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  1. Blooo wins this one. They’re the only group at the top that made me tear up.
  2. Totally understand. I used to talk about throwing babies, but now my “baby” is 16 and 6’ 2”. It takes on a whole new meaning.
  3. So weird. It's so weird. I was on Multi-cam, but it was only showing one shot for the last several corps. Then after you said that I switched to high cam, then back to multi-cam, and now it's multiple shots. Oh well. Works now.
  4. I’m spending significantly less this year because for the first time in 11 years, I’m not going to Finals. It just happened to be the time when my son and I could take a trip and tour some colleges. I’m still going to watch finals on Flo. I’m a bit sad, but got to go to Menomonie and see a live show at least.
  5. Not me. love, love, love this show, Blooooooo! They’re on tonight!
  6. Stephan is spot on. Feels sluggish. Of course after seeing them live in Menomonie, maybe auntie Flo just can’t cut it.
  7. Maybe the could have Jack London chasing around Buck?