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  1. The Blue Devils could become the first corps to win, both, open class and world class.
  2. I don't think there will be a 2021 season; planning for 2022 would probably be for the best. If there is anything; I think the average size of all corps that decide to proceed would be kept to a minimum. In speculation, world class corps might have to go back to the years of 90-128 members until things even resemble a "back to normal" scenario.
  3. For those going for the Dracula look; there's the '88 Marauders uniforms.
  4. How many corps have been conducting virtual camps? How are all the corps going to retain membership if there is no season next year? Housing? Every corps is probably going to be looking at, almost, starting over once things are given the all clear.
  5. Very valid and insightful, Tim. The reality is that the drum corps activity isn't going to be the same after all this; even when an effective vaccine is available. The coronavirus was/is an unprecedented event that the world wasn't ready for. We all knew something like this would eventually happen; however, as a global society, we just weren't prepared. As a result, a lot of things have and will continue to change. I just can't see a 2021 season happening. All the corps, including the mighty Blue Devils, will somehow be affected by the cancellation of this year and next year, should it come to
  6. Covid control, the rescheduling of high school and college athletics, and housing.
  7. Facepalming and laughing at the Madison Scouts thread; another year of Madison alumni and fans b**ching, complaining, and bickering over their corps placement, show choices, and thinking they should always be up on top with the Blue Devils because they are the Madison Scouts.
  8. If there is a season next year; it will be interesting to see how the activity navigates around the revised high school athletics schedule for shows in Minnesota. Football has been moved to the Spring and the sports that traditionally take place in the Spring will run from May 15th - July 15th. That pretty much kills any shows in Minnesota.
  9. This isn't the 1980s when DCI influenced WGI and BOA. As of current, it's the other way around. Even if there is a vaccine; I don't think there are going to be too many high schools and sports facilities willing to host a corps or a show. I really hope I'm wrong; but I honestly believe that 2021 isn't going to be all that kind to the drum corps activity. I'll even venture to guess that if there is no season in 2021; there will be some corps going inactive in both DCI and DCA.
  10. I was in the stands and I saw the drummer come running out. After they were done with their performance; the staff yanked him off the field right quick. They all looked pretty p*ssed off.
  11. Glassmen '96 (although I wouldn't include that show in the Top 12. Sorry, not sorry)
  12. What's ultimately going to affect corps ability to tour? Housing, plain and simple. A corps could have everything solid, secure, and sitting in good standing all around; however, if housing is severely limited or non-existent next summer, then even the most successful of organizations are going to be having a rough go of it.