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    BDB '98 Snare
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    ALL- of course
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    1992 Cavies 2001 Cadets 2003 Regiment
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    Clovis, CA
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    Beer and DCI- what else is there?

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  1. These kids are amazing. Thank you all. See you DCP in a few months
  2. They pack their bags and start broadcasting pickle ball when the winner is announced
  3. You’re right- I just meant no drama with who wins. I hate that. But other races were great
  4. Pretty boring season for the top spot - we all saw it coming
  5. That’s so rare for me. ‘92 Cavies and ‘13 Crown are the only ones that come to mind
  6. I was thinking it’s more Southeastern -North Central Missouri University style
  7. I have a surprise birthday party tonight- no Finals for me…. 😢
  8. If anyone from the Troopers Legacy Corps is reading this- THANK YOU! My family and I are in tears! Just wonderful!
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