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  1. In 1990 I was on our annual Fall Field Tour of Duty with a military organization whose HQ's is Faneuil Hall. We were in Cannes and having some fun at the large casino. From the craps table, about every 15-20 minutes, some of our well lubricated members at the main bar would start singing O Canada. No Americans got blamed that night.
  2. No it ain't. Must not have seen this previously. Enjoy. Shows Easy Find The Champions Collection - Easy Find The Silver Medal Collection - Easy Find Top 12 Popularity Collection - Easy Find 70's Popularity Collection - Top 6 Easy Find 80's Popularity Collection - Top 6 Easy Find 90's Popularity Collection - Top 6 Easy Find 00's Popularity Collection - Top 6 Easy Find 10's Popularity Collection - Top 6 Easy Find 70's Popularity Collection - Top 10 Easy Find 80's Popularity Collection - Top 10 Easy Find 90's Popularity Collection - Top 10 Easy Find 00's Popularity Collection - Top 10 Easy Find 10's Popularity Collection - Top 10 Easy Find Corps Collectuons 27th Lancers Collection Easy Find Anaheim Kingsmen Collection Easy Find Bluecoats Collection Easy Find Blue Devils Collection Easy Find Blue Knights Collection Easy Find Blue Stars Collection Easy Find Boston Crusaders Collection Easy Find Bridgemen Collection Easy Find Carolina Crown Collection Easy Find Colts Collection Easy Find Crossmen Collection Easy Find Dutch Boy Collection Easy Find Freelancers Collection Easy Find Glassmen Collection Easy Find Guardsmen Collection Easy Find Kilties Collection Easy Find Madison Scouts Collection Easy Find Magic of Orlando Collection Easy Find Phantom Regiment Collection Easy Find Santa Clara Vanguard Collection Easy Find Sky Ryders Collection Easy Find Spirit of Atlanta Collection Easy Find Star of Indiana Collection Easy Find Suncoast Sound Collection Easy Find The Academy Collection Easy Find The Cadets Collection Easy Find The Cavaliers Collection Easy Find Troopers Collection Easy Find Velvet Knights Collection Easy Find Perspectives Collection - Easy Find Drum Corps Insights - Easy Find Encores Cavaliers 2018 - Africa Blue Knights 2014 - Can't Take My Eyes Off of You Alumni Shows 27th Lancers Alumni 1994 (Show) 27th Lancers Alumni 1994 (Story and Show) Anaheim Kingsmen Alumni 2007 Bridgemen Alumni 2016 Madison Scouts Alumni 2006 Mighty St Joes Alumni 1995 Santa Clara Vanguard Alumni 2017 - 50th Anniversary The Cavaliers Alumni 2008 - 60th Anniversary Finals Montages 2018 DCI World Championships Finale Montage US Marine Shows The Commandants Own 2014 The Commandants Own 2015 The Commandants Own 2016 Senior Corps Shows Hawthorne Caballeros 1977 Others DCI - 9/11 Memorial Halloween Screamers 1 Halloween Screamers 2 Halloween Screamers 3 Halloween Screamers 4 Halloween-Screamers-1~4 Phantom Regiment 92 (1812 Closer) Kilties 1978 (Auld Lang Syne) Jim Ott Tribute Drum Corps Classics by the Professionals Children od Sanchez - Chuck Mangione Something - Buddy Rich\Charlie Davis Land of Make Believe - Chuck Mangione Ya Gotta Try - Buddy Rich Big Band Feels So Good - Chuck Mangione Tiger of San Pedro - La Barbera Brothers Big Band Birdland - Maynard Ferguson MacArthur Park - Maynard Ferguson Nutville - Buddy Rich Channel One Suite - Buddy Rich West Side Story Suite - Buddy Rich\Buddy Rich Orchestra Georgia on my Mind - Arturo Sandoval Pagliacci - Maynard Ferguson Rhapsody in Blue Leonard Bernstein, New York Philharmonic Rhapsody in Blue Leonard Bernstein, New York Philharmonic - 2
  3. Wonder why he didn't get a gig with Dances With Wolves?
  4. Better add the paying customers so there will be money earned to pay the corps at the shows.
  5. I admit that only music can do this to me. Very seldom does family, friends, news stories, etc. do it, but music will time and again.
  6. Can't blame me since I have a hard time multitasking one thing.
  7. Now you tell us the requirements.
  8. Possibly because women still are more involved, on a daily basis, with their children.
  9. In the D&BC world, if racial/gender quotas were instituted, would it be similar to what has caused frustration in the academic/business/government community? "Yes, you had higher scores and a stronger resume, but we're obligated by law to take a lower scoring/skilled person."
  10. Financially. Two uniforms shouldn't hurt the bottom line or not being able to buy one more prop. Competitively. If judges feel this mm is hurting the overall section musically, yes, they may hurt the corps/band. I'd imagine there might be some slack in the marching department, unless the marching guide is doing a lousy job. I imagine communications between the two are allowed.
  11. Millions of more people, individual values are not as strong, and millions of more single mothers to name a few issues.
  12. Girlfriend and hotel room reserved by my Mother would have never happened in the mid 60's. Or by me either for that matter. Loose lips would have sunk me in a heart beat!
  13. Top 12 caliber WC corps want feed back from the judges, so they have that challenge of picking what shows that allow them to compete with other corps in their "group".
  14. Before your top 12. A closer for your top 12. Or this one with BAC and the BD.