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  1. Interesting - any hints? Music, visual, props, costume, all of the above?
  2. Angst over modern drum corps costumes/uniforms seems kind of like complaining about changes to college football uniforms. Purists hate that change, but we’re in a new era and aren’t heading back folks. We all probably have a particular year or period of years that best define the visual identity of our favorite corps, but if we hold that too firmly it prevents us from being able to enjoy the group as their look changes (nowadays an annual thing). Similarly, complaining about modern drum corps marching/visual style is like complaining about the spread offense in college football and wanting the wishbone to come back. I fully understand that evolution of an activity doesn’t sit well with all fans but that’s the nature of most activities - especially one that is artistic. I personally think evolution is a major strength of drum corps - each decade has seen tremendous change - while still maintaining the identity of the activity. Excited to see what Santa Clara and the rest of the field put on display for us this summer!
  3. Eh, DCP always is and always will be a tough and critical crowd with a vast array of opinions. I just find it amusing how people give their opinions on what they'd like to see change...that happens with good results...and then a whole new set of (sometimes) contradictory reactions and opinions result. Just par for the course with art I guess.
  4. This thread, along with other threads and posts I’ve seen inspired me to do the following retrospective. Enjoy! Common DCP comments on SCV during 2012-2016 timeframe: They need to take more risks, c’mon your name is vanguard for darn sake They need to do pieces that haven’t been done in DCI before - let’s hear something new vanguard! They need to develop more complex show concepts to be a medal contender They need to truly integrate props into their show and not have them solely as decorative pieces 2017-2018: vanguard takes a new direction, takes more risks, plays new source material, fully integrates props into drill, and creates more complex show designs. Medals for first time in 13 years (2017). Wins championship for first time in 19 years (2018). Common DCP comments in 2017-2018: Your music feels cold/sterile and overly aggressive - I miss the melodic SCV Your integration of props is awesome, but devils and coats have already been doing this. You perform at a high level, but you’re not innovating Dang you’re a tough crowd DCP!! I thoroughly enjoyed, connected emotionally with, and was in awe of the performance I saw in person this year. I certainly don't expect everyone to feel that way, but the audience reactions throughout the summer, and the judge assessments of the program suggests they were doing something right musically for many listeners.
  5. Last year was such an incredible year for the vanguard organization but this year was even sweeter - congratulations on championships in both the world and open classes! As a vanguard fan, what an amazing summer - so proud to see them return to the top of the podium! To all the performers, corps staff, designers, support crew, volunteers, and countless others who contributed...thank you for all your blood, sweat, and tears. Such an accomplishment that is your's forever! Congratulations!!
  6. To all the performers, corps staff, volunteers, show designers, and on and on - thank you for another wonderful season! And to my beloved vanguard, congratulations on #7! The 7th corps since 2000 to win the DCI title!
  7. So happy for my favorite corps - been waiting nearly 2 decades for them to be champs again!!!
  8. A really cool analysis of the drill design of SCV 2018 that I thought was worth sharing here. Think he’s right on the mark.
  9. That’s a pretty good sign it’s coming very soon - hopefully tonight or Atlanta. Back in 2012 they were in my area working on the revised ending to the Starry Night show (the part that included Music of the Night) and they made similar comments. I have no problem with it - they just want fans to see it for the first time live instead of through something they see online. Curious - if you were at their rehearsal in Mississippi, can you comment on them working on the new ending?! Asking for a friend.
  10. Attended the show tonight - was a great night of music with perfect weather! You know it’s been hot when low 90s feels kinda cool. There was a strong breeze throughout and the wind definitely had an affect on flag work for some groups. While it was a great night of music, the issues for first-time host Mesquite were extremely evident. I’m not sure I’ve seen more confusion over seating in my 20 years of attending DCI events. The local volunteers didn’t seem to know where to tell people to go and at times were giving conflicting information. People were frustrated but found spots to sit (usually not where their tickets were) and there was so much shuffling between corps. There were issues outside too getting in to the venue parking - it looked like lots missed quite a bit of the event just trying to get in. I’m sure DCI will get lots of negative feedback on this one. Lake Highlands is a smaller venue for the Dallas area but it’s been part of the DCI schedule for 40+ years and is well run. Given that history I heard fans yell several times near my section that they hope it returns to Lake Highlands next year. I’m a fan of drum corps so don’t care where it is, but hope the event can be better run. The lineup more than made up for the issues tonight - just wanted to share what was going on from the stands!
  11. The nostalgic side of me will miss Lake Highlands - one of the longest running venues in DCI. But agree the parking situation will be better. So many years of parking on residential streets when at Lake Highlands.
  12. The show was very well attended and the crowd gave each corps a lot of love - standing O’s for every group.
  13. Yeah that was unfortunate. Wonder what happened. I’ve been to a lot of shows but none (that I can remember at least) without an encore.
  14. The Bluecoats had a great run and got a huge crowd response so I was thinking no group was going to get a better reaction. Blue Devils got a decent response, but nothing close. Vanguard followed and everyone jumped to their feet before the last chord was done. It was electric and definitely the crowd favorite. The closer already has that special something about it - imagine what the reaction will be when they add the last bit to it.
  15. Was at Broken Arrow this show is a monster. I’ve followed SCV since 1999 and this is the best brass line they’ve had since their last championship. This is shaping up to be a special year for them. The horn snap before the hit in the ballad is the moment of the year in DCI. Can’t wait to see how they modify the ending. Take it home Santa Clara!!
  16. It’s wonderful to hear all the support SCV is receiving following the accident involving Miss Amanda (their kitchen/food truck) overnight. Phantom will be feeding them dinner and the Blue Knights are providing a post-performance snack. Such a wonderful, tight-knit community that always watches out for each other. Here’s a bit more info and some links to help if interested:
  17. Yikes! So glad to hear that all are ok:
  18. There are some years where I feel the yell is perfect and adds to the moment (2004 is probably my fave), but it can also take away from things if awkwardly forced into a show or moment. Doing one before the ballad hit this year would absolutely ruin the glorious horn snap that makes that moment so special. I agree - just don't!!
  19. I am not advocating for/against a vanguard yell in this year's show...but wanted to share this, particularly for the comments. Not sure if the commenter is truly Chip, but if it is, some insight into timing on changing the end of SCV's show which I think we all have been expecting given the early season recordings from California. Sounds like sometime between San Antonio and Atlanta.
  20. Yep, I should have mentioned more than just the visual but you’re spot on that they made musical changes as well. I think that goes for pretty much all the closer changes over time. Always have good stuff to hold on to until later in the season.
  21. It’s very unlikely the ending as it exists currently will remain through the rest of the season - especially so given the audio excerpts from a few weeks ago. I can’t think of a vanguard show over at least the last 6 years where the ending wasn’t added to/changed. 2012 added in the Music of the night, 2013 added some drill to mix in the vanguard shield plus the giant flag, 2014 added the tag at the end with the trombones and guard member popping up through the fabric, 2015 added the lighting elements, 2016 added some drill (the tree too maybe?), and 2017 added in the rolling corps members and red to gold ouroboro design in the wheels. If the past is any indication I would suspect to see something different emerge within the next 2 weeks or so, which would give them a few remaining weeks to polish and squeeze every last drop out of the show. Looking forward to the extended mello note making it in to the end of the closer!
  22. Bump! Keep up the great work Santa Clara!
  23. Imagine you attend a 4th of July parade and get treated to this impromptu point blank performance of The Canyon from SCV 1999!