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  1. By the way, Jim Moore of the Bluecoats pointed this out on his FB wall. Bluecoats spent their last regular-season rehearsal day at Glenwood Middle School in Canton Ohio. And you guessed it, that school is located on 44th Street!
  2. It all starts from the TOP! David Glasgow was the first paid employee of Bluecoats in 2004 (I think?) and he has created a foundational design team, many who are also now paid employees, that have pushed this activity each and every year. It is precisely why you see Bloo setting the trends. You get what you pay for, or something like that :) You don't need to worry about Bloo right now. They are a well-oiled machine that is just getting started.
  3. #BlooForceOne is scheduled to depart Cleveland on Saturday morning and return Sunday night. We still have seats left on both legs if anyone wants to join along. Msg me for details!
  4. Session 44 - FINAL TAKE
  5. Congrats SCV what a show!!! And... Go Bloooooooooooooooooooooo
  6. Ask your Alexa if she likes drum and bugle corps. #blooooo #orangeisthenewblue
  7. Exact time is unknown but most likely around 4
  8. Next year we'll have to plan it out a bit better. Was a last minute thing!
  9. Bloo run-through at 3pm today! Glenwood Middle School 1015 44th Street NW Canton, Ohio 44709
  10. Bloo run-through at 3pm today! Glenwood Middle School 1015 44th Street NW Canton, Ohio 44709
  12. superOOk

    Chester Tour of Champions - August 01, 2018

  13. I may, or may have not, buzzed the practice field at 200 mph.
  14. Flew down in #BlooForceOne to Newark, OH to see the Bluecoats rehearsal. My my they have gotten so much better in the last week! HOLY COW!
  15. I know! I'm watching the forecast models like a hawk right now.