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  1. 1. Carolina Crown 2. The Cavaliers 3. Blue Devils 4. Boston Crusaders 5. SCV 6. The Bluecoats 7. Blue Knights 8. Blue Stars 9. Crossmen 10. Phantom Regiment 11. Mandarins 12. Pacific Crest Honorable Mention - Madison Scouts
  2. I haven't had chills like that watching from home in years. Completely raw and breathtaking Crown! Watch out SCV....
  3. I live and die by Crown (so bias), but I couldn't be happier with how they sounded. That pure, natural hornline was the highlight of the night for me!
  4. Definitely SOA. The costumes alone scared me away last night..
  5. Section 138 about the 25. A speaker was right in front of us for most shows, and I didn't mind it until the final 3. It's quite clear the top 3 are pumping hornline through the speakers, and I found that to be quite distracting. I second that Bluecoats were a little obnoxiously loud with their amplification, especially in the closer. I personally don't think any of the amplification added anything to my experience but I'm more of a purist, so there may be some bias. The top 3 definitely were a problem for me. The amplified hornline sound doesn't compare to the real deal.
  6. yeah i haven't had a chance to get through it all either (this blew up more than i anticipated) but from what i read this makes some of the most sense. One season I'll have to try it to see if the shows leave any more of an impression on me. Thanks for all the replies guys! heck of a first post
  7. I'm new here so I'm just genuinely curious if anyone agrees, but it seems like watching older videos ('00-'12) there are many instances when the corps would have audiences up and cheering maybe even before the last hit. Now I'm usually disappointed by the lack of excitement in audiences and feel like the standing ovations at the end are weaker and come out of obligation. Does anyone agree and maybe know what has changed? Am I crazy? (please feel free to tell me)