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  1. 1. Blue Devils 2. Bluecoats 3. Santa Clara Vanguard 4. Carolina Crown 5. Cavaliers 6. Boston Crusaders 7. Blue Knights 8. Cadets 9. Blue Stars 10. Mandarins 11. Phantom Regiment 12. Crossmen 13. Pacific Crest 14. Spirit of Atlanta 15. Madison Scouts 16. Colts 17. Troopers 18. Music City 19. Genesis 20. Jersey Surf 21. Seattle Cascades The biggest mystery, I think, is going to be the Cadets. The percussion section is firing on all cylinders and is in good shape. The brass, visual, guard, and show concepts are the question marks. If they can get those areas ironed out before November with talent recruitment and some positive staff changes; than I could see them placing 7th. If not, they could be sitting in 8th or 9th. They have too much work ahead of them to be in the Top 6.
  2. I was never bored with Avant Garde shows. They were a really good corps, back in the day.
  3. Tomorrow is pink slip Monday for drum corps, so we'll see what starts happening, then.
  4. Well, do the Blue Stars go for another 8th place three-peat, again, next year or do they finally move up a placement? I really thought they had the talent and the show to place 7th, this year. I'm starting to believe that 8th place might be the best that Blue Stars can do.
  5. Hey Flop Marching! I don't care about Williams dominating the lanes!
  6. All the ladies are probably tuning in, now, for the Cavies snare drummer.
  7. Do individuals count? Okay, good. Then I'll say Dan Potter.
  8. Pacific Crest. One of my favorite shows of the year! I really wish they were in finals! Thank you for putting on such an awesome show!