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  1. I'd be interested to compare average ages of each section compared to recent years.
  2. It is a new year, but I listed last years finals scores as a reply to show the corps who finished ahead of PR are also striving to reach top six or higher.
  3. You are correct about the similarities. Even back in 16, Boston had a pretty good war chest to hire great staff on long term contracts. I’m not aware how strong PR’s bank account is. Those folks were probably told what the desires of the BOD and ED were, and were left alone for the most part. The mm talent given contracts improved, they had much improved shows, which motivated other talented mm to audition. Come finals night next August, we’ll know if PR has had the same success to improve six positions with how good the top 12 have been in recent years.
  4. A worthy quest, but there are several corps, who finished ahead of PR recently, who are also striving to move up. 1 Blue Devils 98.325 2 Bluecoats 98.238 3 Santa Clara Vanguard 96.600 4 Carolina Crown 96.563 5 The Cavaliers 95.400 6 Boston Crusaders 94.488 7 Blue Knights 92.050 8 Blue Stars 91.225 9 The Cadets 89.838 10 Mandarins 89.300 11 Crossmen 87.550 12 Phantom Regiment 87.238
  5. I feel Terri is her own women, but to be safe, ask Jim if it's alright if Terri rests her weary back up against your knees. Maybe she'll bring a small pillow to put behind her. But, you know what they say, "stadium seats, don't leave home without them".
  6. "Hey Jim, I know of another Christmas gift you can get Terri." (The USA Masters Outdoor National Championships in 2012 were held at Benedictine U. Stayed in the dorms, left a BAC label in a desk drawer, and became a national champion in the 65M 300M hurdles. Our Mass Velocity track club pitched our canopy on the hill by the starting line. Great times at a great university.)
  7. All the blast zone seats gone or did your audiologist give you a get real speech?
  8. Can't pull up any D&BC audio on my iTunes library. A couple of searches didn't come up with anything. Another cranial gaseous moment probably.