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  1. “The theatre has lost one of its greatest geniuses and the world has lost one of its greatest and most original writers. Sadly, there is now a giant in the sky. But the brilliance of Stephen Sondheim will still be here as his legendary songs and shows will be performed for evermore. Goodbye old friend and thank you from all of us.” Cameron Mackintosh
  2. Yup; there were "other things" that materialized during that time period.
  3. Camp report from the 80s While in college in the 80s, this story floated around for years from a local corps audition in November. After a high school drummer completed his "rough" snare auditions: HS Student: "Back home they call me sticks." Caption Head: "Well, around here, we'll call you plates." (i.e., cymbals) Not sure how true the events played out, but knowing the caption head, it sounds like his personality. Of course, we did drink a lot in college...
  4. WGI news release: https://www.wgi.org/wgi-mourns-the-passing-of-george-lindstrom/?fbclid=IwAR2CqOx-4Yya-jIgeYMd2NI6BtgygPQS_BCzaxlptW65fjg7paYBlz-PTu4
  5. If someone's life could be summed up in 3.5 minutes, CNN accomplished it with this story: https://www.cnn.com/2021/11/26/entertainment/stephen-sondheim/index.html
  6. Wow, may he rest in peace. What an incredible talent & legacy...
  7. Exactly! 😆 I'm sorry but it's a horrible choice. I thought Bobby Dodd would have been better as far as seating. Hell, I'd rather go to the Powder Springs venue.
  8. This GSU venue in no way compares to the Mercedes-Benz venue while staying in one of the Centennial Park hotels. Plenty of food choices & everything is walkable. I'll also miss the club level food in the venue.
  9. Yup; I've been to the Murfreesboro show years ago. I'll probably go to the Murfreesboro show & then take a drive thru the Smokies to the Winston-Salem show skipping ATL.
  10. Another reason to skip ATL this year. A couple of paragraphs from the SE Tour release article: DCI’s inaugural event at Georgia State will feature 17 World, Open and All-Age Class corps, while on Sunday, July 31, a lineup of 14 World Class corps will head to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, for the Carolina Crown-presented NightBEAT at Wake Forest University. “Taking into consideration travel and logistics, this year’s plan for Atlanta and Winston-Salem will feature the top-six corps from 2019 in both shows and all other World Class corps in one event or the other,” Acheson said.
  11. The 2022 "50th Anniversary Tour" is released: https://www.dci.org/news/2022-drum-corps-international-tour-schedule?utm_source=sfmc&utm_medium=email
  12. I've always felt that DCI was "tone-deaf". (all pun intended) They continually "shoot their self in the foot".
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