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  1. Commandant's Own playing some First Circle!
  2. This statement is incomplete. Yes they worked hard. But those glory years also had the absolute best teachers and creators. Hard work is meaningless without the instruction to properly guide it and the design to let it shine.
  3. Gotta play the game within rules that exist. That's why so many folks were pleased to see Chris Martin's proposal. It addressed the most egregious amplification problem.
  4. Crown will be more than happy to return to acoustic brass lines. They need no help with volume or tone quality. (Note sure where I said anything about Crown but w/e). And this fantasy that “sound reinforcement” is required for 80 brass instruments is amusing but so ridiculous on its face that I can’t believe otherwise sane persons continue to post it. This is entirely about “we are broadway performance ensembles on a field”. So long as everyone tells themselves this we’ll all eventually believe it, right?
  5. non-responsive. shotgun mics are only there to capture the full ensemble. 70-80 brass players need no amplification. if you remove them there's no need to worry about whether they're turned on or not. if you can't play FFF with good tone quality, you shouldn't be faking it with amplification. as i have posted many times, just eliminate wireless mics entirely. limit mic placement to "in front of the front-sideline". you can still amplify small ensembles and soloists. you will have far better sound quality at a lower cost (wired is much better sound). and most of the "tech issues" evaporate because corps just won't care about the crowded wireless environment in which they're performing.
  6. wait WHAT? There's no reason to amplify the full ensemble and shotgun mics are pretty easy to see! This sounds like someone's shoveling some very deep manure!
  7. Yeah but that's not likely to happen. I'm sure the drum corps would love to jump ship (with the name, equipment and staff) but considering the Cadets are YEA's primary function...
  8. 4:09. This was the best part of the entire season.
  9. If you accept the proposition that "Open Class" is the nursery ground for new World Class corps then one might expect DCI to be more nurturing. Sure. World Class corps are only interested in themselves (DCI is the corps, blah, blah, blah). But DCI should actively want the activity to grow. Their behavior with regard to Encorps would seem to contradict that goal. So either (a) DCI is so poorly run that they can't give timely responses or (b) DCI is not truly interested in expanding at all.
  10. Meet some CrownBrass staff (or jump to the last minute for a little Christmas brass!)
  11. Whenever I see "sound reinforcement" substituted for "amplification", red flags appear. This whole line of reasoning starts from the false premise that amplification makes things "sound better". Your instinctive reaction is "we're musicians! of course we want it to sound better." And thus otherwise reasonable people are led down the garden path: Our front ensemble instruments are destroying their instruments and playing with terrible technique. Let's allow amplification so we can fix that. OK! That's reasonable. Simulating different sounds and colors via mechanical means is a poor substitute for a sampling keyboard. Let's use synths to give us higher quality sounds from instruments that will never be in drum corps. OK! Man that sound great. Using small speakers on either end of the pit keeps audiences outside the 40s from hearing everything. Let's add speaker arrays. Woohoo! I can hear EVERYTHING now. Hey playing brass FFF can be really difficult. Let's mic the front sideline so we get the same "loud as an effect" without compromising tone quality. OK sure. It sounds better right? Our visual guys want to explore new placements for soloists but we can't hear them from there. Let's just wireless amplify them all over the field. Sound quality assured! Hey we have 15 extraordinarily talented players we want to feature throughout the show. Let's mic them up! Why not?!? Uh oh we can't hear our tubas. Let's mic them the whole show. After all actual tubas are better than a patch, right? Absolutely. Live is better than goo! Hey our synths are providing sampled woodwind sounds. Wouldn't it be better if we just used actual woodwind players? We'd be more inclusive! Don't say I'm not inclusive! Let's do it! Once you accept that false premise, you literally can't say no.
  12. Thanks for the report! I get much the same vibe as you (something interesting and new).
  13. Awe come on, Tekk! Not even the brass entrance? Let me remind you:
  14. Follow him around with a sign that says “I’m on trial for rape.”.
  15. no announcement but the official 2020 staff page did appear on the website.
  16. I am very intrigued by the direction they seem to be headed in 2020. Crown still tries things others won't . It's very much part of their DNA. And I love that about them. It doesn't always work the way they hope it would. But that won't stop them from just reloading and taking off in yet another direction.
  17. edit: expected that video to be a bit longer but it's broken into 3. here's the playlist: