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  1. I believe the reason for so many pages has more to do with people drawing a line in the sand. Most of the changes in drum corps over the years can truly be defined as "evolution" in one way or another. Adding woodwinds to drum corps is not evolution, it is a change in format. That may be a bridge too far for many and they will add their names to the list of those who leave.
  2. Unfortunately, I can speak first hand of one that happened last year at US Bands Nationals in Allentown. Our guard took first place. The band ended up in last place. The week prior to Nationals, we scored the second highest score of all bands in 3A for the season. However, we were scheduled to go on very early in the competition (third of sixteen bands). Our score dropped from the previous week by more than 7 points. I will never understand why we were scheduled so early when we had the second highest score all season in class 3A and no one from USBands could give a real explanation. No, I'm not bitter.
  3. I'm sorry Keith, there is no comedy here. This is sad for all involved.
  4. Jeff Ream for "DCI Brass Coordinator" I'm the "Old Corps Guy" and I approve this message.
  5. A simple question. Have you ever tried to keep more than one piccolo in tune with another for 11 minutes while marching on a football field? I know my answer...…………………………………..
  6. The idea of adding a few dozen instruments to a few dozen corps is not even close to a needle mover for the sponsor's bottom line. There are thousands of marching bands that are already purchasing clarinets, flutes etc. from Yamaha, Vandoren, Selmer, Giardinelli, Etude, et. al. Adding a few dozen more won't move the needle in the slightest. Yes, I get that it would allow them to "feature" their instruments on the "grand stage" of drum corps. However, drum corps is a very small part of the music industry. We can't even get 50,000 to a finals performance and maybe 100K watching on a screen. Any given weekend in the fall, there are dozens of stadiums with over 50K people that get to see the marching band. Does that improve the sales of Yamaha? Minimally at best. The risk analysis by DCI should include the amount of lost customers (Fans) against the possibility of a minimal gain in sales for the sponsors. The sponsors should do the same and I expect they will. Adding marching woodwinds is far different from adding a different type of bugle (Contras in the 60s). last time I checked, this is still "Drum & Bugle Corps" and not marching band. The OP stated one of the reasons for leaving had to do with amplification. As stated earlier by Fran, the amplification of woodwinds can be done successfully. The question is "At What Cost"? Losing someone like our OP is exactly what is at risk.
  7. I have done my best to keep out of the woodwind discussion here. However, I can't hold back any longer. I just don't see woodwinds being added as a "Marching" instrument. There is something unique about a hornline of brass instruments with "forward facing" bells. The fact that a visual/audible hit to the press box makes drum corps unique compared to marching bands. You will never get that impact from an instrument that produces sound to the ground (Clarinet) or from an instrument that produces a sound that is almost non-directional (flute). They lack the visual/audible impact of a "fff" and that can never be changed. Before you go to French Horns, how many "concert" French horns have you actually seen marching (successfully)? As for audible, you need a large number of clarinets or flutes for them to be heard over brass. I can't tell you how many times on the marching band circuit I have heard judges complain about not hearing the woodwinds. Even during woodwind features when no brass are playing. Don't go to the "Mic 'em up" comments as we all know how many have been complaining about the amplification as it is (A main point of our OP). While I appreciate all the added instrumentation in the pit (violins, the aforementioned french horns, trombones, etc.) they just aren't as effective in marching as the current marching brass of drum corps and that is what makes drum corps unique. As I have told my students over the years, I will put 60 brass from A DCI finalist corps up against any 300+ college marching band and the drum corps hornline will blow them away every time. Just my two cents.
  8. Almost tempted to buy one at the current sale price. however, my big body would make it four dimensional.
  9. I have two. One with a specific location. 2008 PR - The first time they kill the drum major before anyone knew it was coming 1991 Star - Cross-to-cross would have been amazing to see that one live.
  10. I believe that was Con "Chord" At least that is what I "heard" at the end of the show.
  11. I believe your consecutive number is off by ten years for The Cavaliers. In 1988, they scored a 95.1 which was good enough for fifth place at finals. The last time they missed was 1978 giving them 40 years of consecutive appearances.
