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  1. Waldo siting in St. George, UT. (Maybe 30 seconds of fame. 🥎 Will leave the 15 minutes to The Cavaliers.)
  2. For several shows in 2015, Boston had issues with some of those 36 banners that wouldn't furl down.
  3. BAC Zoom Check out the corps FB page about their props this year. (My cut and paste presents my personal info. Sorry.)
  4. If Boston does go all out this year with a strong program and with Boston going to Ireland next March, maybe their auditions starting in November, will bring in even stronger talent.
  5. Boston's instructional staff, BOD, etc. had their meetings and decided it was to the corps short/long term benefit to go ahead with how "Zoom" is going to be performed. Fortunately, the organizations financial status has grown these past five to seven years. But, staying solvent is still a 24/7 job for any corps that seems to be well off.
  6. Didn’t know clip boards were being used again.
  7. Sweaty shirts with loads of BO work great.
  8. Unlike national food distributors, it might be a little harder to line up a national gasoline provider. Then again, maybe the national ''truck stops" might work. This is where the lead truck driver probably has that type of information/suggestions.
  9. Hope he didn't live there when they had outdoor ground level urinal troughs.