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  1. Amazing; does that include the 'Devil's Lettuce'? πŸ˜‘πŸ˜·πŸ™„ (That's probably for the drum line, field battery, to get vaccinated.) 🀣
  2. At the delivery pace from "Operation Warp Speed", it won't matter. Phase 1B, Educators, First Responders, etc, are being injected in the county next door. But we've been told we'll receive our injection in late Feb or March. The state 'hotline' for sign up is a total disaster & is being shut down...
  3. I think it's due to the fact that the 'Jazz Idiom' is considered a 'gateway' form of music that can lead to illicit drug use. Just like dancing is considered a gateway to sexual activity. And both of these activities are considered a gateway to 'Hell". And we don't want to go the 'Hell"... That's the message in Carolina Crown's 2015 production "Inferno". πŸ˜‡
  4. Losing a couple of friends, family members of students, local community members, & two family members. πŸ™ We also lost some other great Americans during 2020: (Run time = 4:12)  
  5. "I'll buy that 'era worm' for a dollar" - Bixby Snyder
  6. You have to close the blinds, wear a hoodie, & search the 'dark web'; or Reddit. I have no clue. πŸ˜‡
  7. Don't forget the new COVID tax deduction of 'cash' donation of $300 for FY2020. I think it actually comes off of your tax liability or taxable income 'upfront' even if you don't itemize using Form 1040/Schedule A. Yea!!!! πŸ˜‚. I'm planning my donation now...
  8. Troopers home show around '98 or '99 in Cheyenne, WY. (May have been Laramie) The low went down into the low 50s after sunset. 😳
  9. FYI: Latest email from USBands. Posting link to their website & email below: A Holiday Message From USBands
  10. Anyone with a FloMarching account able to see this article? Copy & paste? I'm not paying a subscription fee to read their article that show be free & on the DCI website. Or do they offer a "free" account to read articles? ("Ain't nothing free") UPDATE: I was able to access via their FB post:
  11. My understanding, from a reliable source, is the potential for a short "regional" tour leading up to the Indy event if the vaccines arrive in time & allow for more protection. Do I think it will happen? I wouldn't bet on it & please except my apologies for my expository use of the English language. I guess I could regress back to my Southern 'redneck' roots...
  12. A free unedited download/showing of 2012's "12.25" ?