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  1. Thanks, it was hard to tell in the theaters of course. Boston and Bloo had our seats rattle from the bass that was being pumped out, but I thought it may be mic placement.
  2. @Terri Schehr As you were on the 50 right up front, who was the biggest offender when it came to sound goo to bolster the volume?
  3. Yeah the marimba feature evidently has been out of bounds all season but this is the first show they have been told/penalized for it.
  4. More like, “that note didn’t sound good and made no sense with the rest of the music.”
  5. In my theater they were about 2/3 as loud as Boston. Something was up with our mix.
  6. Someone turned our theater way passed 11 for Boston, easily twice as loud as every other group this evening. The front ensemble is louder than a lot of brass lines.
  7. I remember the joy from that night in the lot after the boys came out of the tunnel. I didn’t know your son at the time but I may have hugged him in the fervor. I was so proud of those guys and happy for them.
  8. Saturday seems to be the better show if you ask me too. All of the match ups are more interesting (aside from the top 3). But we have 4-5-6, cadets probably pulling away from the back half of finals group, and 10-11-12-13-14-16.
  9. First they are Crossmen. Second you can’t compare scores at different shows. Let’s see how y’all compare at Allentown before declaring anyone jumped.
  10. I’ll be in the lots tonight after choosing to go to Denton only this year.
  11. There was a noticeable improvement at Academy and then Phantom. Phantom sure has come a long way over the last month, the ending got the first real standing O of the night. I didn’t dig Mandarins as much, but the show concept/GE is there. Crossmen were definitely enjoyable but probably some home cooking in the crowd reaction. Based off of enjoyment: Crossmen Phantom Mandarins Academy Colts Pacific Crest Troopers
  12. Headed to this show tonight and can’t decide if I’m going to wear a cavaliers shirt from before I was born or the original this is my rifle shirt!
  13. I started the Patreon video, but I stopped when I read that there were updates to the show. I’ll get my first live viewing in Denton in Thursday, I can’t wait! It’s a little saddening that DCI took over the Cavaliers’ Denton show, so I can’t volunteer or help out. Just forces me to also head over to mesquite this year as well!
  14. Sorry to hear it, and I’ll miss San Antonio this year as well. Just Denton and probably Mesquite for me this year. But some day we’ll catch up at a show. On the bright side you wait one less day to see the show!
  15. The whole thing was a ton of fun, we’ve been getting tons of content so far!
  16. That means both SCV and BD have a sousaphone in their show this year then.
  17. Good idea, but you were definitely right about Blue Stars not being ahead of Cadets. Now I think Cadets show has a lot less room to grow, but their individual execution is way higher.
  18. I don’t like the Beatles music and Bluecoats were worth the price of admission. (Something I wouldn’t have said last year, for perspective)
  19. Bluecoats gap Crown gap Boston Cadets Blue Stars gap Phantom
  20. Boston was good except for how much of a miss Everybody Wants to Rule the World is. Best so far.
  21. Cadets were better on an individual execution perspective. GE won’t be there at the end of the season, but they will execute.
  22. I was feeling the Cadets trumpets in the beginning until the garbled mess that was the double tonging