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  1. This. I remember seeing that happen on finals night. After their performance was completed; I remember seeing a number of staff making a quick beeline to that kid. I'd love to know what was said to him.
  2. And the Blue Stars aren't? They were a part of the very first DCI finals back in '72. H*ll, they almost won DCI finals in '72. The Blue Stars are very much an established "drum corps name" and they have earned their place in the drum corps "establishment."
  3. The thought of any corps trying to open a secondary Bingo operation with the hope for gain after the failure of the first would be like a fisherman casting a second line in attempt to catch a fish after the first line couldn't get a bite; two failures will get you nothing and leave you empty.
  4. Suncoast Sound returned to Div II/III and competed in '92, '93, and '94.
  5. I can give you the name of one corps that folded and persevered through reorganization...The Blue Stars. The Blue Stars were one of the founding corps of DCI back in '72 and came pretty close winning it, that year. They had a lot of success in the Top 12 during the '70s. They were also sponsored by a bank. They were known as "The First Federal Blue Stars." '82 proved to be a very challenging year for the corps both competitively and financially. When the sponsorship went away; it was tough going for the corps. That same year, the Cadet corps was reactivated and competed at CCI. The Blue Stars folded shortly after DCI in '82; but the Blue Stars Cadets were going to carry on the corps legacy; with the hope that, someday, the organization would return to Open Class, Div I, World Class (whatever title you choose). A lot of the members of the Blue Stars Cadets had friends and family that were a part of the Blue Stars. A lot of the instructors were former Blue Stars. The corps competed for three years in CCI before making the move back to DCM. In '86, the corps would also return to DCI; competing in Class A-60. The following year, 1987, was a special year; the debt from the '70s era Blue Stars was paid off and the Blue Star Cadets became the Blue Stars. The corps had a very successful year at DCM and DCI; the cherry on top was scoring high enough to qualify for Open Class quarterfinals. The corps would continue from there to be a powerhouse in A-60 and Div II and III all the way up through 2005. There were definitely some hard years during that time; but the goal remained the same. Along came 2006 and the Blue Stars returned to Div I competition with an extremely powerful corps as they finished in 14th place their first year back competing for a Top 12 spot. After finishing in 14th in 2007; they finally made Top 12 finals with a jump all the way to 8th. Since there return; they have only missed finals once. So, what's the moral of this story? Sometimes corps that fall on hard times can actually turn things around and regain their former glory and success. It just takes time, pride, dedication, passion, and learning lessons so as to not make the mistakes of the past. Eric Miller Blue Star Cadets/Blue Stars member (1982-1994) Blue Stars instructor (1995-2007)
  6. I agree with the comments of Tim K. There are not enough corps to effectively run regional tours, anymore. The years of DCM, DCE, DCW, DCS are gone. We all remember the days of first tour being regional leading up to the big midseason regional show and second tour being the big shows where everyone, finally, meets up on their way to DCI. Open Class and DCA are hanging on by rope (although they are pretty close to a thread). Even the most well off corps have taken measures to maintain stability and sustainability. This is a much different era for drum corps and DCI than it was decades ago.
  7. I'm usually one of the Blue Stars toughest critics and biggest supporters. If they can get that percussion caption up to the level of the brass and guard; they could definitely be in the running for 6th place. In terms of a best guess placement; I'd venture 6th place, tops, and 8th place, at the very least. If there is one thing that stands out with the Blue Stars is that they play to the sheets while still using the entire football field as a stage. There aren't too many corps that are able to pull that off with their show designs. Some have stated that it might be time for the corps to move on from Kevin Ford's drill designs and I have to 110% disagree. He has continuously written amazing drill for the Blue Stars and that has been a big part of their success and keeping the corps as a fixture in the Top 12 since their return to World Class status...save 2006, 2007, and 2012.
  8. The Cadets are becoming an annual soap opera.
  9. Has Lee Beddis mellowed, at all, over the years? I used to hear stories about him being a hardcore a** kicker back in the early '90s. His reputation was quite intimidating during that era.
  10. Even with all the resources The Blue Devils organization has; they are making tough decisions to ensure the stability and future of what they offer. I'm sure this wasn't an easy decision to make, in addition to what SCV did with SCVC. Let's be honest, gang; things are challenging from the top down and nobody is immune from making tough choices to keep things going.
  11. With all the staff shake-ups, etc; time for an updated prediction: 1. Blue Devils 2. Boston Crusaders 3. Bluecoats 4. Carolina Crown 5. Santa Clara Vanguard 6. Blue Stars 7. Cadets 8. Phantom Regiment 9. Cavaliers 10. Mandarins 11. Troopers 12. Colts 13. Blue Knights 14. Crossmen 15. Madison Scouts 16. Spirit of Atlanta 17. Music City 18. Genesis 19. The Academy 20. Pacific Crest 21. Jersey Surf 22. Seattle Cascades (?)
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