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  1. Performers practice all season with their props. Are you telling me judges are going to be at every rehearsal from ST on? Yeah no. I get it. You want to link them. But they’re two separate things. One is part of the performance. The other is adjudication. Completely separate processes.
  2. It's still a red herring. "Let's talk about judges and safety." "NO WAY. PROPS ARE FAR MORE DANGEROUS." You're simply trying to distract discussion. As for props, I agree some are unsafe. But they have nothing to do with judges. BUT...maybe you're on to something. Maybe some judges ARE props! Yeah that's the ticket!
  3. How dare you exclude and invalidate other opinions Wait. J/k
  4. The WGI Equipment and Movement sheets are well written and very focused. I have no problem stealing their intellectual property! As for Most/Many perhaps I would have agreed in the past. But as I look at the list today, I lean towards most (which of course simply implies more than half).
  5. And when he does leave Crown can just go ride the Disney monorail all day with Klesch driving and Harloff on the mic in the back!
  6. Most GE1 and many VP judges have guard backgrounds. I see no need to increase the number of guard judges (although I would love to see the sheet rewritten to more closely parallel the other "performance" captions (in essence a melding of the WGI EQ and MVMT sheets). As it stands, the sheet gives WAY too much latitude to the guard judge. Making it a "WHAT and HOW" sheet would keep them focused on the performers and their excellence.
  7. If and when the inevitable happens (not this coming season -- his son is marching again right?) there are several young apprentices who could (and undoubtedly would) return and/or step up. Anyway I think this rumor has been posted every post-season since Keith/Michael/Leon left. Not giving it any more credence this year.
  8. Watch the hi cams of percussion vs VP/BR judges when everyone was allowed on the field (do it 2x speed and muted). The VP/BR guys understood how to get on the field without getting inside drill. They would even move close up when safe but didn't go "inside". If the perc guys would have used this sensible approach, they would still be on the field. Instead they were inside drill ALL THE TIME, sprinting, ducking, and frequently interfering if not downright impacting performers. (And yes collisions/path changes/interference doesn't show up on video much because most shows are never recorded). It would have only taken restraint to avoid being stuck up front. They lacked it. On the flip side, FE's are getting actual reads now. In the past the only FE read time was when the drum judge thought the battery was tacit. Even then the judge was so winded recovering from his sprint back to the front sideline that he could hear much over his own recovery breathing. Anyway we are where we are. </soapbox>
  9. It’s fine. The wildlife on DCP doesn’t worry me. I have found that using the ignore button makes life far more pleasant here. If people are toxic, purge them from view. Life is better that way. I have no time for those who willfully twist the obvious.
  10. make a new thread -- i won't jump you 🙂 anyway we're diverting this thread further off course!
  11. But...but...we LIKE conspiracies!! (btw maybe corps should just create a fresh page for staff each year -- after all it changes every year. then you'd have -- you know -- a record of the staff for each season).
  12. I agree. Fortunately there was lots of other content. I don't disagree Crown had visual shortcomings. OTOH there's nothing wrong with letting music be an effect. Brass performance for the entire show won them the Ott -- not just one production. And I think Crown tied first for music -- so the show was not designed around a single caption. Stupid facts -- they're so annoying. (And this is WAY off-topic. Be glad to jump to the Crown thread to continue if you like).
  13. And yet they finished just out of the medals. Hmmm...
  14. Maybe they made a conscious choice to just let the music speak in that production and let visual take a back seat. No monkeybars. No overproduced sound effects. No silly choreography. Just the music. Sorry if it offended your design expertise, but it moved me emotionally more than anything else this season. I know it's shocking, but music -- all on it's own -- can produce far more effect than any prop can hope to. And sometimes you just need to let it speak. Congrats to Crown for reminding us.
  15. Dear lord. Nothing else was close FOR ME. Since the topic was "favorite" I didn't see the need to say this was MY preference since the word favorite implies we're talking about a personal preference.
  16. Red herring. Props have nothing to do with judges. FWIW I agree props are ridiculous.
  17. There’s a huge difference between a performer undertaking a risk and an adjudicator putting a performer at risk. If you can’t see that we have little to discuss.
  18. What’s the acceptable rate of judge-induced collisions? Man the heads-in-the-sand among some percussionists is incredible. Have you taught at any level in the past 10 years. It’s dangerous out there — even for staff that know the show FAR better than any judge. No point in rehashing the point: judges should never be putting performers at risk— at all — ever.
  19. Convince the poster to post the video on YouTube! YouTube makes it easy to trim the video and leave just the ending online.
  20. Yep. It's not like there's some sort of accurate reporting mechanism. Anecdotal evidence seems to support your experience. They were FAR more common then some claim here.
  21. Wow! That did NOT come across on Flo. What a reaction!! The crowd went absolutely nuts. What a feeling that must have been for the members!