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  1. Well, considering how they were punished in the visual captions, last year, for too much drill and field usage; I wouldn't be surprised. It's all about less field usage, less movement, and more staging, now.
  2. I see La Crosse is getting a line-up similar to 2014. If it's a clear night, the fans in the stands are going to be treated to one of the most picturesque views at a drum corps show; especially as the sun is setting.
  3. So, is Colin and his crew out at Boston?
  4. The UW-Eau Claire band is far superior to the UW band.
  5. Hopefully they don't come out with a show similar to '05 and '06. Yeeeesh!
  6. Revised: 1. Blue Devils (two point win) 2. Bluecoats 3. Santa Clara Vanguard 4. Carolina Crown 5. Cavaliers 6. Boston Crusaders 7. Cadets 8. Phantom Regiment 9. Blue Stars 10. Mandarins 11. Blue Knights 12. Crossmen 13. Pacific Crest 14. Spirit of Atlanta 15. Madison Scouts 16. Academy 17. Colts 18. Troopers 19. Music City 20. Genesis 21. Jersey Surf 22. Seattle Cascades
  7. In all of my years following the drum corps activity; I've never seen this much staff change with so many corps in one year. The Blue Devils appear to be the only corps without major changes. With that being said, I'm going to make a very bold prediction for 2020; The Blue Devils will have an undefeated season and will win DCI (here's the really bold part) by two points. They might be tested and challenged...a little; but I don't foresee anybody besting them next summer. If I"m wrong, I'll eat a crow dinner with a slice of humble pie for dessert.
  8. Overly sensitive, too politically correct for their own good, offended by everything, always stirring the pot, operating with a "just because" mentality, social justice hipsters.
  9. I'm curious as to why the Blue Stars were singled out.