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  1. L If Boston has a shot at medaling after semis, could I borrow your photographer credentials? Oh yeah, I’ll also need to split a hotel room with someone. (Now, if this happens, how do I break it to my wife, and do I fly, drive the “cage”, or ride Big Bird. But, it would be well worth the possible logistical headaches.) Great photos!
  2. Nice touch, but can’t see why any DM on the back side is directing no one for most of the show.
  3. Since I’ve never been in that parking lot, have no idea of it’s size, and where corps are allowed to warm up, I’d say they had no other options. Possibly CC had previously warmed up in the same spot. A very minor concern one would think.
  4. Then you might have the corps and school committee pointing fingers at each other. The corps would never tell a potential mm this and the committee would have no proof, just the words of the the auditioning child’s upset parent(s). What chance does a male/female have suing a Corp because they put out the word that they only need females or males in their guard?
  5. The percussion scores recently are interesting. With the early videos having older and younger drummers going “wow”, a great book, etc. to getting stagnant scores currently has me scratching my knee. Hope there’s no drum judges thinking “well, if Jeff has them here, maybe I..............”. Maybe the new quad is ready and the changes are in place.
  6. If this might be the case, better really clean the music that’s played real close to the sideline.
  7. Doesn’t their props anchor the tarps at several locations? At least the largest one?