PR Academy Hour 5:00 PM 2024 Show Announcement 6:00 PM Toast and Closing Remarks BREAK OUT ROOMS 10:30 AM Sessions Live PR Check-In Evansville, IN Member Leadership Discussion 12:30 PM Sessions 1974 Celebration and Reunion 1994 Celebration and Reunion 2014 Celebration and Reunion "Tell Me Anything" with PR CEO Amanda Hamaker 2:00 PM Sessions 1984 Celebration and Reunion 2004 Celebration and Reunion "Ask Me Anything" with Courtney Lawrence, Director and Executive Officer of The Commandant's Own, The United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps 4:00 PM Sessions PR Alumni Corps Planning Committee Q&A
  2. This just allows me to host more watch parties. We set up a home theater in our new covered patio. Going to purchase the larger TV this weekend. Harpers Ferry is the place to be to watch Drum Corps when you can't be there to see it "Live" this year..
  3. Same here. I will be going down to Texas and do the triangle along with going up to Allentown.
  4. I guess this means I will be buying two months of Flo this year.
  5. Owensboro, KY. Isn't that where one side of the city smells like Ragu and the other side smells like tobacco? Which side is Regiment on?
  6. I enjoyed listening to the source music. I had not heard "Fraternity" before. The original score screams Crown. Comment from the peanut gallery below. (Not mine)
  7. Sign of the times. Better to make this call now vs. while on tour.
  8. Salem will be a good show as well. The fun drive up and over for you if I remember correctly. No easy way to get from Tidewater to SW VA. I had a daughter at W&M and a son at Radford at the same time. Never visited both on the same weekend.
  9. This is no longer a Balt/Wash show and just another Philly show. Basically four shows within an hour of Philly in five days.
  10. Look who's the prognosticator once again. Over a month before the announcement. WTG Nostradamus.
  11. Looks like the rumors are correct. Too far of a drive for me on a weeknight. At least I will be at Allentown for the weekend.
  12. This show is no longer listed on the DCI website 3 June. Sad day for Balt/Wash DCI fans.
  13. My old band can loan them ours. We had out ship convert to a Trojan horse for our Troy show a few years ago.
  14. I used that version on my YouTube channel of DCI source music. You can find it listed as "Drum Corps 2024" on YouTube.
  15. I have actually done that at a gig into my bass bone. However, the pitch was lower.
  16. Die Hard "Yes" fan loves the idea of doing a Jon Anderson tune.
  17. Weeknight vs. weekend since I am still "Pre-Retirement" is my issue. Just tell him that I am driving the Texas triangle with each show being at least three hours apart.
  18. At least we have a show name. Now waiting on the source music like so many others.
  19. Rumors of Delaware make this well outside of the Balt/Wash metro area on a weeknight. Different crowd if it is true.
  20. I guess I'm glad I bought Allentown tix. Delaware is three to four hours away and that isn't happening on a weeknight.
  21. Tickets are now available. However, they are still in the "Friends Only" status.
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