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  1. I guess they didn't find much humor in my "genderless" individual post.
  2. Hey! Where did my post go?
  3. No doubt that the Blue Stars will remain in the Top12 with that staff. If the new percussion staff can recruit the talent to match that of the hornline; they will be pushing for 7th place.
  4. With any member of the Blenski family still involved with the corps; you can be d**n sure that corps won't evolve from it's Irish everything caricature image.
  5. corps8294

    New Open Class Champs for 2019

    1. Gold 2. Legends 3. Spartans 4. Guardians 5. 7th Regiment 6. Louisiana Stars 7. Southwind 8. Shadow 9. Colt Cadets 10. Pioneer
  6. corps8294

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    I wonder if Genesis fired the individual in question from their percussion staff. Sure hope so.
  7. How in the Hades is Pioneer going to field a corps that's even competitive with open class, next year, after all of this and the way things have been going during the past decade? It was mentioned that the brass caption head from this past year pulled all his Pioneer affiliation off his resume page. I actually feel bad for the guy...somewhat. He had a pretty lofty goal for 2018 and I'm sure he had a dream of what it would be like. At the same time, he had to have known the situation he was going into and who he would be working for. If Pioneer manages to take the field in 2019; they will more-than-likely resemble the Racine Scouts in terms of size and talent. I still hold firm to my belief that it's time for Pioneer to fold or become an alumni parade corps.
  8. The individual in question is slick and manipulative. If he gets released from Genesis; he will, more-than-likely, end up somewhere else.
  9. Genesis would be much better off now and in the long run if they sever ties with the individual in question.
  10. Unless they come out with a new image and a completely different way of doing things; they will still be a cellar corps. It's going to take quite a bit for people to trust and take that organization seriously. I still believe that corps is too far gone to salvage.
  11. corps8294

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    There's a reddit thread about the hoopla in Genesis. I knew that was the guy in question.