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  1. Not really, but some feel I attitunize at times. May the “self proclaimed pageantry experts” not ruin your enjoyment of DCI.
  2. Oh, those contests were the big ones, but between them, most corps competed in their region because there were so many units. When corps started folding in the late 60's and once DCI started, the corps became larger and started travelling for weeks at a time.
  3. More regional and the CA corps headed Eastward for some competition. First time I saw SCV was at the 71 Danny Thomas Invitational in MA. As for your question, as you may have read, there were hundreds of corps. The season started a month or so earlier than DCI. With just about every mm from within 50 miles of a corps/drill team/bands HQ, the final contests were into September if not October. One 1960 era bread truck carried all the instruments and uniforms. Most top corps had around 80 mm.
  4. Coming to your newsfeeds tomorrow night, join Crusader Nation for a special Virtual Viewing Party of our 75th Anniversary Documentary! Usually only available on DVD, we're bringing this indepth documentary out of the archives for a special Viewing Party event for our fans and alumni to enjoy! Check back on our Facebook page tomorrow at 8:30 to tune in! 📅: Tomorrow, Sunday April 5th ⏰: 8:30 p.m. eastern 📍: Here on our Facebook page! A great history of the corps. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
  5. Here are more options. The balaclava could be worn over a home made mask.
  6. We pick up the phone and don’t say anything. About 18 seconds later, we get the busy signal and hang up. This saves us from possibly having a message left on the answering machine. When anyone says “Hi, I’m “ we hang up before the name is given.
  7. Some of these restrictions have provided major relief. Our RoboCalls are down 85%. Life is good!
  8. Well, it does take serious concentration to stay within the lines.
  9. Blue Stars watch party today. 6-9pm PDT.
  10. Well, since the season will never begin, we're practicing our Cone of Silence like the corps do.
  11. Can't recall if it was the Braintree Braves, Warriors, or Boston Crusaders, but the inside of the Norwood, MA Arena race track was used for at least one contest in the early 60's. Could have been an exhibition before the figure 8 races which were before the stock car races. All I know is the field was a mine field.
  12. Don't know if this thread is the best for this link.
  13. Probably not. No need to teach that movement unless a guard is doing something about a military unit.