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  1. Ghost

    They're trashing our trophies

    Joe and Felicia Dowling had most of the Boston Crusaders trophies and flags from there time with the corps. When they had to get rid of them, word got out to get in touch with Joe and see what was still available.
  2. If they can't do this, there's no wonder they haven't been pro active on more serious issues.
  3. Ghost

    who leads who?

    Which means you and hundreds of others in the audience are not watching the MM. These types of props, forced on the mm and supporters by adult designers, may end up hurting those marching groups who can't keep up with the well funded groups.
  4. Ghost

    The Cadets 2019

    Celebrate while you can. There's no guarantee's D&BC will be around forever.
  5. Ghost

    The Cadets 2019

    It might be after this past years rough start to their season.
  6. College bands have been playing a short piece of this music for years. Do they have to pay a rights fee each year?
  7. The BD had a message on the soles of their cymbal players in one of their 70’s finals performance.
  8. Without seeing him in person, he's either had a successful diet or he has an illness.
  9. Those corps who constantly finish higher than PR are not worried about being behind the announcement curve.
  10. Only ones killed recently has been the mm with the shows they've been given.
  11. Fortunately, I've survived life without taking anything that might be considered an illegal drug.
  12. Maybe this is how the Cone of Silence term began.
  13. Got to have it accurate for any potential legal issues down the road.