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  1. Well, Teri did post that Jim’s a XXL.
  2. Would not the arrangements be a good barometer?
  3. Maybe the staff has a different message than the “G7” drill from several years back.
  4. The guard may have a lot of work in this show,
  5. Maybe if they're hired to transport other groups to various locations during the off season. SCV's Winter Guard, out of state casino's?
  6. Thanks 77. I thought that they may own that bus in the background of their vehicle storage area.
  7. Yes. So Kevin is probably correct when you make it about this years mm and not the organization.
  8. I consider finals week as part of the Summer Tour since the majority of WC and OC corps attend at least Thursday.
  9. Did you figure this out all by yourself?
  10. TS may have forgotten to type it this way, G.O.T.