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  1. Other bands/corps don't have the opportunity to work hard in raising money?
  3. Tarpon Springs is about two hours away.
  4. Still a Boston professional sports fan from afar, but if the pitching, especially Kimbrel, doesn't get better, we might be joining Teri on the next year bus. And will some one tell the batters that when they have two strikes and two or less balls on them, there's a very good chance the next pitch is going to end up in the dirt.
  5. Being more of a literal person, I doubt your first sentence is accurate. I have no idea who did something like this first, could care less who first did it, and still hoping no D&BC does it. The D&BC coffin is running out of space for those nails.
  6. You'll have to wait until next year T.
  7. Both your points mean more distractions to the viewers during their show.
  8. Possibly more points garnered by an adult. Then there's the extremely distraction factor.
  9. Ghost

    Relative Newbie

    Got to watch 77/78 Bridgemen just to listen to the Jim Brady solos.
  10. Ghost

    Best Reprise Closer?

    Stay warm.
  11. Ghost

    Relative Newbie

    There are other "best/top openings/closers" of corps on line.
  12. Ghost

    Relative Newbie

    Welcome Striker. You're request would be real easy if Fan Network was still around. You might have to research the music corps have played over the years and see if you can find a video. Check out DCI's video collection of favorite shows over the years to find suggestions. Don't forget the none top 12 corps and Open Class corps. Many great shows from those corps. But definitely watch corps starting in the 60's to this past season to see how the activity has changed. Keep us posted about what you find since many of us might learn something.
  13. Hope no corps takes a hit like Boston did last year.
  14. So, he was the one who introduced you to Jim.