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  1. Members will have to disclose their real weight as on a small airplane for balance. 😁
  2. No issue for our school. We're hosting a group mid-July as normal prior to the "covid years". In the conservative South, we've put the virus in the "rearview mirror". (Do you see it?) 🧐😁 I guess CV-19 has been placed on the shelf with the common cold & flu? I live in a weird political world. 😷 Get your vaccine! I'll probably wear my mask in Walmart for the rest of my life as in the Japanese culture. I like not being recognized. πŸ˜‡
  3. Colts be "putting some Led in our Zeppelin" in 2022
  4. 2 shots + 2 boosters later, I'm doing just fine. (Except for the new twitch.)
  5. One of the first groups I saw with a synth was Pioneer with their little Casio keyboard. Non-polyphonic or monophonic; it wouldn't play chords. I guess Roman got a deal.
  6. I recall a met or 'Dr. Beat' violation in Military Park? It was one of the "blue" corps I think. Can't use the met due to the offices & businesses around the park. That's why Roger Carter (Bluecoats) uses a mini drum kit to 'groove' with the battery. And it's 'way' cool... 😎
  7. Yup; I think this is my favorite Larry David scene. @1:43, the "milk in coffee" scene...
  8. They sound delicious. Love the Pearl tenor's tone quality; dark & they blend/project well.
  9. Another show about Nirvana or the life hereafter? I think I just saw Jesus in the video. (sorry) πŸ˜‡
  10. If it's the blue stain fade Pearls, I heard they were loaners until the new set arrives. https://www.facebook.com/BostonCrusaders/videos/733047434600566/
  11. Not sure about this references, but it states the first HS national marching band competition was 1923 in Chicago to promote instrumental music programs in schools & foster a relationship with manufacturers. Interesting site: http://www.betweenbands.org/historyofmarchingbands.html
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