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  1. I agree -- his choreography was top notch. Hope to see him returning to Crown!
  2. Congrats Vandegrift. Great music, great drill, and basically some flats across the back for props. There's hope for the marching arts yet! And wow -- look at Texas go!
  3. Since this thread has wandered to the Commandant's Own, here was their gig tonight!
  4. Lol. If they were a unit which recreated some historical ensemble (like the fife and drum corps) , I'd agree. But they are thoroughly modern (still playing historical instruments). You might not care about quality of sound but THEY do! The Marines have a tradition of equipping the Corps with the finest tools. Broken down G bugles aren't it.
  5. It's an issue. Keeping those bugles functioning has cost more than the cost of the new line of Yamaha's. Quality of sound is not keeping pace with quality of design.
  6. Actually their mission (and reason to exist) remains unchanged and they continue to execute it to the highest standards. It's not about instrumentation so much as the quality of the tools they use to perform their mission.
  7. It (instrumentation) is not really about recruiting potential members. They have no problems filling open billets.
  8. If you look carefully at what's been going on in the unit, you might not be so sure of that. For example, look at the radical change in show design in the past few years. Recently they had a section of a show where they were uncovered. That's an absolutely insane idea that would never have been even considered five years ago. The biggest argument that's going to win the day is money. Those G bugles are costing the unit far more than the cost of an entire new set of Yamaha marching horns. That fact is making it's way to decision makers (ie congress critters). The reverence of the unit for Col. Crawford has not (and will never) change. But even he would want his Marines to be playing on the best quality marching horns available.
  9. This is the only guard you'll see with the Commandant's Own. Yes they are still on G but most of the hornline is anxious to mend that.
  10. wish this show would have been given a visual design worthy of the performers. still one of my favorite horn books from TeamCream. full brass entrance in ballad is just so tasty.
  11. The (bad) attempts at amplifying drum corps are linked to a few things: 1) Loud as an effect (without loss of quality tone) takes quite a bit of skill. Many corps were infamous for BLATTING. Many corps now resort to the volume knob and avoid having to teach their horns to play loud well. So it's an "easy button". 2) Mic'ing large groups of performers simultaneously relieves the visual designer of all staging responsibilities. Since placement on the field no longer matters, you can place performers willy-nilly and have them heard (albeit with a loss in fidelity). Of course one of the most difficult things to do in visual design is getting the right players at the right places at the right time so they could be heard. So again another easy button. 3) New toy fetishism. A certain segment of the instructor population is notorious for loving new toys. 50 simultaneous wireless audio links is just the latest and greatest. These guys will bankrupt you if you let them because there's ALWAYS a newer, better, fancier toy to be found. 4) Broadway wannabee-ocity. There's a narrative among some old farts in the activity that "hey we're doing Broadway on a football field". This is of course ludicrous. Most of what makes a Broadway production a Broadway production is missing (talent, training, writing, technology, venue, lights, stage crew -- the list is endless). And yet the narrative persists and many others are "buying in" because mentally it moves them from "marching band instructors" to "broadway outdoors instructors" (which is apparently much more legitimate sounding). IMO what is most impressive about drum corps is the effect acoustic brass instruments, percussion, and colorguard in motion can create. It's a unique, expressive art form. Hopefully this is just a fad and designers will take up the challenge of creating something new WITHIN the art form instead of complaining "it's all been done" Because it certainly has NOT all been done. And if you think it has, maybe you're OLD and should RETIRE. I'm fine with amp'ing the front ensemble. And if you wanna mic a soloist or small ensemble sure put the mics on a stand on the sideline and have at it. But stop trying to mic the entire ensemble. It sounds bad. Fidelity matters.
  12. I know they will still be 'around' but Moe and Kevin pretty much are Crown to me and always will be. They're the best.
  13. IMHO Crown is a very strange mix of intensity and goofiness. If you "buy in" to the culture, you'll have a ton of fun at Crown.
  14. (page 3 -- yikes! sorry CrownFans) For your listening pleasure...
  15. Surprised (and a little disappointed) this isn't already posted:
  16. Love watching (and listening to) POV vids!
  17. Talent and cleaning already in place. They just need more effective work and aesthetics. The guard got lost in drill too often ( sabers and dancers esp.) last year. Transparency is a cool concept indoors but it does not translate well to a football field with judges 60 yds away. Someone needs to be fixing these decisions before an order is placed or music is chosen. Hopefully Byron can help in that respect. Also just need more obvious flag work at impacts. Save subtle for Dayton! Write big work to the melodic line and rhythm. No one credits demand in DCI anyway. It’s all about effect. Music effect guys want to see what they hear and they’re not very good at noticing small details.
  18. listen in your browser! https://anchor.fm/sketchbookpodcast/episodes/Ep--1-Evan-VanDoren-e5p96p/a-apgq91
  19. Looks like all the key people are back. Byron Valentine added to the design staff as Guard Designer. Both the guard staff and perc staff seem a bit larger. Most other changes are just the normal tech churn.