  12. While I was in "The Commandant's Own", Ed hosted my fellow Marines and I at an event we did in Beverly Hills back in the 80s. As a prior service Marine, Ed McMahon was very gracious to all Marines he met.
  13. I hate to be blunt. On two straight nights, different judges said no, it wasn't. Not everyone wins a trophy. Remember, I love this show. But someone else won according to the judges on the last two nights of the season.
  14. When I said performance, I didn't say it was a clean performance. There is a difference, and a substantial one at that. The "Performance" is built in more than just a "Clean, Well Executed" show. I agree, that Bluecoats probably peaked too early and lost a bit at the end. However, the crowd reaction must always be considered as part of a "performance" and not just what was executed on the field.. A "Competition" is something that is judged, scored or ranked and that is where Blue Devils beat The Bluecoats. The Blue Devils competed at a higher level than The Bluecoats.
  15. As many of you know, I took time this year to go to several competitions this past summer. I believe there may be an answer that "Both sides of Blue" can agree on as to why Blue Devils were the champions this year. It is a simple "Competing vs. Performing" mentality. In my opinion, The Bluecoats were the best performers this year. The show they presented was performed better than any other show on the field and one of the best performances I have seen over my many years of participating/viewing the marching arts. I stated it at the beginning of the season "I truly love this show" and many of you can go back and see my comments accordingly. The Blue Devils are the masters at competing. They do shows that are designed to win. They go into every show to compete to be the best on the field at any given competition. Every one of their 19 championships can be traced back to a competitive edge they want over every other corps. When you get down to it, this is a performance based competition. But it is still a competition and there are winners and losers. This is not an activity where everyone gets a trophy.
  16. Do I still get to wear my real CLAN Kilt? Maybe check out some people in southeastern Wisconsin. I recall some Kilt wearing drum corps types in that area.
  17. Here is what I have heard regarding BD: Maynard Ferguson is going to rise from his grave as Brass Caption Head (More Screamers) Buddy Rich is going to rise from his grave as Percussion Caption Head (Entire battery play by ear, no reading music) Alexander Godunov is going to rise from his grave as Guard Caption Head (More dance, less spinning) ….well, that's what I heard.
  18. I'm sorry, that's 'enry 'iggns. Jus a li' il bit a luck!
  19. I have to give it to The Cavaliers "Game On". This was the year that took out over a third of the corps late in the year. We hosted them and did our best to help them get well. They arrived with 38 that we quarantined in a separate gym. They were able to leave with only 8 still in tough shape. The fact the "Men in Green" came back and were able to perform in the Final week gives them the win for 9th place voting.
  20. I believe the term "WGI-ification" has already been coined. If not, there it is...…………………….. Someone call Webster
  21. I put this in another thread. However, I thought it should belong here as well. Blue Devils = Class as well. I want to say thank you to the Blue Devils organization. Over the past several years, it has been my privilege to host the corps. Yesterday, while my daughter was out in San Francisco, she ran into someone affiliated with the organization. After a brief conversation, this person realized she was my daughter and bought her lunch in thanks for my hosting the corps. Even outside the season, the corps always represents with the class that is Blue Devils.
  22. I want to say thank you to the Blue Devils organization. Over the past several years, it has been my privilege to host the corps. Yesterday, while my daughter was out in San Francisco, she ran into someone affiliated with the organization. After a brief conversation, this person realized she was my daughter and bought her lunch in thanks for my hosting the corps. Even outside the season, the corps always represents with the class that is Blue Devils.
  23. As I recall, Flo didn't have a camera "locked" on the Battery/Pit the entire performance. How does someone watching from home know what happened in the Battery/Pit well enough to know which line won? I also don't believe that anyone in the stands watching live has been gifted with "eagle eyes" so precise that they can see every contact of the battery/pit or hear it better than those on the field. I'm not a percussionist, so maybe I'm wrong.