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  1. I have waited to respond to this since I actually knew one of the "Dancing Grannys" victims. It was Tammy's first parade with the group. Tammy was the daughter of a very good friend at my church during my formative drum corps years. She was also a member of my church youth group my senior year of high school. Just a few weeks prior to this incident, I was in Chicago and saw the Halloween parade. They had every cross street blocked with trucks. Having marched hundreds of parades over the years, I would like to think that these events would be better protected. Unfortunately, if someone is hell bent on doing damage, they will find a tool, and a way to make it happen.
  2. Look at how the horn line is blowing his hair back!! This could be the best reaction to drum corps I have ever seen. Is that a future SUTASAURUS?
  3. Cadets had two moments at "The Oil Can" during their performance. The condensed "Z-Pull" and the "Hand-on-the-shoulder Company Front" near the end of their show. You probably couldn't see the crowd reaction on the video feed.
  4. I was lucky enough to be in a suite this year and I watched every corps perform as well as the crowd reaction. I especially watched "The Blast Zone" which is made up of many alumni of two corps that weren't in Indy this year. This year was about celebrating DCI and performing for the crowd. I am not a judge and don't claim to be one. Three corps made "The Blast Zone" get on their feet multiple times during their show with before the final note. Those corps were Regiment, Cadets and Cavies. Judged or not judged, these three were the medalists based on the format this year.
  5. As crazy as it sounds, this was a very enjoyable (yet short) season. I truly enjoyed the reduced number of Props (Two different Blue being the exceptions). Corps were out there performing for the crowd and not the judges. I am very glad I decided to to the Midwest combine followed by a trip to Indy.
  6. I'm in the suite with his fellow brothers. Prayers here for him and the family.
  7. I'm in the oil can. It is not very loud. All conversations have stopped just so we can hear everything.
  8. I think this is the quietest I've ever heard Crown's horn line inside the oil can.
  9. Three students from the school where I previously instructed are in this guard. I couldn't be prouder.
  10. Thes tickets are still available along with Friday if anyone is interested.
  11. I have two tickets available for both Friday and Saturday night on the 50 yard line. IM me if you are interested.
  12. These tickets are still available if anyone is interested in them.
  13. Word is they are coming back to Wisconsin and opening a restaurant soon.
  14. I get to start seeing shows this Friday at Dekalb. Then off to Wisconsin for the Cedarburg show and it just so happens that The Wisconsin State Fair is at the same time. Darn, I guess I will have to eat those cream puffs, roasted corn, fried chees curds and brats. I have to keep up my "Big Boy" figure.
  15. Do I recall correctly that all corps have to travel back to their "Home" location after each show? That would explain the order of performance. It almost looks like the order is based on distance to travel back to their home sites.
  16. Great list. Can't see one that I disagree with on your list.
  17. Mentioning it here since no one tends to scroll down to the market place. I have two tickets available for Saturday night on the 50 yard line. IM me if you are interested.
  18. I struggled on this one. I love the Organ Symphony and wished they did more with it in their most recent offering.
  19. I am struggling as I read this press release. It appears to be out of date. Your first line states "The following are press releases from BDPA & VMAPA as of July-22-2021." Yet, the Basel Tattoo was cancelled back in May. Basel Tattoo | basel.com Am I missing something?
  20. Unfortunately, the past two times I have gone to the theaters, I have had bad experiences for drum corps. One theater had the volume very low and another had no AC in a sold out theater. The fact that I already have all of these shows and can project it on my wall with control over the sound is reason enough for me to save my money and spend it on live shows this summer (I have already purchased four shows) rather than the theater.
  21. I mentioned in a previous thread that my first exposure as a teenager to "Live" classical and jazz was via drum corps. We all know that the keepers of classical are Regiment and SCV over the decades. However, many others brought some great classical music to the field. Below are my top 10. Feel free to add your own or provide comments. 1. 1989 - Phantom Regiment (New World Symphony - Dvorak) 2. 1991 - Star of Indiana (Roman Festivals - Respighi) 3. 2015 - Carolina Crown (Symphony No. 9 - Beethoven) 4. 1996 - Phantom Regiment (Symphony No. 5 - Shostakovich) 5. 1995 - Cavaliers (The Planets "Mars" - Holst) 6. 2008 - Phantom Regiment (Spartacus - Khachaturian) 7. 2007 - Phantom Regiment (Firebird Suite Finale - Stravinsky) 8. 1987 - SCV (Pictures at an Exhibition - Mussorgsky) 9. 1987 - Cadets (Appalachian Spring - Copland) 10. 2012 - Carolina Crown (Fanfare for the Common Man - Copland)
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