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  1. We lost a great composer/arranger this past Sunday. I continue to play his arrangements to this day with the "Loudoun Jazz Ensemble" here in Virginia. I look forward to our next rehearsals/gigs where we will continue to keep his music alive for generations to come. RIP Sammy Paul W. "Da Bass Bone" Sammy Nestico, 'the Rolls Royce of composers and arrangers' in big-band jazz, dies at 96 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
  2. Commandant's Own, 1987 in southwest MN. We flew into an airport in Sioux Falls, SD and bussed over to the High School in MN (By far, my worst flight ever on a C-130). The rain/snow mix had the field so muddy that shoes were actually lost on the field, never to be found. Our "White" trousers were solid mud on the inside from the feet up to the knees.
  3. Based on the links I have been provided, that is correct as if today.
  4. So many are sharing, so I though I would do the same. I have been working for the past two months on a Christmas Carol Hymn-Sing for my church. Since my choirs can't rehearse, we were unable to perform are annual Christmas cantata this year. I decided I would do some writing and gathered some very strong student musicians to play my arrangements of a few Christmas Carols and build a service based "loosely" on "The Lessons & Carols" as originally designed many years ago by Kings College. As has been my practice, I got another test late last week and received another negative re
  5. Do you have a link so I can add it to the other thread?
  6. They will just pull a Big 10 & change the rules. Looking at you Buckeyez.
  7. Please keep us updated and I will add the official announcement link when it is released.
  8. Does this mean the NCAA should do the same thing and have the Duke "Blue Devils" declared the champion for Men's BB with an *? I believe the last NCAA men's BB champions (Virginia "Cavaliers") might have something to say about it.
  9. Mandarins tweet last night with update to the website has been added to the first page. Spirit of Atlanta has audition information for 2021. However, no official announcement as to their actual plans for 2021 since the DCI announcement on 3 December. Link has been added to the first page.
  10. Please keep us updated and I will add your official announcement link when it is released.
  11. If this happens, and I do mean "IF" I see this shaping up to be a DCI East/Midwest combo. Corps that can afford it while keeping up with all the required protocols and limited travel distance will be the only ones participating by the time we get to August.
  12. Since I did a band cancellation topic, I figured I would do a DCI 2021 topic. I will update as we learn more. Below is what we know so far. DCI 2021 DCI event series slated for Indy in August The Academy https://www.arizonaacademy.org/the-academy-drum-and-bugle-corps/ Bluecoats https://bluecoats.com/news/2020/12/3/indy-21 Blue Devils BD Performing Arts (bluedevils.org) Blue Knights Blue Knights Enthusiastically Support DCI's Return 2021 - Ascend Performing Arts Blue Stars 2021 Blue Stars FAQs — Blue Stars Boston Crusaders
  13. I remember in 1980 after DCI finals, we made our way back to Chicago for the VFW Nationals and the need for the American Flag line. I was still young and didn't know of the requirement. It was quite a controversy when we were short marchers to cover the squad. Those who marched Cavaliers that year remember the controversy.
  14. One can hope for a normal by next fall. It is good to see that the circuits are planning for it to happen.
  15. Updated. https://www.dci.org/news/prolific-marching-arts-author-michael-boo-dies-at-65
  16. There was also a story of a man named Brady as I recall.