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  1. Replied to your DM or PM. (whatever it's called) Looked at Stubhub & they do have tickets but not showing any on the 50.
  2. Are you looking for one (1) Super 3 ticket for each night in Indy? I may have one when my order loads. I have purchased & sold tickets on Stubhub & sold to an individual on DCP with a Digital ticket thru Ticketmaster. Easy paying w/PayPal (protected) & easy to transfer a digital ticket between Ticketmaster accounts. Will know hopefully this week when they hit my account. 🤔
  3. Sunday, July 18th & the Super 3 preordered tickets have not loaded into my Ticketmaster account. The latest DCI email update below. I really hope I can deal with the DCI office rather than Ticketmaster via phone because they're not great at customer service. 😬 -------------------------------- July 12, 2021 The DCI Ticketing Department is currently working diligently to verify all seating assignments and delivery of tickets via Ticketmaster for this August’s DCI Celebration Events in Indianapolis. We appreciate your patience during this time as our office is still working
  4. Headed to Marion, St. Elmos, & the Indy Super 3, but thinking about adding Allentown & Akron to my itinerary. But as far as Allentown, I've only been to J. Birney Crum with a corps years ago. Been looking on the google satelite view; where is the fan parking located? Harrisburg? Reading? 😁 Allentown would add several hours & extra nights to my trip; might just add Akron as it looks like a great stadium. #MarchOn
  5. Who was or is the "Tammy Faye" commentator? 🤔
  6. The latest email update from DCI for the 2021 3-Night Ticket package. To date, my preorder hasn't hit my Ticketmaster account. Has anyone received their preordered tickets? 🤔 ------------------------------- June 29, 2021 As the start of the 2021 Celebration Tour draws closer, DCI and the participating corps are working diligently to provide a safe restart and outstanding performances in each and every one of the events leading up to DCI Celebration Week in Indianapolis. As someone who has purchased 3-day ticket packages for 2021's Indianapolis events, this email will upd
  7. Presale ticket report from my three local venues: 1) 4 2) 30 (most popular venue of the three) 3) 11 I was planning to go but had to change plans. I course, they could "sell out" with walk-ups? 🤔
  8. Jurassic Lancer may have called in a large pledge while drinking bourbon. (See earlier post)
  9. After reading a few times, I guess I "read into" the email that we would know our seat #s before the release in Ticketmaster. A "common sense" approach tells me that some folks might have wanted to add more tickets close to their original seats. But what do I know... I'm just happy to have tickets & to be going. #MarchOn
  10. I was referring to DCI's email that I received about my Super 3 pre-order. Jurassic Lancer shared it above. ☝️😁
  11. Just checked my Ticketmaster account; my Super 3 Indy pre-ordered tickets have not been uploaded.
  12. The tickets I ordered on July 7th hit my account immediately on both the laptop version & the app. I would have liked to have known my pre-ordered seat assignments when ordering the additional tickets. But I guess that would be in a perfect "COVID-free" world.
  13. The email led me to believe that my pre-ordered tickets would be filled by the Ticketmaster staff, (not DCI staff), & start hitting my account after July 4th. My thinking was they would be loaded & we would know our seat assignments if we wanted to purchase additional tickets next to the pre-ordered seats or close to them on July 7th. But I guess that was just my interpretation.