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  1. littlejaw

    2019 Show Ideas

    Well with the Bollywood theme, I meant like costuming, music, and dancing that is inherently Indian. For the little shop part I was thinking of an idea for a horror based show. They can have a big prop utilizing this year’s stage. And I certainly wouldn’t want lion king to be the Cavaliers show. Maybe like a African tribal show. or like a Spartan show. A theme where a boy becomes a man after being sent out to the wilderness to survive and kill a beast/lion to earn their birthright. Also this made me think that the Blue Stars could do a Greek God and Goddesses show.
  2. littlejaw

    2019 Show Ideas

    The Blue Devils doing an Indian/Bollywood show. Santa Clara doing Little Shop of Horrors, or the idea of a growing living thing that tricks people and takes their lives. The Cavaliers doing like a Safari/African show, where the animals are done like the Lion King Stage Musical.
  3. It’s nice to get a new perspective on two men who made a large impact on the corps while I was marching. Adolph did a lot for the corps and the cadet corps and his kids and grand kids have all had a positive impact. Scott did so much for transportation, you’d see him every camp getting the truck to Rosemont school working on the interior etc. Two great men that have left a lasting impact on the corps. Splooie brothers.
  4. Got the 80. Now to see how far the spread is to BD. This will recontextualize the season for all of us fans.
  5. I think the boys are missing about a full point from the MA judge. At least from the last show. But things will settle when all corps meet with the same judges.
  6. Who would it be and why is it the Cavaliers' Mello section?
  7. Haha you couldn't be more right.
  8. littlejaw

    2018 Tour Premiere

    I think Crown and the Cavaliers have higher ceilings than Bluecoats. Bluecoats came out far more solid but didn’t win by much. I feel all of the scores and gaps are very accurate for what we saw this evening.
  9. Lots of impressive things from the corps. Competitively? Who knows. But what I can say with confidence is that no one will be able to blame any section of the corps for not being up to par with any other corps subcaption. No way the broadcast on Thursday will do justice to the amount of things going on. Unless Tom Blair has been doing a ton of studying. I recommend high cam to the flo-watchers for a while this season.
  10. Newest percussion video:
  11. littlejaw

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Since it is a leak I doubt it will get posted in here. Better use the back channels.
  12. littlejaw

    Cadets 2018

    The Cavaliers are 3 pointing Madison on a nightly basis. Before the sickness rolls through they are 2.1 ahead. Then when they start competing again they are neck and neck. Missing an entire weeks worth of practice in the next to last week of the season is detrimental.
  13. littlejaw

    2018 Predictions

    I think the top 6 will be in the upper 94 range and above. Any any placement in the top 6 will be an accomplishment. We will see some nice back and forths through the season before the shows will settle and placements will become more apparent. I wasn’t feeling BD’s music as much as I was last season at this time. I have no idea what to expect from SCV as I haven’t heard anything other than a percussion run through. And my tuba ears can’t tell anything about percussion. The run through I saw of crown seemed like a high school show. And the Bruckner wasn’t my favorite choice stylistically. But it’s way too early with no props or uniforms. Basically I don’t know who I would choose to win. I think based off trajectory we get: BD Crown SCV Cavaliers Bluecoats Boston Cadets BK Blue Stars Phantom Crossmen Mandarins I think it’ll be a good season, again.
  14. littlejaw

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Yeah that is on schedule really. This is definitely the week to get closer drill in the members hands. Well the first iteration that every corps has before the new ending goes in around Atlanta.
  15. littlejaw

    2018 Uniforms!

    Never made sense to me either. I just hit my dots lol.