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  1. No, but smoke gets in your eyes does.
  2. Don't advertise this, but once they are close to the front of the line, have them show their pack. If it's "in the car/truck", have an admin person go with them to their vehicle. If they have an un opened pack, ask them to join that admin person for a smoke break outside. Check their teeth. Use a K9(s) dog for a training session.
  3. How did these corps do with it? and Ludmilla
  4. Cavies are considering using these type movements in their drill this year. They're just hoping Crown doesn't beat them to it. Masks might still be needed.
  5. I'm into music/performances like this. Loved how the musicians were pumped up after this fantastic performance. The BD, SCV, and CAV played bits of this piece in recent years.
  6. However DCI puts this together, if there will be a "champion", I for one would not be all excited. Maybe an asterisk to show that not all corps participated. I know, I know. In order to compete, you have to show up, but let's be real. DCP would have fun if there was a competition without several of the heavyweights. Almost like when top corps didn't compete in the VFW/AL Nationals. If DCI receives word from enough corps that they are showing up, they might put some type of competition together, otherwise, I'll still go with "it's more for marketing and future recruiting."
  7. If you're referring to the member corps, they should do this.
  8. That I keep thinking about the stories that will come out, maybe next year, about all the shenanigans that took place about many aspects of this virus.
  9. Find someone connected to the NE Patriots. Bill must have many he could donate.
  10. One reason, but year round bingo has to be a major reason. (That is if they can operate year round.)
  11. Probably not, but a corps, with deep pockets, might eat more of the costs that are normally passed onto the mm. "Hello fellow BOD member. Well, we're going to need some extra financial help to get the corps involved with the 2021 scenario."