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  1. If done, they'd probably follow their Beatles show with about 19 pieces of PF music.
  2. Since there’s no more East Germany judges, Olympic judging might be improving. But, then again the Russians and Chinese could be a problem.
  3. Even during a "mandatory" camp, there may be several mm excused, but less than 50 brass and only 6 tubas has to be concerning.
  4. Sun River 55+ community Little Valley in St. George Plus, other courts throughout the St. G area. I watched some guys in their 40's playing once. They stood on the inside line hitting it back and forth waiting for someone to make a mistake. Very little movement for 20 seconds or so. I think their ratings were 4.5. If I were to play, it would have to be singles.
  5. It's just a matter of time before pickleball makes the big stage.
  6. Some corps may not have returning vets at a camp. I'm surprised you didn't ask around with your questions. Thanks for your report, but I for one, will wait for Terri's read.
  7. Didn't Boston use this same school for auditions/camps in previous years?
  8. Inspire Arts & Music (Glad you didn't hold your breath.)
  9. Allegedly they were offered 500K, but turned it down.
  10. When you add in travel expenses and fees for auditions and then camps, the $5,000 cost was probably passed years ago. It's been a "rich kid's game" for some time.