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  1. I have been wondering if anyone knows where the term "Plates" originated from or like the history?
  2. The Academy is excited to welcome Jason Bentley to The Academy educational team in 2013. Jason joins us as Visual Caption Head and completes the educational team comprised of newly announced Mykail Costner - Guard Caption Head, and returning Ike Jackson - Percussion Caption Head and T. André Feagin - Brass Caption Head. Jason comes to The Academy with 13 years of previous drum corps instructional experience. His previous corps included the Blue Knights, Crossmen, East Coast Jazz, and Jersey Surf.
  3. Are you talking about the Youtube vidoes? i mean it WAS the first camp i mean and Stravinsky is hard music so im surprised that any corps is playing, and i see that your marching Academy and your show has to be the hardest Stravinsky repertoire out there. so good luck. But still the sound of the videos were terrible.
  4. Andy smart was it? well i loved what he did with the corps i mean one of my favorite youtube video is the "andy takes them to 11" i mean I loved the 2010 BK hornline. I am not saying BK is going to suck im just saying if you'd have to guess id put the hornline at the bottom i mean from what i heard people focus more on the visual portion (which is understandable since Marc Sylvester is there) than the music i feel like they fill spots in certain sections because of the visual part rather than the musical talent and i have one of my friends that made the corps this year and honestly i think he has no musical skill what so ever
  5. Not only going to make finals but going to bust thru the doors at finals :P I'm calling the Biggest brass jump in the activity!
  6. Ok back to what the topic at hand is. Blue knights is going to have great design, guard, percussion and the muisc itself is going to be crazy because of jay and ralfie but the horn lines musical skill is going to be lower than it has been in the past