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  1. HI all, I have one ticket available in section 240 (great spot) for Prelims (Thursday) and Finals (Saturday). They are in Friends of DCI section. I will know exact Row and Seat later today when I pick them up from friend. However, they are always roughly in same spot each year. If remotely interested, let me know through message. Cost - Thursday ($59) and Saturday ($139). I just arrived in Indy and will be getting the passes later today and can gladly meet up. Had a friend who can't make it this year as part of the group. Thanks all, Mark
  2. It's the day of and I have one ticket available for anyone looking for a great seat. Section 240, Row 8 (Friends of DCI section). No other nights for this seat available. Party can't make it until tomorrow. Face value is $59 (no service charges being added) just looking to find it a good home and not go to waste! Thanks! Mark
  3. Do you still have these tickets? interested and can arrange to pick-up. I am in Cherry Hill. Text me at 484.432.0855. Thanks! Mark
  4. I have one ticket, Section 140 (center low section), Row 13, Seat 20. It is an aisle seat that I bought as part of a 3 night package from someone who could not attend. I have a friend coming tonight and had to buy 2 seats together and I am glad I ended up with same section with those seats as well. Looking for face value (hopefully)! I have enjoyed the seat as it is pretty much dead center 45 yard line and on aisle for easy in/out at breaks or between groups. Call my cell if you want to meet up for it. My cell is 484-432-0855. Thanks, Mark
  5. Shawn, Call my cell at 484-432-0855 or email me at if these are still available. Thanks, Mark
  6. Very disturbed that someone would try to sell finals tickets on StubHub for $500 -- check it out! I feel an honest mark-up for the trouble of selling good seats is justified. However, seeing something to this extent sickens me for this type of activity, Mr (or Ms.) StubHub seller take your high priced tickets and go **** yourself. I hope you are stuck with these tickets! However, if this money is being donated to a corps then kudos to you! We will let the public decide what type of person you truly are too this activity. As I posted earlier...still looking for that good opportunity to buy decent tickets a decent price! Thank you all...
  7. Hi. Looking for tickets between 45 yard lines (Section 140, 240, 340, etc.) or perhaps between 40 yard lines if high (Section 339 or 441) as a possible alternative. Ideally, I am looking for just one ticket for quarters and semis and then TWO tickets for finals. However, will by two sets for all nights to get two seats. Saw tickets on Stub Hub at an outrageous mark-up not interested in paying more than face value and any slight additional for your troubles and to cover a method of delivery. Email me at or feel free to call my cell at 484-432-0855. I will also check back here for replies as well. SO MUCH APPRECIATED! Sincerely, Mark