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  1. Since the big shut down in March, have averaged 2+ days a week at the fitness center, 2+ batting practice sessions with others. Our rec league games started up in June, so it's now also three games a week. Major senior softball and girls fast pitch softball tournaments were moved to St. George with the restrictions in CA and NV. People have been walking, hiking, biking, boating, using their ATV's, etc. Schools opened up in August. HS sports are being played. Sure, there are different guidelines, but we're living our lives. I've been attending Mass since July, I believe, with limitation
  2. The baseball coaches will not want to lose their good athletes to Spring football. Out here, the HS girls play soccer in the Fall and the boys in the Spring. That way the good male athletes can play American football in the Fall.
  3. Glad we left MA when we did. Those restrictions are ridiculous. So, there's no football, soccer, or cross country going on currently?
  4. Didn't know Alabama had a band!
  5. Possibly, but that state is no slouch for future professional and world level athletes.
  6. Click on the link again; click on "recaps" in the upper right corner, then you should see a link in the bottom left of your screen. When opened, you should have all kinds of recaps to keep you out of trouble.
  7. Worked for me when our town hall told my parents my draft notice was do shortly in 66. Out the back door with the USAF.
  8. I believe the big names Boston signed after the 2016 season are on five year contracts which would end after the 2021 season. Just another situation for any corps with contracts ending this year/next year to consider.
  9. That's only 11 corps JWillis35. I have time.
  10. 0 for three and told them they’ll be no more. Plus, all those physicals when you knew you were almost done when the latex gloves were put on.
  11. All I know is Boston beat them by over 1. 5 the first two nights, then SCV had a very good performance Saturday and moved ahead.