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  1. The one rule that this club would have to require is everyone would have to know sign language if communications are needed during a corps performance, or all conversations must take place after a corps is finished.
  2. Time to create a Blast Zone Mutual Admiration Club.
  3. Sour grapes since Boston didn't provide financial loans in the past when he came begging.
  4. Don't think Jeff has eva mentioned anything about penalties.
  5. If only the infrastructure bill would be only for standard infrastructure items. We recently traveled from SW UT to TN, RI, MA, NH, and back to UT. We purposely stayed off 80W coming home because of all the construction showing up on Googles maps. But, several of the other major highways had all kinds of construction taking place. We had to detour around Indy with 70 work being done. By the looks of it, some of these construction projects will not be completed for some time.
  6. Not all the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3X1lIUzg2Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7pOVHHjD_U And check out 12-14
  7. Besides Finals Week, DCI should just put Tom Blair and his team in charge of all future live shows.
  8. Maybe Tony Hillerman can put Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee on the C19/vaccine beat.
  9. In a normal year, having the experts post what changes corps are doing, does add some interest for me. Guess scoring is a bigger loss than I would have expected, but it is great that DCI is allowing corps to do something, and for the rabid fans to get their DCI fix. Crowd in A-Town should be rocking tonight.
  10. Hope Boston doesn't have any issues fighting gravity to get the screens through the gate.
  11. Stopped off in Tuba, AZ, on our way home and it was like we stepped back into last Summer. Masks required, most fast foods were drive-up only, and the gas station we used had a door monitor checking temps and only allowing so many people in at a time. Tuba has the largest Navajo population within Navajo Nation and they may be experiencing an increase in people with C19, or maybe they're not interested in vaccines.
  12. Tarps usually are not a problem for fans indoors and most corps design shows for indoors.
  13. I have yet watched a complete Flo production. Have only pulled up five corps and Boston is the only corps I've watched twice. I'm not excited about getting my "DCI fix". Whether it's the short season, no scores, some corps not participating, Flo, etc., it's just not happening. Next viewing will be next Thursday to see how "finals week" is being done.
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