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  1. I agree with you 100%. The only thing you forgot to comment on is the Halloween costumes that are being used on the field now. I know I will be called an old fool, but if anyone here really wants to see/hear DRUM CORPS, watch one of the alumni shows. Okay, you can commence throwing the rotten tomatoes.
  2. Wish we could have been there, it's the first time we have missed the Wildwood show since it started. Always a great show and one of the best beaches.
  3. Yesterday (Sunday), my wife and I went up to Columbia County Community College to enjoy a day of watching our favorite Drum Corps practicing and then at the end of the day the full ensemble goes through the entire show and it is our chance to see them up close & personal. When we got to the school, we were greeted by a sandwich board sign that said the campus was closed due to electical problems, we drove through the campus to the regular practice area and sure enough, there was no one there. This is not a complaint, we're just sorry we missed the Cabs because we won't be able to be in Wildwood next weekend, I'm having some medical problems and will be undergoing surgery. Ann Marie looked on her iPad to try to find the new location of the practice, but it wasn't available on line...at least not to the general public. Good luck Hawthorne Caballeros in '18 season, we are shooting for the Kingston, NY show, hope to see you blow some faces off with that awesome volume.
  4. We will be in Clifton in about 2 hours, does anyone know if there are any GOOD seats left? I went to Facebook and it says there to call Al Katz, I tried the number that is on the site, but it goes to an answering machine. If I don't hear from anyone in a while, maybe we will go over to the stadium and take our chances. Thanks a lot. GO CABALLEROS
  5. Due to a previous appointment, we will be in Clifton for the Grand Prix Show, very early in the afternoon, by about 2:00 PM. Can someone tell me if we will be able to watch the Caballeros practice and where that practice will take place? I know that the corp welcomes anyone to visit practice sites, we were in Hudson a few weeks ago and spent Sunday at the community college, even thought we attend the Grand Prix every year, we are not very familiar with Clifton, so any help with directions is appreciated... we know how to get to the stadium. Thanks for your help.
  6. Inspite of the threat of rain in the afternoon, and it was nice day and the rain never did materialize. We attended the Cabs practice in the afternoon at Coleman High School, it was real hot and the corp members worked their butts off. By showtime, the temperature was still up there, but the competition side of the field is in the shade and it was comfortable for the spectators. The show started out very slowly, but built up very nicely. Fusion Corps is polishing up their act for Labor Day Weekend, and they may end up right in the top 3, we were not crazy for their music but the flags were great and the "weapons" were tossed around with precision. The corps was very clean and enjoyable. I have been following The Caballeros for over 50 years since first seeing them at a show in Kingston and my wife and I now travel quite a bit to support and enjoy their shows and practice sessions, however inspite of the fact that I am not qualified to judge anything, I personally thought Fusion put a better overall show but I was happy to hear that The Cabs won. As a side note, I heard a man and his wife in the stands carrying on about "why these bands have to use swords and rifles" with children in attendance. GO FIGURE???
  7. The show at Tanglewood last night was outstanding. The venue itself is just beautiful and the accoustics in "THE SHED" are unreal. The corps members on stage are some of the most talented kids in the country, I mean no disrespect to any of the other marching members, I just did not get to see their performances although I'm quite sure that those members are as talented in their capacity. I am no longer a fan of DCI for various reasons, but I will go to Tanglewood again next year if the show is presented again. By the way, while heading down the Taconic State Parkway last night, I think my ears passed me at about 80 MPH. I turned left after the 1812 Overature, they must have turned right. If you get a chance, go to a show like this, YOU DESERVE IT.
  8. Just got home from Wildwood, NJ and the entire weekend was a winner. The weather was unbeliveable, warm day at the beach and cool night at the show. We attended the Cabelleros afternoon rehearsal and really enjoyed it, it helped us to appreciate their show at night. Since I am not schooled in either music or choreography, I can not say who was good or not. I can and will say that The Cabs really nailed it with their performance and I thought that they were a crowd pleaser. The best show of the night, my opinion only, was the Caballeros Alumni and I'm not sure, but I don't think they use any amplifiers. I hope the very large crowd ahd as much fun as we did...can't wait for Clifton.
  9. Calm down everybody. No numbers in Wildwood...Who the hell cares, just enjoy yourselves. Like fecontra, we were at the caballeros camp on Sunday, as musically uneducated visitors. The weather made for a pretty uncomfortable day, cool and windy, but the corps worked their butts off and in my humble opinion, The Caballeros are ready, you will totally enjoy this show, there is this haunting melody that you will hear during the entire performance and then comes the finale. I think it is great. Just a disclaimer. We have no affiliation with the Hawthorne Caballeros or any other drum corps, DCA or DCI. We are just 2 people who have been following the activity for 46 years and we know when we are being entertained. GO CABS
  10. We're headed to the Caballeros rehearsal this morning, can't wait to see what they have in store for us this season. We will be in Wildwood, NJ next weekend for the first DCA show of the year. The long range weather forecast sounds great, may even get in a little beach time.
  11. Can anyone in the Caballeros organization tell me if the parade in Hudson was held today. At 2:00 oclock this afternoon, the sun was out down here and it turned into a beautiful day. If the parade was postponed until tomorrow, we are going to take a ride up there. Thanks
  12. We just got home from going up to Hudson, so we could attend the Caballeros practice and then go to the parade. NOT Man it was pouring buckets, the drum line was outside in the parking lot rehearsing part of their drill and the rest of the corps was somewhere in one of the buildings????? I'm happy to be able to say that the drums were covered in plastic and looked ok to the casual observer, however the percussionists may not be dried out until they rehearse in the sun at Widwood. They may be able to have the parade tomorrow. If the weather cooperates we will try to make the trip again tomorrow, I need my Drum Corps fix, and nobody supplies a better high for me, than The Caballeros. Good luck for the 2016 season.
  13. Thanks for the information John, I'll google it and I'm sure we will find the college. Also, I should have asked...will there be any tickets available to purchase for the Wildwood Show, at the rehersal in Hudson?
  14. I'm looking for some information on The Hawthorne Caballeros practice and parade in Hudson, NY this year. Can anyone tell me where the practice field field will be and if the practice is open to non-members. Last year we sat in at the pactice in Wildwood for a couple of hours and we really enjoyed seeing the show come together and progress through the season. Thank you for the help and we hope to be in Hudson, NY for the practice & parade.
  15. Just got off the phone ordering tickets for this concert. We're only about an hour away from Tanglewood, so going there is a breeze. In case anyone cares, James Taylor will be there the week before. I swore I would never attend another DCI MARCHING BAND (only MY opinion) show, so I get to hear the music in a real classy environment. BE WELL