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  1. Majorette @2:00 & 4:00 -- but you need to watch his entire routine. He's incredibly funny. Big Pookie @2:30!
  2. I could see this happening in smaller schools or where the Fine Arts Programs aren't held in "high esteem" as other communities. In the South, communities seem to rally around their Fine Arts programs especially the Marching Band. It's the "rural" programs with less monies that I worry about losing staff & programs. That's why the money for state & city governments is important to help secure the funding of police, fire, educators, etc. That's not a "Red" or "Blue" issue. (See what I did?)
  3. Here's a copy of the article: Fall meeting sharpens focus on potential for shortened 2021 “Bridge” Tour by Drum Corps International The annual fall meeting of Drum Corps International’s World Class directors was conducted virtually this year, with delegates from each of the 22 ensembles present, along with members of the DCI Board of Directors, representatives from DCI’s Open Class corps and guest presenters on a number of high-priority health, safety and member affairs issues. The two-day event,
  4. Lastest email from DCI about the Fall meeting & a potential shortened 2021 "Bridge" Tour. (Article is available on the DCI website.)
  5. "Hey everyone: let's go backwards!" Could be a solution if a corps is on the brink of disaster. In the meantime, enjoy this little "nugget of backwardness". 😂
  6. Just received a Music For All email announcement for the "2020 Live Showcases" sponsored by Yamaha & the US Marines. Three virtual events with some great HS bands if anyone is interested.
  7. I'm afraid you're correct. Our state numbers are rising & our county just moved up to "High Risk". Local news just reported that two school systems in our area are moving to virtual for 2 weeks due to positive test. Five on one of the school's football team then you have the ones that have to quarantine. It's just a mess...
  8. Yup, got one today. The tour schedule is usually released right before Thanksgiving & then championship ticket inf about a month later. I guess they're trying to get ahead of the emails & phone calls? 🤔
  9. "Girl Power!" All female Co-Caption Heads for PC Percussion. Congrats & Godspeed to Nicole & Brianne!
  10. He joined, the Xmen around 2001 until moving to Madison, then consulted with the Xmen while he served @Crown. So yes? 🤔 I've really enjoyed their book the past few years but Lee's a good guy! 😇
  11. I think it has but that could effect the vaccine? I'd love to 'mutilate' it in the style of "The GodFather". Where's Sonny Corleone when you need him?
  12. My prayer is that folks will start listening to the "experts" & following the guidelines until we have enough vaccines for every citizen. One company stated this week that their vaccine would not be available until at least Spring 2021. Our school has a great plan but I still see students & teachers disregarding the policy. Especially when you have to take a picture for social media. It's just incredulous. I'm concerned for our 80+ year old parents that have multiple issues & my wife with a couple of issues. I just don't want to wind up with my fat ### in a diaper lying on m
  13. Oh, nothing like you'll see on social media from the "ultra" extreme on both sides. Just a comment on management style & the handling of current events. I'll even say a prayer & have some thoughts. Did I say "ultra"?
  14. So much that could be said; so much irony. 🤔🤐