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  1. Ghost

    The Cavaliers 2019

    You have now exceeded your allowed BUMPS.
  2. SCV and the BD have always been good neighbors, so maybe the BD still have their mirrors available. They might need taller ones though to really make the closing dance number pop from the judges box. Minimum of 40 cg members for the show and an additional 10-16 brass/percussion members to slip into the gold dance outfits (stored behind the mirrors) to really nail it. Don't forget the top hats. When Academy used the whole on field percussion section to have double flags during the ballad in 15 was fantastic moment. Any corps doing CL could get that same result.
  3. Did not check the VFW results, but with Tony S. in charge of the VFW Nationals, they might have had a hard time winning that "contest" as well.
  4. And that person can also join the female CG members in their "whip their hair around" segment.
  5. Ghost

    Blue Devils 2019

    Soooo, that's where Boston's two fire props have ended up!
  6. Not really. Probably one of the most dangerous sets for mm was Boston's human pyramid several years back. They handled it well throughout the season.
  8. Ghost

    The Cavaliers top 12

    Bully sounds really nice on the 65 VFW Nationals indoor recording.
  9. Ghost

    The Cavaliers top 12

    65 was the first year.
  10. Ghost

    20% Off FloMarching

    Not into HS wrestling, bands, etc. so I'll pay the fee from the middle of July to DCI finals Saturday.
  11. Six blocks you say. Maybe you can approach them and work out a deal that allows use of their driveway for parking during the Fri./Sat. shows in early August for your closest DCP friends.
  12. Ghost

    The Cavaliers 2019

    Hey!! That's Hook'emCavies assignment.
  13. Ghost

    WGI Maybe?

    Some Madison Scouts love around 46 minutes.
  14. The stick movement precision is out of this world. Even the stick overlaps under the nose seem to all have the same positioning. A minute or two before they really hit their stride. (Have not played to where Top Secret is.)